BBC Report: Residents feel like guinea pigs in radiation research — Survey Leader: I’m not saying they should be used as guinea pigs, but… (AUDIO)

Published: March 5th, 2012 at 7:41 pm ET


Title: Fukushima nuclear accident
Source: Discovery, BBC
Date: 19:05 Monday, 5th March

At 30:20 in

  • Lead Scientist: I’m not saying we should be used as guinea pigs, but the incident has unfortunately happened so we can use this to understand what might happen to us in the future
  • Lead Scientist: 4,000 checked, found no ‘major’ health impact on them
  • Lead Scientist: “Some are complaining they are used as guinea pigs, but this is not the case”

Listen to the report here

Published: March 5th, 2012 at 7:41 pm ET


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28 comments to BBC Report: Residents feel like guinea pigs in radiation research — Survey Leader: I’m not saying they should be used as guinea pigs, but… (AUDIO)


    "…the incident has unfortunately happened so we can use this to understand what might happen to us in the future"? So, are we getting this right?! We'll ignore the fact that these people are now being abandoned to medical research?! This is as insane as thinking that such inhumanity will serve us in the event of a repeat incident! This is no different than using medical research of Chinese prisoners who were hideously tortured by their Japanese occupiers, during WWII. Such thinking is vile and criminal at best. Now I know why I stopped referring to the BBC for – any – news. What a batch of whoreporate sellouts…

  • StillJill StillJill

    Yes,…when they open their mouths they let their 'ugliness out'!

  • maaa

    Don't tell me they did not learn a damn thing from Chernobyl and tons other incidents.

    • CB CB

      Like fallout from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They is a broad term, I speak of the leadership. The victims are helpless.

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Did 'authorities' learn anything from previous accidents?

      Nope, not a thing.. they were not thinking at all, and still are not today.

      We have to restart the radiation analysis computers and reboot them from scratch, pretend like it never happened before; no bomb tests, no Chernobyl, no TMI, none of the other hundreds of other radioactive releases where humans got exposed all around the world.

      None of those count. No lessons were learned, no adjustments were made, no wisdom was gained, other than; get close enough to a bomb and you die. PERIOD.

      Delete hard drive, start over fresh and new..

      No accidents have ever happened before. No one was ever harmed, or killed.

      Guess what? You are going to be 'brand new' never tried before guinea pigs, cause this has NEVER happened before.

      Wow, maybe we can guess that they all feel really special?

      Is it time to party, celebrate, dance in the streets, and be ever so grateful for the wonders and gifts that will come out of this from the oh so wonderful utility and country 'authorities' who are involved in this decision?


      (sad satire)

  • maaa

    Guess what, the black substance is indeed plutonium and other stuff "

    From the black substance (Cyanophyceae) in MInamisoma, plutonium and U235 were measured by a brief analysis. will post once I get further information."

  • Misitu

    Utterly Shameful.

    The worse for them having been warned of being under suspicion of exactly this.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Refuse any tests.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    The Japanese ARE guinea pigs. Evacuate if you can Japan…there is no other choice. There is no other option. πŸ™

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      I am more shocked everyday by what's happening in Japan. Nothing ever gets better, it only gets worse. Expecting a barrage of 1 year glowing reports to hit real soon here. For those of us that have followed, we know everything they'll throw at us will be a LIE. A year with no end in sight, but then a year is NOTHING in the real scope of things. Increased cancers and other deadly illnesses will come…and will be blamed on anything but the Daiichi NPP's. And to think TEPCO KNEW the EQ threat was there, they KNEW and did nothing. Now they have a problem so big, they are only making it worse by burning and burying the debris! And the children!! I cant even go there…cant EVEN g o THERE.
      Wish I could say better days are coming…but it'd be a lie. I WILL keep YOU Japan in my thoughts and prayers (if i believed). It just feels like something I should say…even with the knowledge IT WILL DO NO DAMN GOOD.
      WE LOVE YOU…but you must leave NOW.

    • many moons

      Whoopie, I think we can all be included…today the researchers are in Japan tomorrow Canada, and lets not forget whats floating towards California. Once the tsunami stuff floats onto CA beaches there will be some research going on there to…

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        It will never get better, even when and IF the MSM starts telling the truth. Good god look at history…the Nuke Industry is the very reason we've all been dying of cancers. It's all so fucking obvious now. "If I knew THEN what I know now" as the old saying goes. SHUT THEM ALL DOWN. πŸ™ night.

        • They definitely increased the cancer and disease rate.

          When the body is weakened it succumbs to other diseases, not just cancer.

          Damn them all to hell.

        • James2

          The reality will continue to get worse and worse.

          I imagine all the parents in Japan are terrified now.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Whoopie, And the myth propagated is that it is genetic rather than due to radiation plus a toxic chemical cocktail of environmental pollutants.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    All of us are now being used as guinea pigs.

  • jec jec

    Japan's HUMAN laboratory "guinea pigs" of WWII in South Asia — a facility where people were injected with infections, and literally cut up alive and without anesthesia. to TEST. Has anything changed?

  • "found no 'major' health impact on them"… yet? only many and minor sub-acute impacts for them to study? oh, wait, the sub-acute effects don't count right now.

    • many moons

      I read a report sometime ago that said there were many people dead from the radiation, that they couldn't bury them because of the contamination.
      I wonder what they burning…does dirt burn?

  • Alice Alice

    I think I like the changing tide in Japanese sentiment.

    It's about time they speak up and let their leaders know that to show respect when it's not worthy is to lie to themselves and to betray their families.

    It's called being real.

  • many moons

    Atoms for peace….created nuclear energy to supply the material for the PEACE…hmmm This notion was suppose to prevent wars…since the invention of nuclear weapons the USA has been at war constantly….The world doesn't have to worry about nuclear weapons, the reactors are far worse…
    Biblical…the atom smashing was the bite from the apple, now we are being cast out of God's paradise.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Atoms for Peace-Really?
    No one in the world had this Nuclear Technology capability except for the US via the Manhattan Project.

    The US solely created the entire Nuclear Technology Applications now plaguing this entire world.

    The Russians had a physicist in the top secret areas of this same project and he stole this technology and gave it to his own homeland Russia. Does anyone ever check references?

    The US then gave this Nuclear Technology to England. No one else had this Nuclear information or technology in the entire world.

    We did not need to bomb Japan during World War II. That is now obvious.

    The President of the US was a military general and he was the one that released this Nuclear Technology Nightmare onto the unknowing and uneducated world.

    It sounds to me like a job guarantee and job security program for those inside the military promoting such Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power Technology applications and folly world wide.

    Massive amounts of money were promised and then guaranteed to all players involved from US taxpayers.

    We have been chasing this US Nuclear Technology created problem now for 60 years at an expense that can not even be quantified by the (CBO) budget office of the US. Trillions have been spent and have disappeared and no one has a clue where and or what this money is or has been spent on.

    "Atoms for Peace" has turned out to be a gold mine for a few and an absolute nightmare for the rest of the uneducated world.

    This "Atoms for Peace" program should go down as the worst executive decision ever made by any human being and or any sitting US president in the history of all mankind.

    We must stop the lies and bring the light of truth out into the open for all to see, before it is to late for our only inhabitable planet called Earth.

    Time is running out for everybody and all the other biological life currently residing here!


  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    For those who want to wake up and smell the dead fish heads rotting in the radiation….

    The Psychopathy Of Corporations; "I Am Fishhead"