BBC: “Actual situation is much, much worse than we were told” says evacuee — “From the start Japan gov’t officials have lied”

Published: December 19th, 2011 at 3:50 pm ET


In the sidebar of the December 16, 2011 BBC report Japan PM says Fukushima nuclear site finally stabilised, there is an interview with a married Japanese couple:

Retired teachers Yuji and Tetsuko Takahashi are among the tens of thousands of people forced to abandon their homes […]

“Even when we are told it has been shut down I can’t believe it,” says Tetsuko. “From the start the government officials have lied to us. One of the top officials said on TV that there was no meltdown, but it happened. The actual situation is much, much worse than we were told from the beginning.” […]

“We are old, 67 and 61,” says Tetsuko . “So maybe the radiation would make the risk of getting cancer higher, but it would take five or 10 years. We are going to die before we get seriously ill.”

h/t Knovel

Published: December 19th, 2011 at 3:50 pm ET


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40 comments to BBC: “Actual situation is much, much worse than we were told” says evacuee — “From the start Japan gov’t officials have lied”

  • stock

    I made a little section of my blog devoted to the “Best Lies of Nuclear” and by that I mean the worst. The ones with an element of truth. Please check it out.

    and a permanent part of my blog is a grouping of radiation knowledge and resources, including steveo’s custom “Shelter in Place” manual –hint—it takes preparation, and once you do it, you wonder why you didn’t have these preps in place long ago. It does alot to relieve stress to be ready.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Posting it right now stock. Thanks.

    • Misitu

      I have been dealing occasionally with a nuc fan called zwitterion2 who seems to have been tasked with flaming the Independent where a bit of defence is required in the face of critical articles appearing in that paper.

      I am going to try the metalanguage approach (“Supernanny: -> Naughty Corner”) together with the helpful huge amounts of news items that have appeared here on enenews in the last couple of days, thanks for all these.

      Just checking in, folks. More later, possibly. That post needs careful composition but time is short.


  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Mochizuki is back!
    Hospitals refuse to see irradiated patients
    The picture on the top of the page is a notice of an academic medical center in Tokyo.
    It says ,”we do not serve any tests for radiation exposure or treatment for irradiation”.

  • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet

    I have often wondered… “Are people, in general, really that uneducated as to the seriousness of radiation and it’s consequences?”

    I realize that the media and gov agencies are either saying nothing or lying through there teeth, as they are sold out to big $$ corp energy overlords… but to “assume” that everything is “OK” when you are only 70 miles away from such a catastrophe seems irresponsible on ones part. I mean where is the critical thinking process on the part of the overall populace?

    And I do realize that it is not that simple for most of these people to catch a ride off the island to safer ground.

    I guess I should reflect upon my own past while living through the Three Mile Island and Karen Silkwood days of my own nation.

    What have these lying international corp monster overlords wrought upon us all? I believe they are losing control of their ill deeds on a global scale, and will drag humankind into the next satanic blood letting, as Hitler and Stalin did.

    God help us all.

    • jimbojamesiv

      With perspective comes insight, yes, Zombie?

      I’m not the first and won’t be the last, but it’s very difficult to put yourself in the shoes of someone in the maelstrom. I’m also guilty of it myself, obviously.

      • jimbojamesiv

        Ooops, should have been, “I’m not the first, and won’t be the last, to say it, but…..”

        By the way, when I returned to your comment, I noticed your question about what have the overlords wrought, and all I can say is–again, I’m not the first and won’t be the last–that it’s kind of incongruous to contend that ‘we won WWII,’ when we seem to be fighting the fascists today and, pertinently, in the places we we’re told had won, yes???

        • many moons

          I was under the impression that lying is and always will be the first line of action involving nuclear energy accidence. People should know that lying is not only permissible by the industry it’s what is expected. It’s in the unofficial handbook, lie, minimize lie….yo please try and remember that when you heard anything about a nuclear accident….it will not change and wishful thinking won’t change it either….putting people in prison for their lies might change the lying…

  • arclight arclight

    when discussing other opinions of the extent of “shut dowm” the bbc article fails to name the experts who say it isnt a rosy picture!!

    interesting that this couple of paragraphs piece was put in as a counter to the article… are there stirrings of discontent at the bbc?? hope so!! probaly getting a bit concerned about the radiological incident occouring in their and their childrens lungs as we speak!!

    no nukes now!!

  • Dr. Awesome Dr. Awesome

    This is an Extinction-Level event. Technology doesn’t exist to stop this much less clean it up. I knew all bets were off when reactor 3 experienced the nuclear explosion. We all witnessed the reactor and spent-fuel pool contents thrown into the environment. This was the tip of the nuclear disaster iceberg thus far. We don’t even know if any other Japanese or US reactors are in trouble. The continuing radioactive release is unstoppable. Enjoy nature and life while you can.
    Much love to you all.
    No Nukes!

    • Dr. McCoy

      You are correct sir.

    • Steven Steven

      “I knew all bets were off when reactor 3 experienced the nuclear explosion”

      Yes Dr A, a chilling moment no matter where you were at the time, for those of us ‘in the know’. For so many others just a ‘hydrogen explosion’ or even if they thought nuclear, just a small nuke bomb right? Wrong. A ‘small’ nuke weapon with a warhead the size of a grapefruit can take out a city centre. These pig-stupid machines have hundreds of tons of nuclear material inside – well no, now outside – and the consequences of leakage can and will affect every corner of this once beautiful planet.

  • arclight arclight

    “Dr Chris Busby of Green Audit analysed the raw data collected by HTV. In his report (1 available on this site) Dr Busby demonstrated that the discoveries define the existence of a cluster of childhood leukaemia and brain tumours which is more serious and more highly statistically significant that the famous Sellafield (Seascale) 10-fold excess child leukaemia cluster discovered in 1983 by Yorkshire TV.
    The report shows the presence of a 28-fold excess of child leukaemia (ages 0-4) in Caernarfon over the period 2000-2003 (3-cases, 0.1 expected, RR = 28; p < 0.0000). There are also at least 5 cases of brain and spinal tumours in 0-14 year olds in the same town since 1996, a Relative Risk of 18-times the national average (RR = 18; p<0.00005).” in 1997, denied the existence of the childhood cancer excess in north Wales, although WCR had reported it in their Welsh Office report in 1994……” “Marion Hill has written I believe that changes are required to the means by which the government and the regulatory agencies in the UK are advised about the risks of ionising radiation to the health of humans and other living organisms. The current arrangements are not democratic, are inefficient and fail to make use of the best expertise. Now is the right time to change them. The principal changes needed are to disband the Committee on the Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE) and to set up a new, more broadly based committee with a more focused remit and an independent secretariat.” And this......

  • arclight arclight

    some notes on part 2

    hinkley point protesters get a slot at the beginning of part 2 !! grace in their somewhere I bet!! Go grace! EDF OFF!! Lol!!

    Mentions the german report on leukimea cases and the uk government follow up report (out this year) saying that there was NO connection… the news programme requested the statistics but the “authorities” refused to release the information…??

    They requested under the freedom of information act uk and this was rejected!! They appealed and the figures were released..

    and chris busby points out that downwinders of nuclear plants suffer higher incidence.. interesting methodology difference ..

    the government uses a circular ring around a plant to get statistics and busby looks at the fallout projections and bases his study there!! Where the contamination is highly suspected!!

    Even so the official report says 3 instead of 1 but it is disputed because the numbers are low! No other helath effects mentioned!!

    Busby looked at the figures and noticed a spread of breast cancers..
    He talks about the incidence data not being released.. they only give mortalitity data..

    The programme then looks at a local village and the stats show lung cancer over double the incidence…

    Chris busby makes the point that even in normal operation these plants are killers, never mind the accidents!!

    • Fall out man!

      Great info Arc light. Fascinating the cover up, and the way they avoid finding effects by ignoring wind direction. What frustrates me with it is that it still just looks at cancer, not other diseases, such as heart disease and stroke, the main killers in the Ukraine after Chernobyl.

      • arclight arclight

        thanks to prof busby, richard and the crew at llrc, you mean!! there is a whole history of coverup etc on that web site and others that link to it!! glad i pointed you in the right direction bro! 🙂

  • Bobby1

    From Fukushima Diary, a woman from Minamisoma:

    Even out of Fukushima, there are people suffering from fatigue.

    Some of them started having it since November, just like I did.

    It’s not only Fukushima to be endangered.


    I’m really concerned about the 300km area.

    Please pay attention to your health condition.

    Especially, the change after november.

    She is right, it has been much worse since the beginning of November.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Well, I can attest to ‘hitting the wall’, health wise,…after Nov. 14th. Didn’t we have some BIG spike about then? I recall so.

    • Bobby1

      That was when the iodine was reported in Europe, I am sure it was much worse in the US.

      I had the golf ball in the throat, the right side of the thyroid swelled up and was sticking out, and now I have boils and bumps all over the back of my hands and fingers.

      The autoimmune disorder I have hasn’t included thyroid symptoms, until now.

  • arclight arclight

    (Insane) Declaration by Japan’s PM Noda: “Fukushima Accident Is Now Over” (Dec. 16, 2011) From: tokyobrowntabby | 16 Dec 2011 | 44 views

    click cc for tbts translation!!

    “Through decontamination, health management and compensation” he wants the people to return to their homes!! Will all this healthcare and compensation be there in 20 years, 200 years, 2000 years?? Has no one told him about the genetic damage effects?? Oh well business as usual for the buisneses!

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      Hmmmm, now if this guy just had a flight suit on and a banner behind him that said “Mission Accomprished”……….

    • arclight arclight

      “(Insane) Declaration by Japan’s PM Noda: “Fukushima Accident Is Now Over” (Dec. 16, 2011)”You must be logged in to view this video.
      The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as being potentially offensive or inappropriate. Viewer discretion is advised. Please confirm that you wish to view this video.
      This video or group may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as determined by the video uploader. To view this video or group, please click here to sign in or sign up and verify that you are of the appropriate age.
      This video requires you to log in to verify your age. Please confirm that you wish to view this video.
      This video is unavailable.
      This video is private

    • arclight arclight

      thought I would give you the main points of the long talk (err emphasise added)!! But first…
      “This video requires you to log in to verify your age”
      the poor people need to go home…
      they will be issued with genetic passports with which they can have FREE health care and tissue samples for the vampire thomas and imperial college (dont worry… to tepco solicitors, they will destroy the tissues quick after manipulating the statistics according to her statement on the fukushima symposium in september)

      they will be issued with gieger counters in schools so children can learn to count fast and run faster

      uranium should at least in the long term breed a newer bigger japaneses citizen .. a bit like rutger hauer in the last scene of blade runner “ I have seen so much”…
      15000 poor people will be trained by march to suck up the contamination in around hospitals and schools so people can be encouraged to move back, seek medical attention, and the compensation is that nodas so ugly and a bit of a dumb arse that the Japanese adk, along with wpp can censor his dumb arse to oblivion. There by keeping everyone happy and genetically passported…. Why thw real need for telling people they must go home? They want them in one place!! Why has this video been censored? Because he told the truth and it aint pretty!!

      He commended the fire service etc and said that the police are doing a fine job sorting out harmful rumours but could they please do a little bit of proper policework too!

      • arclight arclight

        He is well happy about the hospital oncology business that has started and is says it’s a recession busting investment.. he is even giving imperial college London and oxford university lots a money to do their statistical magick (and destroy the evidence afterwards… it’s a win win… about a third of the disaster money will be used to encourage investment!! (No wonder Thomas and wakeford had grins on their faces! Bless them)!!
        Noda also hinted at romantic thoughts toward Geraldine Thomas but quickly changed the subject… he had a loving distant look….
        Noda then drank a bottle of Perrier claiming that it was from the famous Perrier reactor in france!! He had good thoughts and was indeed protecred.. this was statistically worked out and proved by wakeford on the back of a puke stained napkin from the serious celebratory, got that funding, piss up the night before!! Viva the Japanese tourist board!
        Well that’s all I could rememeber unfortunately… maybe you guys could help me with the rest?
        Of course if you don’t believe me you could watch it yourself… oh! sorry !! forgot!!! just noticed your post anne.. timing!! err should i post this now it can be prooved wrong……. ah what the hell!! 🙂

      • arclight arclight

        just got of the phone to wakeford!! he said that statistically speaking the words i used were the truth.. it was only when non physisists look at the words i wrote that they would come to a different conclusion… he said the icrp model is good for !bashing” non scientists around the head with and then muttered ” thats about all its good for” quietly!!

        just an update there!!

  • stock

    I did some original material (not just a re-hash of what someone else thinks). It is pretty good, took about an hour, but I know most of the stuff off the top of my head.

    Exposing one of the “Big Lies”

    THE LIE: “A Little Radiation in Your Food Won’t Hurt”

    The reality of analysis, a 3 page PDF, simple enough to follow, read it.
    It’s the first link near the top of the Page

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Unavailable vid…ummm…the new clown routine..must have gone badly…

  • arclight arclight

    if you type this into google search
    …Japan refuses to stop Iranian oil imports bbc….

    you get this;_ylt=A0oG7hC6ifBOLiQAMXtXNyoA?p=Japan+refuses+to+stop+Iranian+oil+imports+bbc&fr=ie8&xargs=0&pstart=1&b=21&xa=GnXbyMRU7L.Ng2cHzbY1PQ–,1324473146

    dont think the bbc is covering this one, either!! just saying!!

    Japan refuses to stop Iranian oil imports
    Business Dec. 20, 201

    “After talks with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that focused mostly on North Korea, Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba highlighted Japan’s sanctions imposed on Iranian institutions due to concerns over its nuclear program.

    But Gemba said: “I conveyed my view that there is a danger of causing damage to the entire global economy if the imports of Iranian crude oil stop.”

    The United States and European powers have sought to step up global pressure on Iran after the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N. nuclear watchdog, came its closest yet to accusing Iran of pursuing nuclear weapons.

    Japan has traditionally maintained cordial relations with Iran, although in recent years it has pared down its energy investments in the Islamic republic due to the concerns over its nuclear program.”

    if you type in this

    …iran nuclear bbc….

    you get the first page with only bbc website articles..?? how do they do that i wonder?? thought for the day!! 🙂;_ylt=A0oG7h94ivBOYh8ACT5XNyoA?p=iran+nuclear+bbc&fr=ie8&xargs=0&pstart=1&b=1&xa=tai_pU7D7ND5J7H48SDrRA–,1324473336