Australian TV Report: Many fish caught off Fukushima contain dangerous levels of radioactive material — Japan TV: Fukushima seafood now on sale (VIDEOS)

Published: June 25th, 2012 at 9:11 pm ET


Fukushima fish still hard to stomach
ABC Radio Australia
26 June 2012

An ABC report shows that many fish caught in the oceans around Fukushima contain dangerous levels of radioactive material.


Fishing cooperative spokesman Takashi Niitsuma says in samples of fish caught 40 kilometres from the nuclear plant, just under a third have been above the contamination safety level.


[Fukushima fisherman Akira Kaya] says he thinks it is impossible for Fukushima’s fishing industry to recover in his lifetime.


Contamination could spell end of Fukushima fishing

Quarter of catch was above safety limit, worst contamination was 16 times above safety limit

First catch off Fukushima since disaster sold
Jun. 25, 2012

Seafood caught off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture went on sale at local stores on Monday.


A type of shellfish and 2 kinds of octopus caught near Soma City are being sold at a local supermarket. The seafood can also be purchased in Fukushima City.

Sales were approved after the prefectural fisheries association found no unsafe levels of radiation in last Friday’s test fishing catch.


The association says it hopes to ship the next catch to Tokyo and other large cities if customer response is positive.

Published: June 25th, 2012 at 9:11 pm ET


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  • TheWorldIsBlind


  • TheWorldIsBlind

    HELLO!!!?????!!!! PLEASE LOOK!!

    • richard richard

      that is nuts.. that bulldozer is swinging around so fast. now ripping into the last of the 'colloseum' walls.

      the flashes may be sunlight reflections from moving objects.. but there are quite a few, i'd agree.

      so much dust right now, they are ripping into those columsn. doesn't look like a 'planned' operation.

      bulldozers dont normally swing around that fast.

  • Is the crane "burning or incinerating" the building?

  • NukaShima NukaShima

    ok we are talking about the most radioactive water ever imagined that is being dumped into the largest marine ecosystem on the planet and near the place of the highest contamination now its safe to eat the fish its already half cooked its just fine if you bump the levels past acceptable to WTF excuse my lack of punctuation and grammatical correctness I am just f&$#&(@*&$B @)(*&$() well I give up and If I have to give my skill and die I willing to help to end this nightmare that is fukushima….

  • or-well

    Fish – and FISH-HEADS!

    Fish in newspapers
    battered and "fried"
    labelled "Pacific"
    but caught off Sendai,
    side of rice chips with Iodine –
    (which isotope? Don't Look, Don't Find!)
    grown near Fukushima
    then sent nationwide.
    Will that be rice or tasty plum vinegar?
    No, not from here, it's imported from Srinagar.
    A sprinkle of salt? Never mind the black particles –
    it's Peruvian seaweed-flake, genuine article!
    Real Brit fish-and-chips in downtown Tokyo
    wrapped in foreign newspaper – set your tastebuds aglow!
    Safe food in japan is a bad jokio.

    Not spontaneous work but a replay that seems appropriate here.