Asahi: ‘Underground holes’ may be needed to search for Fukushima’s 3 molten cores — Did fuel ‘escape’ via basement? — Experts unsure if Tepco will allow them to search for corium

Published: January 25th, 2014 at 1:27 pm ET


Asahi Shimbun, Jan. 24, 2014: [Tepco] has yet to learn where the nuclear fuel currently lies. The locations and amounts of the melted nuclear fuel should be identified by the time the government and TEPCO plan to start extracting it in the first half of fiscal 2020. Even if the melted fuel has escaped into the basement levels, it can still be located by installing [muon] sensors in underground holes, the scientists said.

Kyodo News, Jan. 23, 2014: The condition of the melted nuclear fuel remains unknown […] “The (cosmic ray) measurement system can be installed easily,” said team member Hidekazu Kakuno, associate professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University. “We are ready to use it at the Fukushima Daiichi plant if TEPCO cooperates.”

RT, Jan. 23, 2014: [Fumihiko Takasaki, a researcher at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organisation] claims that TEPCO has not yet officially confirmed that it will use the technology it is being offered.

See also: [intlink id=”afp-fears-molten-fuel-ground-after-melting-containment-vessels-fukushima-find-three-reactor-cores-audio” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: January 25th, 2014 at 1:27 pm ET


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77 comments to Asahi: ‘Underground holes’ may be needed to search for Fukushima’s 3 molten cores — Did fuel ‘escape’ via basement? — Experts unsure if Tepco will allow them to search for corium

  • SadieDog

    " Tepco has not yet officially confirmed that it will use the technology being offered" I have a solution –

  • corium pudding corium pudding

    Tepco, what other technology are you considering? I didn't know there was any other competition.

    • SadieDog

      Read the article. That may help.

      • corium pudding corium pudding

        "Read the article. That may help."

        Come again?

        There are three articles, all of which I have read. I was aware of this technology months ago. My question still stands: What other technology is Tepco considering, given the fact that they will not confirm that they will use this cosmic ray technology? It seems insane that they are not using it right now.

    • SadieDog

      "Tiny, high-energy particles called muons are beamed down from space and pass through most materials, including human bones, concrete, and water. They form a consistent stream, with about 1000 moving through one square foot of air on Earth every minute.

      While some substances only slightly alter their path, a few block them altogether – particularly the uranium and plutonium used as nuclear fuel. The deflections as a result of these encounters are specific, consistent, and well known to scientists.

      By measuring them, they can see an outline of substances impeding the muons, and create a three-dimensional map."

  • Sickputer

    Nobody in the nuclear business worldwide wants them to find out the truth. Not the Americans, French, British, Indians, or Chinese.

    Because when the truth is revealed, the commercial power industry will be forced to admit their plants are unsafe from meltdowns. Saying Japan's country killer was an aberration of nature and a beyond design basis event is not going to be a valid excuse for the people who live near the death traps.

    It will be a slow wind down, but the industry is going to become extinct. Just like a lot of people in Japan.

    • atomicistheword

      sickputer, a major omission in your statement…. AUSTRALIA….

      Although Australia is not a user of atomic radiation power stations, it is a major exporter of yellow cake.

      The previous government of this nation had constraints on the export of this substance, the new government that says "climate change is crap" is open for business and would sell its soul for a fruit phone.

      let them eat cake…

      As far as TEPCO is concerned, General Electric/Hitachi, Toshiba and other confederates need to grow some balls and stop hiding behind mommy TEPCO. This great tribulation requires a global effort. Stop turning the pacific into a sulphur lake.
      Who invented this word "nuclear" fluffy bunnies and new born chicks. Atomic is the word, was and will always be. Are they ashamed of the word atomic? If you guys really want to wake the sheeple up, use the correct words "Atomic radiation power".

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    This is an adventure for someone? TEPCO seems to have little interest in doing anything other than pacify its Boss whoever that really is. Not the Japanese people certainly. The Three Stooges or the Marx Brothers could have done wondrous comedy scenes with the info from Fukushima.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "TEPCO seems to have little interest in doing anything other than pacify its Boss whoever that really is."

      Ahoy, Capt'n!

      Little interest at all, yes. They are serving the puppet master rottenchildkillers and their population elimination agenda.

      It is quite simple to understand all the horse-piss and radish-lip-flappin about everything is just a bunch of cover-up distractions at best. This real issue of the slow killing death machines to be all let loose in the final stages, is what should be of concern to the world's people.

      How many have really taken into consideration, those future worlds depicted by Ralph Bakshi and JR Tolkien in those movies they made? How do you think the Mutants and Orks and other anomalies were created? By the complete washing over and spillages of the chemicals, biologicals, and NUKLEAR reactors onto the planet. Just one CME could do that. A totally mutated world for the next ten-thousand years and then what?

      From the article:

      "Installing several sensors outdoors for a month or so…"

      If anyone has not noticed this yet, the whole disinfo-propaganda-program is about stalling for time. Time for the radiation to have it's effects on the world populations. Time to dumb them down, and lower their resistance and strengths to actually pick up a stick to DO SOMETHING about this Extinction Level Event.

      The Liberty show is on right now:


    • Yoichi Shimatsu recently presented some new chilling material on TEPCO's irreverant silence and the real conditions in the pacific…
      i've provided a "close ENuf" transcript of the radio interview which saves a lot of time…

      • Sickputer

        Thanks Wynd for the transcript. +311

        The Jetstream does look very weird this year compared to 2011-2013. I check it every day:

        It changes so fast now. I see I am socked in again:

      • We Not They Finally

        Just read it, Wynd, and it's scary, scary, very scary. Just unclear since it wasn't completely spelled out: He talked about "electromagnetic waves" bracketing the West and East Coasts of the U.S. Is he talking about HAARP weather control? That the mid-section of the country is getting frozen in the process of protecting military installations on the coast?

        And is he saying that that explains the peculiar "polar vortex" which is directing huge currents of air down vertically across the States, instead of horizontally as with the Jet Stream?

  • norbu norbu

    Oh where Oh where have the coriums gone Oh where oh where could they be…Try looking underground Duh….

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Norbu… 🙂 They need some mutant gophers to go on a search.

    • AlexfromNB

      Why spend time and money searching for the coriums? You can't get them out anyway, so why bother? The best efforts would be made to seal them up with boron, cement, rocks and anything else so they won't leach radionuclides into the atmosphere. What good does pouring water on them do? It seems that if you left them alone after sealing them up, there would be some leaching of materials even then but not like the volumes today with massive quantities of cooling water.

      • artika rama

        alexfromNB Absolutely , all this talk about finding them and getting them out is nonsense ,, they just need to be kept where they are and isolated as good as possible to prevent the leakage ,, except from that there is not much anyone can do .

  • Ontological Ontological

    Cosmic ray, detection, easy setup. Is not this "new" technology already in use? WHY if this is so easy have they not given data? Overconfidence in all this begins to reek after a while. By 2020 those muon monitors will show full sized rabbits down deep those holes. They plan to extract tons of corium gel 200 kilometers from the proposed Olympic stadium. Such thoughtful sane thinking, this brilliant cash only planning will kill many millions more Earth creatures, and the animals, focused solely on the bottom line. Kudos to those having to suffer while/after installing these muon sensor units.

  • dka

    Something that can provide clarity to Nuclear incidents?
    Speedy, (cosmic ray) measurement system?
    Hey! People could realise or have proof that nuclear is not safe.
    No way these will be formally used, and if they do, it will be in secrecy and only the Nuclear Operators will know the results.

    • SadieDog

      I guess nobody reads the articles – "The experiment – using a technique known as muon scattering radiography – had been running at a disused nuclear plant in Ibaraki between from February 2012 until last month. "

      • tsfw tsfw

        It's time for Tepco to piss or get off the pot and try SOMETHING, but they don't want to start digging holes, because that will expose all their holes.
        I watched a movie that someone in here recommended-On the Beach 2000. In parts I thought the script could have been taken straight from this forum; it mirrored so much of what we're experiencing NOW. Bloody terrifying. My only advice is don't watch it before bed unless you plan to follow it up with something comedic.

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          "I watched a movie that someone in here recommended-On the Beach 2000."

          Yes, welcome Tsfw.

          This movie was long ago posted, and has been a couple of times here. The one you watched was the newer version.

          When this horrendous event/drill happened, and later it was learned that something had already happened at fukushima(stuxnet) prior, and the earthquake/tsunami bomb was used to cover up the attack that happened BEFORE 3/11/11, we immediately saw the future and found the original movie that EXACTLY DESCRIBES where the world is heading, at the fast pace it is. It has been taken down from the original u-tube links because it hit home to hard when this was all beginning.

          THIS IS the future and there is no getting away from it, barring some miraculous change from the puppet masters that are responsible for this killing Extinction Level Event. They could stop it all yesterday if they wanted to. Will they? Heck no. The show will go on to the last money-god.

          Watch now and SEE for yourself exactly WHAT an Extinction Level Event looks like, and now take into consideration the saber rattling and war banter to cover up this evil by the japanese head puppet, abe.

          Distractions and agendas.

          We were properly warned, and allowed it to happen.



  • pure water

    May be the Nuclear estblishment intends to say something about coriums. The Russin Atomic Sosciety about this method:
    This method has already been successfully tested at the plant " Tokaj " in Ibaraki Prefecture . Then a group of scientists from the University of Tokyo and the National Organization for the Study of High Energy Physics managed to get a clear picture of location of nuclear fuel inside the reactor. The experiment was conducted from February 2012 to December 2013.

    Experts hope that the imaging technique based on cosmic rays will help the company – operator NPP "Fukushima-1 " TEPCO get the detailed information regarding the status of reactors and nuclear fuel melted in an accident on the affected units.
    As most of us know, there are methods to find the fuel before this one. We know, that they know, but what will be be the news report? Something like the videos from the empty reactor? Probably, may be, we estimate, not sure about… And, of course – no danger at all! This is the only thing they are sure about, besides all the uncertainty about the conditions needed for such a conclusion.

  • Hey what ever happened to that socref puppet troll? I went on "vacation" and then never saw the like of him, which is nice

    just asking

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      He realized what is really going on.
      He is now preparing.

      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        …to $hit his pants.

        • LOL You guys are too funny!!

          Then there's this:

          January 16, 2014 at 2:32 am

          Clean up in progress.. IP addresses are now used when someone new requests a user name.
          Anything that a brand new user posts will not be seen by anyone else in the forum until they have proved themselves with on-topic postings. Posts by brand new users must be approved by Admin before being made visible. It's an earned privilege to be able to post in this forum and have the posting viewable by others. Please stick to the topic of the news item to which you are posting and avoid personal attacks (rule 4 below).
          Implementation of this new strategy was recommended by one of our long-term users here from April 2011. Thanks to that user for their suggestion. There is no need to reply to those who only seek to disrupt our site. Please do not do so! The Moderator has decided to seriously work on improving the discussions. Arguments (again, see rule number 4 at the bottom) and personal attacks are grounds for removal. IP addresses are being logged to prevent appearances under another user name.

    • American Phoenix57

      He got tossed like a hooker at a prom.

    • tsfw tsfw

      Careful guys, if we say his name 3x he might appear. Bloody Socref, bloody soc…

      • American Phoenix57

        Beetleref Beetleref Beetleref!

      • Arizonan Arizonan

        He got outed as an employee responsible for reactor safety at Y12, the DOE nuke weapons place in Oak Ridge, TN. After that he didnt come back, at least not with that name.

      • tsfw tsfw

        HA! So now he's pooping buckeyballs that how many thousands of people know exactly who he is. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes.

        • tsfw tsfw

          …and good sleuthing to whoever originally found him out!

          • Sparky Sparky

            @tsfw, The credit goes to combomelt, I believe. "S" is also to be "credited" for his arrogance in leaving a traceable path right to his (employer's) door.

            • Wyakin Wyakin

              Sparky-yes on both counts.

              I'm confident the employer angle had something to do with the outcome.

              Unlikely to return soon.W.

      • Sparky Sparky

        @Wyakin, combomelt, et al. Dang! So that's what happened! I missed that little tidbit of information. The "S" man was so full of himself and obviously, admittedly intent to disrupt this site that he deserved to be outed. (Actually, I thought Admin. had finally pulled his posting rights.)

        If not paid to disrupt this site, then perhaps his boss figured out that he was blogging and writing his book on nuke-company time, so put a stop to it. Let's hope he lost his security clearance as a result so now he can't play with the big nuke-boys/toys. So much for suck-upward mobility. (Sorry. Yeah, I'm a little hostile on the subject.)

        It gave me the creeps just reading through his pompous post on the ref site. Ugghhh! Let's not mention the "S" word, OK? That whole episode was traumatizing IMO.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        This is who socref was impersonating. He probably got arrested for false impersonation. He made too many physics mistakes to be the person he was impersonating. And he made it possible to trace him by using direct quotes, etc. He was pretending to be Brian Catt in the UK as few minutes earlier.

        • Sparky Sparky

          @Anne, So that wasn't just high-level incompetence? If he was/is an impersonator, then he's truly scary-psycho-dangerous. Triple "Ugghhh!" Let's hope he's in jail, without any computing privileges.

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh



            I forgot who posted this but it was a help for me
            Understanding .
            I'm not sure however if it has made me paranoid
            I do see patterns though for instance , how a simple discussion turns into an argument that messes up the thread, taking it over .
            That in itself makes me wonder
            I wonder though ….
            Seeing we are discussing it are there any other sites we could look at on this subject .?
            I find myself sitting on my hands sometimes more often than not because I get upset .

            • tsfw tsfw

              Clamshell While I agree with you, we should learn what to look for, don't forget that also happens in the absence of shills. Discussions get heated and they take over threads; that's why American trash talk shows are so popular. Just look at youtube comments. I think the regulars in here are used to having their smaller circle of intellects, and with the site's new found popularity, comes some natural skepticism. I try to remember that I'm still in someone elses' house, but sometimes it's hard not to speak my mind. If we get distracted with always over analyzing everyone's posts for signs of shillness( another technical term-butter me I'm on a roll today,)then we're likely to miss the ones who have genuine bad intentions. I guess what I'm saying is I think there is a lot of looking at posts through shill coloured glasses going on, and that's just like having them here at the end of the day. The focus is still on shills, only probably blaming the wrong person and that is as self defeating as this site can get. Shouldn't turn on each other like that. I'm exhausted and can't speak but you get my drift. With all due respect. Night all.

              • artika rama

                clamshellmh we all get a bit paranoid knowing that antinuke is not so popular with goevenrments and the nuke industry . I am sure there are shills amongst us as well but i dont think they would take us as a big threat to take serious steps against us.
                its true sometimes we can get a bit offtrack but i dont see it as a negative thing ,,i totally agree with tsfw on this , infact i think it helps to strengthen the community , when / if people can also VENT here , if they can also share some of their frustrations . it makes us more of a COMMUNITY i think , rather then a list of ideas typed one after another.
                Everyone needs some emotional support every now and than and its part of being a community that we also support each other.
                A bit of offtrack converatsion every now and then couldnt hurt anyone i believe.:)

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      He was outed by someone who researched a project he claims to have worked on. About that time, he said he had "finished his project" here or something like that.

  • dosdos dosdos

    TEPCO wants to start their other reactors before they do anything to pinpoint the cores. They don't want any news giving the Japanese people any further reason to deny them permission.

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

      There is something still too fishy going on over there.

      I smell a Rat.

      They are hiding something else.

  • weeman

    Yes this equipment could map the corium and ANY nuclear fuel or nuclear warheads?
    These days it's all secrecy and no privacy. NSA motto.

  • jackassrig

    I'm glad there're muons. Maybe a 3 D map can be made of TEPCO managements rears so they find and place there're hands on them.

  • Sickputer

    Testing a technology to "discover" where the core is inside a shutdown reactor that did not do the 3 Ms (meltdown, melt-through, and melt-out) is like shooting fish in a barrel. You know where it is and you can locate your Dr. Frankenstein heat or radiation detector apparatus anywhere in a circle around the reactor vessel.

    Muon radiography is old hat news… Been around a long time and mentioned as a "tool" for Daiichi in 2012:

    If it was so good and worked on melt-outs they would have tried it already.

    The three huge Japanese coriums have slipped the surly bonds of man's fragile containment and now they become a matter for Mother Earth. Red hot multi-ton atomic fireballs have their own destiny. Chenobyl's corium is a kitchen match compared to these Japanese atomic blowtorches deep in the mudstone underneath Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

    When will Tepco and their nucleorat allies learn they are spitting in the wind with their useless suggestions. The only thing that will contain Fukushima is a lot of digging, concrete, boron, and about ten million kamikaze workers. They don't have the stomach for an effort of that magnitude. So Japan and her citizens are the unfortunate three-time victims of a nuclear annihilation event. This latest event will not kill quickly. But the victims will be far more numerous.

    • Wyakin Wyakin

      SP: Good comments. Tepco itself and the nuclear industry generally don't want to know where the corria are. This method would certainly show where the corria aren't (inside containment) and add further proof that NP is inherently unsafe.

      Even if the corria are found, doesn't have the money or the motivation to meaningfully remediate anything.

      The 2012 article you reference above is based on this paper. Note the closing paragraph:

      “Cosmic Ray Radiography of the Damaged Cores of theFukushima Reactors.” (September 12, 2012)
      Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM, USA 87544
      Larwence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, USA 94720

      “Two muon-imaging methods that use flux attenuation and multiple Coulomb scattering of cosmic-ray muons are being studied as tools for diagnosing the damaged cores of the Fukushima reactors. Here we compare these two methods. We conclude that the scattering method can provide detailed information about the core. Attenuation has low contrast and little sensitivity to the core…

      This analysis shows that high quality data for radiography of the Fukushima cores from outside of the buildings can be accomplished with scattering radiography and large detectors. On site tests at Fukushima Daiichi have shown these measurements to be practical.”

  • While exact location remains an official mystery it is true that radiation from the cores is entering the Pacific. Therefore we do know where it's going so minimizing flow of water through the location remains a doable although expensive project. By saying they don't
    know where coriums are seems to allow them to not admit to a melt through of containment of three nuclear cores with the added bonus of sketchy spent fuel pools and tank farms of forever poisoned nuclear water. Nice job corporate clowns who won't bankrupt Japan to save the Pacific……..I'd love to change the world. But I don't know what to do. So I''ll leave it up to you.

    • Wyakin Wyakin

      Mark-Looks like we were almost commenting simultaneously. "By saying they don't know where corria are seems to allow them to not admit to a melt through of containment of three nuclear cores…" Exactly.

      Remediation through minimizing flow of water would be a rational person's approach to protecting the entire Pacific Ocean. It is technologically doable, although expensive, without using a poorly conceived ice wall, which will fail based on multiple design deficiencies. I've long thought there is no interest by Tepco or the Japanese gov't in remediating the flow of water through the plant into the Pacific.

      The plant was built on a river bed and presumably, deliberately above an aquifer by greedy corporate interests as a precautionary method so that subsurface water performs as a heat sink in the event of a meltdown. This is the same aquifer which supplies water to Tokyo.

      While the depth of the corria are unknown and hydro-geological forces can be complex, the higher volume of contaminants which are carried horizontally out into the Pacific theoretically represents less contaminants that can leach down into and contaminate the Tokyo aquifer. I do not expect any serious effort to be put into redirecting water around the plant for the long term.

        Most of Tokyo's water supply is from surface water not underground aquifers.
        Fukushima melted cores are at sea level. Dissolving into the ocean.

        • Wyakin Wyakin

          Hi Mark –the link provided asked for a user ID to be established which violates my privacy policy. Based on your summary, “Most of Tokyo's water supply is from surface water not underground aquifers” here’s how I would respond.

          The Tokyo aquifer is not a totally confined aquifer. Meaning, water seeps from the ground surface directly above the aquifer and can be expressed as springs, tributaries, water bodies, etc. Without reading the source documentation, I suspect the statistics cited in the Japan Times do not make the distinction between confined and unconfined aquifer sources of water supplying Tokyo or greater metro area. Any water pumped from the aquifer is likely the only water counted as sourced from an “underground aquifer.”

          Significantly, contamination of the aquifer is not likely to be limited only to the confined portions.

          The Tokyo aquifer is situated under several prefectures which also rely on it as one source of the water supply for both population and agriculture, although the population in these areas certainly is not equivalent to that in the Tokyo.

          I would agree with your statement “Fukushima melted cores are at sea level. Dissolving into the ocean.”

          It is likely they will remain at or below sea level with massive quantities of water sweeping across them into the distant future. Best regards.

  • Tiza Tiza

    All of this crap is just an atrocity against humans and animals. I'm so disgusted. Want to cry, but no one will listen. Our government doesn't care, it seems. Some humans are getting the same way. Notice how many people are being treated, the elderly getting attacked, etc., and it's just getting worse, then we have this mess. We're just in a bad state, folks, really bad.

  • I'd love to change the world.

    But I don't know what to do.

    • demo demo

      Mark, meditate and ask your own DNA to inspire ideas of what to do and courage to act. If nothing else, encourage those who are acting w/ financial support, if possible, and by signing their petitions, etc. Post on bulletin boards and pass out informative flyers in high traffic areas. Perhaps wear a hazmat suit. Maybe your girlfriend or sister will wear a mermaid costume with you. Smile at people as you offer the flyer and say "important, free info." Collect contact info of people who are interested. Publicize a brainstorming meeting. Get your town's Board of Supes to adopt a resolution like Berkeley's. Stay healthy. Connect w/ others. Have fun. Good luck. For the bigger picture, if you're in the US

    • Tears for Fears reference duly noted and much appreciated. It's playing in my head now.

  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

    News Flash: Nero fiddles, while Rome burns. A repeat of history.

    "The only thing that will contain Fukushima is a lot of digging, concrete, boron, and about ten million kamikaze workers."SP

    Agreed. Any ideas/bets on when they start? 1,3,5,10 years? We're 3 in on mitigation, and failing for the most part.

    My money is on 3-5, but I like to gamble. My heart says never.

    Like others have said, fixing it IS admitting a failed technology.

  • Wyakin Wyakin

    AST-Don't gamble. In this case, your heart may be directionally correct. 2 dependencies: political will; money. On both counts Japan is bankrupt and the rest of the international community has do nothing complicity disease.Regards. W.

  • Shaker1

    I will state that I didn't read the articles linked here, but I feel that there should be again the reminder in this situation that when we refer to 'Tepco' in our conversations and the decisions made we are not referring to come corporate entity whose rights somehow are greater than the will of the Japanese sovereign. That corporate entity for all intents and purposes passed from existence very, very early in the progression of events. Don't we remember the need for governmental approval of the injection of salt water, which was bravely taken by a site manager who likely understood that if the process were going to be of that nature that such process wouldn't be able to satisfy need, and that the situation hasn't changed in that regard? 'Tepco' won't allow? Corporations themselves, by definition, are nothing but puppets for groups of people. Tepco is an expedient scapegoat of Japanese politics and society at the very best in this situation. While I have a sense of discrimination, realize that all Japanese or even all stockholders of that entity 'Tepco' might not be represented by what appears to be that entity's actions and that such broad grouping and language may not be pure fact, in practice isn't that the effect? It's well past time those individuals who may not wish to be recognized as part of those groups declare and practice their separation. At the least, wouldn't it be better served and more appropriate stop at least this foolish language?

  • Nick

    Once upon a time at ENEnews dot com, there lurked a shill who shall go unnamed.

    Now that the planet is waking up to the Fukushima nightmare, entities such as the one recently endured by many posters, are revealed for their utter lack of humanity.

    From this point forward, if you are a nuclear shill you will become history just like the rest of us.

    Fukushima has not only rewritten history, it is writing the last chapter.

    Foot notes become meaningless.

  • CaptD CaptD

    This is pure Japanese Media BS

    The Japanese Gov’t. is NOW responsible for Fukushima's radioactive pollution, since TEPCO no longer exists… It is owned by the Japanese Gov't.

    Japan's Utility Gangs are using TEPCO as their escape goat.

    => Japan Takes Control of Tepco in 10-Year Profit Plan

  • CaptD CaptD

    Raising what is considered to be safe levels and/or removing strict pollution regulations has been tried by the Japanese Government that is now responsible for Fukushima, but it has only made things much worse for the Japanese People who are now finding out from not one but two of their previous PM's that the Japanese people have been lied to by the current Government and the nuclear industry that controls them about Fukushima:

    Former Prime Minister of #Japan: We’ve been lied to, #nuclear experts lying to us…They’ve been telling a pack of lies… …


    The Japanese Gov’t NOW controls Fukushima Pollution, TEPCO no longer exists, except as a nuclear escape goat – CaptD

  • CaptD CaptD

    The Japanese people have N☢ say now, but that may soon change:

    Here is what Former Japanese PM Kan (1), Gregory Jaczko (2) the Former Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and 2 other Nuclear Experts (3) had to say at a June 4, 2013 seminar in San Diego,CA, "Lessons for California" which was based upon what they experienced as the Leaders "in-charge" when 3/11/11 occurred:




  • CaptD CaptD

    There is much about what is actually going on at Fukushima that we need to know!
    2014 UPDATE The Japanese Gov't. now owns TEPCO yet uses it as an escape goat for all Fukushima's ongoing ☢ Pollution! Unsaid is what happened to all the radioactive material that was removed by the Utility Gangs and more importantly where it will end up, especially if it is used in a dirty explosion, which will give "Made in Japan" an entirely new meaning… :-0

  • CaptD CaptD

    TEPCO has known about this since we first blogged about it after 3/11 occurred and has done everything they can to "help" as much radioactive water to seep, run, drain, flow etc. into the Pacific Ocean (aka Sea of Japan) so they will not have to spend their money dealing with it is just repetitive! The people of Japan are now ruled by their Utility Gangs and only what is good for their bottom line is ever going to happen, despite them bowing and saying differently!

    Ask Ex-PM Kan he knows all about this debacle having lived through it and then getting removed from office because of it!

    It will take at least another Fukushima event to really change Japans Energy direction if not two, because remember TEPCO is making money even during the "cleanup" which will take decades if not much much longer!

    Radioactive water is just the tip of this nuclear iceberg!

    Water has mass and can be seen so it is the visible part of this nuclear debacle that cannot be ignored like the unseen poisonous radionuclides that are now circling the Globe!

    Want to know how bad things really are, just do the simple math on the radioactive water; compare how much is "stored" and how much is missing because it has been disposed of by design or ignorance!

    Sea contamination of 3946 days later:

    and now this:

    Japan/Korea Sea contaminated as much as Tokyo bay

    Some readers may not remember that the…

    • CaptD CaptD

      Sorry it got shortened:

      Some readers may not remember that the Japanese are also dumping the radioactive sludge left over from burning their radioactive debris, into Tokyo Bay so that when it later migrates out into the Pacific Ocean they cannot be "blamed" for dumping radioactive pollution (directly) into the Ocean, which is illegal…

      More here:
      The Nuclear Mafia Derails Democracy In Japan

      • yeah that Tokyo bay "contains it"

        I think they are past the point of even pretending to be not violating international law. The criminals that be are complicit in this action.

        • CaptD CaptD

          That is why I'm trying to get everyone to stop saying that TEPCO is at fault, since The Japanese Gov’t. is NOW responsible for Fukushima's radioactive pollution, since TEPCO no longer exists… It is owned by the Japanese Gov't.

          Maybe you can help spread the word…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    It's entirely a global problem. Before Japan's nuclear disaster, it was Russia. And before that, United States. The next nuclear disaster will probably be somewhere else. Nobody ever knows. And as we see, one plant accident can radiate the soils in several countries around the globe. Chernoble did just that, as is Fukushima.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Where is the damn corium, TEPCO?

    "Asahi Shimbun, Jan. 24, 2014: [Tepco] has yet to learn where the nuclear fuel currently lies. The locations and amounts of the melted nuclear fuel should be identified by the time the government and TEPCO plan to start extracting it in the first half of fiscal 2020. Even if the melted fuel has escaped into the basement levels, it can still be located by installing [muon] sensors in underground holes, the scientists said."

    It's big, 257 tonnes big!
    It's hot, perhaps still 5,000 degrees C if still fissioning.
    It's radioactive, leaving 690PBq total cesium released into the environment from Reactors1-3.
    How in hell can you NOT know where it is?


    Get off your asses and map the damn corium, TEPCO. Job one!

    You probably think your job is to create another 100 tonnes of contaminated cooling water today.
    But I assure you that your time would be better spent mapping the damn corium!

    Get it together, TEPCO.
    Or, get out of the way.