Tokyo Legal Expert: Once a nuclear accident occurs EVERYTHING is over! — Zero prospect of ever restoring fishing grounds — Warns Californians of quake risks, “All will be lost, this is the reality of nuclear energy” (VIDEO)

20,000 gallons of crude oil removed from surface of giant Louisiana sinkhole — Now averaging 5,000 gallons a day

Officials: Giant sinkhole NOT growing — Only “appearance of growth” (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Workers measuring how deep down liquid oil extends from surface of giant sinkhole

Japan Engineer: Fukushima contaminated water to go in giant pit — “It can easily be discharged underground” (VIDEO)

Signs of ground breaking up in areas far outside giant sinkhole’s official border (PHOTOS)

Latest flyover footage shows giant Louisiana sinkhole taking on new appearance (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Fukushima fire nearly twice as big as originally reported — Photo of firefighters extinguishing blaze

Nuclear Engineer: New way to locate Fukushima molten fuel “means they’re expecting to find this stuff very deep into the ground”… unless it’s just an experiment (VIDEO)

Nuclear-funded Obama on Nuclear-sponsored Daily Show: Nuclear forgotten as component in energy future — Oil, gas, wind, solar all mentioned… same as at debates (VIDEO)

Smoke from Fukushima Daiichi fire visible on webcam footage? (VIDEO)

Fire at Fukushima Daiichi: Over 4,000 square feet affected near reactor buildings — Fire department on-scene — No ‘significant’ change in radiation levels (MAP)

Oil Spill Expert: I remain skeptical they found source of BP crude in Gulf

Feds: Oil in Gulf leaking from BP’s containment dome, not Macondo well — Samples sent for matching analysis — Sea floor inspection for seepage NOT mentioned

“You won’t believe this”: US nuclear regulator meets to discuss 80-year licenses for old reactors -Expert (VIDEO)

New Fairewinds video shows what happens to a radioactive sample when it’s received at the lab — Tips on taking your own samples that can hold up in court (VIDEO)

“It’s the worst we’ve ever seen”: Hauls of shrimp and crab small or non-existent in Gulf town hit by BP oil — “Getting worse and worse”

Radioactive beef over cesium limit from cow raised far outside Fukushima… As Fukushima beef shipments to US resume this week

Kyodo: “If we find where the molten nuclear fuel is located, it will give us a clue” says researcher — Detectors to locate corium already placed near Reactors 1 and 2 in May by Los Alamos Lab

Mayor: Cleanup workers hospitalized after BP oil washes ashore in Gulf — School bus-sized tar ball

Top Japan filmmaker dies after being hit by car — Interview: “I was planning to make something about the nuclear accident and TEPCO”… but changed my mind

Los Alamos Lab: We can find Fukushima corium with x-ray type image — “No core” a possibility? (PHOTOS)