Officials: Worries about more subsidence in area will be revealed at today’s public meeting on giant sinkhole — Possible ‘gaps’ underground

AFP: Some school facilities in Fukushima city exceeding radiation limit by 1,000% — Many hot spots around playground equipment are especially disturbing -Greenpeace (VIDEO)

Japan Newspaper: Radiation levels rising every month since decontamination in Fukushima district — Gov’t won’t help or even respond — “Are they forcing us to tolerate high radiation?”

First Ever: US nuclear plant permanently shutting down for economic reasons — More may be at risk of closing — Possible “Domino Effect” discussed (VIDEO)

Gov’t official and scientists convicted of manslaughter for giving public “incomplete, imprecise and contradictory” information on quake danger (VIDEO)

Officials: Giant sinkhole measures 550,000 cubic yards — Much more room to grow underground

Report: Hoax? Irresponsible rumors claim Fukushima spent fuel pools exploded

Louisiana Newspaper: Officials now worried about more sinkholes appearing

Japan Nuclear Expert: “There is no solution, we will have to give up” at Fukushima plant (VIDEO)

Official: Fracking OK 500 feet from nuclear plants (VIDEO)

Japan Engineer: Tepco won’t spend money needed at Fukushima Daiichi — Asahi: Tepco still giving large ‘donations’ to areas with nuclear facilities (VIDEO)

Gundersen: Tepco was hiding “crack in the foundation” of Fukushima Unit 4 (AUDIO)

Russian Energy Expert: History’s most large-scale man-caused catastrophes are probably Fukushima and Chernobyl

Gundersen: Japan ambassador confirms Fukushima Unit 4 is sinking unevenly — Building “may begin to be tilting” (AUDIO)

Tree trunks in giant sinkhole covered with over a foot of black oil (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

New footage from inside giant sinkhole shows surface bubbling (VIDEO)

Fracking permit given just 1 mile from US nuclear plant — “Whether that is cause for alarm, experts can’t say”

Japan Nuclear Expert: 30,000 deaths in first month and up to 7 million cancer deaths total if accident at Taiwan nuke plant

BBC in pedophilia cover-up? Former top TV star said to have 100s of potential victims, “just the tip of the iceberg” (VIDEOS)

Tokyo Legal Expert: Once a nuclear accident occurs EVERYTHING is over! — Zero prospect of ever restoring fishing grounds — Warns Californians of quake risks, “All will be lost, this is the reality of nuclear energy” (VIDEO)

20,000 gallons of crude oil removed from surface of giant Louisiana sinkhole — Now averaging 5,000 gallons a day

Officials: Giant sinkhole NOT growing — Only “appearance of growth” (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)