Asahi: Public outcry over Japan gov’t “monitoring” tweets and blog posts — Program began this month, to continue until March

Published: August 25th, 2011 at 6:03 am ET


Government’s move to monitor online sparks public outcry, AJW (Asahi Shimbun), August 24, 2011:

While the government defends its new monitoring program of online postings concerning the accident at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant to stem the spread of “inaccurate” information, critics say it harkens back to Big Brother.

The Agency for Natural Resources and Energy said tweets on Twitter and postings to blogs will be monitored for groundless and inaccurate information that could inflame and mislead the public. […]

But critics are skeptical about the agency’s motive, especially because the government has been under fire for failing to provide an accurate picture of what has been occurring at the plant and the spread of radioactive contamination. […]

The agency said the Internet is overrun by discussions that are often unsubstantiated. One example, it said, is a posting that recommended mouthwash containing iodine as a safeguard against possible exposure to radiation. […]

An official at the agency in charge of the undertaking acknowledged that the government had problems in regards to handling the information. […]

The government’s ‘project’ began this month and will likely continue until March, according to AJW.

July 29 statement released under the name of the president of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations “denounced the project… arguing it threatens to infringe on freedom of speech”:

“The government will likely restrict free discussions by unilaterally criticizing what it regards as ‘inaccurate’ and imperil freedom of expression.”

Lawyer Kazuo Hizumi “raised doubts about the legitimacy of government surveillance”:

“Many people look to online information because they do not trust what the government says […] Providing accurate information is what the government is supposed to do in the first place; not spending money on a project to interfere with circulation of information.”

Published: August 25th, 2011 at 6:03 am ET


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33 comments to Asahi: Public outcry over Japan gov’t “monitoring” tweets and blog posts — Program began this month, to continue until March

  • larry-andrew-nils

    the governments are of and by the people…

    what’s wrong here ?

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      “Of and by the people”. Your just not one of the “people” thats all. Corporations are people. Large campaign contributors are people. Billionaires are people. Millionaires are people. Are you one of those “people”? If not, well then, you just don’t matter. Get used to it…..

  • I have seen the Japanese document on this. YouTube users asuperdry and aluminumstudios confirmed the translation. I`m waiting in anticipation for aluminumstudios to do a video on this. It will be a must watch like all his videos.

  • I think it has been proved the gov and Tempco are the Kings of “inaccurate information” !
    Hypocrites ! This is nothing but a campaign to keep truths from emerging by suppressing questions and results the people find out about what is really happening, this means the worst yet is coming and they want to control the news about it !

    • You can get a breeze of truths here !

      The situation is getting worse and worse. People are spending days as if nothing was going on,
      but I do hear more people cough than average for summer. It’s very humid and hot. It is strange to have sore throat in this season.

      and I am one of them. I have sore throat.

      • ocifferdave

        where do you live? I missed that info a while back.

      • Fall out man!

        Yes, some very interesting on the ground “rumors” regarding what is going on in Japanese hospitals have been posted on that site.

        Note that after Nuke testing in the 50’s people in Southern Utah got covered in fall out, and Doctors in Utah used to (do they still?) write any cancer deaths up as being “heart attack” or anything that looked less radiation related. Of course they did die of heart attacks, but the terminal cancer they suffered from lead to their hearts stopping!!!!!!

        No doubt Japanese doctors will be encouraged to offer similar diagnoses, just like Japanese chief of medicine “Dr Shittinya”.

        With regard to what went on in Utah, Carole Gallagher wrote a fascinating academic book about it. Some US soldiers and nearby towns were used as unwitting test subjects.
        Fascinating interview with the Author…
        The book itself, the Nuke industry is capable of anything…

      • WorseThanChernobyl

        We have sore throats here too. I keep hoping it is just allergies or something, but it seems excessive compared to other years in this location! We are in Southeastern WA state, by the way.

        • Ditto small soar throat somewhere out in the wild wild west here…still think would be worse without the vit c x3, pectin, pre-fuku kelp and hot baking soda/epsom baths at least once a week. Also been wasing any fresh veggies in bentonite (in a bucket! Clay can clog up drains!)

  • Misitu

    If they come here it should be obvious… all that we need to do here is focus on the matters in each topic, as expertise, curiosity and inclination permit, and beware of diversions.

    If I were the religious type I might say that the Devil comes in many disguises, but as I am not then you didn’t hear me say it 🙂

    Focus, Focus.

    Cheers — M.

  • Fall out man!

    The sad thing is that most people would sooner believe a nice lie than the truth. The Japanese government will now spend millions on giving people nice lies and silencing anyone who points out the truth. Ironically that plays upon Japanese culture. The Japanese are great believers in mind power. Hence their head of medicine was able to tell them that only negative thinkers are affected by radiation! (The famous “Dr Shitinya”! aka Yamashita) Such comments of course turn victims into criminals. When a Mother gives birth to a deformed baby, by Japanese government logic, her negative thoughts must have affected the baby.

    People need to wake up or the Nuke industry will take another million lives through still births, miscarriages, cancers, heart disease, strokes and other radiation related diseases. I use the figure of 1 million because that is the best estimate available of how many lives Chernobyl took in its first 20 years. This current disaster has released even more radiation than Chernobyl.

    Description of Chernobyl book – 500 scientific papers previously only available in slavic languages describing its effects…
    Book itself…

    Those promoting nuke power for their personal gain need to consider just how many people’s lives their lies will take.

    Most of the deaths from Chernobyl were not cancer, but rather the radiation causes a vast array of diseases. Chernobyl heart, chernobyl stomach, liver, kidneys, bladder. You name it, radiation damages it.

    Each generation carries more mutations that the last. All of life is in the bondage of genetic decay, and eventually will die out without God’s intervention. Most mutations are so minor they cannot be selected upon. The increase in background radiation caused by Fukushima takes all life on earth that much closer to extinction through increased genetic decay. Its a far bigger deal than people realize.

    Eventually accumulated mutation will destroy all life on earth. We are “devolving”. Anything that increases the mutation rate (e.g., nuke power plants) brings us closer to extinction.

    Its called “Genetic Entropy” or “The bondage of decay”…

  • WindorSolarPlease

    No matter where you live, big brother is watching.
    None of us has the privacy we used to have.

    I hope they don’t restrict free discussions.
    Most people don’t believe what’s on the Internet anyway.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Time for Big Brother to listen to Little Sister…yep…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    oops…Homeland Security ..has some sort of program ..called something similar…telling folks to watch each other in Walmart…lol

  • sebaschan

    I guess I will delete all my postings on my blog and youtube videos tomorrow. I’m too concerned that, if they start creating blacklists, I won’t get a visa for Japan next year.

  • James2

    Like any source of information. The internet ranges from truth, to lies to the absurd.

    Everyone here, whether you are an individual, a paid industry shill, or a moonbat – knows that the reactors at fukushima have melted down and are releasing significant radiation, and that radiation is showing up all over Japan, and likely showing up in many other countries.

    We know that the situation has not gotten better, in fact it’s gotten worse over the last 5 months.

    We know there is enough nuclear material onsite at Fukushima to cause major calamity.

    We all know that radiation is dangerous – and over time it has health effects.

    Those are the facts. Anyone trying to cover up those facts is a liar and a murderer, and eventually justice is usually served on murderers.

  • For Fukushima families, a brief respite from nuclear nightmare; Americans welcome in Japanese mothers, children whose lives were upended by triple disaster
    Portland Org.

  • lam335 lam335

    “…An advertising company in Tokyo won the contract, which is estimated at 70 million yen ($913,000)….

    …Upon identifying erroneous information, the agency will carry at its website “correct information” in a Q&A format after consulting with experts…”

    The fact that they hired an advertising agency to handle this shows that their “correct information” is merely propaganda/PR.

    What will be next, using focus groups to decide on “acceptable” radiation exposure limits?

  • Contamination problems in cattle, bungle’s apology = 枝野 Chief Cabinet Secretary

    Chief Cabinet Secretary of Yukio 枝野 prohibits the use of rice straw at a press conference Tuesday afternoon, contaminated with radioactive cesium cannot thoroughly farmers about distribution of contaminated beef expanded “don’t avow that correspondence was not foolproof. That I am very sorry “and mentioned that the Government mismanaged apologize.
    枝野 Secretary explained that “was not able to be not only problems of rice straw, beef about the nuclear power plant incident prepared to respond as Government “. Especially Fukushima 1 said “are becoming very insufficient results have realized frankly” about the nuclear power plant accident occurred immediately after information visibility and providing information, instructions. ( 08 / 25 / 2011-20: 23 )

  • Cesium detection not a magical transformation = Fukushima, Aizu district

    It announced that it tested had a magical transformation Tuesday, harvested at aizubange-machi, Fukushima Prefecture is detected radioactive cesium. This is the first turned out rice from survey results. Aizubange-machi Fukushima No.-1 nuclear power plant in the West about 110 km away from and space radiation of low in the Prefecture. … Article full-text >>>

    Translation page …

  • Releasing iodine 13% and extensively fallout cesium 22%
    Diffused in the Tokyo electric power Fukushima first nuclear power plant accident, radioactive material out of iodine 131 13%, 22% of cesium-137 in the land of Japan drop found in estimates from Ohara Director interest true for national environmental Institute regional environmental research center.
    Descent from the Northeast reached wide range part of Kanto, Nagano and Niigata.
    Research Group is the first nuclear power plant from iodine 131 is approximately 140000 have estimated the situation assuming Terra Becquerel (Terra, 1000000000000), cesium-137 is approximately 10000 Terra-Bq emission was, and diffused in the air drop to the ground.
    As a result, iodine proved many gassy first nuclear power plant mainly concentric spread. Turns out, you may drop to ground in the rain and cloud on the other hand, cesium is a particle, so susceptible to weather conditions such as rainfall on a regional drop area.
    (8/25/2011 The Yomiuri Shimbun )

  • shaktasna999

    Because it’s really early larry-anrdew-nails this is for you:

    If you don’t like the ACLU just google: Text of Patriot Act H.R.3162

    Then read it. Read ALL of it. Otherwise do not pretend that America isn’t just as guilty as Japan.

    Also look up the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

    This is how America is. The world needs to face that fact. We have the most “creative” judicial and legal minds on the planet.

    Japans system of culture is far,far older than America’s. We can only help where we can.

    Keep your houses open people. We’re going to have company. I hope.

  • Worst Scenario
    … A have daily check the reports on the number of nuclear power plant, but is this really big deal.
    Small branch office student says quote…
    This time the original 370000 terabecquerels the level seven accident evaluation, but it is this time twice.
    And even more likely close to Chernobyl.
    And might exceed close Chernobyl Chernobyl accident converging Fukushima is in progress and from the beginning has told me.
    In this way will the 仰tsu.
    Tera and 1000000000000, Pico’s 1/1000000000000
    It is that 740000000000000000 Bq 10000000000000000 × 2 = 10000000000000000 from a.
    Come pins and our public heard only this number, but I’m clearly were on deteriorating situation …

    Translation page

  • … Kei Sugaoka, who conducted on-site inspections at the plant and was the first to blow the whistle on Tepco’s data tampering, says he was not surprised by what happened. In a letter to the Japanese government, dated 28 June 2000, he warned that Tepco continued to operate a severely damaged steam dryer in the plant 10 years after he pointed out the problem. The government sat on the warning for two years.

    “I always thought it was just a matter of time,” he says of the disaster. “This is one of those times in my life when I’m not happy I was right.” …

  • TEPCO will use tubs for detailed survey of radiation leak
    Tokyo Electric Power Co. is making a detailed survey of the rate of discharge of radioactive substances from its damaged Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, with the help of some old-fashioned tubs filled with water.

    TEPCO plans to install the tubs at 11 sites, one on the premises of the nuclear plant and 10 more in the vicinity, to help review the concentrations of radioactive fallout.

    TEPCO said the rate of discharge has so far been estimated at 200 million becquerels per hour, but the measurements that provided a basis for this estimate may have included radioactive materials that became airborne …

  • … A couple who has supervised various dorms in Fukushima Prefecture for Tokyo Electric Power Co. over about two decades considered their residents like their own children.

    So, they are at a loss for words when some who continue to work at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant say things like they will never marry because of cancer fears due to the leaked radiation from the plant.

    On March 11, the couple was working as supervisors …

  • Clocka

    Someone forgot a tiny fact that Japan’s government is not owned by ‘the people’.

    The Emperor owns Japan’s government, and if he doesn’t feel like tolerating the government, he can close it anytime and set up something he pleases, like what happened on 1945.

    So, in the name of emperor, everything is permissible, including slicing a whistleblower into half in daylight.

  • Japan’s government estimates the amount of radioactive caesium-137 released by the Fukushima nuclear disaster so far is equal to that of 168 Hiroshima bombs. Government nuclear experts, however, said the World War II bomb blast and the accidental reactor meltdowns at Fukushima, which has seen ongoing radiation leaks but no deaths so far, were beyond comparison. The amount of caesium-137 released since …