BBC: It’s boiling somewhere inside Fukushima Unit No. 3 — Reactor supposed to be in cold shutdown — Situation ‘worrying’

Published: July 23rd, 2013 at 10:55 am ET


Title: Fukushima nuclear plant: Japan takes steps over sea leak
Source: BBC News
Date: July 23, 2013
h/t Anonymous tip

[…]  (Tepco) said steam was seen around the fifth floor of the building housing Reactor No 3 […]

It is not clear what is causing the steam […]

The sight of steam rising is worrying because it means somewhere inside the reactor building water is boiling, says the BBC’s Rupert Wingfield-Hayes in Tokyo.

Th badly damaged reactors are supposed to be in what is called “cold shutdown”; the temperature of the cooling water inside the reactor should be well below boiling point.

It is another sign that Tepco still does not fully know what is going on inside the damaged reactors […]

See also: [intlink id=”just-in-fukushima-reactor-site-engulfed-by-steam-something-like-steam-coming-out-of-unit-no-3-continuously-wafting-through-the-air-work-to-remove-rubble-suspended” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: July 23rd, 2013 at 10:55 am ET


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65 comments to BBC: It’s boiling somewhere inside Fukushima Unit No. 3 — Reactor supposed to be in cold shutdown — Situation ‘worrying’

  • Here is a live photo of 'cold shutdown' at Fukushima.
    (credit to user purewater and all web cam watchers)

    The reactors are not damaged, they are DESTROYED!
    (big difference)

    "Tepco still does not fully know what is going on…"
    – BBC News

    865 days nonstop!!!
    Accumulating and Spreading…
    No end in sight… 🙁

    • The article also states:

      "The plant's operator recently admitted for the first time that radioactive water was STILL going into the sea."

      Isn't that just another way of saying 'They've lied'?


        They change the information.

        They change their minds.

        They reverse the results.

        They divide, add or multiply the readings.

        But, no, they never LIE!

        That would mean they go to Hell, and we all know that does not exist, so that means that they cannot lie.


    • That is a new kind of 'cold' steam… it is formed by jiggering the whatchamagigger with a little bit o deuterium added along with tritium, plus a wee splash or plutonium, and the result is 'cold steam'.

      It is much like cold fusion, but out in open air.

      If you are inside the steam, it acts like laughing gas, and you get really happy, for about 5 minutes.

      After that, the warranty runs out.

      See, everything is in cold shutdown. Yea, really! Just trust us.


  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    For cold shutdown you need to have control over the reactor chamber. They haven't had that for years.

  • nedlifromvermont

    This thread and article contains absolute proof that Japan nuclear authorities are LYING. This means US nuclear authorities are LYING, too. And the IAEA and all nuclear proponents are revealed as LIARS as well.

    How does that make you feel?

    Blame it on the radiation.

    General Electric is a nest of LIARS.

    Have you hugged your kids (or anyone) today?

    And this technology was never necessary.

    This is an ongoing planet-wide Ausschwitz-level event.

    And nobody (apart from us 'newsers) really seems to care?

    How did we get here, Sparky?

    Is there a way back out, even if we are willing to forgo our GE dividend checks?

    When do we get to see a big, pro-nuclear businessman cry, live, on camera, that he's so sorry to have pushed the "nuclear thing" through? Actually all the original Mengeles are dead, now, so WHOM ARE WE PROTECTING with all the lies??

    We have become awfully dumbed-down as a species.

    Where are you, Lewis Strauss, arch-criminal, who played lap-poodle to the 1950's era nuclearists, who locked up the report on reactor safety (good account of actual malfeasance on this matter in the opening chapters in "We Almost Lost Detroit")

    Sparky? … Sparky?? I can't see you anymore. I'm sorry, I truly am …

    Is that so hard to say?

    Screw nuclear power and all the idiot, short-sighted, "scientist" types who pushed it through and still defend it. Meredith Angwin, anyone? Pure, dead brilliant.

    Thank you, 'newsers, everyone…

    • ion jean ion jean

      BBC starting to watch TEPCO webcam? Welcome to Reality, all knuckleheaded journalists.

      Now if we can just get TEPCO to start watching they would see they have NEVER stopped the steam from rising…corium on the water table is NOT cold shutdown!

      • ion jean ion jean

        Plutonium oxide in the Jet Stream is global pollution, EPA: get with the program, fix the damn RADNET or pack your bags and get outta my sight!

        • We Not They Finally

          Appreciate your passion, ion jean. But telling the EPA to "get with the program" is pretty futile. (By the way, there is NO "program" out there.) The new EPA head, Gina McCarthy, is the one who disabled radiation monitoring IN THE FIRST PLACE. That's why she got PROMOTED!!!

          So you are just flailing. I relate to your passion, but what POWER do you think you have? I could have tantrums, too. Every day. Maybe we are better off being a bit calmer and just keeping educated.

          Unless you want to go to Japan and organize the mothers into an uprising. It would be crushed, yes; but they are right in the middle of this and do not seem to have an outlet at all! Peace. I don't mean this personally. We all get the urge!

          • ion jean ion jean

            I'm all set with ambivalence about our government agencies. I believe they are good people with honest intent who have been lied to by their superiors and the media, but thanks to and other Internet news outlets, they have no excuses anymore. They just need the fires of truth lit in their minds like us.

            We need more Gregory Jazckos and Edward Snowdens to come out of the EPA and the culture will be changed, albeit slowly, by the people, once their unaffordable food supply contamination is more public knowledge. 2013 is a freaky year for sure. If BBC reports on something, doesn't mean we'll see it in the good old USA, home of all things Nuclear. Peace, though.

            • ion jean ion jean

              EPA scientists unanimously concluded fluoride was poison back in the mid nineties and recommended to Congress that municipalities stop adding it to America's water supply. It then went nowhere because of its protected status see fluoridealertDOT org.

          • Everyone has an outlet.. all of the answers are there…

            The Green Party exists in Japan, just like it does here. They don't accept corporate 'donations'.

            If enough people voted their values instead of voting out of fear, the world would change in an instant.

            Follow your passion, follow your heart. Vote your values. Think about what works for seven future generations.

            There may still be a very bright future ahead.

            Miracles do happen.

        • They must be getting more money in their budget for keeping them all shut down and/or broken than if they had them all up and running.

    • AntonButler

      Good, the human body has what 100,000,000,000,000 CELLS.
      Each cell having a nucleus,
      Each nucleus having our 46 chromosomes
      Which 46 chromosomes code for 20,000 genes,
      Which genes are the templates for 20,000 proteins(simplistic),
      Genes and Proteins are colinear,
      YOUR BODY HAS 20000000000000000000 GENES IN TOTAL,
      not all of them active .

      Ionizing radiation by damaging your genes in your cells,
      is capable OF CREATING MANY NEW DISEASES to date unheard of.
      For nuclear physicists to say ," no damage " is perjury.
      Ionizing radiation destroys your biochemistry.
      Radiation sickness pathology is complex,
      because of the number of chemical reactions which go on inside each person. These reactions are damaged by ionizing radiation , and it is difficult to study.

  • mungo mungo

    -At 6:49 AM on July 22, cooling of the Unit 4 spent fuel pool was suspended due to inspection on instruments of the Unit 4 spent fuel pool alternative cooling system. The suspension period is planned to be about 34 hours. When the cooling was suspended, the pool water temperature was 29℃, and the estimated rate of increase of the pool water temperature was 0.333℃/h. Therefore, the pool water temperature is expected to increase by 12℃ over the suspension period and stay sufficiently low compared with the operational limit value of 65℃, and no problem is expected in controlling the water temperature of the spent fuel pool.

    • We Not They Finally

      And you are offering this WHY? A speck of sunshine in an avalanche of mud? But people do this and I understand it. There has to be something that can be DONE, people think. Arnie Gundersen does it too. One day he'll say there is no way to just shut this down, it will take two hundred years of monitoring at the least. The next day he'llsay, o.k, let's try THIS, or let's try THAT. I wonder when reality really does catch up.

  • nedlifromvermont

    … wonderfully reassuring …

    Isn't science wonderful?

    peace …

  • mairs mairs

    It seems like they are losing more and more control over everything there. It will just do whatever physics causes it to do, and puny humans can move this or that piece of equipment, put tarps on and take them off, and it all amounts to nothing as they pretend they are doing something.

  • yellowrain


  • We Not They Finally

    TEPCO "doesn't fully know what is going on inside the reactor"? What about THE REPORTER? He believed the "cold shutdown" lie in the first place?? Good God! Get people with some education working at BBC!

  • gottagetoffthegrid

    Now hang on, TEPCO never said the reactors were in cold shut-down. what they said was that "cold shut-down **conditions**" were achieved.

    this means
    (1) that the RPV is at atmospheric pressure (Check — there is a big ass hole in the bottom for pressure to vent)

    (2) the RPV temperature is less than 80*C (Check — there is no fuel in the RPV to heat it up)

    see no lies there. \sarc

    • mairs mairs

      I remember when they said the vessels "are not without containment properties", which probably meant that some blobs of fuel were still stuck to the sides.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Look at the tepco cam right now

    This is how it got that way

    MOX unit 3 is burning up because of the TEPCO LEGO GAME they been pretending to demolish, plucking and jerking debris that they should have left alone and should have buried, too late now. All they have done is peel the scab off a very ugly wound and unleash the real terminator of humanity…………….. Tepco is soooo way over their heads OMG…
    RUN as fast as you can if you live in Japan. West coast should be getting high doses in a couple days. Rest of the world is watching for a glimpse of the new royal baby when the royal f…ing ELE of fukushima is flairing and puking MOX death into the air we all breath. Such denial at the highest levels. They say unit 4 is the most dangerous with the potential sfp collapse, however with the most deadliest of all MOX burning like this, I wonder..

    • bwoodfield bwoodfield

      If you look up the weather for the area, there is a heavy mist and fog, the lack of image isn't steam from reactor #3.

      • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

        Woodfield – I have been watching the tepco cam since it began. You actually gonna sit there and try to tell me that this is normal fog? I want some of what you are smoking. It has been doing this for over 2 months now every day almost. Go spread your lies somewhere else. Reactor 3 boiling and the coriums interacting with aquafers is the cause. You must work for GE? If you watch some recent videos, there usually is a heavy black cloud of smoke that accompanies and preceeds these fog events. Guess the black smoke is a natural occurring event along with the fires and gas burnoffs along with the high rad levels lately. Why don't you go take some samples for us if your so sure of the safe mist and fog you claim?

      • Let's assume for a moment that there is no radioactive steam.

        Seems almost as bad to me that the 'misty fog' will come in, make contact with highly radioactive materials and carry/spread the radiation anyway.

        IMO – The fog and steam MIX creating a 'one of a kind' colorful toxic FALLOUT.

  • ftlt

    Don't get excited — The truth and the resulting lawsuits could hurt the fragile economy…

    Let freedom ring in AmeriKa and Japan…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Keeping us all divided/fighting amongst ourselves Democrat/Republican, White/Black, Gay/Straight etc. etc. means tons of money for your controllers!

    Always follow the money! It happens to your money that you are stalking/ following around!

    These people make money at both ends of any spectrum they create and who cares about you, your children and or their children or even this planet?

    None of these people!

    Greed..Greed…Greed! Bring me more of everything and bring it now!

    When these Nuclear Plants create energy, all your controllers make tons of money, and when these Nuclear Plants blow up..all your controllers still make tons of money!

    You have all been living inside an ongoing continual conspiracy and lie since the day your were all born.

    We all thought we were human but then maybe our real names were always cattle and sheep and they just did not tell us slaves.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    oops..It happens to "be your money" that you are stalking/ following around!

  • BBC reporting steam from reactor 3 is no more scary then them using the cold shutdown word. Not a lack of research but purposeful lying. If they lose control of 3 the possibility is that radiation becomes too high to service the cooling system for the common spent fuel pool. That will be a huge disaster not to say it isnt right now. Interesting timing as everyone is distracted by what the new royal baby is going to be named. Japan voted pro nuclear and deserve everything they will get. No sympathy here as my kids get exposed to the fall out. Let Japan sink to the ocean floor.

    • We Not They Finally

      Mark, I relate to your anger at Japan big-time. But every survey over there shows a huge majority OPPOSED to nuclear power ongoing. Only 24.6% of the voting public voted at all. The opposition parties have NO MONEY, but Abe is wealthy from corporate interests. Meanwhile, here in America (small example), 85% of the public wants background checks for gun sales, but Congress blocks everything. There is no comparison as to SCALE (since Fukushima might end the whole world as we know it!)but no one can seem to stem wrongful use of power ANYWHERE. And your kids may be eating bad food because America doesn't protect its own public either!

      That said, not sure why Germany learned so very much from WWII and Japan seemed to learn nothing. Abe-lunatic is still bent on military domination and OF COURSE he should not have been voted in. At the LEAST, Japan should be open to international help and the TEPCO people sent to the Haag. But instead there is international COMPLICITY, because money and power trumps any concern for human lives.

      That said, it does seem like Japan (which can have an autocratic, cruel culture) is one of the worst places this could happen. No ready answers here and your frustration is understood. It's just that they ALREADY have no future. Their genome is destroyed.

      • AntonButler

        Why Germans learnt from WW2,
        They are disgusted by the facts, photos, evidence , simple as that,
        and they had a choice between A. H. or communism for chancelor.
        They chose A H,
        The Germans do not say it, but they do not trust the Americans
        AT ALL.
        tHEY questioned the evidence that Iraq had WMD.
        NOW the whole world knows G Bush C Powell, C Rice , D Rumsfeld
        of USA were committing perjury at the UN courts.
        The only WMD in Iraq were the WMD(chemical and biological) which the USA had sold to Iraq, same regime of S. H. previously?

        Germany is now a more peaceful nation than the USA , by a light year.


    desalination of the Pacific.. kills out oxygen plant.. fallout from air killing tree.. kills out oxygen filter system… Methane hydrate gets release as this goes on.. and oil-wells punching holes does the same… HUUMMMM…. not to mention that MAKING of rods has wiped-out our ozone… this makes CHLORINE that we can't breath… Ummm.. now what was the question.????

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Recriticality at Fukushima Daiichi, this looks to be.

    • If you go here… and look at the quake wave-form.. it's a NUCLEAR BLAST… is not a question…

      • LegionNetworkCH

        It looks quite difficult to see… i.e. is <a href="">this</a&gt; a nuclear blast too?

        Spectral P- Wave Amplitude and Body to Surface Wave Amplitude are two methods commonly used to distinguish natural occuring quakes and explosions. Too bad I don't have a cue how to perform the analysis!

      • We Not They Finally

        PattieB, how would RE-criticality create a nuclear blast? Just asking, as I don't understand the science.

        • it's constantly fission.. so water causes heating to re-liquify the corium. Just takes a bit over 10 kilo of Pu-239, or just over 6 kilos of Pu-241 to go bang. Add enough pressure, and even U-235 will go bang.. we built bombs to do ignite like that. The other one used a gun-type trigger. (Fat man & Little Boy)

          was 212 kilos of Plutonium that went down in #3 core when it exited. lets say 10 kilos got used in that blast-out event… to stay conservative.

          • Also, there are distance and size limits on what will go up in a blast.. the remainder just gets thrown.. not burnt. That is why still had rods in corners of #3 pool post-blast.. and lots of debris got thrown all over the site.. and smaller stuff all over Japan.

            Is plenty more materials to have many, many, MANY BLASTS under the ground WITH !!

            • the other issue.. the stuff they were removing.. from the breeders.. Pu-240. THAT type Plutonium will make blasts fizzle-out.. like the pool going up did.

          • AntonButler

            The Japanese head of decommissioning of Fukushima stated
            that they know nothing of the chemistry of the corium,
            and they want to find this out. They say they have no technology to extract and determine this corium chemistry.
            So it really depends what this corium is made up of, and how much it has been diluted, by mixing with cement, steel, earth(elements Si C) etc and by which elements diluted
            in its geometry.
            Really the Japanese are just GAMBLING that the corium chemistry does not permit criticality again.
            It seems that Fukushima and Chernobyl will go on long after we 7 billion have all left this planet.

  • razzz razzz

    I hope they aren't planning on removing the crane trolley support off Unit 3's 5th floor deck. Must have done damage when it fell, worse than the fuel machine falling into the spent fuel pool.

  • GW

    Why the lack of concern amongst the elite? Because monatomic gold, when taken internally as shown in Egyptian hieroglyphs, repairs DNA and gives immunity to radiation. Where is all the gold? Now you know….

  • Eating gold plated latinum bars is even better for health, we hear… Star Trek is the source.

    There is a run on gold plated latinum as we speak… very hard to find, proving that this theory is true (sarc)

    Eating gold?

    If you eat enough metal, the gamma rays will just bounce off… is that the theory?

    Any links?

  • razzz razzz

    From plant survey map as of 6/17/2013:

    SGTS pipe for Reactors 1 and 2: (surface) over 10,000 millisieverts/hour (or 10 Sieverts/hour)
    [Standby Gas Treatment System – piping forming part of primary containment]


  • nedlifromvermont

    I'll take the gold plated sushi over the cesium infested bluefin tuna …

    Right before my Kamakazi flight to save face for the Emperor …

    Who built the shitty reactors anyway? Poor Russian design with no containment … ah, No … it was crappy American (General Electric) capitalist design with shitty containment …

    So much bettah … Now go back to your bunker and enjoy the yummy Kartoffelsalat …

    A little gas explosion fired undersea volcano earthquake should be along any moment …

    Is Karl Marx smiling yet? Lenin? Stalin? Hitler?

    No, it's just chummy old Franklin Roosevelt, in his wheelchair, wondering what all the fuss is about!

    peace all …

  • nedlifromvermont

    Does it sound like I'm losing it? We can always blame it on the radiation … or the "savages" with their bows and arrows, who like to steal our copper pots …

    Heil General Electric!!


  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    I'm a waster boy
    Been stuck inside this lonely room again
    You get paranoid
    see vultures circling
    one slip then down comes the final curtain
    Until, you come, into your soul again
    We'll be the worst of best friends
    Doesn't feel like Christmas in Hollywood
    Doesn't feel like we're ever going to make it home

    Institute – Bullet Proof Skin

  • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

    For the last 24 years, I have seen things all over the earth decline dramatically and of late, exponentially so – i.e., man’s mismanagement of the earth’s resources but, have always been closely comforted, as I was all those years ago, by one sole biblical text; Revelation 11:18. Hey, don't get me wrong, I haven’t come here to spout religion, no way, why? Because religion is a scam and a racket, and we all know that, but the one who makes the earth spin at 600 miles per hour plus, has it all in hand, as you will no doubt see, if you take a minute or so, to look it up. I truly hope it comforts you as it does me. Much love..

    • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

      PS – where is the BBC link – can't see it on Startpage or anywhere…??? Any ideas??

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    Knowing that "the temperature of the cooling water inside the reactor should be well below boiling point" in no way is "another sign that Tepco still does not fully know what is going on".

    What it is is another sign of the degree to which tempco is Lying, and parroting BBCs misuse of language and logic makes one a party to the crime.

  • W8R W8R

    Soon the plankton will die..
    Then we will all be to stupid to worry
    any more…
    This mess has nothing but entropy in its future.
    Mankind again has crested the peak.
    Prepare for the rapid decent ahead.
    "Well Captain, this species appears to have
    committed suicide. This couldnt have been an
    accident. No one is that stupid, right?"