Asahi: Tepco to check for “smashed fuel rods” after large piece of debris fell at Fukushima Unit 3 pool

Published: February 8th, 2013 at 11:52 am ET


Title: TEPCO accident causes new problem at Fukushima
Date: February 08, 2013

The operator of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant has admitted dislodging broken equipment weighing 1.5 tons and sending it falling further into a pool where fragile nuclear fuel rods lie.

[…] on Feb. 7, Tokyo Electric Power Co. officials said work a day earlier to shift an unrelated steel frame nearby caused “vibrations” which dislodged the hoist. It fell, disappearing beneath the water surface.

TEPCO now plans to drop a video camera into the pool to check whether the hoist has smashed fuel rods below. […]

They insisted there has been no significant change in radioactive concentrations measured in the pool and in the atmosphere since before the latest incident.

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Published: February 8th, 2013 at 11:52 am ET


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15 comments to Asahi: Tepco to check for “smashed fuel rods” after large piece of debris fell at Fukushima Unit 3 pool

  • guezilla

    Was just about to post it's definite, wasn't David Copperfield or aliens making the piece of debris disappear since TEPCO's own website has a video where it can be seen falling into the pool with a LARGE splash: (At about 10 seconds, assuming the link is same for all…)
    Funnily enough, even the video is titled "possibility of…"
    The next video on the list is from insie the fuel pool while it happened, and we actually see the water go cloudy and bubbles rise from the bottom.

    Their handout at states Caesium-137 for example rose from 900 Bq/cm3 to 960 Bq/cm3. This would represent 6,6% increase, which is HUGE considering the debris probably didn't hit every fuel rack in the pool. It's impossible to judge without knowing their daily variation, I think some sediments on the bottom getting disturbed probably explain it. However their statement of "no significant increase of the radioactive density" use some definition of "significant" I'm not familiar with.

    • Jay

      If they worry about that piece doing damage we can imagine what the explosion did .

      I am growing concerned that we are wasting our breath and missing an important point : the majority of the Japanese population already have their minds made up about this , 62.7 % voted in the office people that will continue the nuclear power generation .

      The last vote proved that the time for an intervention in Japan is overdue and we can no longer rely on the majority of the Japanese to Realize what is happening to them and how their inaction is causing health problems all over the world .

      It was a Very revealing experience about the Japanese 'culture' …

      • Jay

        It is denial of the recognition that are destroying ourselves.

        It afflicts global decision makers and complacent populations.

        We at Enenews recognize that.

        But how to enact change that is constructive eludes me…

        There is too much complicity in denial of the way we've allowed greed and exploitation to destroy the biosphere upon which we depend, including our own DNA.


          looking back on this article, majia, gives some explanation as to how the Japanese were kept in the dark…

          WSJ: Use of the Internet was forbidden during Japan’s election campaign — No tweeting, Facebook, website updates by candidates

          and then there's this important article…

          [repost] important behind-the-scenes info…

          "An LDP win will usher in a government committed to . . . a pro-nuclear energy policy despite last year's Fukushima disaster . . ."

          Conservatives sweep to power in faltering Japan

          • Edit and Comment on LDP

            "It is denial of the recognition that WE are destroying ourselves."


            Comment about LDP: The LDP power has publicly and aggressively challenged China and Russia in the last 3 days over territorial disputes.

            The LDP party refuses to discontinue re-processing of fuel to make both MOX and plutonium, despite closure of the breeder reactor program, and despite Japan's extensive plutonium stockpiles.

            Japan's leaders surely know how dangerous MOX IS from Fukushima unit 3,

            They are suicidal I guess…

            Is this how humanity is going to go down, in all-out nuclear war, now that our leaders have realized how bad we've screwed it all up?

          • NoNukes NoNukes

            There is plenty to suggest that there was likely fraud during the last election and the majority of Japan does not want nuclear plants poisoning their children



            (Reuters) – Nearly three-quarters of Japanese companies support abandoning nuclear power after last year's Fukushima disaster, although a majority set the condition that alternative energy resources must be secured, a Reuters poll showed on Friday.


            The mafia in charge of the nuclear industry and their political lackeys are to blame, not the vast majority of people who aren't serial killers. Don't believe the hype and blame the victims of the serial killers.

            • I get your point No Nukes

              But, I look around at Americans and they are incredibly complacent about environmental effects that should be ALARMING.

              People will take the blue pill until they see INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE of IMMEDIATE RISK.

              Long term effects are going to get us if we don't kill ourselves first with war.

              I'm getting very tired.

              • 16Penny 16Penny

                You mean until their child is born with eyes coming out of the side of their head and club hands / feet. Don't forget the cancer rates and babies born with their organs outside of their bodies.

                Mainstream media is largely at fault for the hypnotism, which stems from greed. I am a believer in personal accountability, so ultimately the responsibility to hold the media accountable falls on the viewers. I am not one of them. I stopped following mainstream news in general about five years ago. Now I receive much more timely news that seems to be a great deal more objective from a variety of sources on the internet. Some of the stories are linked back to media outlets and the AP clearinghouse of public brainwashing. I get to click it or not and if I get tired of any source in particular, I can remove them from my information "diet".

                Another great benefit has been not having to suffer through the commercials and 25 minutes of crap filler stories just to hear the one they hold until the end of the show, which turns out to be crap sometimes.

                I don't care if my neighbors think that I am alarmist about FUKU or BP still leaking. If they want to be a slave it is their right.

                From The Matrix:
                "Ignorance is bliss."

              • NoNukes NoNukes


                I share your fatigue. I also want to emphasize that PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD FIGHT LIKE HELL TO KEEP NUCLEAR WASTE OUT OF THEIR COMMUNITIES. The nuclear industry can't find many places that will legally accept their nuclear waste because of people like you who have explained clearly to the entire world that nuclear waste will kill them and their children.

                The majority of the world is anti-nuclear and would rather have solar and wind power. Nuclear is a net consumer of energy by far and produces nothing but weapons. So the nuclear industry spreads disinformation like the false claim that the recent election in Japan suggests that Japan is pro-nuke, which couldn't be further from the truth. Most of Japan is anti-nuclear.

                It is crucial to reject the disinformation and locate ourselves in the shared truth across the globe that rich, poor or middle class, no one wants nuclear waste near them because we all know it will kill us. It benefits none but the weapons industry, yet their kids also die from leukemia as a result.

                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    I hear sadness, majia, mixed-in with your frustration. Given what's happening, it's understandable. But I also detect from your tone, you're forgetting to merge an essential truth with your efforts: nature determines the destiny of all.

                    Just as we'd ask that others sacrifice personal gain for the greater good, we need to remember that our personal efforts don't always bear fruit…before our living eyes. (Think boiling pot of water.)

                    None of this is about us. It's really about nature defining its destiny…through us. At any-and-every moment in time, nature can intervene and put crashing halt to anything that's come into existence. [Insert your own echoed-hint, here.] That it hasn't – yet – put an end to the use of nuclear power technologies, within the planet's biosphere, attests to it's own 'existential' agenda.

                    What we're now witnessing at Fukushima, is but a reminder of nature's true power. Those who remain in denial will simply find themselves falling further, than those who've already come to terms with this truth.

                    We may – personally – never see the day when a rational consensus on nuclear power is finally achieved. [see – – for a hint to how timelines are dramatically influenced by an 'individuals' efforts.]

                    As nature uses darkness to frame 'awareness', neither succumb to or entirely avoid reflective doubt. Nature traps light within the hidden, before the purging fire is lit…

              • many moons

                "People will take the blue pill until they see INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE of IMMEDIATE RISK"

                I don't think people will RECOGNIZE the indisputable evidence so they will never see it.

                The hypnotized public accepts what they are told as truth. If they are told that bad health is just a product of life, that it's just the roll of the dice, they will believe it. They will never have access to the studies that prove that there are links between the XXXXX factory in their area and the high rate of uveal melanomas. They will believe that it's just something unavoidable.

                When toxins are introduced into the general public the notion of their toxcity is measured in numbers of deaths that will occur from human contact….Industry developed this measurement but like the levels of radiation interrpretation these levels are changed by the industry…

        • moonshellblue moonshellblue

          Yes well said majia and simply put, you can't save people from themselves.

  • We Not They Finally

    O.k., TEPCO officials. Why don't you just go home and have something weighing a ton and a half (doesn't matter what) fall onto YOU. Then tell us if anything was "smashed." Well, at least scraping you off the floor would not cause OTHERS a radioactive death. We could just call these people "morons," but they are the ones in charge of the killing machines. Where is the world-wide censure? Where is world-wide ANY action, or even any REPORTING? We greatly appreciate ENE News, it's a lifeline, but everyone else going AWOL is beyond scary.

  • weeman

    This is Tokyo rose speaking, people of Japan everything is ok no need to be alarmed, your government has your best intrest in hand and we will keep you fully informed, please refrain from spreading unfounded rumors and civilian unrest as it is detrimental in our efforts to get the hell out of here with all our collateral. Thanks for your cooperation.