‘Big Hum’ oil reservoir shown flowing directly toward surface of giant sinkhole in official graphic (PHOTO)

Published: November 12th, 2012 at 9:28 am ET


NOV. 14 UPDATE: [intlink id=”geologist-deeper-oil-and-gas-deposits-may-be-surfacing-from-below-big-hum-reservoir-nobody-in-the-world-has-ever-faced-a-situation-like-this-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Golden Gate Petroleum:

Title Slides from DNR/Shaw Public Briefing, Pierre Part, LA
Date: October 23, 2012
h/t Louisiana State Representative Joe Harrison

See the ‘Big Hum’ oil reservoir flowing directly toward surface of giant sinkhole in official graphic here

Published: November 12th, 2012 at 9:28 am ET


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35 comments to ‘Big Hum’ oil reservoir shown flowing directly toward surface of giant sinkhole in official graphic (PHOTO)

  • dosdos dosdos

    Well, the diagram is a little too geometric, using too many straight vertical lines, but it does portray something close to the situation. My objection is that it shows the Big Hum as a huge layer, when it's really not that tall. Then again, it doesn't have to be.

    The survey by Shaw is much more accurate for scale and dimension.

    • garjackson

      If you are going to try and be a know it all all the time at least get yoru facts right

      Nowhere does it say that "survey" was done by Shaw

  • expat

    How exactly does the Macondo well oil work into this scenario? What's the path by which it ends up in the sinkhole, if my understanding is correct.

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    Questions… Where is all of this void space they were speaking about?… Testing every foundation for pockets of methane, that is a huge deal! Where is the media? Where is Jindal? Where is Landreu? I would love to hear an educated guess on what to expect from this hole that is 40 miles away from me! NORM was mentioned in the beginning… is it still leaking from the bottom? Last but not least, why on earth would the floor of this thing be rising?

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    One more… this appears a little too close for comfort. Who on earth would have signed off for them to drill right now? http://www.ggpl.com.au/documents/121030-GGPNapoleonvilleWellSpuds_000.pdf

  • sworldpeas

    Didn't the sinkhole grow past 600 feet awhile ago? I thought it was up to 7 acres now… Seems like the "authorities" are about a month behind.

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    That would be correct sworldpeas…

  • razzz razzz

    I just don't think a magma flow is up lifting the salt dome or some huge trapped gas and oil pocket is raising the earth. More than likely all the debris falling into the sink hole is finding its way to the bottom of the salt dome cavern through the failed salt wall and that is how the floor rises or fills up.

    There is really no voids, any spaces are filled with trapped oil and gas or liquids or semi-liquids.

    That oil/gas layer continues to find the path of least resistance up the side of the salt dome to vent into the sinkhole. Seems methane gas is getting trapped in various strata levels on the way up as more avenues of escape i.e. fissure, cracks, veins, are used on the way to the surface which don't all led to the sink hole.

    I would be more worried about methane traveling up where you might least expect to see seeps to show. Of course, that is why they want to put monitors everywhere or at least where humans habituate.

    Don't worry, smile, be happy.

  • sheri sheri

    ibultthis All of your questions deserve answers and you have come to the right place as anyone following this uses ENE as their major source of information. The commentators here are remarkable. Having said that since you appear to need a little background I am going to suggest you follow a couple things: a blog called The Louisiana Bugle -one of the only other sources of info and DUTCHSINCE on FB and You Tube. He has been having chat rooms nearly every night on the subject and they are FILLED with smart people trying to answer your questions. Hope that helps.

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    Where are you from Razzz? Because although your explanation would make a normal person turn their head and say, whew, thank goodness. I find a hard time believing the Shaw Group would say they are missing 2.7 million cubic yards of void space and it not be at least partially true. I would think they would be conservative, but not the opposite. Do you think enough land has fallen in to make up for the rise? If it's sediment, then something must take the sediments place, or it's void space. I do feel you are right about the methane, it is a huge concern, however, it is all a huge concern.

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    Thank you Sheri.. I do love the little I have seen on Dutchsince. I will try and find the You Tubes to see if I can find some answers. It is making no sense why everyone is kept in the dark with little to no media coverage… I would think this is a big deal, but hope I am wrong.

    • sheri sheri

      It IS a big deal and that is why it is also a MEDIA BLACKOUT. Most important to take of yourself in addition to gathering facts. Trust me I know how easy to forget.Later I will give you some links. Have to run.

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    11:50 a.m. Update Observation Well #2 has been re-perforated and there is pressure present. A flare stack will be installed and we will update accordingly.

    Also, we’ve been informed that 3 trees that were standing where the last slough in occurred, have fallen into the sinkhole.


  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Just another day of profit and fracking jubilee for the likes of Golden Gate Petroleum and friends. Whats amazing is how big the salt dome is. Pressures a mile under are enormous. A casual thought could imagine that if you hollow out a space in the salt, that the vertical rock layers next to it could surely cave in. The earth slumps down where the big hum oil sort of lubricates it as well. The cavern fill garbage would be squeezed up. But it doesnt look like the sinkhole would grow to the mile width of the salt dome. So stock holders should be happy. For perspective, there are "31,000 miles of pipelines along the seafloor of the Gulf that could crack or rupture unless they are buried or their supporting foundations are built to withstand hurricane-induced currents." Short trail looks like this; (skull 'n bones) George Bush > zapata offshore drilling > CIA bay of pigs > Pennzoil merger > watergate. Thanks boys!

  • tooktheredpill tooktheredpill

    If you wonder why this has happened then please watch this….


    fracking is the result of the inabilty to 'keep up' with current consumption.

    We are no longer in the 'boom' oil era of the 20's and the governments will do ALL they can to 'maintain' our level of current lifestyle or finally have to admit that 'we are f*%ked'

    'They' will tell you that 'everything's fine',and 'don't worry' but they all know how the next 20yrs is gonna pan out. 'THEY' will keep the 'illusion' going as long as possible before the 'sheeple' finally realise they should've told us the truth.

    I know everyone's looking and thinking that we've only half filled the jar….but they know that and they know what comes next!! 11:59 and counting!

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      'They' already know what the smart meters will do… Take a look.


      • tooktheredpill tooktheredpill

        "your energy company and local authorities shall have the means to determine how many slices of bread you toast, how long you take a shower for"….

        and i just bet it was like that for the decade that Mad Max lived in before we caught up with him in the film!

        I really don't think the regular 'Joe Public' realise how big the precipice is…

        I fear for my son.

        • tooktheredpill tooktheredpill

          Hmm…wish i'd read down more before posting. The article play's on hubbard's argument then falls back to the 'there's enough oil for decades!'

          quote ' In fact, there is plenty of oil and gas around. Energy generally is the planet's most plentiful and ubiquitous resource and can be harvested in any one of a number of ways'….

          Hubbard's 'bell curve' has played out with every oil field across the globe to the point that (as in my original video) the US now imports massive amounts of oil compared to what it produces. The scary thing is…add each oil field up…and the global oil situation still fits the same bell curve…hence the FRACKING! Could anybody in the '20s US have imagined (considering that 'black gold was GUSHING from the ground), could they have envisaged a time when we would've had to go smashing the rocks to s*&t to eek the last little bits of fossil fuel out of the ground in order to maintain the current level of decadence we live in!!??

          I refer back to my original video post and I am telling you….we are in the half empty container that doesn't realise how quick it's going to get bad!!

          and I still fear for my boy!!!

          • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

            @tooktheredpill.."The United States, which currently imports around 20 percent of its total energy needs, becomes all but self-sufficient in net terms – a dramatic reversal of the trend seen in most other energy importing countries," it said.

            IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol told a news conference in London he believed the United States would overtake Russia as the biggest gas producer by a significant margin by 2015. By 2017, it would become the world's largest oil producer, he said."


  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    I have a question or two –

    I know that the diagram above is just a 'rough' approximation, but –

    Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to how closer that 'water bearing aquifer' is to the actual salt ? (by which I mean direct contact)

    And roughly what effect it will have when it does make contact ?

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      Before the sinkhole, the cap rock would have kept any fresh water away from the salt. Cap rock is usually sort of mushroom-shaped – it curls around the outside edge and extends below the top of the salt. They don't show that in this diagram – no idea if that's intentional or not. It may have been that way originally, but has since cracked of into the sinkhole.

      If it only extends as far as the salt wall, then fresh water below 630' is either going to run under the cap rock and over the salt, or is going to contact the salt wall directly. In either case, it will start to dissolve the salt until the water becomes too salty = too briny = saturated.

      Brine is heavier than fresh water. The deeper you go in the sinkhole, the more saturated (salty) the water becomes. Without any kind of continuous flushing or flow, the water reaches a point of salt saturation where dissolution almost stops. That would only have been a matter of days for fresh water flooding the top of the salt.

      We've been told the water is saltier deeper in the sinkhole, but they haven't described it relative to saturation. Its a toss-up whether the sinkhole water is still dissolving the salt wall or not. Any time the "collapsed material with voids" slumps down, additional fresh water flows into the sinkhole potentially causing more dissolving.

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        So basically the clocks ticking, but we've no way of knowing whether it's running fast or slow.

        Either way the result is inevitable, it always was, whether in our generation, or a 1000 years or more into the future, that salt dome is history, and so is the landscape above it.

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    Why are they saying rising floor instead of filling hole? There is a reason for their wording..

    • richard richard

      Well, I think the sea is rising, the water table is rising, the salt dome is rising. A lot more to come yet.

  • razzz razzz

    I've been in San Diego a long time now, might leave if I think San Onofre can't be predict to hold together upon restart.

    Once the cavern was emptied of whatever they had stored in it then they had to start removing the methane that found its way into the cavern through the breached wall as shown in the drawing then inject brine back into the well. That is all they can do for now as nothing is contained inside a cavern any longer, it is all subject to migrating outside the salt dome since part of a wall is missing.

    I really have no idea what they are going to do about it and neither do they or how worse it could get if the failed salt dome cavern continues falling in/down and working it way up, probably take decades.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    There is something fishy going on with the assumption parish police flyover videos. The last one posted 4 days ago showed a rectangular area next to the two big storage tanks to be dry and grassy when in fact previous videos and pictures show that specific area to be flooded and blackish like the water in the sinkhole. Why are there no news chopper videos of the sinkhole? I smell a rat. The bayou bubbling has spread to miles around the sinkhole as well. Why has the national media not picked up on this story. Why is the last radioactive testing done on record over 2 months old. Getting the facts and photos out with more urgency to the public and affected communities is needed. The handling of this situation is unacceptable and something has to be done.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Right, timemachine! Those two tanks are in danger. The flyovers have been avoiding taking shots that include the Path from the Service Road to the Pipeline Right-Of-Way. This pathway is under water, and opening up through the woods, as if the land on the sinkhole side is sliding into the sinkhole. The Tank Pad is drained by a catchbasin constructed between the Service Road and the Tank Pad. A couple of weeks ago, water also appeared on the grass between the Tank Pad and the woods on the Sinkhole side of the Pad. I hope they have drained everything out of those tanks, and shut down the well or wells feeding them! I also hope that they will begin to do flyover videos that show the Sinkhole from all sides and the surrounding area. Once a week would be fine, as long as the information is released without editing or photoshoping.

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      That rectangular area that your referring to isn't dry, it's STILL flooded, and that's NOT grass, it's most probably 'duckweed' or pond scum. The dark areas that are still present are possibly oil / contaminated water moving in from the sink-hole area.

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    Thank you all for the information you have provided. I try to keep up as much as possible, but I am no geologist. I know every executive order, proclamation signed by BO… a little about oil & gas, but this is just crazy to me. I must agree, the handling of this situation leaves much to be desired. I am disgusted with my own Governor and Senator. I am appreciative to the state rep that gave the interview last week, but it's not enough. Someone on another site told me that this was not news worthy… There is something about this thing that keeps me coming back to this site for information and support, as there appears to be none anywhere else. If this thing falls, explodes, or some other major disaster all at once, I want to curse every news channel that shows up.

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    The NEW ORDERS… specifically require Texas Brine to install in-home monitors to detect possible natural gas accumulations and to upgrade home ventilation for all slab-foundation buildings within the Bayou Corne evacuation area established by Assumption Parish. These additional orders are needed because of the potential for methane accumulation connected to the failure of Texas Brine’s nearby brine mining cavern.

    Office of Conservation Orders Texas Brine to Take Further Steps to Protect Public Safety


  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    Wouldn't drilling for oil as this sinkhole grows, help add to the problems there?


    November 12, 2012 Facilities around sinkhole allowed to continue operations

    Five miles as the crow flies from the Bayou Corne-area sinkhole near La. 1000, Petrodome Operating LLC is drilling for oil deep underground.

    Louisiana sate officials have issued a permit to Petrodome Operating LLC for deep underground oil drilling only two weeks after the giant sinkhole, methane bubbling and seismic activity led to state of emergency and mandatory evacuations.

    By Nov. 5, Petrodome drillers had reached nearly 4,800 feet underground, DNR records show.

    The seven companies with facilities on the dome, for instance, including Texas Brine, are being allowed to continue their normal operations and at least six existing oil and gas wells remain active in the Napoleonville Field, which covers a broad area that includes the dome, DNR records show.


    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      I think Bush senior auctioned off large tracts of land for exploration in the 60s. So what if its under the population. A related amazement is that the railroad company has mineral rights to any land you may own. These people care less about us than we do them, which is pretty little at this point. Its not hard to imagine people as livestock if you try. Imagine hoarding these oil and nuclear men into say FEMA camps and making them clean the roads and make solar cells.

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    Well, how did i miss this bit of information?! I thought that maybe someone "important" to presidential election politics was involved in this sinkhole, which was a good enough reason to slow down information until after the election, which is just about what happened – tests scheduled, etc. everything to be explained after Nov 6, 2012. Turns out, the Koch brothers own Texas Brine. Now lookey there 😉


    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      Excellent sleuthing vicfromoregon!! so now we know, who the unnamed operators of the napoleonville salt dome are.. surprised? no.

      ..and you missed it, as all references to the operator/manager of the Napoleonville salt dome are without a name, referred to as operator or manager only.

      …someone was hiding..but alas..they did not know Vic would find them 🙂

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Latest from Idahopicker on this thread:
    (Please forgive repeat if this is linked before now.)
    Lots of small EQs as the caverns seem to be failing throughout the entire salt dome.
    Please be alert, if you live in this area.
    Also note that the Big Hum may take years to empty.