New Fairewinds Video: Tepco reveals “detonation shock wave” during massive explosion at Fukushima Unit 3 (PHOTO & VIDEO)

WSJ: Use of the Internet was forbidden during Japan’s election campaign — No tweeting, Facebook, website updates by candidates

“Shocking”: Officials make it mandatory to use Fukushima rice in school lunches

Kaku: Fukushima reactors “a ticking time bomb” — “Catastrophe beyond comprehension” if major pipe break or quake (VIDEO)

TV: Massive oil sheen around BP Deepwater Horizon site in Gulf of Mexico (VIDEO)

Engineer: “Much more problem” — Destroyed Fukushima Unit 3 to never be reinforced over next 40 years (VIDEO)

NHK Fukushima Documentary: “It’s like being in jail” — “It’s like we did something wrong and got locked up” (VIDEO)

Gundersen on New Video Exposé: We now have the evidence that Fairewinds was right — “Containments can blow-up” (AUDIO)

New highway may be constructed around giant sinkhole — Official: Could be built if La. 70 is “compromised”

Jiji: Cover-up of true radiation levels Fukushima residents were exposed to? WHO accused of underestimating disaster’s impact on human health

New Images of NY Oil Spill — Coast Guard obscuring slick? (PHOTOS)

Top Expert: Fears Napoleonville salt dome to continue to break up below giant sinkhole; “An underground Mt. Everest” — Over 50 caverns inside, some with explosive gas

Kyodo: M10 quake possible, says study — An hour of shaking — Tsunami lasting for several days

Large oil spill in New York City area harbor — Feds: Damaged barge is carrying almost 10,000,000 gallons — 158,000 gallons reported released so far

Intense M5 quakes hit near Fukushima (MAPS & VIDEO)

Official Map: Giant sinkhole now just 1200 feet from highway — Appears even closer in recent flyover (PHOTOS)

Gov’t Health Expert: Salad oil is more dangerous than radioactive waste below giant sinkhole (VIDEO)

New Study: “Depopulation with Rapid Aging” after Fukushima Daiichi disaster

Crackdown: Japanese professor’s arrest “extremely unjust” — Publicly opposed burning of radioactive debris

Radiation levels rise for 5th month straight in Fukushima city (PHOTO)

Strong earthquakes hit off California coast — Initially thought to be M6.4 and M6.1 back-to-back — 190 miles from San Onofre nuclear plant (VIDEO)

Newspaper: Headaches, nausea, eye irritation reported from giant sinkhole; Worries emerge about residents with cancer — Official Downplays Concerns: “My opinion… is the facts”