Berkeley official requests Health Dept. inform public of elevated risks from Fukushima contamination; Council to vote on plan next week — Fairfax Official: “No one’s monitoring radiation levels on West Coast… Gov’t is not doing its job” (VIDEO)

Published: December 10th, 2013 at 3:08 am ET


City of Berkeley, California — City Council Meeting Agenda for Dec. 17, 2013:

Action Calendar 50. Reduce Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Dangers (Continued from December 3, 2013) From: Councilmember [Kriss] Worthington

Fig. 14: Cesium-137 in atmosphere on March 18, 2011 — S.F. Bay Area marked by white arrow (A. Stohl et al. 2012)

Recommendation: Adopt a Resolution urging the United Nations to form an International Independent Commission of Experts (IICE) to formulate a plan to reduce the radiation being released from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, and instructing the City’s Health Department to research and inform the public regarding elevated risk from seafood and other Pacific basin products, and to educate the population of Berkeley regarding specific treatments for radiation exposure and have in place emergency procedures to administer treatment, if necessary, to mitigate radiation exposure. >> (View the resolution here)

Lawrence Bragman, Fairfax City Council Member, Filmed by EON (The Ecological Options Network), Dec. 4, 2013 — at 11:00 in:

Fairfax City Council Member Lawrence Bragman

At 11:00 in

I did correspond with the Disaster Preparedness Office, locally, about any preventative measures — and the response was a resounding nothing.

I renewed my correspondence with them last week. I’ve yet to hear a response. […]

In the meantime, no one is monitoring radiation levels on the West Coast, and that is called for in this resolution. Government is not doing its job.

Watch the Dec. 4th Fairfax City Council meeting here

Published: December 10th, 2013 at 3:08 am ET


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158 comments to Berkeley official requests Health Dept. inform public of elevated risks from Fukushima contamination; Council to vote on plan next week — Fairfax Official: “No one’s monitoring radiation levels on West Coast… Gov’t is not doing its job” (VIDEO)

  • SadieDog

    Adopt a resolution, urge to form, formulate a plan to reduce, and my old friend mitigate. Blah, blah, blah. Pacific basin? You mean ocean?

    • Gradius

      You can't reduce something is impossible to stop, unless you wait a billion years. And we have just few years ahead.

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        There is a lot that can be done. Keeping kids out of the rain and snow, and inside during levels of high radiation would help them. Reducing intake of local milk and leafy vegetables would also help. There are lots of fruit and vegetables from the Southern Hemisphere available in the SF Bay Area, those in Berkeley should check the Berkeley Bowl. There are countless steps that have been proven to reduce exposure. Taking shoes off outside, using a HEPA air filter, a reverse osmosis water filter, moving out of the Northern Hemisphere, etc. People need to know about the dangers first, however.

        These are important developments, and will help other local governments break the stranglehold of silence about Fukushima in the United States.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      No, no, you all have it completely wrong. There is no danger from the inhalation of plutonium and highly-enriched uranium, thousands of tons which have been spread across the Earth.

      Many lung tumors are harmless!

      "The analysis suggests the world's No. 1 cause of cancer deaths isn't as lethal as doctors once thought."

      Many lung tumors are harmless!

      'Study says many lung cancer tumors prove harmless'

      We've been here for over 2 3/4 years now, worrying for nothing!

      And all those kids in Japan – and now in the US and Canada – with lung tumors, probably the thyroid tumors, too – don't have anything to be concerned with. Forget the doctors telling their parents to come back in two years for a checkup. No reason to. In fact, don't even bother checking in the first place. There's no worry! Researchers on government grants would never lie! They only tell the truth!

      Now I'm going to go have a smoke or two, before my sushi dinner, after I've been surfing all day. Finally, some sanity!

      Gee, I sure don't need to worry about Obamacare destroying the health care industry now. Happy days are here again!

      • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

        You know, I've been thinking that the AMA should really look at raising the minimum size of a tumor before becoming concerned that it might be cancer.

        < sarcasm: off >

    • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

      It's a good first step. Obviously at the national level our government is complicit in the cover up. This sort of thing has to start at the bottom, at the roots of the grass, and work it's way up. Even if it's just a 'silly' resolution in a liberal but affluent town in one of the nation's most affluent counties…

      Which reminds me, watch for the fake ('astroturf') industry created pro-nuke 'common person' groups to start up soon and put out statements that everything is A-okay…

    • Mary A. Johnson

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  • Ontological Ontological

    If we grow our food inside UVB filtered greenhouses, bio domes, and under artificial spectral specific LED lighting powered by solar energy as one of the things we all can do to reduce intake/exposure. Oh wait Monsanto most likely made all that illegal too, also good luck getting heirloom seeds. Remember filtering out ion state atoms from drinking/produce water isn't currently cost effective or perhaps even impossible.

    Good luck all you who think bureaucratic ways can shuffle this mess under the rug with high courts, and official BS. Were on our own here now the "officials" can no longer profit, and are scrambling for more lies to cover the old lies, that covered up the original lies. They have run out of fancy talk, it's now time to point fingers. Open admission that no one has done a damn thing but demand action. Well ya'll want something done? Do it yourself. Nobody in there right mind would expose themselves to 25+ Sievert/hour on purpose!
    Our government showed us clearly during a earthquake that tilted the Washington Monument a bit, that those who "count" got to hide in safety, while the rest were quickly ushered out on the streets to stand around unprotected.

    • We Not They Finally

      Probably all true. But these local resolutions should still very much happen. If it catches on, then so will education. Most people out there don't have a clue what they are facing. At least now, when mass epidemics strike, if there has been enough civic action, with hopefully publicity (though that would take quite a push!) — then people have a better chance to know why their lives are being wrecked.

      • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

        Here's the impact I see once the reality of Fukushima is confirmed to the masses:

        Totally separate from the danger of the radiation, the unleashing of this information will start the slow motion economic collapse global central banks have been desperately staving off by expanding money supply. Fukushima is the black swan event Nassim Taleb warned us about in 2007.

        If Fukushima Dai-ichi does prove to be an ELE, CA real estate and the commodities market based on CA agriculture will eventually collapse. Major employers will seek to leave the state. Could this bankrupt the state? What would be the domino effect to markets and finance as people fled? The CA economy is 13.1% of US GDP. CA's crises (which only represent the beginning of this catastrophe) will echo throughout the rest of the US economy. I picture traders setting up hedges and preparing the release of info w/shorting what will be damaged markets. Without proper hedging, major institutions, perhaps our medical infrastructure will endure major pressures.

        Another question: Which countries will try to fill the power void as both the US and Japan are increasingly on their knees? I am pretty cynical toward the puppets in power but even if it isn't for the good of the masses, these questions need to be asked.

        I am quite sure info will not be released until they feel they have at least somewhat made financial preparations to endure the coming storm.

    • nedlifromvermont

      "Government of the corporations by the corporations for the corporations" … Did not Lincoln say this? After all, the Supreme(ly Idiotic) Court ruled that corporations are people and shall be treated as "individuals" under the law … despite the fact that they can live forever … so government protecting corporate interests over their fleshy, mortal rivals, biological persons, only makes common sense.

      General Electric must be protected at all costs. They "bring good things to life" such as radiological toxins which beget slow, painful, expensive deaths, so as to fatten the coffers of our cancer diagnostics division. Go six sigma on that for a while.

      Sorry folks, we've been hoodwinked and had. The "last, best hope for humanity" is revealed as a serial mass murderer.

      Time for another "heaven sent boy." Don'tcha think?

      • OldFool

        America has the best politicians that money can buy – Will Rogers said this ~ 100 years ago. 100% true then and still absolutely true now.
        The fundamental problem is that only 1-2% absolute max of the US population have a functioning brain. The rest brainlessly believe whatever they are told by anybody. Very quick to attack anyone pointed out as an enemy or pointed at for merely thinking differently.
        Chernobyl destroyed the Soviet Union. When one of the Boiling Water reactors completely melts down and releases its full load of radionuclides to the US countryside, it will be the end of nuclear power and the US.

    • Sol Man

      It is a low quality, ugly way to live one's life shut up in some government office or large meeting room that resembles a mausoleum.

    • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

      Actually, ALEC is currently writing & pushing legislation to surcharge home energy production such as solar so that it's no longer even close to economical…


        @Crash2Parties: I'd be very grateful if you could point to any references that cover this legislative effort…

        • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

          Just put:

          ALEC solar

          into the Google machine. First few hits (The Guardian broke the story so they should get the clicks):

          • flatsville

            Crash2, I do some lobbying in the RES/Solar/net metering area. Voters who went to the polls in some states the last few years to pass renewable initiatives aren't aware these laws are under attack at almost every leg session. The fact that ALEC is now entering this arena indicates myself and hundreds of others have been far too effective keeping them in place.

            In some states where the state leg put the renewables initiatives in place, the anti-renewable forces wait for reps to term out or lose races. They always run projected vote counts and know when to make a move.

            In AZ a utility contrbuted to a senior 501c3 front group to pit seniors on fixed incomes who can't afford solar against younger people who can by claiming the young people were getting a free ride by selling their excess solat elec back and not paying for infrastructure costs. It was a dirty campaign pitting grandparents against their grand kids. Both the very young and old benefit from cleaner air, but that's how ALEC and the like roll.

            The $5 per mo fee for res solar producers was a reasonable compromise. The PSC like state agency didn't fall for the nonsense.

            Other states will if we don't support the enviro groups that keep these laws in place.


              great comments flatsville. I love the story about the old people. Kinda sad what's being left to the youngsters…

              • flatsville

                This solar fight is going to get harder and dirtier going forward with ALEC in the mix. Those states that have a Solar Bill of Rights won't be safe either, but it will be more difficult.

                If you don't have one, get with a group that can help put one in place.

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                Don't let politics stop you..
                Buy them ..install.

                • flatsville

                  Heart, it is the RES state subsidies combined with the recent drop in panel price that makes solar affordable for most homeowner…with the knowledge that won't get wacked with an exorbitant connection fee to sell back their excess solar via net metering.

                  It's ALL about politics…just like nuclear.

                  Google DSIRE to understand the value of federal and state tax credits, subsidies, incentives etc…

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    It's all about politics..corrupt ineffective politics..because Humans can't think outside the parameter.
                    Sorry..I was looking for something meaningful, useful on the planet.
          's all about this late date..

            • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

              Here's the thing I don't get: In our state, and I would assume others, electrical providers have a line item on the bill for transmission, etc. costs. It's fixed and not affected by net metering. Doesn't that sorta negate the whole argument being pushed by ALEC and the like?

              • flatsville


                It may negate that argument for ALEC in your state, but not others. In your state they'll find some other argument, trust me.

                How transmission fees and infrastructure costs are billed and charged is a state by state, PSC or PSC-like by PSC or PSC-like situation. There isn't even much uniformity nationally with the siting and construction of transmission lines.

                >>>States oversee the construction and siting of new electricity transmission lines and generally regulate both interstate and intrastate transmission, though the federal government can become involved in some instances. In most states, utilities must demonstrate need for new transmission lines, while states regulate how this need is defined. Currently, a number of states are leading action for energy infrastructure and transmission reform. The summaries below address current state legislative action to promote a more efficient, modern, cost-effective, and secure electricity transmission system.<<<

                Good, recent explanation of the current situation.



            @Crash2Parties: unlimited thanks for the followup! I'm reading the articles and find myself stunned by this blatant play to impede the growth of renewable energy systems; all this while three nuclear power plant reactor cores slowly migrate towards the center of the earth.

            BTW. You should put these links within the renewable energy forum on enenews. That way, it'll be where someone might need it…

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            Thanks Crash2Parties for that info , strangely enough i have a sudden urge to start sodomizing people with a chainsaw NOW…, very strange..

            That said i hope there are good technical skilled people thinking ahead and make detailed lists of those "alliance of corporations and conservative activists " , you never know what the 90% might need them for when they finally are ready to face reality/mirror…

            But then again the way things are going it will be when we/they are in their sofa squirming like a worm on a hot plate in excruciating pain from the global fallout when the overaged NPP dominoes start falling , with or without the "help" from the inevitably rage that is coming from a fubared global climate…
            Now…where did i put that chainsaw lol…hey , i just popped another veins in my eyeball πŸ™

  • tbg

    Im all for anybody official on this whole friggin coast making any kind of statement that might wake up some of the sheeple, cuz I sure the hell cant do it.

    I think that by and large most people still believe there is no real issue, that these things happen, there's nothing we can do, its all the way over there, or my personal favorite…. The What? Where?

    Many of these are at least fairly intelligent people, not everyone in america is a fool, but we're distracted by omission, I think many people need something official, "something" from "someone" "official" to perhaps spark the realization that this isn't some conspiracy theory, and it isn't going to go away just because we don't talk about it.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      "…It's all way over there…"

      I just get very angry watching this video.

      US government "testing" a nuclear bomb, larger than 1000x the Hiroshima bomb on the Marshall Islands. Native people are severely burned. Studied the effect of the bombs on the native people. Very nice.

      The government describes these people as "savages."
      At one point, it is explained that the people tested were "savages"
      and to prove the point it is stated that this one man is a "fisherman, […] a savage."

      WTF!!! Let's rewind some old film. Let's watch some U.S. Presidents out sword fishing. Then, lets explain that this is a savage, throw naptha on him and light him on fire. Is that OK? No one would be upset? I guess not… as long as you take him out to the middle of the Pacific Ocean where he is "far away."

      More ashamed to be American than ever before.

      And Christian? And Civilized? What the hell? The 12 apostles in the Holy Bible — Not one savage in the bunch, huh? No fisherman? What , there is … Well, hell just nuke that rat bastard, savage, fishing apostle!

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        I am always amazed that people deny that the founders of this nation did not believe in God. I am always amazed now when people say this nation trusts in God, now. I am amazed and amangled every day now. "…All men are created equal…" blah, blah, yah, right. Next, the U.S. will nuke those savage duck hunters.

        Well, Dick Cheney would be a legitimate test subject I suppose. What happens when you nuke a man with no conscience? Will it improve his aim, or will he always be shooting judges at target practice?

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          Sorry, I am still mad about this video. I guess the more advanced one's weapons are the less savage he is supposed to be. Headhunters. Oh. Scary. Oooh. Tell you what, I'll seperate your atoms. You fn savage. I'll savage you. I really will. I am the civilized man. I am organized savagery. I am the savage mob. I am going to beat you to hell. Literally. Can I renounce this bullshit nobler than thou satanic advanced "civilized" society now? I do. I renounce this peice of shit civilization right now. Piss off. You are no better than a fisherman. A caveman hunter that smashes a deer with a rock. Piss on your missiles and your complex weapons of war. The only advanced weaponry is peace, and you wield it clumsily, my dear, civilized, advanced savages. Piss piss piss you damned murdering egotistical bastard fktrds. Just like in the movie Planet of the Apes, where Charleton Heston says God DAMN you bastards you really did it. Maybe it is not so dramatic as the missiles, but the slow radiation death is no better. We might all shoot the missiles off just to put ourselves out of our misery one day.

          • nedlifromvermont

            I hear you and salute your honesty, unincredulous … Does the situation render you "incredulous"?

          • bo bo

            I'm at work and could only watch the vid in and out but this snippet made me mad : 'the United States deeply regrets the hardships experienced by the Atols.'

            'Regrets'. What about an apology – 'we are sorry' and 'we do not ask for your forgiveness for we do not deserve it'

          • KiloCharley KiloCharley

            unincredulous, Thanks for posting this. We have every right to get angry about these truly horrendous acts of mankind. This documents only one of many nuclear tests on humans and animals alike, and bears witness as to how horrific fallout is.

      • KidIcarus KidIcarus

        I thought I was desensitized enough to handle whatever that video was without emotion.

        I was wrong. When that woman matter-of-factly talks about how, post-blast, her first baby was born without bones "like a jellyfish", I got angry.

        I would like to see if the sociopaths responsible for this would be as calm and strong as that "savage" if they birthed a fucking jellyfish.

        This is what nuclear does. Hideous mutations. Things we should not see.

        • bo bo

          I read somewhere a while back how the Atol women had these words to describe the different types of deformity : apples, octopuses and jellyfish

      • vicky13 vicky13

        Ashamed of my own freaking species is all I can say

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        unincredulous, you are right. The video you posted a link to is shocking.

        It just made me sick, the narrator kept calling the Marshall Islanders and Rongalese as "savages" and "amenable savages."

        Pardon me, I must now go and puke.

        Beautiful people, islands as close to Paradise as I can imagine. Human beings, a wonderful place, treated like so much trash.

        Grrrrrrr ….

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          How DARE THEY use human beings like so many guinea pigs?

          "Nuclear Savage." Yes. And the savages are running the show.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          I got so mad I couldn't even write a decent sentence with proper grammer in the first response above, unincredulous.

      • Project 4.1 – Human Radiation Experiments With Bikini Atoll Residents Exposed To Nuclear Bomb Fallout; via @AGreenRoad
        For more articles like this one;

        Individual Radioactive Elements/Isotopes, USA Radiation Exposure Prevention and Reversal, Music

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Why don't you get mad at Russia at the same time?
        Tsar Bomba – Largest Nuclear Device Ever Tested (50MT)

        • flatsville

          Sakharov cut it down from the 100MT Krushchev wanted. He was afraid of what 100MT might have done to Russia.

          Had Sakharov not shown some restraint, life on Earth would be very much different now.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Russia killed off Christians and destroyed all the churches. These activities are still going on.

        Christians Are Being Burned Alive, Beheaded, Crucified, Tortured To Death And Imprisoned In Metal Shipping Containers
        December 9th, 2013

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Do you really think making all religions illegal is less than totalitarian?

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        China doesn't even allow deep breathing and exercise:

        β€œβ€¦In 1996, Falungong suffered a second setback in its efforts to gain legal recognition when the government's Press and Publications Administration issued a "Notice Concerning the Immediate Confiscation and Sealing Up of Five Kinds of Books, including China's Falun Gong."4 In banning the five Falungong publications, the notice cited another Press and Publications Administration document, the "Notice Concerning the Banning of Books That Propagate Ignorance and Superstition." The sanctions were extended in 1998-99….”

    • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

      the what where and they can get really angry and call you crazy for telling them, they have to get to the spa, you know

  • Alpha1

    Sure they are too busy prepping themselves to just lock down and keep more secrets, and steal the rest of the US dollars and land through backdoor trading and high frequency systems that are about to cripple our economy for the last time. We are in trouble here and about to be only worse as the days go by and the hypnotism and webs fall from the sky. True to the forum we are being deceived and herded like sheep to the slaughter.

    If we rise they will call marshal law and order the bills are signed and they have been practicing in plain site, lets call it as it is the draconian Choas theory is being placed before us and I can see that we are just like fish in a net. This will cause a major movement but let us see how it gets moved and where?

  • rogerthat

    I have to congratulate you guys and dolls, you have a serious grip on reality imho. It's a wacky world for sure, when the conspiracy theorists are right, and everyone else is missing in action. Script for the biggest blockbuster in the history of movies, hollywood please step up and do your thing before you move to sydney where it's safer

  • Kashiko Kashiko

    Conspiracy theorists are usually close to the truth… no smoke without fire….. except sometimes with nuclear things….

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Well, it was only inevitable that the conspira y theorists would in the end be the only ones with a brain. Seriously, everything is a conspira y. If you do not see it, then you have a mental defe t. What is wrong in out collective minds, when our government can denigrate conspira y theorists and at the same time build a whole new branch of government based on the fear that someone is out to get you? Can't you all "c" it?

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        enjoyed the link. And it's true. The official government 911 story believers are very fanatical and angry, violent, threatening trolls, really. I "won" an argument based on fact and math once, and recieved an email that said, "Do you want to get niggerized, you nigger?" So, what was I supposed to do, feel intimidated, or suspect that the KKK did 911? You tell me.

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          "niggerized"..definition please..

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            PS..Have never heard the term in my life..

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              N-ized is probably referring to Jim Crow law and lynching. Like saying, "Do you want to get lynched, you idiot?" An extremely hostile and threatening comment.

              'Think unincredulous was trying to convey what horrible comments were made to him for being different, for thinking outside the box.

              Pretty disgusting that anyone would say that to unincredulous. Can understand why readers would find it disturbing. I've heard of it before in the context of what was done to black people under Jim Crow laws. That's a really horrible part of U.S. history. Really, truly horrible.

  • rogerthat

    What amazes me most of all is the absence of journalists. This site is a gold mine for any reporter, you could write stories for 18 hours a day and hardly dent the surface. A news organisation worth its salt would descend on this story with an army of reporters, researchers and photographers and blanket the print, tv, radio and online media, and grow rich and famous doing so, not to mention collecting a string of awards.

    i've said before, the size of the cover-up tells you the size of the catastrophe, but this is beyond ridiculous. this cover-up says we are in the middle of an ELE, and that seems hard to believe, because we have bigger meltdowns to come around the world in due course – one every seven years or so seems the going rate? – and surely this fukpuppy isnt going to do us all in single-handed?

    • bo bo

      And lack of comedians too. Fukushima is a goldmine of black humor, and they're all si tting on their hands – colbert, stewart… SNL hinted last week how 'the hills are probably all radioactive' and all of us at enenews were impressed with just that. It must take extra effort to not mention this for so long… or is everybody really that dumb? John Stewart makes fun of CNN a lot, but it always just stays in the 'cute' 'comfortably offensive' range. I know a lot of people who watch these shows that think that they are getting 'the alternative' views.

      • KidIcarus KidIcarus

        It fascinates me as well.

        I think that there is something deep within us that understands how serious Fukushima is. We all intuitively know that nuclear energy is something we should not have played around with (hence the scope and scale of pro-nuke propaganda, up to and including Pandora's Promise) and we have subconsciously been expecting an ELE from our opening of the forbidden box.

        Intuitively we all know this. We overreached and began playing with cosmic forces that had no place being ignited by humans on the surface of a planet.

        But that means there are massive defense mechanisms our conscious mind has erected in order to live with the ongoing cognitive dissonance of "safe nuclear power". They usually come down to two strategies – "ignore" and "minimize". Normalcy bias in action, folks.

        I believe there is massive pressure not to publish or publicize Fuku in the media. But I also believe that on a more fundamental, psychological level, people put Fuku out of their heads completely just to stay sane and carry on with their lives.

        But I think the time is DEFINITELY ripe for a comedian to satirize this farce.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      What if the future evolution of some new Quantum computer will be necessary to save this planet from certain doom? And the Quantum computer can't work because of all the radioactive "noise" here?

      There are a million what ifs, but it only takes one. Something about the magnitude of the lie just screams end times. Doom. Game over. Don't you think?

      First 911, how could it get worse? Oh! Three nuclear reactors melted down, and they lied about that as long as they could? On a scale of lies, I would say the curve shows that the next big bullshit lie will definitely kill us all, if this one didn't.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      You have no press or journalists left… πŸ™

    • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

      Just like BP and the Gulf, just like the Mayflower, Ark pipeline spill back in March. It's as if something is stopping the media from stirring people up…

  • yellowrain

    click on fig. 14 above links to actual report. pretty revealing. worth fighting through all the info.the most complete report i've seen. if i was on cali coast I would be concerned hell scared to death if that surface concentration of ceasium, the map of the ocean plume is correct. IMHO that is what is already arriving and causing the unexplained animal behavior and die offs. But what do I know? I'm no nuclear scientist. My guide is I believe what I see. Not what i'm told to believe. God teaches right and wrong not ideology. Thanks for all the helpful posts. Peace

  • Rufus

    At this point, we here all know the truth about the future of California… there is none.
    The BIG question, which no one is addressing is, Where are we going to relocate the Californians?
    There will be millions of glowing California / Fukushima refugees wanting to find homes free of, or not just so radioactive.
    It'll be just like Katrina, except you'll be able to see these folks in the dark.

  • Socrates

    Whoa! The models from computer simulations suggest that Cesium 137 is being carried by two major currents from Japan to Alaska and to the West Coast of California. These models predict that levels just from the initial releases of just Cesium 137 will increase to high levels in the Pacific Ocean along the coast of California.

    We have already seen deposition of Cesium 134/137 in Pine pollen and almonds as well as elsewhere which Cesium was transmitted by air and deposited by precipitation. Hot particles containing Pu and Uranium were measured in Seattle following 3-11.

    The currents from Japan move predictably. During the war, balloons were released in Japan and arrived here in days, a message in a bottle too three years.

    The reaction of both land and sea creatures is the Canary in the coal mine. Strontium 90 releases have begun after the 1000 days. It is a danger that Pu particles will wash around Japan and get into food from the sea.

    This is the evidence, and beta and gamma levels are going up in random cities such as Fresno and Bakersfield where food is grown.

    • Socrates

      The government officials must prevent this from being reported to prevent panic. If there is a fire it is good to yell – but what if there is no place to run?

      I wonder if the Tea Party will try to shut down the government again in the midst of an ELE? That could shut down government radiation monitoring of radiation and buy more time for the powers that be to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

      Meanwhile, the discharges in Fukushima are continuing. The water from above runs under the plant to cool the three ex vessel cores and then is captured, processed, stored, and released in to the sea, leaking all the time.

      At this rate, winds and currents will continue to act as vectors to transport this to the USA. This process will cause the ocean to produce methane as sea creatures die off. Oceans will have rotting dead creatures.

      I understand that slippery rocks in tide pools are no longer slippery because organisms are unable to grow.

      I am not an expert but am a generalist who can see the forest. The experts are looking at trees and seeing this too.

      Worse, there is nothing anybody can do to stop this process.

      The thin biosphere is irreparably damaged on earth. MAD happened in a different manner, not intentionally but recklessly.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Everything is in place for what they consider..civil control.
        Now 'they' don't really give a damn ..who says what.
        Believe it or not there is not…it doesn't matter..there isn't anything anyone can do the public can pipe up all it wants.
        All that concerns 'them' is being on top of the dung heap…even while it's sinking..

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          I think the public..might find it rather oppressive ..if the area is declared a 'natural disaster'.
          Move with caution.
          It's good to see the people..pushing back though.
          It might prove that Humans walked upright once.

        • Daisy207

          True Heart – but those imposing the civil control will know that THEY are being exposed to high levels of radiation that could kill them as well. Its kinda like they can't go near Reactors 1,2 or 3 – or else they would have sent the military in. No one can escape this event. But think of the good side for California – they can blow off their unfunded liabilities – which will all die and go to money heaven.

      • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

        Socrates you make me want to puke. The TEA Party has nothing to do with this nightmare. If you want to throw some political blame around, look at your fearless, truthless leader. Nothing to worry about? While he quietly shipped his family to Brazil during the worst fallout. Nobama is the worst offender of the bunch by not warning the citizens to protect themselves! I have no use for either party , they both are pro nuke. I will not vote for any Presidential candidate unless he supports and acts on stopping this evil industry! NO NUKES! Quit blaming the Tea party, quit blaming bush, ITS GE that created this monster. The same one that paid ZERO taxes last yr! Made Billions! WTF! You wanna blame somebody, take it out on GE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobama's buddies!!!

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Yeah, really. It's apparent you really don't understand what the Tea Party really is about, Socrates. Tea Party poseurs there are, that being said.

        • Socrates

          I did not vote for the Democratic candidate. I voted for Jill Stein who does not accept money from the Koch Brothers nor the nuclear industry. It's called the Green Party. You should never assume snything unless you are prepared to be wrong.

          I do understand what the Tea Party is sll sbout. I am a Son of the American Revolution. My people came here in 1638. Happen to be able to trace back to 1066.

          You and Time Machine blame Obama because he sccepted money from the nuclear industry and bankers. I agree – BP spill and Fukushima happened on his watch. But it will be the Tea Party that shuts down envitonmrntal monitoring, right?

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        OK, Socrates, we apparently disagree on politics, but that's OK. We can agree to disagree on some things.

        Would you please write to me off-list? I'd like to discuss something personal with you. It's related to a comment you made about your relatives and their medical and biological studies. Your father and your cousin, back in November.

        I'd like to share a personal story with you and get your opinion. Maybe share insights on this issue.

        Several cousins of mine are nuclear engineers and nuclear physicists. At least one of them held several very high positions.

        I'm strongly anti-nuclear. Enough said.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        OK, Socrates, we apparently disagree on politics, but that's OK. We can agree to disagree on some things.

        Would you please write to me off-list? I'd like to discuss something personal with you. It's related to a comment you made about your relatives and their medical and biological studies. Your father and your cousin, back in November.

        I'd like to share a personal story with you and get your opinion. Maybe share insights on this issue.

        Several cousins of mine are nuclear engineers and nuclear physicists. At least one of them held several very high positions. Don't know a great deal about their professional doings.

        I'm strongly anti-nuclear. Enough said.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The government is's just that the people are not privy to it..
    Ah..just dry calculations.
    What the government wants to know your ever thought..
    So much kinkier…

    Stand up people…fight!
    Join others…

    Write wrongs! Over 500 world-famous authors sign anti-surveillance petition
    Dec 10 2013

  • mesa777

    We're probably going to hear soon that this person went missing….

  • Nick

    The government thinks that since we already have released radiation into the biosphere, a bit more from a distant land across the wide Pacific shouldn't be a cause for concern by citizens.

    Our dependence on the MIC is based on the reality that they know what's best for us.

    Why not build bombs?

    Why not get ready for martial law?

    Monitor radiation?

    Not our problem.

    That's the truth as I see it.

    And folks wonder why Fukushima is so tightly held under wraps.

    It's so obvious that the global nuclear empire has the planet by the testicles, and now the very DNA
    of life on earth!

    Californians can rant and rave and pass resolution after resolution but NONE of those efforts will do squat to improve the situation.

    Silicon Valley had better look deep into it's soul and realize how tangled they are with the MIC and the nuclear cabal.

    Ya can't have the military AND a nuclear free world.

  • Jebus Jebus

    "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose" – Janis Joplin

    We are free…

  • Sol Man

    Plankton, honey bees, worms, birds, cephalopods, seals, walrus, whales, dolphins, elk, moose is quite a list. With time we may be able to prove that 1. water has memory, and 2. all water is connected. Water may seem to be unkind to humans, but it would actually be karma, you know, the law of cause and effect because humans have so polluted/killed the water. The earth doesn't have an unlimited supply of clean water for people. People that range from 57% to 75% water during the course of our lives, universally. For the first ten years we are more water, the 75% decreasing as we age. Time will tell with the class of poisons that are now loosed upon the world in such vast quantity how humans will fair.
    As we sew, so shall we reap.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      SolMan, IMO water is likely the conduit by which life on earth is connected, and through which the forces and of quantum physics express themselves in our 3D continuum. Or perhaps beyond our 3D perception of the universe. Just personally think the subtle energies are conducted by water, as expressed here on Earth. So whatever we do to the water finds some kind of expression in the living beings and even inanimate objects with which it comes into contact.

      Does this make any sense? Have explored subtle energies since having to deal with a chronic illness since 2006. Have explored many non-mainsteam forms of healing, and am convinced subtle energies are very powerful.

      Nuclear energy could be compared to putting a bull in a china cabinet. We'd be better off utilizing the subtle energies. Am convinced they can provide power, energy, and healing. Think frequencies and wavelengths.

      Royal Raymond Rife and Nicola Tesla are good examples of people who understood subtle energy frequencies and their power.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    And not just West Coast. Follow the jet stream and rainfall.

    • Socrates

      The Treasure of the Sierra Madre comes to mind. No doubt there were men and women who saw nuclear energy as a means to control the planet by weaponry and through centralized energy plants that would rival fossil fuels. The dream turned into a nightmare…

      City after city, and then state after state will recognize the madness. Finally, national politicians will be forced to choose.

      Meanwhile, it will be impossible to suppress the statistics on the cancers and mutations. Great fortunes and wealth is threatened as well as power structures throughout the planet. Continuing to bailout banks while treating the illnesses, finding clean food and water, perpetuating the myths will be impossible. No economy can survive such a change in paradigm in such short order. Chaos will ensue.

      I was growing tomatoes in the back yard but knew Cesium 137 rains down and is deposited on the fruit and in the soil. The breadbasket of the USA is California. The Pacific Ocean is the lungs of the planet and the food chain source for billions. The long decay periods and the time – release vectors of this ongoing train wreck, plus other sources makes the future look bleak at best.

      There must be someway out of here said the jester to the fool….

      • I considered a clear plastic covering over my short-crops (over, not enclosed, just to shelter rain) after having trashed my entire spring bounty just when it was coming in, in mid-March of 2011. But by then the soil was contaminated so I just let it fallow that year. And didn't harvest fruit. By the next late-winter I carefully removed all the weeds/grass that I'd let grow without interference all the last year, and trashed them and their roots off the mountain's drainage path (NOT my compost) where I'd trashed last year's kale, collards, peas and salad stuff.

        Then I planted thickly in the prime beds with radishes, beets, carrots and turnips. Let 'em go. When they were good and grown, I pulled and tossed them as well. Between all that and my organic terraces' excellent drainage, I felt confident enough to plant summer crops. My trusty Geiger-Muller was back to background, which is barely detectable on contact. Levels in the drainage pathways was still too high for my tastes, but that's just grass. I don't grow things in those.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Very smart, JoyB. You got the radiation on the surface of the soil, and the root crops probably drew much more out of the subsurface soil.

  • ftlt

    The only way to stop nuclear is by a grassroots groundswell of popular support…

    The media ain't and Gov't ain't – they are both owned by the Empire…

    OBusHma's Empire Administration is pumping up the world's largest Pacific Rim Free Trade agreement in the world right now – It will have clauses that negate all environmental national laws.. Killing the nation state in the Pacific region once and for good..

    Local and taking to the streets is the only way to stop this madness..

    If you vote GOP OR DEMO and think these parties are national political parties any longer – you are a fool.. They are parties of the Empire .. A nuclear empire I should add

    • Socrates

      The TPP will allow Japan to sue in special arbitration courts that will be provided for signatory foreign counties's corporations… USA taxpayers would have to pay loss of profits ….

      This means that if radioactive foods are marketed that US consumers will be forced to accept these foods through distributors. The foods will be diluted fown to a standard.

      US court will have no power over consumer matters.

      Not a good deal for consumer protection. That is why the proposed Treaty terms are secret and the deal is being Fast-tracked without debate. Japan will continue to bailout US bankers and their politicians to whom they make campaign contributions and offer jobs through the revolving door system ehen the politicians are no longer im office.

      Corporations, but not people, are the citizens of this new order.

      • ftlt

        Socy: Yeap… OBUSHMA (a baby killer for profit) and the rest of the Empire scallywags are stuffing their pockets on this "FREE TRADE"(HAHHAHAHAHAHA)hoax on the peoples off the world..

        It has MORE BIGGER BETTER SLAVERY written all over it…

  • OldNuke

    At some point, these towns and counties in California are going to have to buy some equipment, hire some technicians and measure this crap. Until then, ho hum. They're trying to get someone else to do it for them. Good luck with that.

  • gratefull

    This is my first post. The information I have read over the last three days leaves me feeling depressed. I live in Oakland so of course I am concerned about what the future holds.
    Should I sell my house and move my family? If so where? What options are on the table? Become a prepper? The feeling of helplessness is hard to bear. I'm about to buy an Insepctor and start monitoring myself but I am not a nuclear scientist. I cannot believe this is happening. My kids, my wife, my family, our world. What the hell is an average person to do with this? How do you all sleep? Where are the Feds? Publish the info so I can at least take some steps to limit my exposure on days when levels are elevated. Instead I am here on my own trolling through the internet trying to sort out fact from fiction, but the story remains the same. Three melted reactors uncontained, radioactive water pouring into the Pacific ocean. I am at a loss for what to do next….

    • Oh… and change out your heating/ac filters regularly (or clean them carefully). Don't use fans in open windows/attic. If levels are elevated (but not that high, just uncomfortable for your mind), "shelter in place" is fine. Idea is to keep your indoor environment 'cleaner' than the outdoor environment when contamination is present.

      It honestly does make a difference for exposure levels, and that's the bottom line, isn't it? Β§;o)

    • vicky13 vicky13

      Welcome to the group gratefull,,

      I hear ya on being at a loss for what to do.

      Buying a geiger counter would be a good plan. At least then you can get a handle on what your indoor readings are. You can watch your daily readings and learn what the "normal" background levels are. Then if they go "pear shaped" you can stay indoors to mitigate your dose rates.

      I was really stressed out worrying about my own rad levels in my home,, and having a geiger counter has helped by knowing what levels I am living in.

      I have setup my own station on NETC (Ottawa, Canada),and it was worth the money to do this.

      Knowledge is power, and more we know,, better it will be for all of us.

      I now own two geiger counters,, and soon will own a third one. One for my 24/7 station on NETC. One to do field work outside, and one as a backup,, LOL.

      You do not need to be a nuclear scientist either.

      (they are the MORONS who got us into this mess to start with)

      AZZZZHOLESSSS!!! (opps sorry did *I* say that???))

      I have learned so much about this from the people here on EneNEWS. Just keep reading and bookmarking all the links for future reference.
      Don't be shy to ask questions, folks here always want to help.

      PS the FEDS don't a chit 'bout us,, we are on our own.


    • Socrates

      Releases into the atmosphere are well-documented following 3-11.

      Releases into the sea are beyond dispute.

      The question remains as to where to go or what to fo. These are my questions, too.

      I would look for avoiding exposure first. That is hard. Make sure your auto airfiltration system recyvles and filters, consider not eating Pacific fish. Use reverse osmosis with double carbon filtration – activated charcoal…. stay out of rain….check labels… leave shoes outside.

    • KiloCharley KiloCharley

      Hi grateful, and welcome. Along with JoyB and vick13's good advice, you might also want to see the FORUM: Methods for combating radiation and its effects (on this site).
      Also, you may find this helpful
      How to Reduce Your Risk of Radiation from Fukushima

      Don't let it overwhelm you…
      Take care

      • gratefull

        Whats the secret to staying not overwhelmed? I can use all the help I can get. The best way for me is to sleep…lately it seems as if every waking moment its on my brain.

        • Go inside and focus on the things you are grateful for; meditate, chant, do affirmations… play soft music. Smell incense. Do things that are fun. Walk. Play. Focus on happiness and joy at least some part of the day. If you can, pray, ask for help handling this. Set up an alter of things/pictures/sayings that you have as a positive goal or that mean a lot to you in a positive way.

          Work through the five stages of grieving.. it is natural to feel angry, depressed, sad, bargain, etc, before finally getting to acceptance and balance.

          See a grief counselor, or join a grief counseling group.

          Take vitamins, get lots of minerals, get daily sunshine and healthy organic food, to keep your immune system up.

          Exercise and/or do yoga or balancing exercises that focus the mind and balance the energy system of the body at the same time.

          Get out in Nature, spend time with animals.

          Love unconditionally and accept all of life, death and suffering, just the way it is.

          Finally, you may decide that action or activism is needed to make a difference.. Channel any anger, fear, sadness or depression into action and making a positive difference.

          • gratefull

            I think you nailed it on the head. It seems so simple, but I needed the reminder and I appreciate you taking the time to put those thoughts into words. I think I am going through the stages of grief. Knowledge is power and right now I just don't have enough, although that is changing by the minute. Thanks again for your well written prose.


              @gratefull: you're likely experiencing what most every one of us has, as we 'acclimate' to the reality of this catastrophe. Know that you're not alone and you'll find we're here to share the pain. Most important, keep an even keel (mental state of mind) as you traverse the unknown waters that lay ahead. It helps little if you become frayed at the edges. You'll ultimately alienate friends and family, and eventually find yourself alone in the corner. I've seen it happen to others out here, post 311. It takes a special kind of soul who can smile while looking death in the eye. So it's imperative that you keep your thoughts and judgement in balance. Finally…welcome to the front line…

    • I would seriously think about moving off the west coast. I moved out of Hawaii for a few reasons, but glad I moved, perhaps in the nick of time.

      • gratefull

        What area of the world is safe? Where did you end up? Do you feel safer in your current location?

        • S/E South America… maybe Uruguay… least it will be for longer. It #4 blows we're all sort of cooked. Esp with the plutonium.

          • Pete

            Im in Seattle, and I have been looking at Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Well and Australia but thats very far and difficult to get to.

            I dont think the southern hemisphere is automatically toast if number 4 goes, they will definitely be much better off than us. Looking at the measured fallout thus far they have dramatically less than us so far, and who knows, maybe they would actually tell their citizens the truth (prolly not but I can hope for more than the lies we get).

            The air really does stop at a ridge along the equator, and while some gets past the majority of it doesnt, so I am still looking south as my only possibility should this all go down. If it blows I dont think I can just sit in Seattle and wait for Obama's "we are all ok 2.0" speech. We already know Pu has fallen here and the law of gravity tells me that there will be more particulate fallout closer to the source than further away so maybe Ive already won the Pu lottery but I dont know if I can stay here again.

            • Pete

              Also Uruguay is going to start growing legal marijuana next year, so yet another good reason to go there.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Pete, I am not sure this is the case. You will need to watch this very closely.. πŸ™

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Pete, notice on the right top of the screen how it (the Jet Stream tailings) disappears and then it once again reappears on the bottom left below the equator. There is no way to escape the massive amounts of Radiation Contamination now spewing/coming out of Japan. πŸ™

                Its a sporadic crap shoot as to whom will be effected by it and that is why the cancer/disease numbers below the equator are also through the roof.. πŸ™

                It is time to close all these Nuclear Power Plants down worldwide!

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Check out the Forum comments for protecting yourself against radiation and its effects. Especially take note of the comments publsihed there in 2011.

      I can send you everything I have in my personal library, compiled since 2011. A compendium of recommendations made at the Forum here, plus information from people in the herbal healing community, Dr. Mercola, Mark Sircus O.M.D., and so on. Plus studies from Chernobyl (health related and related to remediation of soil), and so forth ….

      Here's my e-mail address. Let me know, and if interested, I'll send you the documents.

      Give me a couple of days to get back to you. I don't check that e-mail every day.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Comment above was for Gratefull. Didn't realize so many had already responded.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Gratefull, if it's any consolation, my mind was completely absorbed by this for almost two years. I, too, found it hard to sleep, and suffered from a lot of anxiety about the whole situation. You are not alone.

          • I would love to have that info HoTaters…. I'll email you my email address right now. Thx

            I'm very anxious. My brother and parents died in last few years, and my son and only relative lives in Europe, and prior to the family deaths I was in a very costly accident and here in Carmel on the ocean am directly in the wind/ocean currents across from Japan and with all the chemspraying above. It has had a cumulative impact when I've always been extremely health oriented, perfect diet.exercise and then to get poisoned by these greedy corporate thugs.

    • Sparky Sparky

      Hi Gratefull, Welcome to Enewnews! As you've probably already noticed, this is an amazingly supportive, informative community. I'm in the CA Central Valley area and hope to complete the set-up for my own rad monitoring station through NETC. I have a GQ-GMC 300E Geiger counter and a Rasberry Pi. The equipment works great and was reasonably priced. IMO, and its "owner" Harlan are very trustworthy and dependable. My son goes to SFSU, so I'm watching the watching those monitors' rad readings as well. There are quite a few Enenewsers from California. Welcome to the group! πŸ™‚

  • Hi, gratefull. There are sensible precautions you can take that will diminish your exposure. First thing is to accept that at times and in certain places, radiation levels will be higher than 'normal'. Learn to think about it as invisible dust all around you, and the precautions become obvious.

    Don't swim in the ocean. Avoid being out in ocean mists and fogs. If you are out, don overclothes, hat, and cover your mouth/nose with a muffler, even a light cotton one. When you get home, keep your overclothes and outdoor shoes/boots in a separate 'mud room' area of the entry or garage. Wear indoor shoes or slippers indoors. Vacuum regularly, don't sweep (stirs up that 'dust'). Keep your surfaces clean, using damp paper towels and wiping toward a given point. Especially food surfaces. Cover foods kept out. Rinse dishes, utensils, cookware and silverware before using. Always wash/wipe the top of canned food before opening, wash your can opener daily. Don't sleep or lounge on the floor. Vacuum stuffed furniture, maybe cover with sheets for a few days at a time when levels are high. Wash laundry regularly, don't hang-dry outside. Wash hands as if it were flu season.

    Do consider getting a portable beta-gamma detector. There are compact new ones out there for $200 or less. Even an iPhone plug-in/ap. Get into the habit of monitoring daily, several times, keep records. Look up what it means. Then you'll know when to act.

  • vicky13 vicky13

    From SimplyInfo,,

    Another 22 assemblies removed,,from #4,,

    TEPCO has moved another load of spent fuel from unit 4 to the common pool. After the initial fuel transfers TEPCO ceased reporting each fuel move and now only updates the plant update page. The new load was announced December 9, 2013.

    *Be interesting to watch the NETC.Com map now,, we had a couple of good days with almost green across the board. Now rad levels are increasing again.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Think because of Tepco's having removed another 22 assembles, radiation levels are rising on the West Coast of the U.S. Have noted readings (NETC) have gone up considerably since yesterday morning, Monday, December 9, 2013. Much elevated today in Northern California.

      • vicky13 vicky13

        Hi Ho Taters,,

        Could be. We have noticed that the readings do get elevated when they do work at the plant.

        Was curious why the readings are increasing again,, and saw that Simply Info was reporting they removed another 22 assemblies.

  • gratefull

    Vicky13 and JoyB, thanks for the informational replies. Taking some action to know what is happening would bring some peace of mind in that I would at least have hard facts. That's better than what my mind can come up with. I will order the Geiger counter today. I found the site radtest4u so and will be sending in my hvac air filter along with my car filter to see what they may show. Has anyone used this service? Is there a support group in the bay area that has a meet up or google chat? I need to connect and talk about this new terrifying reality. My mind races with questions. I know my colleagues at work and family members probably do not have any interest in talking about this….and actually I don't blame them. If I could press a button that would wipe away what I have read since Saturday I might just do it. Ignorance is bliss if you can handle the ignorance part! I feel like a crash course in Nuclear energy is needed to even wrap my head around what it all means. Thanks again for the info.

  • gratefull

    Do you trust NETC? I am having a hard time understanding the readings. For instance the San Francisco monitor shows a reading of
    Station ID 5:914 San Francisco, CA, US
    CPM: current 245 Low 176 High 325
    Average 224, Deviation 27.2

    What does this mean in terms of CPM? Are they saying the CPM=245? Isn't that super high considering background is 30-40CPM? Please tell me I am missing somehting in translation.

    • I am not familiar with NETC, so can't help you there. But for monitoring these days, I seem to recall something about using SI units instead of the 'old' U.S. units. My old Geiger-Muller reads CPM-to-Rem[Rads]. I think the standard now is CPS-to-Sieverts. Becquerels, in other words, which is disintegrations per second. You'd have to multiply by 60 to get CPM.

      I think. See the specs for this source, it'll tell you.

    • vicky13 vicky13

      Station 4 and 5 ID's are EPA monitoring stations. Which are government stations.

      Our private stations are #1's.

      The EPA stations measure a higher range of radiation. Including radiation from space.

      Others here, will have a better way to explain it. I gotta take off get some stuff done.

      OHHH Harlan,, WJDD, AU,, hehe,,,, they are the guys to ask.


  • Nick


    welcome. shows a rise when readings spike above the average for that particular station. Green doesn';t mean necesarrily that the gamma/beta readings are "low" or even normal. So San Fran at 245
    is above the 224 avg.

    Your question about moving……. not sure I have an answer.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Great advice about daily care and cover, but the real problem is that none of us know where this Radiation Contamination is or has gone or in what it is in.

    It could be in your food and from any source anywhere on this planet and the food could have up taken it during the growing cycle. πŸ™ I could be in your next deep breath during a walk or run. πŸ™

    It could be in your water, your soda, your bottle water, your wine, your liquor, your energy drinks and even in your coffee and tea and medications. We simply do not have enough info on this planet to know where this invisible, odorless, tasteless radioactive "Ghost of Death" might be lingering or traveling.

    This is the beauty of Nuclear Radiation Contamination! πŸ™

    It is a silent stealthy invisible killer and ever growing as it bioaccumulates around the entire globe!

    Shut all these Nuclear Power Plants down Now…Worldwide!

    • fukuele

      They have a saying among alcoholics (AA) that goes something like "know what you can change and what you can't and have the wisdom to know the difference."

      We have no control over where the wind blows; we do, however know when it carries the most radioactivity.

      When you're dealing with the odds that you'll be infected by a airborne radionuclide, reduce the chance where you can. You'll never be fully safe. You'll need to walk, to be out in the world, so there are risks you must take. Just do your part to minimize those risks.

      A life lived in a bubble simply isn't going to happen for me. Then again, I'm not going to ignore the threat that ongoing radioactive releases pose. Take the obvious precautions but remember that a regular detoxification routine will decrease your chances of gettin sick by whatever makes it into your body.

      Magnetic clays have good detoxification properties. Also, diatomaceous earth, baking soda, zeolite can bond with nasties, and hopefully be expelled. Children's thyroids are especially vulnerable because radioactive iodine can block the uptake of iodine needed for a host of bodily functions–make sure they get their iodine.

      West Coast nutritionist David Wolfe has tuned in to the Fukushima risk and has homeopathic suggestions…

      Can't eliminate risk even by moving, as if Fuku gets bad enough and into the air, it'll be all over the northern hemisphere.

  • Nick

    I bet since the dawn of the fission era, our biosphere has been significantly dosed with lethal levels of radiation from sources all over the globe. Since it's invisible, etc, the fools have been able to get away with it.

    Now comes Fukushima, and their is NO fooling mother nature. Nothing on this vibrant planet has evolved to really DEAL with radiation of the human sort (yeah I know about the banana and air travel arguments).

    Why wear pink when nuclear toxins are ever present? It's called a con.

    The best we can do is grow our food in super filtered greenhouses (air and water) and make sure only
    the wealthy get fed it.

    I mean, isn't our government for the rich and nothing but the rich so help us all?

    Nuclear anything is a HUGE, massive money making human scheme.

    The Japanese ran their economy on 50 plus plants until that fateful day in 2011. To think some in that country STILL want the nuclear goodies, not just for electricity but for weapons as well.

    But, hey, the USA ain't giving up it's nukes anytime soon, regardless of how many people rant against all things nuclear.

    The only way forward is to jettison everything we thought we knew to be true and start over with
    a just society that admits that trickle-down capitalism is a bunch of bull.

    We all need to question authority. Use your gut instinct, build community, not warfare.

  • name999 name999

    thank you to Berkely and Fairfax council members and officials for speaking out. More of us need to find public forums and make an issue of this in our communities, make it real, wake people up…


      @name999: agreed. While others are likely correct in pointing out that this effort may fall on fallow ground, I can't help but feel it's an excellent way to members of city councils (and the like) to think on whether this catastrophe merits their attention. It's obvious the Federal government is only concerned with covering-up the horrors that are descending on us all. Going to your local city and community meetings and asking what's they're doing to protect the citizenry, is another way of getting effective policy makers off this asses. I like what these guys are doing…

  • Pete

    Too bad there arent any intelligent concerned people in Washington State.

    One might think that with all the so-called geniuses here with big media profiles, that maybe just one of those very important people might think we may have a problem and say something publicly about it. No?

    Just one city, town or municipality that thinks that maybe the plutonium on the ground and near daily plumes of radiation in the wind and the tons of radiation in the water and the impending death of the Pacific might deserve a second look?

    Naaahh. How bout those Hawks?

  • Sparky Sparky

    Hi Enenewsers! Everyday I'm encouraged to see more new people posting on this site, with literally thousands of quiet but actively engaged "lurkers" πŸ™‚ who are presumably learning, laughing, cursing, and crying along with the rest of us.

    So many of our seasoned Enewsers have shared GREAT information and suggestions on various threads ways we can reduce our radiation exposures. But I notice that the actual forum for the "Methods for Combating Radiation and its Effects" gets very little traffic, maybe getting two posts per week or less. There will be more people looking to Enenews for rad mitigation information as Fuku and other nuclear death traps continue to deteriorate.

    I'd like to gently suggest that people go back to posting their rad mitigation questions, suggestions, information, links to resources/studies, etc. on the "Methods" forum. This stuff comes so easy to many Enenewsers, but new-ish people like me have LOTS to learn and it will make it easier for all concerned if we capture this valuable information in one, easy to access location on Enenews. Just a thought from an enthusiastic 'Enenewser trying my best to live, love and protect. Thanks, everyone! 

    • SadieDog

      @Sparky – great post and great observation.

    • Sparky,

      Perhaps it's just me that notices this. But I am literally feet away from the Carmel-by-the-Sea Bay.

      The Naval Post Grad School is here, lots of CIA, (even the former Director Leon P lives here). Drones out at the airport. Military and Coast Guard sites etc. AND they Chem Spray us continually….it makes me physically sick.

      In lab tests in Phoenix the Aluminum alone in the chemspray was found to be SIX-THOUSAND times over the danger level at ground level!!

      The point is that ALL of this is saturating us and having a CUMULATIVE effective.

      So just think people should bear that in mind. Children should not be out in this!! And pregnant women should be warned. In San Francisco Bay babies have thyroid cancer.

      Also, on the map with the radiation decals at does anyone know why in SF for example it'll be a level Rad #2 while the same numbers on the east coast will the a Rad #3 or #4?


      • irhologram

        I think it's more important to click through to the actual number rather than just look at whether the number rises. For example, the Rad 2 or 3 or 4 can represent an area that was, say 40, and jumped to 50, while areas like Boston, Miami, and Billings Montana, have readings consistently at 350 and above. Also, (I've referenced the specifics in other posts), a city may show a reading in the 300s, yet the town virtually next door as the winds blow, may show only 20, and this happens over and over again…which leads me to think many of these readings are localized, and, since many are not near NPPs, it seems that some of these extremely high readings must be from the military, from Universities, and medical applications.. But just because it has a Rad 3 rating doesn't mean it's a through-the-roof reading. It's more useful to use the actual numbers, IMHO.

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        Hi 1CoastalCalifornian,

        Harlan said that he determined the ordinary level, a norm, an average level, and then set to alert whenever radiation levels rise substantially from the usual level.

      • Sparky Sparky

        @1CoasterCalifornian, Wow, I can really appreciate how nerve-wracking that must be! Others most likely become desensitized (oblivious) to all that military/nuclear/chem activity. I'm sure the economy is pretty well supported by it all, so people not really motivated to question it. Not to make you anymore anxious, but NETC lists two nuclear sites (both naval I recall) at your location. You're correct about the cumulative threats and added burden/danger to children. Since you're already aware and on Enenews, you're light years ahead of the majority of people in your area.

        RE: NETC rad levels by location: the postings are based on what is within a particular site's "normal" or typical range over a (I think) 3-month period, based on beta or gamma radiation "Counts Per Minute",CMP. There are seasonal, regional and site-specific variations, some undoubtedly caused by Fuku and US-based nuclear power plants and nuclear waste facilities, or "Radon Washout". This radiation is often carried on/follows the jet stream and increases with precipitation. The trend for many months/last few years has been upwards. Best to know what is "normal" background radiation for your area, then to recognize and take precautions (e.g., stay indoors, stay out of rain/snow) when rad rates rise. The "Post Your Radiation Results" forum here has great information, posted by really knowledgeable Enewsers. Stay well, 1CoastalCA neighbor. πŸ™‚

      • Sol Man

        Hello 1CoastalCalifornian: We should be concerned about tptb ability to remain cogent while absorbing the assorted radiations, voc's, chemtrail soups, recreational & prescription drugs, gmo food, corn syrup and all diluted with booze. You know when people are in office to make decisions but are no longer capable of putting 2 + 2 together, let alone knowing right from wrong.
        Who will tell them that they are no longer anchored in reality?
        They wouldn't understand the message anyway…

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Its much worse than we know and its all around us now.. legally. πŸ™

        Much caution is advised where ever you go/travel! πŸ™

  • robz

    great post ! time to getz a jps from japan to smoke- (get shipped to EU!(?)

  • curenado

    Berkeley? Hollow and ridiculously pc for years. Now? Just glow in the dark social nuisance.
    Strategic for show statements to nose ring the feckless they always do.
    They could have told their idiot disciples from day one, but it did not serve their wholly political and gratuitous purposes. I guess since they are being told, the green light to play it for all you can has gone out to the democrat party and the bottom feeders