BBC website links to report claiming ocean is ‘boiling’ in front of Fukushima Daiichi (PHOTOS)

Published: August 31st, 2013 at 7:32 am ET


When searching the BBC’s website for news about the Fukushima nuclear crisis, the following report appears:

Click for full screenshot

Here’s an excerpt from the report linked to by the BBC:

The sea is boiling off of the coast of Fukushima, Japan, and the picture of this devastating phenomenon has recently been called the photo of the day by Coolbuster. While it certainly can’t be good for any plant or animal life left off of the coast of Japan, it might have even worse consequences for the North American continent. If Fukushima radiation keeps leaking, the boiling seas are likely to spread all the way across the Pacific Ocean to the West Coast of the US causing massive environmental catastrophe.

In similar recent photos of the site by AP/Kyodo News, the ‘boiling’ sea appears to be clouds or haze:

Japanese journalist Mari Takenouchi commented on the NHK screenshot in a recent tweet: “NO, the sea is NOT boiling. I cannot identify the source, but the foggy thing is steam coming from somewhere.”

Also this month, a photo went ‘viral’ which appeared to show the spread of radioactive substances from Fukushima in the Pacific. It was actually an image from NOAA of the spread of the March 11, 2011 tsunami, nothing to do with Fukushima contamination. For information about Fukushima’s radioactive plume crossing the Pacific, see:

[intlink id=”study-shows-fukushima-nuclear-pollution-becoming-more-concentrated-in-pacific-as-it-nears-u-s-west-coast-plume-travels-a-nearly-straight-line-to-america-appears-to-stay-together-with-little-dis” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: August 31st, 2013 at 7:32 am ET


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96 comments to BBC website links to report claiming ocean is ‘boiling’ in front of Fukushima Daiichi (PHOTOS)

  • or-well

    Just some thoughts.
    makes a good story, especially "…the boiling seas are likely to spread all the way across the Pacific Ocean to the West Coast…"
    however unlikey that would be, even if the sea there were boiling.
    What WILL spread is radioactively contaminated water and we need independent, third-party verified readings, from various depths, from off Fuku to Hawaii to all along the entire west coast and up to Alaska and the Arctic.

    Lower level of air mass warmer than sea, moisture condenses, fog.

    Land, warmer than sea, less temp difference from air mass, no fog.

    Night, land cools, fog rolls in, unless held off by wind.

    Flame me if you want.

    I suspect some want the sea to be boiling.

    • IMO – It's 'most likely' odd fog.

      If it were 'boiling' the source would be obvious.
      All photos I've seen of this don't give a full picture.

      However, I feel it is worth mentioning that fog is usually not 'pinkish'. That I believe are the emissions MIXING with the fog.

      Imagine a giant wave washing over Fuku and then carrying the contamination back out to sea.

      Now, imagine the FOG rolling in and out LIKE WAVES, contaminating everything it comes in contact with.
      (same thing basically)

      That can't be good.

      😉 side note: Things like this that go viral and are not truly verifiable may not help the overall cause.

      • or-well

        ChasAha, you know how this will go.
        How many times will `Boiling Sea off Fukushima!`be repeated across the `net?
        How many times with no verification, or with added photoshopping of images?
        How many opposing opinions labelled as pro-nuke denial and cover-up?

        I can`t remember if it`s you that mentions all the vectors for contamination to spread, but fog is certainly one.

        • Fog is but one of the limitless insidious 'transport vectors'.

          Global mitigation efforts and knowledge of radiation and its effects should be what gets repeated.

          • NoNukes NoNukes

            Wow, "boiling" really is the word of the week!

            The issue is not what is in the air, but the photo of the ocean itself. I live in an area with lots of foggy things, but I have never seen ripples in the middle of the San Francisco Bay, surrounded by calm waters, as seen in the second photo above. I have seen such phenomena on my stovetop, however, with a source of heat underneath, as have many others, which explains the use of the term boiling, I believe.

            My question is:

            What is keeping the corium out of the ocean? Unicorns? Fairies? Enenews has documented that the fuel has melted out, so what would prevent it from heading to the ocean?

            The Aug 20th event appeared to be out in the ocean, beyond the reactors on the webcam

            Wotcha's link

            Pure water's screen shots of the Aug 20th event:


            These were all posted on our webcam thread

            • or-well

              NoNukes, if you are referring to the second pic below the headline, then we are not looking at the water, but at the fog/steam/condensed water droplet cloud/even maybe smoke(!) which is on top of the water, obscuring our view of the water and reducing the clarity of the view of the above-water-level breakwater particularly on the right side of the picture.
              The hazycrapwhateverstuff is disturbed by air movement.
              You may have driven thru or boated thru fog and seen it is not always everywhere of uniform density.
              If this effect we see is being produced by one or more coriums interacting with either subsurface water below the land, or water below the seabed, or seawater itself, I hardly think it has gone un-noticed by the authorities, who would, I think, not allow overflights of the area to capture any visual evidence of same.
              What is keeping the corium out of the ocean?
              Perhaps nothing, or perhaps the corium is still somewhere below the building(s) where it/they originated, as opposed to having migrated sideways several hundred feet seaward.
              Then again, perhaps the release of these photos is Japan's official but coded cry for help.

              • NoNukes NoNukes

                Or-well, the Wall St Journal was just talking about how Fukushima was built on a river, and as rivers flow to the sea, the corium may be following the same path.


                Speaking of flights, it was the Aug 20th event that suggested that corium was in the ocean…

                Wotcha's link

                Pure water's screen shots of the Aug 20th event:


                …and that same day South Korea's airline announced that they were going to cancel flights to Fukushima:

                South Korea's Asiana Airlines to cancel Fukushima flights
                Source: NDTV, Aug 20 2013, 9:45pm CDT

                Seoul: South Korea's second-largest carrier Asiana Airlines said Wednesday it was cancelling charter flights to Fukushima in Japan from October due to radiation fears from the crippled nuclear plant there….


                No one who depends on oxygen should want the corium to be in the ocean. Water is a moderator…
                …and plankton provide the majority of the oxygen that we breathe.

                • flatsville

                  Still haven't seen a map of that river bed.

                  Anybody got link?


                • or-well

                  Hi NoNukes.
                  yeah, the river thing – 1st I ever heard about it was recently. Remember the pics of the site pre-work? Bluffs, overlooking the sea. I'm thinking it was a minor surface feature BUT…subsurface ancient riverbed=major flows thru site substrata.
                  They should've known, probably did.
                  Anyhow, I can't see heavy coriums flowing laterally thru geostrata impelled by water percolation UNLESS down to small bits – THEN they probably get trapped. If tiny particles, then slowly get to wherever the water goes BUT lack heat power.
                  IMO more or less straight down if intact, how far, I don't know, but water backup big concern.

                  Wotcha link, all I see is lights, bldgs, sorry.
                  Purewater link gets me odd pics, nothing Fuku.
                  NOone sane wants corium in sea. Article pics show me no seasurface, only fog IMO natural but maybe not. If radioactive, bad news re sitework.

                  Re flights – why cancel "from October" if danger is now?

                  We speculate, they know knowns & quess unknowns and improvise on the cheap. Not good enough.
                  Be well NoNukes.

                  • flatsville

                    I also heard two things; they diverted a river to build the plant and that the plant sits atop on ancient rivrr bed.

                    One or both is a bad siting choice.

                  • NoNukes NoNukes

                    Mack's post below suggests who came up with the word of the week:

                    August 31, 2013 at 3:22 pm Log in to Reply
                    Just FYI –
                    In Yoichi Shimatsu's 8/26/13 interview @ 4:16 in,
                    Yoichi theorizes that "there are underground nuclear reactions going on in that" water by the jetty area, and "there's so much of it that it actually causes the fog banks to form" "in the middle of summer when there's never been any fog." (tritium causing it?)
                    Rense: "It's almost boiling off seawater and turning it into fog?"
                    Yoichi: "Absolutely."
                    This "strange fog is hugging the coast as far down as 15km to 20km"
                    Also said the storage tanks are so heavy that the ground under them is collapsing.

                    • NoNukes NoNukes

                      The interview with Shimatsu is worth listening to…he mentions that there are weapons labs spread all over, as the villagers told him, in the mountains, etc…..

                      as he says, the site is oatmeal…it is crumbling…the piping isn't going to take the strain anymore…

                      massive amounts of tritium are being produced…

                      There is another source outside the reactors pumping radiation…

                      uranium and plutonium are higher *outside* the site…from some other source, outside of Fukushima I….very highly enriched plutonium and uranium…

                      there are thousands of workers…but around the plant you see one or two guys…

                      there is a massive amount of super secret work that has nothing to do with the Fuku I reactors…not one word mentioned by Japanese gov't, Tepco, Japanese military…

                      another facility is releasing into the ocean…

                      Fukushima has wiped out the ozone layer…and threatens to wipe out life in the Pacific….now is the time for the Japanese gov't to tell us what has really been happening…how much war head material…


                    • NoNukes NoNukes

                      If we want to know where the secret labs are, we may have to follow the trail of spikes…

                      August 26, 2013 at 12:03 am · Reply
                      why i don't like mondays:
                      "standart" spike as like we allready known in tomioka machi today
                      "high" spike in koori-town

                      some more places around didn't looks better on todays monday morning too…

      • mairs mairs

        Pinkish would depend on what time of day it was photographed. If at dawn then regular fog would very well be pinkish.

    • It would have been nice to get a picture of the REST of the coast, while this boiling was taking place.

      If FUKU is consistently got this foggy thing going, while the rest of the coast is clear, that makes it very obvious.

      While it may be true, there is not enough evidence to conclusively say; yea, it's boiling!

      If it is boiling, where are all of the dead fish?

      If it is boiling, then the radiation levels would be through the roof in the ocean nearby, which would also confirm the boiling, just in another direction.

      Of course, TEPCO will not confirm or deny any of this, and they will also not allow anyone else in, so it is left for the world to wonder, and guess, and worry, just like everything else around FUKU.

      • weeman

        I agree I want to see the whole coast line close to Fukushima.
        Talkin about sensational headlines that is one way to sell your product, but I am sorry to claim it is boiling is a lie.
        I am off the mind that the water escaping from site is warmer than the ocean and the air is cooler than the water, hense the unusual amount of fog you see at Fukushima.

    • kez

      I am glad your comments are the first here Orwell.

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        All those years of work, dashed on the rocks, for this, and Pattie B? Seriously? A high price.

        There are larger tragedies, however, we must still keep in mind, as this hydrogeologist and oceanographer reports:

        "LATEST: The coriums are still hot enough to volatilize all sorts of isotopes, more proof now confirms: Evidence that Ag110m is still being volatilized by corium. It's not just radioactive silver. Per our conclusion to Chapter 12, strontium, cesium and plutonium are still being vaporized fairly effectively…

        RECENT: TEPCO says they believe 10 trillion becquerels of strontium-90 (and also 20 trillion becquerels of cesium-137) have leaked into the ocean from the crippled reactor complex since 3/11 May of 2011 (correction). (source). This is a ridiculously low estimate. Also, radioactive tritium levels in the sea (seaport) at Daiichi are creeping up and up and up (we knew that was gonna happen).

        The real worrisome part is, as the coriums become fully immersed in the Earth's hydrosphere, we could soon be seeing radioactive measurements of strontium, cesium, tritium, and soon perhaps even plutonium, reaching record high levels …


    • Gaikokujin Gaikokujin

      why do you think those cores must be cooled down? and what you think those hot materials will do when they enter the sea? yes, they will make the water hot also.

      " There are three 100 ton suns burning below this plant. They take the path of least resistance. That could be east for one of them. There are 3 news links posted above that should be read first. The water leaking out of the cracked foundations after hitting the 3000 degree coriums could very well be hot in temp. Why do you think this is not possible?"

      l tepco snow castles do not affect shit. those particles will be radiationg like 10 thousand years. it is just a show. they are hot couse they radiatie so much. in 10-20 years, when they go from the sea to the atmosphere.. well, those elite will get their climate change indeed.

      i do belive in life: there is always hope when there is life. fuku is eating life at increasing rate. we need some solutions, but no-one has them. my solution is called bonsai ecosystem, but even Mochi does not want to talk about it. trying to get this idea to people at the beginning of fukushima.. it seems like people are in kind of hypnosis, paralyzed and cannot react to this. but i will try my best, also it is important to keep the facts and remember: never trust these authorities, tepco or gov: they are cold blooded murderers.


    If it is fog then why did Japanese journalist Mari Takenouchi call it "steam"? He stated "I cannot identify the source, but the foggy thing is steam coming from somewhere.”
    I can hardly believe he cannot tell the difference between steam and fog.
    And if you have been examining Fukushima daily on its webcam you would have noticed that this steam has been there for quite a long while now.
    You think its fog, I think that the corium has burned down to the underground water table and is creating this steam.

    • or-well

      RAY-D, only Mari Takenouchi can answer your question, but in his/her quote I think there is a, perhaps unintentional, admitted lack of familiarity with the phenomenon, in the use of the term "…foggy thing…".

      If it is "…steam coming from somewhere." perhaps he/she might think that is something to investigate further. Then again, maybe not.

      Sadly, I find it all too believable a journalist can't tell the difference between steam and fog. Perhaps it was simply the constraints of twitter, or haste, that prompted a response both so assertive as to shout "NO…" and then make an unverified claim.
      Who knows.

      I am glad we can have freely expressed different opinions here.
      Thanks, admin.

      • mairs mairs

        Fog along the coast often looks like that. It IS fog, but all fog is is water condensing out of the air. If there is corium coming up through cracks underneath the water right offshore and it is heating the water to create steam, it is the same thing, water droplets suspended in the atmosphere.

    • We Not They Finally

      "I think that the corium has burned down to the underground water table and is creating this steam."

      Ray-D, that makes sense, especially in the light of lots of steam coming right from the site, not just over the ocean. And OF COURSE the steam is radioactive, because EVERYTHING there is radioactive. Undoubtedly even the fog!

  • jackassrig

    I'm wondering with all the neutrons available will this cause electrolysis releasing hydrogen and chlorine. I have been reading where fission with its high temperature can cause electrolysis as a catcracker in a refinery. There heat is used to heat the feed and then a sudden quench breaks everything apart.

  • dosdos dosdos

    It's coming from somewhere not too far south and east of unit #4.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I would not say boiling…hoe about inappropriately steaming.
    After watching many 'emission events'..I have seen this area emissions from this area in coincidence with emissions from other parts of the plant.
    This is also they area..they throw the damaged fuel rods into the sea.
    Looking through the fog..its looks like there is disturbance in the sea floor.
    For those believing that the corium slid..towards the seems to me there would be indication.
    And one of the first things I looked for in the new photos.
    As I would consider this predictable.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS.Typo…"How" about…"inappropriate steaming"?

    South of Unit 4…not only did they choose to dunp from there is also the most fragile area of involved coast line.

    I have used the term…morons ..lately.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Makes a person want to talk about how things began..

    Japan’s Nuclear Industry: The CIA Link
    June 1 2012

  • AntonButler

    VICTORY FOR DEMOCRACY UK parliament has blocked any military action against Syria. GREAT NEWS,
    The UK prime minister, may face a vote of no confidence…..soon.
    This is fallout from Iraq and the non-existent WMD, and false statements by Bush Cheney Rice Powell Rumsfeld etc.
    The Americans did find WMD which they sold to Iraq a few years earlier….

    • mairs mairs

      Report from Russian media that rebels admit gassing civilians with material they got from the Saudis. ????

      • AntonButler

        to mairs,
        Maybe , but the West should stay out of the middle east,
        and stay for good out. There is no point to remove one dictator
        and replace it with another, by means of slaughtering children
        and blowing up civilians with TNT, and DU. The west has so much blood on its hands from interfering in Arab countries. The net result is ZERO peace, zero security, and zero progress, and many funerals of unarmed civilians, women children, disabilities for these countries. WELL DONE BRITISH PARLAMENT. Hopefully France and the USA will also not interfere.

    • We Not They Finally

      Anton, why is that relevant HERE? It is completely off-topic. And "victory for democracy" in caps, just insults us on top of it! There is nothing going on there, OR in response to it, that is a victory for anyone. Please stick to Fukushima.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Nuckelchen posted 8 shots..
    Somewhere in the webcam page..
    Enenews is running slow..I don't have time to dig for 68 or 69 I believe.
    There is a view at some distance..and it can be seen that the 'fog' is near the reactors… the rest of the immediate coast line clear.
    Perhaps..Nuck can help out..and repost.
    Or I'll be back later to search for them.
    I'm off to market for a bit.

    • or-well

      Yes, page 69, post of Aug 24, 5:38pm
      see 2nd and 4th image
      too close to see larger coastal view
      maybe there are more?

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Here's the post..thanks or-well.

        August 22, 2013 at 5:56 pm Log in to Reply
        new photos from FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR POWER PLANT

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Ummm.. I think I have seen something at further distance.
          I'll look around.
          I do believe however..that the above photos show point of origin..
          I assume that under rain conditions becomes worse..I assume under criticality it becomes worse.
          Because.. I am under the general assumption that tons of hot nuclear fuel outside containment along a shoreline will exhibit certain characteristics..and will present itself.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            PS.I prefer the photo in this article.(scroll down)
            It's number Nuckelchens post.


            And I'm not sure why….maybe it's the slight change in color quality or something…

            • weeman

              The picture does seems to show the Harbour area producing the fog.
              If it takes five years to cool spent fuel in a controlled environment, what do you think the time frame is to cool corium etc.
              Has anyone got any data on the temperature of water on site, from wells or intakes etc, it has to be warm as it is cooling fuel?

              • We Not They Finally

                There is no "time frame" on cooling melted-through corium completely out of any containment. It's where (in scientific terms) the whole order of civilized life starts breaking down.

                All we know for sure is that hot meets cold and causes condensation. But given that since the whole site is radioactively HOT, and this steam-fog-whatever is pervasive and ongoing, we know that it's very very bad and may be permanent.

        • jec jec

          I sure hope those long slim containers on the barge in the harbor..are for OFFLOADING and not ON LOADING fuel rods to dump in the ocean….see this, left side first boat:

          We have watched similar shaped rods go up and down via cranes. From off the Reactor 3 area, with contents/rods going off towards the harbor..Nuckelchen has TONS of videos and so do other of us. Scary if so…Can Japan just DUMP radiation filled canisters into the ocean? Hum..dumb question..they are already…with water..guess canisters would not be a big leap…??

          PS have to chuckle..they have a boom around the mouth of the slip to prevent oil and gas spills to exit. GADS, as if this little bandage to environmental protection will help…but I do see oil slick on the surface..wonder if the vessel hulls are leaking due to rusting from radiation..??

          • jec jec

            So the next photo..shows water filled freight containers on the shoreline near the barge. Could they be used for transfer points. The whole area is setup for transport, the road..thru all the mess and debris. Looks like a Mad MAX film set.

            GREAT photos and details. My son says, out of the mouth of babes and innocents, "they are just taking them out and dumping the junk in the deep ocean." Take a good good look:

            • jec jec

              Evidence of fuel rod/cell movement to ocean. Even better..LOOK AT THE ROBOT being worked along the sides of the "radioactive" containers filled with water! The control person is standing to the left side..the robot, with the giant ant pincher open is next to the second container. Looks like a dump into storage. If this was transfer of empty containers INTO the plant..they would NOT need robots to handle them. I am saving my photos, as I bet the site soon has a 'malfuction." Who ever found these photos..KUDOS! A treasure of info!

              • We Not They Finally

                Except that by this point, they might need robots to handle ANYTHING. Who can get near that now?

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    The fog we have been witnessing for the last few months is the coriums that have gone through the aquifer below and steam rising up through the fissure cracks all over the facility.

    • End of the Road

      When the corium hit the water, I don't understand why there wasn't an explosion. Can someone enlighten me please?

      • pure water

        From my distant point of view, the explosions happened deep in the underground water and this is what escaped from the cracks (as timemachine 2020 said).I hope some of you remember when they put concrete on the sea floor last year . Well, it did not withstand the pressure.

    • jec jec

      And Reactor2, the one Purewater shows in photo link/fog, has lost PCV pressure several times (or at least those were reports and caught by Lori of Fukushima Diary!), late Spring 2013 and then little over a week ago in August.The PCV pressure drop in August was 50%! HUGE HUGE drop, and the air vent system also shows abnormal situation. When did we start seeing the very obvious FOG? If it matches with the first report of R2 PCV drop, and of course NOW we see a lot more. If it too matches with the foggy conditions increasing..that is a data or information point. Boring, yes..but important when governments do not keep citizens informed or protected.

      The strength of ENENEWS-ers..we are like a computer monitoring system..but with intelligence. With all the thousand of carbon based eyes and key observations/photos, this site has a treasure trove of information. Guess protection/backup is critical..Admin, you rock!

  • pure water

    The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) demanded that Japan stopped giving "misleading information" about the incidents taking place in the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1". It is reported by Agency France-Presse.

    The agency wanted to know why the last of the leaks of radioactive water from the "Fukushima" was assigned to the third degree of danger on a scale INES. Never before, since the disaster at the nuclear power plant,an accident has been assessed on this scale, although there was a series of such leaks. Assigning this evaluation according IAEA led to the fact that the press overestimated incident`s significance.
    Translation from Russian from here:
    Someone with decent French?

    • We Not They Finally

      In this case, we don't need someone with "decent French." We just need people of DECENCY! The IAEA is as criminal as the Japanese. They promote everything that led up to this.

  • mairs mairs

    The Voice of Russia:

    Below picture of boiling Fukushima is very interesting news report. Fukushima governor and towns have been calling for the shut down of all ten reactors in the prefecture.

    Public transportation buses in four Fukushima cities started using radiation monitoring equipment on Thursday. The buses take readings every 30 seconds, and the information is available online.

  • pkjn

    Fishermen ponder whether Olympic bid, not safety is priority for Diet
    August 31, 2013 THE ASAHI SHIMBUN
    Japan`s Diet committee decided to push back a session on the problem of water contaminated with radiation from the Fukushima nuclear accident.
    The stalling tactic is simply a ploy to avoid negative publicity ahead of a vote by IOC to decide the host city for the 2020 Summer Games.
    The Nuclear Regulation Authority classified the water leak as a "serious incident," and the leakage of radioactive materials into the Pacific Ocean has now garnered international attention.
    The decision by Japan`s Diet committee to wait to see what the government plans to do will raise criticism that lawmakers were more concerned about bringing the Olympics to Tokyo than dealing with a problem that has already hurt the fishing industry.

  • pure water

    I have seen this, happening in a few minutes:
    How do you classify such fenonena?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Perfect.. capture…
    Criticality presenting itself at the base of 2..the CSFP..Unit 3 and off-shore.

  • Jebus Jebus

    In the first picture above, far left side, center, it looks like you can see the dense billowing of the source of the steam(?). I saved the pic yesterday and have it magnified.
    Makes me wonder why the pic was taken. I also wonder why the cranes are all there at the shore, sticking out from the fog, steam, or whatever the effect is.
    Are they tossing remains of fuel into the ocean now? They say that they stopped filtering, did they stop cooling pumps? Is the superheated, now static, corium water flowing into the sea in bulk? Is the site, at ground level too hot for humans?

    Here is a video, ONLY FOR COMPARISON, of hot lava flowing into the sea.

    Again, ONLY FOR COMPARISON, don't go viral on me…

    Basically these diversions are moot.

    The bottom line is that a multi reactor nuclear complex has been destroyed and humans have no control over it's effects upon the environment. The coriums are loose, nothing anyone can do and nature is in charge now.

    We were told long ago that this could not happen and it has on multiple occasions. We wre warned long ago by some of our parents, by smart scientists, and by a couple of presidents, that tried to warn the world.

    Now we are there, at this point in time, that there is no return from. We can not go back and fix this for eternity. Learn to live with it. It's the new age now and it is not what you thought it would be…

    • pure water

      I am in this mood from time to time.To escape and develop the perfect way of cleaning the body. The nature in us and outside us has so many hidden ways to mainatain itself. It is possible, but we are not the people who are able to withstand the pain of others.This is the big drama here. The opposite of psychopath is an empath and I am pretty sure there are a lot of them here.

      • Jebus Jebus

        The only power the average individual has is awareness and love.
        Spread these powers far and wide. Above that, live. It's still a beautiful day outside…

        • pure water

          The ultimate magic of this world, or the only one…To see all the beauty in a dewdrop or a flower and eternity in a tree or a child`s eyes.Then you ARE, and do not need to have, or to do, or to prove.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Yes, pure water, there are many empaths here. Speaking as one of them, we have shared our collective sense of pain and horror often.

        At times it is unbearable and I must go out into my garden and once again regain my sense of awe at the perfection which creation once was ….

        And try not to be reminded it has been irrevocably altered by an invisible poison.

        Poisoned minds and poisoned hearts have un-created the beautiful creation we cherish.

        I'm old and have no children. If I did, well, I'm not sure how I'd feel or what I would think. It's bad enough contemplating the suffering of others, like the mothers in Japan who feel powerless to effect any meaningful change. Or the Prefectural mayors who are watching their towns die and the people leave, or sicken and die in place.

        If one thinks about it, why wouldn't TEPCO dump the waste into the ocean? After all, the U.S., Germany, the U.S.S.R., France all scuttled their reactors into the deep ocean. It's not as though TEPCO is setting a precedent, after all.

        What I personally think may be happening (and it has been suggested by others) is the corium(s) have created nuke lava tubes which lead into the sea. Or else the coriums have completely broken up the ground, and they are now flowing freely into the ocean.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          When I speak of poisoned minds and hearts, I'm refering to the hubris-filled monsters (yes, I called them that) who created nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors, in the first place.

          Such hubris. Did they ever seriously consider the potential consequences? Did they know? Did they give a rat's rump?

  • mairs mairs

    I've driven by the cooling ponds at the Cholla coal fired plant in Arizona. At times it is covered by an eerie fog that is low to the surface, just like this. It is because the water is warmer than the atmosphere so it creates fog.

  • HanfordOnHeart HanfordOnHeart

    Now I've got that Peter Tosh song "Downpressor Man" in my head: "When you run to the sea, the sea will be boiling…."

  • rockyourworld

    whats the explanation for the constant quick moving fog? steam! maybe it's not boiling but a slow simmer!

  • m a x l i

    Ever heard of a cloud chamber or Wilson chamber? It's a device for detecting and observing ionising radiation. Take air saturated with moisture, add radiation, you get fog!

    "In 1911, a meteorologist named C.T.R. Wilson was at the Ben Nevis weather station on the Scottish mountain of the same name. He looked down onto the low-lying fog below him and saw what I saw, a glory at the top of the clouds. Wilson wondered if he could create a glory in the laboratory.

    To create a glory, first Wilson needed a cloud. How to make a cloud in a laboratory? Wilson’s answer was to create a cloud chamber. He did so, and quickly forgot all about glories, because his cloud chamber revealed something even more amazing – pieces of atoms! Cloud chambers became the tool of choice for atomic physicists to study all manner of sub-atomic particles, and Wilson won the 1927 Nobel Prize in physics."

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    The good ol' days…I remember that was one of the first to document Tepco tossing fuel rods into the ocean in 2011

    "Is TEPCO Dumping Spent Fuel Rods Into The Sea?

    Jun 21

    …On 19th of june when recording cranes we made some extra follow up recordings in case we catch something. And we believe we did. Right after the cranes have left the scene fog started rolling in to Fukushima. Or at least so we thought and paid no attention to it.

    Untill we found the video recorded by Lucas Whitefield Hixson titled TEPCO And TBS Cam Show Vapor Geysers June 18.

    The "fog" we recorded started to look like smoke – steam more and more and we were especially suprised by how fast and how low it was moving. There was only one problem. The source of the smoke was not in any of the reactor buildings but somewhere what it seems out in the ocean to the right side of the camera. And it was somewhere before 5pm according to TEPCO webcam, not quite the usuall time for fog to appear, dont you agree?"

  • Mack Mack

    Just FYI –

    In Yoichi Shimatsu's 8/26/13 interview @ 4:16 in,

    Yoichi theorizes that "there are underground nuclear reactions going on in that" water by the jetty area, and "there's so much of it that it actually causes the fog banks to form" "in the middle of summer when there's never been any fog." (tritium causing it?)

    Rense: "It's almost boiling off seawater and turning it into fog?"

    Yoichi: "Absolutely."

    This "strange fog is hugging the coast as far down as 15km to 20km"

    Also said the storage tanks are so heavy that the ground under them is collapsing.

    • Kassandra

      This is my interpretation.

      However, the cloud chamber phenomenon is also occurring, no doubt.

      It would explain the fog that rises from the ground in the foreground of the plant, as visible from the TBS cam.

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    good morning my friends,
    why u didn't used the real sized pictures?
    like this?
    (helicopter-shoot in 200-300 feet high, taken on 20th of august 2013)


    mit freundlichen gruessen
    Cpt Tomato

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose hadn't helped us out yet!

    PS.Much love..

  • Sickputer

    After Reactor 3 blewup post 311 and spread MOX fuel rod chunks all over the 6-reactor complex ag Daiichi, the Japanese had hard decisions to make. Abandon the plant or stay and try to reduce the intense radiation so some workers could assist instead of total remote robotic machine operations.

    So they used huge bulldozers (some we suspect with Liquidator drivers and others rigged with cameras and remote controls) to help level the hot debris and laid steel plates over cleared areas (which were still massive radiation emitters.

    But we always suspected the biggest chunks of Reactor 3 rod debris were gathered by cranes and dumped into the lagoon. Later that year Tepco announced they had used a special concrete to line the lagoon floor. Once again this only made sense if they were trying to cover the fuel chunks with a protective layer.

    The recent "boiling water" reports reminds me of that 2011 time frame in which the endless reports of steam and fog at the plant.

    A look back in time to a report discussing this subject and showing cranes on the beach pictures from the long range camera view:

  • ftlt

    Is it still boiling today???

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    electro-magnetic builded "rolling-clouds".
    here on our fuku-picture we can see that the sea in couple with the breakwaters created different fields of electro-magnetic power THAT had triggered the uprising wet air into such rolling cloud pattern as here on our photo.

    what do you mean?

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    specially if the seafloor is cemented like a f#cking parking deck (like here in daiichi).

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    What I'd like to find is some shots of the rolls of pink clouds..created offshore that could be seen before they changed the view.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Would there or would there not be an increase in ground temperature near the corium?
    Would the water ..ground or ocean not heat up?
    Would it not steam from where they are openly dumping nuclear material?

    Nuclear Reactor Severe Accident Experiments

    If the experts could come up to speed..maybe some serious discussions about the condition of the corium….could begin.

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    let me explaining what i mean.

    here we got a picture from 11/03/2011, i had contrast and shape edited:

    at that time was the seafloor outside the breakwater-area formed by wind and waves.
    the energy from both had formed the waves on the water.

    now we got a straight formed seafloor but the same onlanding energy from waves and wind.

    since we know that on the surface of oceans always water evaporates, particularly to the daylight saving time, so we see "air-waves" in place of "water-waves".

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Thanks for this ..Nuck..
    I am wondering what the effect of all the pulverized fuel pellets are having on the shoreline.

    Corium having low dissolution in water…

    Also the rate of dissolution of the lava in water is very low (10−7 g·cm−2 day−1) suggesting that the lava is unlikely to dissolve in water.[42]

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Please note..I never said ..'boiling..the BBC ..others did.
    I do believe there are steam events going on… offshore Fukushima.
    Boiling?..the water while in contact with the corium..I'll bet is..

  • razzz razzz

    I suppose temperature readings in the harbor and at the monitoring wells is to much trouble for TEPCO to report or are all their thermometers broken?

    Melts possibly heating up water means they are without containment (still in the cracked buildings or sitting in mother earth or both) and the heated water flows out to the path of least resistance. For all we know, the fuel pieces bulldozed into the harbor then covered underwater with a layer of concrete in the bay may have not been such a bright idea if they came from the cores or underwent fission during the explosions, has to cool down first for about 3+ years before it can be encased. Maybe the pieces underwater with the concrete cap are getting hit by enough neutrons to react somehow.

    I still think the different type dams being installed underground on the seaside that are backing up waters are causing the melts to be surrounded by freshwater that moderates the neutrons like being inside the reactors again except the best they can do is fizzle and not outright fission (maintain a constant chain reaction).

    I don't know and neither do they.

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    Recent photos got Busby to say the F-word…

    "I’ve seen a photograph taken from the air recently, in which the water in the Pacific Ocean is actually appearing to boil. Well, it is not boiling. You can see that it’s hot. Steam is coming off the surface. There is a fog condensing over the area of the ocean close to the reactors, which means that hot water is getting into the Pacific that means something is fissioning very close to the Pacific and it is not inside the reactors, it must be outside the reactors in my opinion."