The Economist: “Something strange was afoot” during Prime Minister’s visit to plant — Fukushima 50 muzzled

Officials concerned pressure may build to “explosive concentrations” in aquifer near giant sinkhole — Geologists say top layer may not hold back gas if above 75 psi — New footage of area (VIDEO)

Inside Evacuation Zone: Cattle sick, dying — “We call it Fukushima syndrome” — Severe diarrhea, skin problems, weakened immune systems

Kansas: Gas trapped below town near salt cavern caused 100-foot high geysers in 2001 — Major explosion, fires, fatalities

Watch: Kids exercise on top of 120,000 Bq/m2 — Situation is deteriorating, many children are sacrificed (VIDEO)

Former Japan Ambassador: US gov’t is main reason why crisis at Fukushima Unit 4 has been “toned down” (VIDEO)

Women of Fukushima: I became really sick — “Terrible diarrhea, skin spots, vomiting, joint pain” (VIDEO)

PM Noda at Fukushima Plant: “Such an appalling, severe environment”

Japan Diplomat: Ground underneath Fukushima Unit 4 is sinking — More than 30 inches in some areas — Now in danger of collapse (VIDEO)

NOAA: Mystery sheen near BP’s relief wells from Gulf disaster — Silvery streamers up to several miles long — “Crude Oil Likely” (MAP)

Kyodo: Fukushima No. 4 reactor “was damaged by the M9.0 quake and tsunami”

“Unusually Serious”: Nurses evacuating from Fukushima Prefecture fearing effects of radiation -Mainichi

Study: 15-year-olds from Fukushima town got an estimated 77,000 becquerels of iodine-131… in just 4 hours — Area a destination for evacuees fleeing radiation

New 3/11 Footage of Tepco: Can we borrow some cash? We’d really appreciate it — No money to buy batteries to power Fukushima equipment (VIDEO)

Fukushima Worker: We are starting to have cancers — My co-worker had surgery for cancer, internal exposure suspected

Press Conference: Gov’t may have manipulated Fukushima radiation levels

Asahi Shimbun demands Tepco release ALL footage related to Fukushima disaster (VIDEO)

Hiroshima Univ. Historian: Don’t believe Tepco’s lies — Fukushima meltdowns caused by quake not tsunami — Smoke, radiation spike, loss of coolant, collapsed walls and pipes were all before wave hit (VIDEOS)

Officials: High levels of gas in water wells by sinkhole — Potential health risk, fire/explosion — Immediate remediation needed — “Heed evacuation orders”

Mainichi: Gov’t “choreographed” event on Fukushima health effects

Fukushima Newspaper Editor: We don’t report on health risks from radiation — People might worry

Radiation and Health Specialist: Children with over 11 Bq/kg of cesium start to see heart problems -Study (AUDIO)