Photo: 400+ microsieverts per hour at elementary school 60 kilometers from Fukushima Daiichi

NHK: Gov’t stops helping Fukushima Daiichi workers with medical care — “Should be treated the same as workers at any other nuclear plant”

Gundersen on ‘high level’ radiation around Unit 3: “Can’t just be activation products” — This supports my detonation theory

Report: Japan to abandon nuclear power — “Comes in response to mounting calls among public for eliminating all reactors”

Fukushima Pediatrician Warns: “Clear sign something abnormal is occurring” in young children

Jiji: Many children appear “prone to sickness and weak” after 3/11 — Reuters: Many children with “immune system problems and listlessness” after Chernobyl

Yomiuri: Tepco having difficulty with ‘debris’ around Unit 3 due to high radiation — Years before spent fuel removal will begin

43% of kids have thyroid abnormalities in new Fukushima City test results (CHART)

Japanese Journalist Breaks Down: “Nuclear power plants exist on the foundation of sacrificing human lives” — “I cannot forgive” (VIDEO)

Kyodo: Thyroid cancer found in Fukushima child

*REMOVED* Report: Police target women & kids at nuclear protest — “They fired tear gas at us; Had I come a minute late, my 2 children would have died”

NHK: Fragile Unit 4 “possibly unsustainable” to more quakes in future — Debris in pool could delay removing fuel rods (VIDEO)

“Don’t be a chicken” mayor tells parents who are concerned their children are eating radioactive lunches

Top Japan official found hanging — Had been deputy minister for disaster reconstruction, traveled to Fukushima — Death “did not appear” related to politics

Asahi: “Significant quantity” of cesium detected along West Coast of Japan — Concentrations rise as it gets deeper

Tepco admits it will run out of workers in 5 years unless a way is found to reduce radiation exposure (VIDEO)

Japanese mayor says students are gaining knowledge by eating radioactive food in school lunches

US University develops wind turbines that generate about 5 TIMES as much energy as usual (PHOTO)

Fukushima Resident: I’d have given my life away to fight nuclear power — We were ignorant… Deep remorse (VIDEO)

Richter 7 quake would likely crack, drain, and burn Fukushima Unit 4 fuel pool — “We’d be reliving March 11 all over again” (VIDEO)

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