Asahi: “Unexpectedly high” number of thyroid cancers in Fukushima children — Experts: Premature to say nuclear disaster played no role

Published: June 6th, 2013 at 6:05 pm ET


Title: Experts: More data needed to assess radiation’s role in cancer among Fukushima kids
Author: Yuri Oiwa and Teruhiko Nose
Date: June 6, 2013

Health experts are at odds on whether radiation from the Fukushima nuclear accident led to an unexpectedly high occurrence rate of thyroid gland cancer among children in Fukushima Prefecture. […]

Twelve of the 174,000 children who have undergone the comprehensive checkups have been found with thyroid gland cancer, with an additional 16 suspected of having the disease.

A majority of radiologists, as well as the prefectural government, have dismissed speculation that radiation from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant had any role in the numbers. But others said it is premature to make any assessment based on the currently available data.

The figures mean about one in every 15,000 children [6.7 in every 100,000] in Fukushima Prefecture has thyroid gland cancer. The rate soars to one in every 6,000 [16.7 in every 100,000] if the suspected cases are included.

Those figures are higher than the thyroid gland cancer occurrence rate of 1.7 in every 100,000 individuals between the ages 15 and 19 in Miyagi and three other prefectures in 2007. […]

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Published: June 6th, 2013 at 6:05 pm ET


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60 comments to Asahi: “Unexpectedly high” number of thyroid cancers in Fukushima children — Experts: Premature to say nuclear disaster played no role

  • jec jec

    And when you look at the NORMAL rate for children with thyroid cancer..RARE..1 in 1M…what does THAT say? Guess we humans have really messed up this planet. And what about animals–will we see cancers in them as well?

    • Jay

      Educated idiots : " A large-scale study is necessary to test ( children ) who were never exposed to radiation . "

      NEVER exposed to radiation ?? Educated idiots !!

      • alMayer alMayer

        Well, this has been made impossible by the very same people demanding this study now. TEPCO and the Japanese Gov. have deliberately dispersed contaminated material all over Japan. Making it impossible to find a control group for studies.

        • UN Human Rights Council Fukushima Report Extremely Critical Of TEPCO And Government; via @AGreenRoad

          Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%

          • A good way to deny any radiation harm is to NEVER measure anything using a whole body radiation counter, at an independent lab or hospital.

            Guess what? That is exactly how they did these studies; just external radiation doses measured. Since very little was found; they can say; no radiation here, gee, can't figure out why all of these thyroids have nodules. No reason for thyroid cancers either. Nope, we need more money to study the cause of cancers, someday we hope to find a cure. GIVE US MORE OF YOUR MONEY.

            No one can tell how much radiation is inside their bodies.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              well, I dont believe radiological testing or full disclosure is cost effective in todays highly competitive market, and is at odds with the goals of our elected officials.

              • With medical costs going through the roof, why bother with whole body internal radiation counts?

                Besides it would only cause trouble and stress out the patients, and make the medical profession look bad, what with radiation getting a bad name and all.

                Better they pay for the cancer treatment when the Bic C comes, and doctors can look like heroes trying to save them.

                Oh and then ask for 'donations' to try and figure out what the answer is for all of these unexplained cancers…

                Gee, that cancer is hard to figure out… no smoking, drinking, and healthy diet… He lived within 10 miles of Fukushima with 100 mS radiation exposure.. and 100+ Bq/kg of food/water exposure. That should be healthy, right?

                Maybe he was not smiling enough? Yea, that's what we will write up in the medical journals… epidemic of cancers due to people not smiling enough, and all stressed out.

    • We Not They Finally

      jec, answer to that is apparently YES. We heard a call-in on a radio show from a man who lives near Los Alamos, NM, who had just lost his dog to cancer. He said that a veterinary oncologist said that HALF the pets in that area, when they died, it was of cancer.

      • Dogs roll in the dirt, sniff the dirt and lick plants with their noses. Their paws are always getting contaminated and tracking it all into the house. Then they lick themselves clean. Cats too.

        Fur is a radiation magnet.

        Sorry folks, we know you love your pets and all.

        Now who is going to protect the pets and wild critters?

        There is no Superman or Batman..

        It is all up to us.

    • We Not They Finally

      Regarding pets and cancer, that's YES. We heard a call-in show a man from near Los Alamos, NM whose dog just died of cancer. And the local veterinary oncologist said that of the pets in the area that had died, HALF was of cancer.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    this year there is a dramatic drop in quail where I live. My health poorer than I would expect. From alaska to mexico, sea lions died…some 70% I recall. infant death up 35%. Science is incapable of confirming a link to radiation. Radiation is only one of many causes. Anything could be the tipping point. A bird can fly only if it is within a few percent of perfect. Pharmaceutical drugs kill 300 000 x more than herbs, and we dont know the full effect of roundup and GMO. In short, whether we see cancers in animals and children, the full data and meaning of data and causes of the multitude of diseases wont reach the public, and if it does, it wont matter anyway. Compromised immune systems will allow infectious diseases which will be treated with vaccines without a connection to radiation. Plagues, failure of medical intervention, and starvation are likely outcomes for many

    • We Not They Finally

      "Science is incapable of confirming a link to radiation"??? Did you even MEAN to say that? Or is this just such a blanket of doom for you, that identifying causes no longer matters since we're all going to die anyway, it's just become a very bad world.

      So you are saying that it is FINE to just leave the children in Fukushima because "anything" could have caused the epidemic of thyroid cancer? You know that cannot be true, and if you were a parent of a child there, you might be desperate to leave.

      But if you want an actual right-now EPIDEMIC, look at the 60% of Fukushima children under the age of twelve[!!!] who had already contracted DIABETES as of May of last year! Apparently that's when strontium-90 converts in the body to yttrium-90 and attacks the pancreas. There as been no further news since then and we haven't even a clue whether the MAJORITY of the child population has access to insulin if/when needed. Untreated diabetes is A KILLER.

      That's just CRIMINAL. And yes, can understand if you just feel hopeless because it is overwhelming. But please do not use any "CodeShutdown" on yourself. Your previous posts are usually good. Hang in there! Anyone with any compassion is a little depressed over all this these days, so you're certainly not alone in that. But denial gets us nowhere.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        WNTF, I meant to convey that science is not confirming the link to radiation. They say as much "we dont know for sure"

        But more than that, science will have a very hard time putting numbers on cause and effect with radiation because most diseases, like immune dysfunction related infection, autoimune, or heart disease, or starvation wont be recorded as such. This will thwart epidemiological studies. Perfect example was kitemanSA, quoting "science" that no single person died from Fukushima. Did science tie Alaska seal and walrus deaths to radiation? I dont get your words about denial, or leaving children in Fukushima. To the contrary, I think Gates, Immelt, Sauros, Rockefeller and the other rich should relocate afflicted Japanese.

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          'Japanese Birth Rate Plunges To Record Low As Death-Rate Hits Record High'

          And it will only plunge faster and farther as time wears on.

        • We Not They Finally

          CodeShutdown, very sorry if I misread your words. Sometimes people say things sarcastically or cynically (most understandable!!) I've seen a lot of your comments and know that you're with "the good guys." I just noticed that several posters actually are getting more depressed. (Also most understandable!!)

          That said, it's not SCIENCE that has problems with identifying the epidemiology, it is the lies/cover-ups of statistics. Like good luck trying to get hold of the cancer statistics for Nevada during the heavy nuclear bomb test years. And the Japanese are said to kill deformed babies at birth, telling the mother it was still-born, and God knows if they even record that much.

          It's science itself that has gotten CRIPPLED by all this. Universities too. They just BUY places like Berkeley and MIT with grant money. In Japan, it's the doctors themselves who are threatened with dismissal if they even mention radiation as a cause of illness. And the children with the thyroid nodules? They don't biopsy them until they become too large or the child too ill to avoid it! They tell the parents just come back in two years! They try to ban second opinions!

          Science can at least record the diseases and death tolls. They are just given every disincentive to do so. That's why need independent scientists — like Helen Caldicott, a pediatrician who is APPALLED at the criminal neglect of children in Fukushima.

          Again, sorry! Keep up the good fight

          • We Not They Finally

            At least we share an opinion on Kiteman. Last time I told him, since your name is Kiteman, your next step should be…..[LOL]

      • alMayer alMayer

        No. IMHO he didn't meant or said that. Science is incapable of determining the causes, because there are simply too many of them at the same time. The complexity of poisoning by tens of thousands of artificial substances has reached a level where studies would demand budgets that are simply not available. As long as people do not drop dead in the streets, everything is OK (that's not what I want, but it's the mentality of the average citizen).
        Humans are problem-creatures. They are not happy without problems. In fact, all jobs are problem-jobs. Therefore we are creating problems. All of our "solutions" are nothing than problem-generating delusions. We are now living in an era in which all of the man-made troubles are converging to a point from which we loose control about everything we've done. This is the sad outcome of our intervention-mania.

        • We Not They Finally

          Your comments about humans and problems are priceless! That said, there are thousands of chemicals used in industry, food, etc. that have NEVER been regulated — I guess that was part of "building America into a great power without governmental interference." There was never any political power behind: If you are taking liberties, then you have the responsibility to protect others. Unfortunately, much of the populace by now would think that that is "un-American." And we could say that we've looked the enemy in the face and it is US — except that most people have not even looked. Sad.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Well, it's no surprise that those closer to the nuclear catastrophe are developing hyperthyroidism very early. Why? Because this nuclear disaster is huge. It packed enough punch, coupled with the jet stream, to cause a rise in hyperthyroidism in west coast usa infants.

    I have friends who are in the medical field and also have a child with issues, not related to fuku (born before by a month), that went to a reunion at their birthing center, because the birth and the childs subsequent issues.
    The center was filming for records and my friend struck up a conversation with the interviewer. In the conversation the subject came to Fukushima. This interviewer was a longstanding (20+ years) reporter in the portland area before "retiring" after a certain news article that reported on Fukushima. He now work for this medical center as a documentary reporter. This documenting directly relates to Fukushima and births. This gentelman new about the potential results of the contamination and indicated that, the information and data are being suppresed.

    What made my friend relate this story to me was a news story from a "certain" station that only aired in the portland metro area at the 4:00 hour, they thought of me and they checked for it airing later that evening and it did not. The news story is from 4/5/13.


    • Jebus Jebus

      Study links nuclear disaster to increase in disorder in babies

      PORTLAND, Ore. – A new study is reporting an increase in a disorder in humans, and its cause is being linked to radiation from the nuclear disaster at Fukushima following the deadly March 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

      The study was done by two independent researchers with the Radiation and Public Health Project, New York.

      What the study discovered was an increase in a certain radioactive particle that drifted to the West Coast shortly after the Fukushima disaster. The researchers said that led to an increase in cases of hypothyroidism in babies born here shortly after the disaster.

      • Jebus Jebus

        Don't kid yourslf people.
        The explosions have stopped.
        The coriums are surely getting a bit cooler.
        But, the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster has not ended.
        In fact, the result, that is the sum of the parts, has yet to be tallied.
        I am hearing more and more humans voicing their concerns over this disaster.
        It's being discussed in professional circles, more and more.
        The west coast received a damaging dose of radioactive xenon and radioactive iodine initially. The rest of the radionuclides are riding the currents by boat, sea, and air. Traveling here through food and on products.

        The truth is out, this Fukushima, the largest Nuclear Disaster in history, has just begun…

        live and love, like there's no tomorrow…

        • Jebus Jebus

          Here's the study…
          I believe this has already been reported by enenews, and it has caused many medical professionals on the west coast, to start to pay attention.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            thanks Jebus. The study says fallout from fukushima raised U.S. radioactive iodine over 200 times; Xenon-133 rose 10,000 to 100,000 times in washington state.

            16 to 28% increase in congenital hypothyroidism in the west coast U.S. from fukushima radiation

            elsewhere, doctors say there is nothing to worry about because they can medicate for it.

            Doctors and Nuclear engineers can demonstrate the strange case of being smart while being idiots.

            • Jebus Jebus

              lol, I remember my Dad calling them, educated idiots…

            • jec jec

              Medicate for thyroid cancer? Just keep doing tests to make sure the medication to replace your T4/T3 thyroid hormones are okay! My daughter tests every 6 weeks,five years AFTER her cancer surgery. She has yearly body scans, then full body radiation, as strong as they can give her 'safely,' every three years. She will likely have luekemia or bladder cancer/or both by the time she is middle age. Because of the surgical damage to the parathyroid gland, she has trouble controlling calcium levels and can have tremors and seizures from low calcium. So far, only once or twice a year. This is NOT a simple disease. The fact doctors are poo pooing this cancer is scary; it means they expect a LOT of people to become sick and require surgery/meds for the rest of their lives. The doctors probably have been told to "play down" thyroid cancer by those in charge (government, TEPCO? or ??) as they know the numbers will skyrocket. The government(s) who DID NOT protect the citizens are afraid of backlashes. Watch the finger pointing start as soon as parents realize their children are ill and could die. YES DIE..this is cancer folks..and without immediate care..the cancer of the thyroid we are discussing..the cancer caused by FAST acting. So just to 'monitor' noduals is not appropriate. EVERY thyroid nodual should be considered cancerous until proven otherwise. The radiation levels mandate that approach. Is anyone checking the children in the highest fallout areas of the USA?

              • We Not They Finally

                jec, that's tragic what your daughter is going through. I hope, however, that you have sound second opinion about…. full body scan radiation?? My God. There has got to be a better way.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              jec, sorry to hear about your daughters ongoing health challenges. Did you get a second opinion on the safety of strong radiation treatment….full body radiation, as strong as they can, every three years? We once had a fire in our wood frame house, now we torch the inside once a year, as much flames as we think we can get away with, to make sure nothing remains that could catch fire. Dont take that the wrong way. Nothing but the best wishes for health and wellbeing of all concerned.

              If doctors only got paid when people DONT get sick and never got paid for surgery, drugs and radiation, we would see a quick turnaround toward health building, and preventative medicine. Like almost all institutions, we have gone the unsustainable, unhealthy path. Doctors are only slowly waking up to the importance of being healthy, and doing no harm. They have a ways to go

              The dark ages, arguably still here

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              we were talking about hypothyroidism, not manifest cancer, just to be clear.

              I believe the medical industry will make lots of money from fukushima. Maybe some even plan on it, similar to these money boys I spoke with who were excited about investing in food because prices will skyrocket as we run out. Their joy will be short lived as the public run out of money and they themselves become ill.

              Profiteers are leaches on a dying host. They will revel in their latest beach front property acquisition, perhaps unaware that their "hedge fund mentality" helped create the disaster that will unfold around and in their families.

              • So true… but when people believe the lie enough, they will actually deny the truth and kill the messenger.

                It is harder to tell people the truth and then to live inside of it while experiencing it, than to maintain the lie and believe in it blindly, with no proof or experience.

        • We Not They Finally

          Jebus, how can you possibly KNOW that "the coriums are getting cooler"? No one can even locate them!! And two years is nearly "nothing" in radioactive-half-life world. Well, we WANT the coriums to have gotten cooler, yes. But since they are still so "hot" that anyone getting near them will be fried… Not that we don't need a note of optimism here and there. We actually do!

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    I have a thyroid disorder, Graves disease. About four months ago I had a thyroid storm which left me no alternative but to have radiation done to prevent my thyroid glands from working. I can tell you this from first hand experience.. this is not an easy process. The treatment is the same as it is for cancer, except for cancer it would be a stronger radiation. The after effects of not having a thyroid gland that functions is terrible… it can and does send some people over the edge. You do not function mentally or physically the way you did before. It takes a while to get back to being a normal person, all the while being kinda "crazy" until that time… Having an entire country full of "crazy" kids/ teenagers/ adults will not be a pretty sight!

    • We Not They Finally

      Sorry you are going through this. You may not know it, but BOTH George Bush (Sr.) and wife Barbara contracted Graves disease. So I always wondered if they were somehow both exposed to the same causative agent. Haven't a clue what they've done about it, but both have reached longevity by now. (Their sanity? — won't attest to that one way or another.)

      I'd keep looking for other cures, though. Someone close to me had the opposite – way UNDER-functioning thyroid, and a product called "Iodoral" worked miracles, changing the medical readings from off-scale to genuinely well.

      Don't give up, and good luck!

    • razzz razzz

      Ibuiltthis: Sorry to hear about your situation. Hope you can continue without much discomfort into future.

  • Sickputer

    For decades global media never publicized thyroid cancers in children affected by Chernobyl. Adults also had thyroid cancer and so many had aggressive surgery that the survivors named the neck scar "Chernobyl Necklace".

    Now we see the first Fukushima Necklaces. Reputedly these surgeries are three years ahead of the cancer incubation period in Belarusia.

    My sympathies to the children and parents in Japan who may now feel guilt trips about staying in a toxic environment. Neither parents or children have any reason to feel ashamed for inaction. There is no reason to judge their actions or inactions. They are victims and deserve compensation from the Japanese government. Enough yen that they could move farther away from central Japan.

    And we know who are the criminals in this travesty of justice. The nucleorat liars in Tokyo who withheld vital information and not only refused to order larger zones of evacuation, they also withheld information in the first ten days about dangerous wind patterns of radiation.

    Their conjecture that 80% of the dangerous fallout blew east to the Americas still leaves a huge amount of very dangerous radiation that saturated central Japan.

    Over the long run of nearly 27 months I seriously doubt the 80/20 ratio is carved in stone. Inland trade winds in October-November and low speed island winds almost every week have flooded Japan proper with radioactive fallout.

    Madness in Japan… and young surgical patients cry in pain.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Study: 28% Increase In Thyroid Problems In Babies Born After Fukushima in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington
    Posted on April 3, 2013 by WashingtonsBlog

  • vital1 vital1

    Here is a rainwater test for May 2013 from the Southern Hemisphere. We are having a debate here whether this is a detection of radioactive Iodine I-129 or not.

    Test chart using Theremino MCA V4.5 software.

    Because the I-129 at 39.6 keV, and Pb-210 at 46.5 keV, have energy peaks so
    close together it can be difficult to tell them apart with a NAI scintillator.


    If they are present at the same time, the peak that shows will drift toward the 39.6 kev if more I-129 is present, and towards 46.5 keV if more Pb-210 is present.

    If it is, it is still a very small detection of I-129, because the filter was in place for all of May. Mind you, not all of it would have been captured using this filter system. Lots of Beryllium Be-7 is also present! If this is present in the Southern Hemisphere, it would suggest that there is a lot more in the rain in the Northern Hemisphere!

    Be-7 is produced by cosmic ray spallation in the upper atmosphere. It takes
    around two weeks to reach sea level.

    There is a natural Beryllium Be-7 and Lead Pb-210 cycle here in the Southern
    Hemisphere. There is a more Beryllium Be-7 and Lead Pb-210, detected in rain
    washouts, during summer than in winter. There appears to be above average
    detected Beryllium Be-7, in this test for May 2013. The Sun had been relatively quite during…

    • vital1 vital1

      Radioactive I-129 is a lot less radioactive than the I-131, they are both released during a nuclear reactor melt down, at a fixed ratio of 3 parts iodine-131 to one part iodine-129.

      Half life 1-131 8 day, in the environment 80 days +.

      Half Life I-129 15.7 million years.

      I-129 can also be naturally produced in the upper atmosphere by a process call cosmic spallation.

      1-129 can bio accumulate in the environment.

      The questions being debated here are.

      A. If it is a I-129 detection, is it from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster?

      B. Does it pose a health risk? (It is far less radioactive that I-131)

      C. Would it be wise to take Iodine supplements, if a significant extra amount of it was being released into the environment, and bio accumulating?

      I suggest you do your own research on this subject.

      Disclaimer: I am an amateur. Human error can provide incorrect information, and equipment malfunction can produce false readings. Do not rely on, or take action upon information presented here, without further research.

  • mairs mairs

    "Experts: Premature to say nuclear disaster played no role."

    That's like TEPCO: "The reactor vessel is not without some containment properties."

  • I guess because radiation isn't the only cause of cancer or thyroid dis orders it can be said that we can't blame the nuclear melt down for thyroid cancer. But it is also true to say after the triple melt down thyroid cancer incidents increased locally. But I don't buy "unexpectedly". It is a fact Japan did not distribute iodine tablets as prime directive was to avoid panic rather then prevent disease.
    Is any other country acting different?

    • We Not They Finally

      I was told (I did not see it myself)that when that first big plume came over from Japan, there WERE European countries who at least warned people to stay indoors when it rained. It was inhumane NOT to. But here in America, California doctors were told to NOT even give potassium iodide tablets to patients! And they turned all the radiation monitors OFF (to the public anyway.)

      Then there was a crappy three-sentence speech by the President about "no cause for alarm," then he immediately whisked his own family off to South America!

      So inhumanity can flourish anywhere. But at the site of three melt-downs, to not at least have massively distribute iodide tablets (which note, are also inexpensive!), was just CRIMINAL. All they had to say was that this was "precautionary." How they handled this was CRIMINAL. Now a death toll of children will be on their hands.

      • We Not They Finally

        P.S to Mark: I don't know how old you are. We (husband and me) are baby boomers and when we were born, cancer was still RARE. And OF COURSE radiation is causative. Look up Helen Caldicott. Look up Leuren Moret.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I assume the thyroid prblems will also increase in those stationed in Japan.

    Commissaries to sell Japanese produce again, 2 years after nuke disaster
    June 7 2013

    Traitors…the military industrial complex..traitors to their own and to humanity.

  • It is all about risk/reward ratio…

    WHen they make more money selling than potential loses of customers, they will sell it, even if contaminated, poisonous, toxic or whatever.

    WHen the customer does not KNOW, they keep buying, what they THINK or BELIEVE is safe and healthy, while the opposite is actually true. Appearances is what it is all about, while keeping people in the dark, in order to protect PROFITS and the bottom line.

    In other words, think SHORT TERM PROFITS, rather than big picture and seven future generations into the future.

  • Jay

    @AGreenRoad : " think SHORT TERM PROFITS " , the humanity is doing that since recorded history , by now an analysis would determine that it is ' incurable ' !

    Well , you are what your DNA is , therefore it is indeed incurable UNLESS the DNA is adjusted , a no-brainer ( if Adjusted ) .

    From the skies trouble or happines can rain , even imbeded in the flu virus ( that some how is mutating faster than it could naturally ) : a retrovirus can ( and did ) Splice human DNA , hence it can insert either Evil or Heaven genes , just ask any genetician .

    I hope that after a few seconds of digesting the above stated fact you may Sweat a bit at the thought of how Vulnerable we are …

  • Most of human history has been small villages or tribes living in harmony with Nature, or dying if they did not.

    We are now in a phase where the 1% has taken control. They are making decisions for all of humanity, in a top down fashion, and fighting Nature rather than working in harmony with Nature. This is a lose lose proposition.

    Most people, if given a choice, would rather have a bottoms up, working in harmony with Nature future…

    To get from here to there, it is up to each of us to make choices about who we vote for, what products we buy, and what jobs we take.

    There is a way, if we have the will, and are willing to go beyond fear. There is a problem, but there is also an opportunity and a solution.

    Global Corporations And The 1%; Art And Science Of Deception

    Spiritual, Interfaith, Consciousness; How To Create Heaven On Earth

  • Jay

    From Asahi ' The number of deaths exceeded the number of births for the sixth year in a row .'

    Today's information age shortens the time needed by children/teens to understand how terrible our societies , cultures , religions and 'leaders' are , therefore the desire to bring others in it's no longer appealing , at least to the smarter ones .

    Rolling the Dice with the lives of our children is bad enough ( if not criminal ) but who want to roll it when the Odds are not good ?
    Rolling it anywhere in Japan is sure to receive , sooner or later , a favorable wind direction loaded with the radiation that the Fukushima spews Hourly , 24/7 . Now , how smart one must be to realise that ?

    Add the pesticides lowering the population IQ and we are a specie in decline , wasting billions to put rovers on Mars when in India there is a double Cast society where you can be born a slave !

    Wait a minute ! I am wrong , since ignorance is bliss than I should say that a dumber population will be happier and reproduce more ! Legalize alchool and it's sure to induce binge fornications ! What , is done already ?

  • Sickputer

    June 9, 2013 update:

    "The number of under-18s in Fukushima Prefecture diagnosed with thyroid cancer has increased to 12, while the number of possible cases has reached 15, according to Kolnet, an online media source focused on the Tohoku region of Japan.

    The numbers were released as part of an ongoing investigation by the Fukushima Prefecture Board of Health into the effects of the radiation released in the explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in 2011. The investigation has examined about 174,000 adults and children from towns surrounding the crippled plant.

    In the last report, made in February, there were only three confirmed cases of thyroid cancer and seven suspected cases.

    …according to one study that might be a more useful comparison, of 250 schoolchildren examined in Nagasaki in 2000, only 0.8% of them had thyroid nodules, of which none were found to be malignant. Additionally, the incidence of thyroid cancer in the general population is just one or two in 12 million children."

    SP: Sick children and adults in documented cases are exhibiting diabetes, cancer, nasal and respiratory problems…99% of this volume of illnesses did not occur in central Japan 27 months ago. Unhappy thoughts did not sicken the populace. Radioactive fallout is sickening millions in Japan. It will get worse.

    • There are also a large number of people who were exposed and left soon after. They will never be properly tracked/tested. Most likely many of those with the means to exit, did so.


      In a future time, this period of the long range catastrophic event we're experiencing, will mark the beginning of an epoch.

      It may be called the 'Fallout Era', 'The Age of Fallout', or the time of 'The Suffering'. The time of suffering was what I saw in my dreams. Maybe all will apply. Regardless, it has begun.

  • mungo mungo

    Many do not trust the Fukushima Health Survey for a myriad of reasons too long to get into here, suffice it to say the survey has not had the best interests of the individual at heart. The UN Human Rights Committee was quite critical of the current state of the Health Survey and the pressure it has put on doctors to not see pediatric patients from Fukushima for thyroid issues.
    Roughly half of the children in Fukushima prefecture participated in the initial thyroid screenings in 2011. Of the half screened 27 so far have been thought to have or had confirmed thyroid cancers with only one of those having it ruled out. Many others in this half screened qualify for the more intensive screening to look for cancer but have not been brought in to the Fukushima Health Survey for follow up so their status is not known. The Fukushima Health Survey does not include children in Miyagi prefecture or any of the other areas outside Fukushima that received higher levels of radiation in 2011. With the independent screenings actual statistics may or may not be made available since they are not part of the government effort and have a focus on helping the individuals.

  • Oom Werner P. Oom Werner P.

    The inhabitability of the area is becoming clearer by the day due the evidence irreversible illnesses being reported
    and increased by continuous burning of rods and core sediments forming toxic deadly build up in the air and soil and food and water which will continue to accumulate for decades to come. Without doubt the people should evacuate
    to prevent further damage to themselves. It was said before,
    they should be told again and again. Why was it unexpected?

  • weeman

    Why do they want to contest thyroid cancer, it is a given there will be a increase in this type of cancer, it does not take a genius to realize this, if you have that amount of noble gases alone released yes thyroid cancer will increase, do you agree, so why suppress the data, now put your thinking caps on, in my humble position this is a major marker directly related to exposure to the effects of radiation and can be used to gauge the average dose received, just my imagination running away with me, I wish tepco had imagination and not amination.

    • weeman

      Animation, I do apologize for my spelling and grammar, we are not all brain surgeons, but we fight the same fight, be well and my you always look down to the vertically challenged.

  • We Not They Finally

    OBVIOUSLY this is radiation-caused. And meanwhile, there is no response even, anywhere, about the 60% of Fukushima children under the age of twelve, who tested positive for DIABETES a whole year back. So they would also think it "premature" to ascribe that to radiation, too?? That whole medical establishment over there is monsters, far as we can see. Apparently any doctors with decent instincts (and there have to be some) are forced to act like monsters anyway. And where are the mass distributions of insulin, with instructions how to safely test sugar and use insulin with children? It is MONSTERS who neglect to do that. MONSTERS.