Award-winning project finds seafood sold in Canada with high radiation levels — Many samples well over contamination limit — “Incredible discovery; Something unexpected may be lurking in Canadian waters” — Believes dangerous Fukushima pollution carried across ocean — “I hope people will open their eyes”

Published: April 2nd, 2014 at 6:32 pm ET


Metro News, Mar. 24, 2014: Alberta student’s science project finds high radiation levels in grocery-store seafood […] Bronwyn Delacruz […] said she was shocked to discover that, in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) stopped testing imported foods for radiation in 2012. […] Delacruz studied a variety of seafoods – particularly seaweeds – as part of an award-winning science project that she will take to a national fair next month. […] Her results caught the attention of judges at the Peace River Regional Science Fair, who moved her project along to the Canada-Wide Science Fair […]

Daily Herald Tribune, Mar. 25, 2014: Local science project finds high levels of radiation in seaweed — When Bronwyn Delacruz started testing seaweed in her living room last August, she made an incredible discovery: Something unexpected may be lurking in Canadian waters. [Delacruz] found disconcerting radiation levels in seaweed products from local grocery stores and is concerned for the health of families who may be consuming them. Her research on the subject recently earned gold at the regional Canada-Wide Science Fair […] Delacruz tested more than 300 individual seaweed samples, with 15 brands exported from New Brunswick, British Columbia, California, Washington, China and Japan. Each was purchased in an Alberta grocery […] 0.5 Bq per square centimetre is widely considered an actionable level of contamination […] many of her samples tested well over this amount. […] Delacruz believes the current has carried dangerous radiation from Japan’s east coast to Canada’s portion of the Pacific Ocean. […] and believes dangerous radiation may only have reached the Canadian coastline recently. […] Delacruz is a CWSF Physical Award of Excellence in Physical Earth and Chemical Sciences-winner […]

Bronwyn Delacruz, Mar. 24, 2014: “Some of the kelp that I found was higher than what the International Atomic Energy Agency sets as radioactive contamination, which is 1,450 counts over a 10-minute period […] Some of my samples came up as 1,700 or 1,800.”

Bronwyn Delacruz, Mar. 25, 2014: “I think any dose of radiation can be harmful […] Any dose can cause negative health effects  […] I’m kind of concerned that this is landing in our grocery stores and that if you aren’t measuring it, you could just be eating this and bringing home to your family. […] Kelp was higher than what was considered dangerous […] Some of them came up to 1,700, 1,800 (counts). […] The way the currents and the radiation would arrive in Canada, it wouldn’t arrive until now […] My pre-Fukushima (nori) measured about 400 (counts) […] post-Fukushima measured around 500 to 600, which also not dangerous, but it’s considerably higher and statistically significantly higher too. […] I eat a lot of seaweed in almost everything […] I would like the government to test before they ‘OK’ imports from other countries […] they’re just relying on other countries to do it for us. […] I hope people will open their eyes to this.”

How You Can Help: Delacruz is fundraising to purchase a $15,000 germanium spectrometer for the High School science department that can detect radiation in fish and other complex foods. To donate, call Grande Prairie Public School District Education Foundation at 780-532-4491.

Listen to “Is it still safe to eat seafood after reports of Fukushima radiation in Canadian waters?”

Published: April 2nd, 2014 at 6:32 pm ET


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  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    cleveland Ohio watch out

    The operator of a northeast Ohio nuclear power plant says a refrigerant leaked from equipment in a building on the site, prompting air monitoring for the chemical. A FirstEnergy Corp. spokeswoman said an undetermined amount of the chemical escaped Wednesday as workers were starting routine maintenance at a facility near the reactor building at the Perry nuclear plant along Lake Erie. The leak occurred at a building that contains charcoal beds to absorb radioactive gases. No one was hurt, but the building was deemed off-limits. Air monitors were called to check for trichloroethylene, a chemical from the refrigerant that can be a neurotoxin in high concentrations. Such problems are required to be reported to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Perry is about 35 miles northeast of Cleveland.

  • PaciFistic PaciFistic

    Angela_R…..can't seem to get this short reply under your last comment to our thread on how Einstein's equation led to current ongoing radiation at Fukushima.

    Reply's short cuz it was the last short paragraph to my previous comment and should've fitted right in there, but again G Polter's up to his old tricks. Anyways, these last lines are the conclusion to a long discussion and wraps up how we might have to deal with any enveloping blanket of radiation. I wrote:

    "As the world turns, concerning Fukushima, just as we brought to the east the events of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Fukushima is returning to the west the end developments of those early experimental years. This is not God playing dice, but Fate taking its circular course. The event in the visual document from the above URL offers us a powerful hint regarding the way we could take to overcome any ravages returned by Fukushima."

    The space here is on the 2nd page of comments for this article. Hope this makes it back to the thread. If not, hope I can find you on the off-topic section this weekend; I might be there before you; please look around for the Heartfelt Hand of Peace. Kinda new here, so we'll see.

  • jec jec

    Japan to stop killing whales!

    While I applaud this decision, part of me wonders if it is because they are so radioactive..and someone might just notice. Bad me..(right?).

  • PaciFistic PaciFistic

    Angela….my bright light has gone out, as have been up many hours. Reason my paragraph above in quote marks didn't make it into my last comment and neither then under yours next is cuz that page done run plumb out of space itself, ha ha. Got real Fuku'd right there!!!

    Finally, out of courtesy to timemachine2020, with his sharp vision watching my every move all by his lonesome at top of this page with only my 2 odd comments here for company, I just want to say; "HI!"

    • Angela_R

      I'm travelling backwards now, back to your comment, which I failed to mark, where you had the link, and I just saw this.

      Not sure whether I am interpreting you correctly here but were you also querying E=mc2 and/or its interpretation?

      Regards to G Poulter, he has left me. My current bemused/confused state is my own fault 🙂

      Regarding the 'returning to the West.' I think the West never left.

      The true 'East' never entered the West.

  • Dr. John S. Sanford; Mutagenesis And Entropy; Dangers Of Low Dose Ionizing Radiation Leading To Human Extinction; via A Green Road

  • PaciFistic PaciFistic

    JoyB…..this won't be under your response. Bronwyn Delacruz's accomplishment has drawn much attention. Just happened to get back to check mail before taking off for a day and a bit.

    Thought I could say a word or a few, that it was great you had the experience of "spontaneous remission," in addition to being able to escape the cancer. Am sure this has added to your faith in our natural powers to heal ourselves, as well as an appreciation for life itself.

    As we face the unfolding crisis and drama of Fukushima, you must be reminded of your fortunate past. May your future be as equally fortunate. Cheers!

  • Angela_R

    PaciFistic, I found my way back, your link would not work but I accessed it through the search engine.

    I think it demonstrates that he has exercised his Energy/force field. Yes, I am aware. Somehow, decades ago, I arrived at Samadhi but felt I should come back. I return quite often and use the 'place of peace' for rest. I was recently 'introduced' to a Chinese poet, Wang Wei, he lived around the 8th Century; he was called the Mountain Man. The East once had a lot to teach the materialistic West, and visa versa, so they mingled and swapped ideas. With the good came some of the bad, from both sides.

    Many came to desire the 'golden calf'.

    I see your desire as:
    "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony"
    I see the harvest approaching; we won't need to teach, it will be there in the harvested hearts.