‘Bizarre creature’ turned 50 miles of California coast into graveyard in summer 2011 — Gov’t Biologist: Die-off like this never seen here — “Abalone massacre… carcasses of urchins, starfish, other mollusks” — Experts find “alterations in 30 genes, some unknown to science” — “Suddenly proliferating… killing wildlife” (PHOTO)

Published: May 12th, 2014 at 10:54 am ET


San Francisco Chronicle, May 9, 2014 (emphasis added): Abalone massacre pinned on microscopic coastal killer […] in 2011 [it] turned the pristine coastal waters into a graveyard, with the rotting carcasses of red abalone, sea urchins, starfish and other mollusks strewn along the shoreline from Bodega Bay and Fort Ross to Anchor Bay [a 50 mile stretch]. A team of scientists [blamed the] carnage on a mysterious poison-producing micro-organism known as Gonyaulax spinifera, a species of phytoplankton virtually unheard of in this part of the world. Laura Rogers-Bennett, the senior environmental scientist for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, said the creature is as bizarre as it is deadly. […] The conundrum, Rogers-Bennett said, is that the blooms aren’t always toxic [and] are mostly beneficial, she said. […] previously unknown blooms of toxic algae are suddenly proliferating along the California coast, killing wildlife and […] have recently been bigger and have occurred more frequently than before. […] The scientists found [the abalone had] alterations in 30 genes, some of them unknown to science, and determined their function was to detoxify the body […]

UC Davis, April 16, 2014: In August 2011, thousands of dead red abalone washed up on the beaches of Sonoma County in Northern California. At the time, the cause was unknown […] “Parts of the genome were significantly different than what you’d expect by chance,” said Rogers-Bennett […] When they investigated those outliers, they found that their function was to aid in detoxification.

Ian Taniguchi, California Dept. of Fish & Game senior biologist: The deadliest red tide for state abalone in at least three decades.

Taniguchi: “Red tides happen every year, but having a large, significant die-off due to one is very rare […] Along the Sonoma County coastline, we’ve never seen it.”

Matt Mattison, 28-year abalone diver: [He] was stunned […] “Like going up to an old growth forest and then coming back and it’s been clear cut […] I have never seen anything like this.”

Bill Mashek, 30-year abalone diver: He was taken aback after diving […] “I wasn’t ready for what I saw. […] I have just never seen anything like that before.”

From Dec. 2013: [intlink id=”more-weird-things-along-california-coast-previously-unknown-toxic-algae-blooms-suddenly-proliferating-mysterious-stranding-of-large-squid-covering-12-miles-and-researchers-dont-know-why” type=”post”]“Weird things” happening on California coast: Previously unknown toxic algae blooms proliferating — TV: Mystery strandings of large squid covered miles and experts baffled… “essentially killing themselves, it’s just really weird” (VIDEO)[/intlink]

Published: May 12th, 2014 at 10:54 am ET


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152 comments to ‘Bizarre creature’ turned 50 miles of California coast into graveyard in summer 2011 — Gov’t Biologist: Die-off like this never seen here — “Abalone massacre… carcasses of urchins, starfish, other mollusks” — Experts find “alterations in 30 genes, some unknown to science” — “Suddenly proliferating… killing wildlife” (PHOTO)

  • KidIcarus KidIcarus

    (inspired by the haikus from last week)

    the seas will run red
    this is the way the world ends
    we have foreseen it

    • We Not They Finally

      That's great. I've always thought that T.S. Eliot's "This is the way he world ends, not with a bang but a whimper" was lame and trite. I doubt that the sea is "whimpering" — it's screaming bloody murder in bright fierce red.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      See the Biblical Book of Revelation (prophecy). RE: Chapter 8, many of the things which are now occurring could be said to be like Revelation prophecies. Strong analogies can be made. (like a "mountain" being thrown into the sea), a star (Chernobyl) or Fukushima falling into the sea, many men dying from the poison, the sea being turned to blood (red tide?)

      But I don't think we're in the "Tribulation" period, even though many of the things described are like what Jesus said were like "growing pains" before the Kingdom of God comes.

      People all over the world speak of such prophecies, like the Hopis discussing the transition to the 4th world.

      For the spiritually inclined, these are intesting times.

      No more from me on this, unless we can discuss at the Forum.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        I do find all this extremely disturbing. Many of my young friends are Biology majors. How can I tell them what I know of what's happening w/o their thinking I'm nuts? Maybe providing citations to studies would be helpful ….

      • Fukushimad is Revelation

        Daniel 9:25 Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven WEEKs, and threescore and two WEEKs: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times.
        The wall built in troublous times the 430 mile long West Bank Barrier.

        UN resolution 237 (1967) calls for the return of refugees to Israel/Jerusalem, that the refugees may rebuild their lives on Feast of Weeks 6/14/1967 +(6 7's)42years = Feast of Weeks 5/29/2009. Bricks first summit 6/16/2009 representing over 40% of the worlds population 2.8 billion people a covenant with many. First meeting of council of TEN governors over the TEN administrative regions of the US over FEMA 2/23/2010. Health care reform 3/23/2010. Arab Spring 12/18/2010. Tuscon Mortal Head Wound Miraculous Recovery 1/8/2011. Fukushimad P-wave portions of at least 8 fuel cores affected, atmospheric, oceanic, china syndrome begins 3/11/2011. Syrian Civil War 3/15/2011. 3/20/2011 Libyan war without Congressional authority. Chinese Sub test off Catalina 2011. Indefinite detention(Lawlessness) 12/31/2011. Russian missiles stationed in Cuba 2012. Palestine statehood recognition 11/29/2012. On a side note 11/29/2012 is 3.5 years after Feast of Weeks 5/29/2009. Fema Camps staffed…etc etc etc.

    • Ontological Ontological

      I just flew 11 hours total last week, the Cesium in the air is so bad I am still in shock! I got some great documentation.

      • What you got, video of a Geiger?

        • Ontological Ontological

          Stock yes I got the image of the aircraft directly over from the flight tracker, I got pics of the rads/waves, and a pic of the outside temp, wind, etc on the flight data screen. Also images of BAD Cesium pockets in the air at 34,00 feet. My current avatar is one of those images. I will leave it up for a while.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Onto, I just took a trip through the Eastern Sierras, from Hwy 50 near Placerville, across through the Lake Tahoe Basin, and down to Minden, CA and Bishop, CA, along Highway 395.

        The skies on the Western Sierra side were clear. The skies on the Eastern side (including Yosemite Valley) were cross-hatched with contrails, ahem, I mean chemtrails.

        Imagine my horror at visiting the beloved Eastern Sierras and Yosemite of my youth, and seeing no blue skies. Radiation levels at 2-3 times the new "normal" background level.

        I tested with my Inspector Extreme (granted not the most sophisticated device ever, but gives some idea of what's out there). Mountain valleys at 0.15 microsieverts per hour (on the low, low end, only in a few pocket canyons and a few small valleys), to about 0.2 microsieverts in most of the mountain valleys (4,000 – 6,000 foot elevation). The mountain passes, between 7,000 and 8,500 foot elevation, measured at 0.25 to just over 0.31 microsieverts per hour.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          That was Beta measurements, by the way. It was too difficult to drive and track the avg. CPM's, so I took Beta counts in Microsieverts per hour.

          RE: weather modification, what's coming over from Fukushima, & the U.S. gubmint's spotty record for informing the "downwinders" about radiation, I have to wonder …. Are "they" using chemtrails & ionization of the atmosphere to cause the "hot" air to precipitate down on the "low use" or low population areas in the High Desert, the Great Basin, Long Valley Caldera area? Just as the DOE used to vent into the NV desert in "low use" areas?

          I think Dr. G. might have posted a link here once to the video exposing how the DOE used to vent off the Nevada Test site when the winds were "favorable" for carrying the radiation away from densely populated areas. Am not sure who made the original documentary film.

          I just can't figure out why Beta levels would be so high there, unless the difference in elevation alone would account for it.

          It was pretty sickening. I love the Sierras, and I feel like I can't even catch and keep any of the trout up there anymore. I am heartbroken.

          When I hear of what's happening in the Pacific, it is heartwrenching. It is hard to be happy at times like this.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Goodbye, Blue Sky. The lyrics to this song are most excellent.


            End the madness.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              "They" took some of the most beautiful places on earth (the Eastern Sierra), Utah, Idaho, Eastern Washington, and southern Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico, and turned it into one giant nuclear toilet.

              I'm so PO'd right now I can hardly speak of this.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            And "they" considered the people and all life in the "low use" areas to be expendable, obviously.

        • Ontological Ontological

          So sad HoT, I know I too am dismayed now more than ever over this unbelievable act of sabotage on our lovely blue marble.

    • 4Yahshua

      5~13~5995 (out of 6000) in this "Twilight Zone Apocalypse"!

      Yes, they are. However, according to King Solomon, Yahweh's earth (Psalm 24:1) does not end!

      "One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth forever." Ecclesiastes 1:4

      The BIBLE = Best Instructions Before Leaving Earth!

  • ftlt

    ??? Would the ocean current have had time to impact California coast given the date – assuming 50 miles a day of surface waters only (generous – given highest surface rates recorded are about wind aided @ 75 miles per day) over more than 6000 miles (it is not a direct route – a big loop) = 120 days March 11th to report dates in August is less than 150 days

    And there is time needed to cause genetic changes too.

    This particular problem may not have been FUFU related.

    • GQR2

      corexit would mess with the fish as well as the plentiful radiaton in the waters. The pristine waters turned into a grave yard. Alterations of 30 genes,just 30?
      or the Red Tide. oh its a Red Tide alright and add some Black and Yellow for the Nuclear Waste and Contamination. These fish swim. These fish and mullosks are dead. Name the poison. There are dozens. Genes mutating was noticed in Aug 2011.

      April 16, 2014: In August 2011, thousands of dead red abalone washed up on the beaches of Sonoma County in Northern California. At the time, the cause was unknown […] “Parts of the genome were significantly different than what you’d expect by chance,” said Rogers-Bennett […] When they investigated those outliers, they found that their function was to aid in detoxification.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      ocean current…or aerial fallout

      Toxic algae blooms are on the rise since the nuclear era. Domoic acid sequesters heavy metals. Poisonous chemicals from land runoff, plastic pollution, radioactive and chemicals dumping add to the simple equation; when you poison the ocean, the ocean becomes poisoned.

      “The Army now admits that it secretly dumped 64 million pounds of nerve and mustard agents into the sea, along with 400,000 chemical-filled bombs, land mines and rockets and more than 500 tons of radioactive waste – either tossed overboard or packed into the holds of scuttled vessels.”

      When the detox pathways are overloaded, you reach a tipping point. People will also notice that their homes and workplaces have become intolerable because they cant detox formaldehyde, flame retardants, molds, insecticides and cleaning agents that before were inhaled unnoticed. Man, one of the ape species, so polluted the earth that it was ruined. No silver lining, no savior came for him or the many species that died terrible deaths


      • lucius.cornelius

        no savior came for him or the many species that died terrible deaths

        Given developments over the last few decades, I find it most curious that the sentence, describing "the end times", "unless the Lord intervened, no flesh would be saved", was written several thousand years ago.

    • Bones Bones

      There are hundreds and hundreds of radionuclides released, as well as having them altered chemically like the "uranium buckball deal," and these different isotopes travel at different depths at which there are multiple different currents as you go down in depth. Some had a straight shot, some may be spreading out as thought, and it surely has been enough time for at least certain concentrations of certain isotopes to be here and even close to our coast would allow biological magnification and that is without the species that travel the whole ocean. There are many, many, many pathways for the many, many, many isotopes released. (CS and Sr isotopes are just a few of the many nuclides released, which is all they model and their models indicate it's arrived as three years is a loooong time for something that doesn't stop releasing poison.) That is my take from previous articles concerning the transport of radioisotopes through the ocean. The reality is not pretty, but it is reality. Let's not forget mutations induced upon the food chain from the bottom up and those on the bottom reproduce much faster spreading mutation through the population much faster then bio-magnification spreads that to the rest of the food chain. Just my opinion like I said. No nuclear scientist, but from memory it is much more complicated than just dispersing through the whole ocean evenly.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        It's like Thor's Hammer and they are still pounding this God like radioactive hammer into the Pacific Ocean 24/7 non stop now for three straight years.

        It appears these radioactive contamination electro magnetic vibrations are not going away…ever! 🙁

        Pound..pound..pound…pound…oops..what have we/they done?

    • jec jec

      Air radiation can rain down on the ocean water and over land (surprising all these scientists dont realize that!)..its not just the plume. Probably we will see a one-two punch..the radiation in the air contaminating the oceans and waters along the coastline (rivers run to the sea with radiation flow off, gravity etc etc.), and then the radioactive Fukushima ocean plume arrival this year.

    • We Not They Finally

      fttt, why do you think this is ONLY ocean currents? Those reactors BLEW UP, with massive amounts of radionuclides spewn into the atmosphere and circulating round the globe ever since.

      agreenroad printed a great article by Dr. Paolo Scampa about the horrendous distribution around the globe of plutonium alone.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      You mean just like these mutations/cancers that they could not explain.. 🙁

      • humptydumpty humptydumpty

        OH, MY! When I look at those photos, I think what a monstrous crime has been perpetrated on humanity and on all of life. There are no words adequate to condemn the criminals that carry on such a dastardly trade, which ranks with the worst in all of history and arguably THE WORST. And they keep on pushing for more and failing to deal with the deadly effluents they are unleashing upon the innocents. When the imperatives of the greedy become so perverse that no amount of suffering and degradation will deter them, there must be a reckoning somehow to bring such evil to an end.

        • We Not They Finally

          Yeah, EVIL is LIVE spelled backwards. Destroys everything living. Ordinary criminals can sometimes be rehabilitated. But once you wantonly destroy everything living, you are not just doing evil, you ARE evil.

          I don't know what ultimately happens to such people or whether their very souls get disintegrated for what they have done.

    • Nigwil

      Ah Obewan, you forget the wind!

      The early swirls carried the radiation across the Pacific very quickly and there would have been deposition onto the sea surface. Then there was deposition on the land over all the drainage catchments of the NA west coast leading to the sea.

      So there would have been ocean surface and river discharges all carrying the first flush of then still highly active particles. The coastal waters concentrate the effect of runoff pollution and that may have been enough to trigger dysfunction in algae and other sea life at the bottom of the food chain, and at all goes bad from there.

      Abalone are surface feeders – they scrape their algae-food off the surface of rocks and seaweed. Very susceptible to accumulating toxins from those sources.

      It would be 'interesting' to see how the filter-feeders are getting on – the beds of shellfish which live beneath the sand. I bet they're extinct too.

      So sad.

      • Nigwil

        Sorry Obewan! Was replying to FTLT's calculation of ocean current travel times, above…

    • Jebus Jebus

      One has to take into consideration that some of these smaller creatures, phytoplankton, bacteria, viruses, and the like, have had multiple gernerations in the last three years. Fallout upon the Pacific was within days, weeks, of the initial week of massive radionuclide and radioactive gas releases. I would be willing to venture that some creatures have had 10 or 20 generations to present any genetic mutations…

      "Bizarre creature", changed by radiation?


      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


        Perhaps..I wonder about the effect of radiation on bio-engineered algae.

        Man-Made Life a Boon That May Draw Terrorists, Scientist Warns
        July 8 2010

        "Venter’s closely held company, La Jolla, California-based Synthetic Genomics Inc., has a $600 million deal with Exxon- Mobil Corp. based in Irving, Texas, to develop fuel from algae. Little public information is available about how that effort will proceed and whether algae will be grown in public waterways or laboratory vats, she said.

        Regulators need to take steps to prevent accidental release of designer organisms into the environment, where they might replicate and damage plants, animals and habitat, Snow said. A worst-case scenario of environmental harm might result from accidental release of synthesized algae, she said."


        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Radiation effects on ..Horizontal Gene Transfer?

          Horizontal Gene Transfer – The Hidden Hazards of Genetic Engineering

          "Genetic engineering involves designing artificial constructs to cross species barriers and to invade genomes. In other words, it
          enhances horizontal gene transfer – the direct transfer of genetic material to unrelated species. The artificial constructs or transgenic
          DNA typically contain genetic material from bacteria, viruses and other genetic parasites that cause diseases as well as antibiotic
          resistance genes that make infectious diseases untreatable. Horizontal transfer of transgenic DNA has the potential, among other
          things, to create new viruses and bacteria that cause diseases and spread drug and antibiotic resistance genes among pathogens.
          There is an urgent need to establish effective regulatory oversight to prevent the escape and release of these dangerous constructs into
          the environment, and to consider whether some of the most dangerous experiments should be allowed to continue at all. "


          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            And it happens on it's own through time.

            "Horizontal gene transfer from bacteria and archaea to a subset of red algae (called Galdieria sulphurarea) appears to have occurred over evolutionary time — which partially explains this remarkable extremophile’s multifaceted talents."


            Oh..hurrah..algae more adaptive than Humans.

            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              Coral Death Results From Bacteria Fed By Algae
              June 13 2006


              "Our study shows that bacteria are the front line that kill corals," Smith explained. "Algae release sugar, fueling bacterial growth on the corals. These bacteria suffocate the coral by cutting off the supply of oxygen. Once the corals die, this frees more space for more algae to grow. We think this process sets up a positive feedback loop that accelerates the rate of decline in already damaged reef ecosystems."

              A working combination.. for horizontal gene transfer.

        • Jebus Jebus

          Now add in a few hundred bequerels per generation and wahla!


          That sounds better…

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            "Gonyaulaxzilla… doesn't roll off the tongue easy.

            And what of the other toxic algae?

            Species Responsible for Harmful Algal Blooms



            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


              Horizontal gene transfer? Sea slug incorporates algae’s chlorophyll factories
              Jan 22 2012

              "In “Sea slug surprise: It’s half-plant, half-animal”


              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                Coming to a digestive system in your neighborhood..

                "This is one of the worries we have about GMO’s, and on Monsanto’s site they claim:”There is no need to test the safety of DNA introduced into GM crops. DNA (and resulting RNA) is present in almost all foods … DNA is non-toxic and the presence of DNA, in and of itself, presents no hazard … So long as the introduced protein is determined to be safe, food from GM crops determined to be substantially equivalent is not expected to pose any health risks.”

                There are so many claims that they use existing natural pesticides that already exist in other plants etc. They even provide plenty of studies that “prove” there is no horizontal transfer between plants and animals."

                • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                  "Well here is a study in china http://www.nature.com/cr/journal/v22/n1/full/cr2011158a.html

                  “Here, we report the surprising finding that exogenous plant miRNAs are present in the sera and tissues of various animals and that these exogenous plant miRNAs are primarily acquired orally, through food intake. MIR168a is abundant in rice and is one of the most highly enriched exogenous plant miRNAs in the sera of Chinese subjects. Functional studies in vitro and in vivo demonstrated that MIR168a could bind to the human/mouse low-density lipoprotein receptor adapter protein 1 (LDLRAP1) mRNA, inhibit LDLRAP1 expression in liver, and consequently decrease LDL removal from mouse plasma. These findings demonstrate that exogenous plant miRNAs in food can regulate the expression of target genes in mammals.”

                  The smoking gun that shows Horizontal transfer from plants to pests
                  May 25 2012


      • Tarangela Tarangela

        Somatic mutation

    • mairs mairs

      It only took a short while for Fukushima radioactive iodine to show up in kelp off of Corona del Mar in Southern California, which is one spot where the kelp was tested. It came via the jet stream.

      How do radioactive substances spread over land? Wind.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Kuroshio current travels at 30 miles per hour in some areas. That would mean tainted water from Fukushima can travel across the Pacific and make landfall near San Francisco Bay in about 10 days.

      30 mph X 24 hours per day = 720 miles per day. Approx. 5,000 miles to Fukushima, divided by 720 is 6.9. So it can take as little as 6.9 days for Fuku water to reach the West Coast of the U.S.

      There were a couple of articles cited here recently re: this subject. And I think Admin provided a link in a story to a news article wherein the Kuroshio current is discussed, and the speed at which it makes landfall in the U.S. If I remember right, the article was about marine mammal or fishery problems in Alaska.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Maps and citations showing range of Gonyaulax spinifera:

      http://eol.org/data_objects/21251269 (map)

      Links and citations:


  • YukonRadiation YukonRadiation

    As time has gone on here , we have found out how bad the 2011 meltdown is but what we do not know is just how little Japan did to stop or correct this? sorry not good at computer skills so go to Youtube Msmilkytheclown and watch the 45 min on the battle for Chernobyl and see what they did to solve the melt down? where the Jap's have done nothing and our governments have done nothing!!!! i'm so tired and mad but will be kicked off this site if i continue ! UNREAL the mess we have for our selfs? it rained here for the first time of the new season and the GC went three times higher! today should be shoot a nuclear rep day ?

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      I know just how you feel…

      Let it out, if you don't it'll just get worse and you'll end up making yourself ill.

    • We Not They Finally

      Yukon, you express yourself just fine. Keep going.

  • hbjon hbjon

    Please bow your heads in a moment of silence, while we collectively reflect upon how beautiful and pristine the Pacific West Coast had been and will live on in our most cherished memories.

    • Bones Bones

      I think technology is the only cure at this point. Technology to remove man-made isotopes. Hopefully, there is a lot of research in this. Even mushrooms could help "harvest" Cs isotopes, and dispose of them. Maybe one day, we can neutralize the particles, and that is just half the battle as they are often heavy metals and chemically toxic besides their radiation. Technology to actually remove and destroy man-made isotopes. One day…I don't know if we will see it. I doubt it. I think this is the bargaining stage. haha Makes me sad as well and I've never been able to get there. 🙁 No more taking for granted what our universe/creator gave us.

  • Sickputer

    As much burning nuclear fuel at Fukushima I witnessed on video feeds from April to December 2011 I am surprised that humans in North America didn't die by the tens of millions.

    But humans are tougher than sea stars and have better defensive mechanisms. But some areas are beginning to show unusual health problems and mortalities.

    Forget water speed…

    It's the Jetstream that brings poison to the entire world and it is very fast…circles the globe every 40 days in the troposphere. The Northern Hemisphere biosphere is in big trouble.

    We have not yet scratched the surface on educating billions of dumb naked apes about the severity of this Fallout Age.

    Fearmongers? Truthsayers is a better term.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    So they bring in someone that can sound more clueless than Vetter and Buesseler.

    "Rogers-Bennett and her colleague, Cynthia Catton, collected Tuesday’s sample — the first for Kelp Watch 2014"

    No worries about radiation effecting mentality..
    A creature? ..that changes DNA?

    " creature is as bizarre as it is deadly"
    Do back to school.. Laura.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


    Searching for Signs of Fukushima Radiation on the North Coast.
    Feb 4 2014


    How many times will she go out there without protection?
    For her 'handlers'..the more the radiation affects her brain the better.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS. At least make Buesseler take a turn.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Laura Rogers-Bennett, the senior environmental scientist for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife ..has known about this since 2011."

    Got permission to speak..did she?

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    "…the creature is as bizarre as it is deadly."…

    An incredibly accurate description of mankind if ever I heard one.

  • GQR2

    And man's toxins have created a bizarre creature microscopic sea algae that retreats into pods and awaits to rampage.

    Think about that. What does this creature do to people ? its so small do some of the fish and mollusks that survive it,incorporate it into their bodies? Then are they fed to the people?

    just a thought.
    There is no mention of other health steps they are taking. sigh.

  • Socrates

    Use of iron-based fertilizers to promote algae blooms has been ongoing for a decade. The purpose is to sequester CO2. Fears that domoic acid would result were dismissed out of hand. Domoic acid bioaccumulates and works on the brain on glutamate pathways. Seizures are the result. Aspertame also works on these excitatory amino acid pathways.

    Sea lions are at the top of the food chain. Pelicans are looking weak down at Del Mar. One ended upnin Burbank.

    Genes have mutated in excretory pathways. This might be a compensatory mechanism.

    Heavy metals change the species of algae. Cosmic events may increase the amount of iron particles in rivers. "When rivers run red." The activities of our favorite ape-like primate, whether intentional or not, are implicated in these kill-offs. Uranium, cesium, plutonium are also heavy metals.

    We have much to be thankful about the extreme collective stupidity of our species. That means that the agony will be shorter, perhaps giving other animals a chance.

    I photograph these species up and down the West Coast. In the past six decades, the coast has lost the vast majority of species.

    Things will get worse before they get worse. Consider NOT reproducing. What's the point?

    Sorry to have to be rather blunt. Mother's Day was nice. I spent it photographing sick pelicans. Surf was up…..

    • Sadbuttrue Sadbuttrue

      My Mother's Day sucked, my daughter didn't call or visit, because I'm negative. I had previously asked her to reconsider reproducing, I burst her happy bubble with my doom and gloom outlook.

      • Socrates

        Sorry to hear that. Kids are like that sometimes.

        I spoke to a scientist who told me that the inner core of the earth reacts with the otter core sending oxides of iron, sulphur, methanes, etc into the mantle (outerlayer) oc the earth. The oceans cover large portions of the earth's mantle. The data fluctuate constantly sith currents and tides. Nothing is constant.

        We all have to enjoy our lives because in the end, there is taxes to pay and our own end.

        Mankind does enough damage to this beautiful earth. The cummulative effect is devastating. Nonetheless, life goez on somewhere. Happy Mother's Day from me.

      • Tarangela Tarangela

        I'm sorry to hear that Sadbuttrue.

        • Sadbuttrue Sadbuttrue

          I'd rather voice my concern and be honest, than to be silent. Maybe one day she'll understand it's only because I love and care so much. Thanks for the kind words.

    • We Not They Finally

      Wasn't there some wealthy moron in Canada who illegally dumped tons of iron oxide into the sea to "stop CO2"?

  • Lion76 Lion76

    has anyone checked yahoo today? what a great article they have on Japanese bananas https://www.yahoo.com/food/the-most-coveted-banana-in-the-world-85225843761.html

    I am at a loss for words, but the feeling of rage inside me says all I need to know…

  • wc

    There are multiple events going on at one time here.

    Forgetting Fuku for a moment some darned industrialist dumped a huge amount of iron in the water illegally in his own personal global bioengineering project attempting in fact to cause an algae bloom in an attempt to have those micro-organisms to offset the CO2 we're putting into the air so as to reduce global warming.

    Then too back to fuku we have all sorts of foreign organism and the radioactivity from the meltdowns.

    Got to give the human race credit, when we F-up we go all the way 🙁

    • We Not They Finally

      Yeah, that was the wealthy moron in Canada whom I alluded to a few posts up. Forgot his name.

  • 76MillionBananas 76MillionBananas

    Bananas have been banned as a topic around here; get with the program mister.

  • Socrates

    Off to meet with scientists to photograph the coast and the biota. Likely to see see dophins today surfing in the waves from the cliffs at Torrey Pines State Park overlooking La Jolla.

    I have become a vegan to reduce my footprint. I do not trust seafood. I have seen people poisoned by algae toxins in shellfish. There are radionuclides and particles that are random. Lots of bacterial toxins in even cooked meat. Yuck!

    We only need 12% protein and no saturated fat.

    It's a beautiful day.

  • Mack Mack

    This is very important to know —>

    Nuclear energy, nuclear testing, nuclear meltdowns have INCREASED carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

    Here's how:

    Nuclear energy, nuclear testing, nuclear meltdowns release(d) massive amounts of Carbon14.

    And then here's what happens—->

    “Once formed, the carbon-14 is quickly oxidized to produce carbon dioxide, CO2”


    Carbon14—>CO2—->climate change

    • We Not They Finally

      That yes, and more. The nuclear wrecks the ozone layer, which disrupts all life on the globe, carbonated or not.

      We need activists out there who are willing to speak truth to power, right in public settings. You know, the speech that we used to think was "free."

      • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

        What Mack said is nonsense and only weakens the no-nukes position.

        Fact is Carbon 14 doubled prior to the nuclear test ban, from 1 part per TRILLION to 2 parts per TRILLION. It is true that each new Carbon 14 atom can make a new CO2 molecule, but CO2 is already present in the atmosphere at between 1 and 3 parts per MILLION (this century – it was 50 ppm 500 million years ago in the age of dinosaurs).

        A trillion divided by a million is a million.

        That means one would have to detonate a million times more nuclear bombs than have ever been tested in order to effect CO2 Concentration and bring it from, say, 3 ppm to 4 ppm.




        Let's leave the climate change propaganda to the scientists who have learned that as long as they yap about it a little, then the globalists give them the grant-money treats to keep doing their real projects alongside. Global warming is a scam, a croc of banker crap, designed to control money and energy consumption post-peak oil.

        • Mack Mack

          You obviously have a strong opinion of climate change, but don’t project your emotional position on climate change to my comment.

          Here’s the point:

          Whether someone believes in climate change or not, the nuclear industry has hijacked “climate change,” claiming that nuclear energy is the answer to climate change.

          However, nuclear energy can’t be the answer to climate change when Carbon14 is/was released thru the nuclear cycle/nuclear meltdowns/atomic tests, and Carbon14 converts to CO2, and CO2 is what they claim causes climate change.

          So the nuclear industry can’t have it both ways, whether someone believes in climate change or not.

        • It doesn't weaken anything.

          NPPs are not a solution to climate change. That's the point.

          Whether one wishes to believe in climate change or that humans have accelerated some kind of climate change is up to them.

          >>IMO – We absolutely have.

          The damage done by Nuclear Testing DIRECTLY INTO THE OZONE of the atmosphere was another Bright Idea by the Nuclear Nut-jobs of the day.

          Declassified U.S. Nuclear Test Film #62
          (detonated into the upper atmosphere @1:30)

          Oops…!!! We probably should not of done that one. 😉

        • Mack Mack

          Here’s some more info on Carbon14 in the environment due to nuclear energy, nuclear meltdowns, and nuclear testing:

          >> “Nuclear power plants operating under even standard conditions release annually about 92.5 X 10-to-the-10th-power Bq of radiocarbon (14C) to the environment for generating 1GW of electrical energy.”

          SO MULTIPLY approx. 390 GW of annual nuclear energy by 92.5 X 10-to-the-10th-power Bq of radiocarbon and that's how much Carbon14 is released EVERY YEAR.

          And that's just from civilian reactors.

          >> “Accidents in nuclear power plants cause emission of large amount of 14C, which is an integral part of the general radioisotope contamination.”

          SO CARBON14 is a big component of radioactive contamination after nuclear accidents.

          >> "Chernobyl NPP accident caused a discharge of radiocarbon as fine-grained reactor graphite and carbon dioxide"

          >> “…Chernobyl-born radiocarbon may appear 1.26 times more detrimental to heredity of man than radiocaesium”

          SO CARBON14 may be worse for man than cesium.


          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Like I stated before, we humans are in the process of cooking ourselves and the planet. 🙁

            I had to laugh when I blogged years ago about this Radiation problem and someone told me, come on the radiation isn't so bad, heck you use it in a microwave to warm your food don't you?

            I stated, yes I do, but I do not open the door, jump inside of the microwave and then cook myself.. 🙂

            In a closed environment biosphere we are cooking ourselves right here on Earth!

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          Krypton 85 is produced by nuclear technology and is responsible for climate warming. Also radioactive decay produces a lot of heat. The Russians in particular have dumped so much nuclear waste in the Arctic, it is melting the ice at the North Pole. There is no way to turn off all this decay heat which will last, in the case of some isotopes, over a million years. Krypton 85 is especially released in high amounts in the case of a nuclear accident and also during reprocessing of nuclear fuel. MOX will surely destroy us extremely quickly.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            Meteorological Consequences of Atmospheric Krypton-85

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            also, in considering the entire nuclear fuel cycle, huge amounts of fossil fuels are used in mining, processing, transportation, cooling, million years of storage of nuclear waste. So nuclear energy is releasing huge amounts of carbon including radioactive carbon 14.

            Also as the Arctic melts due to nuclear waste, methane is also melting and destroying our air.

            Also so much nuclear waste in the ocean is killing off all the plankton which is responsible for 50% of our oxygen.

            Also all the nuclear radiation, especially from Fukushima, has increased the ozone hole over the Antarctic increasing the amount of radiation from space entering our atmosphere and causing huge amounts of melanoma and squamous skin cell cancer in Australia. It also melts the ice at the Antarctic.

            It will only be a short time before the next nuclear catastrophe. And these will occur with greater frequency because the nuclear industry is planning on building so many more nuclear power plants and all the existing nuclear power plants are getting older and older.

            And all the use of depleted uranium and pure uranium weapons and armaments are also heating up the planet.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            Also, with climate warming, all the nuclear power plants built on rivers and oceans will meltdown as the oceans rise. And there will be no way to cool the rest as all the water heats up around the world.

          • hbjon hbjon

            Growing up on the West Coast of Ca. and spending memorable days fishing with Grampa off the Pismo pier and finding clams to make chowder with after we caught our limits of jack smelt. This hits me real hard.

            • Tarangela Tarangela

              Hpjon, I remember Seal Beach in the 60'sbefore it became a retirement community for Dr.s and Lawyers. I would go down to the beach and body surf, it was a kid's paradise..20 years TWENTY SHORT YEARS and you couldn't swim there without stepping on medical waste I read.

              • Socrates

                Belmonte Shores on the bay had so many clams to dig in the 50s. That"s in Long Beach, California. Now there are none.

                • Tarangela Tarangela

                  Remember waiting for the Grunion fish to come in during their season? Moonlit night on the shore, people with buckets, Grunions dipped in cornmeal and fried…gone forever. Socrates all there is left are the memories.

              • hbjon hbjon

                Tarangela, There were still plenty of fish to be caught in the 70's off the shore in Seal Beach. We had great times surf fishing for stripers and sand sharks and on occasion hooking a bat ray or blue.
                It wasn't until after the oil platform accident that the tar balls showed up between our toes.

                The ocean was not yet wrecked until about the mid 80's imho.

                • Tarangela Tarangela

                  Exactly. Hbjon I left Kali in the 70's so that's the twenty years after that I'm referring to. I was DRAFTED into the Army. Yeah I know, I'm a female. I swiped a motorcycle and my dad told the Judge to forget it he'd enlist me.

                  • hbjon hbjon

                    Great times. Yeah, I watched "Do it in the Dirt" and "On any Sunday", bought a bike in 1981 and rode up and down the PCH daily. Caught plenty of Grunion in the 70's. Easy to fill buckets in the moonlight.

        • Not quite that simple, sorry…

          Radioactive Carbon 14 From Nuclear Power Plants Causing Deforestation, Disease And Death Of Plants and Trees Globally; via @AGreenRoad

          • In reply to Alaskan ice

            • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

              It is that simple: Carbon 14 is really bad stuff in very small amounts, kills people, plants and animals, but it takes oodles of it to make enough CO2 to effect the climate change debate, one way or the other.

              We're talking parts per trillion for Carbon14 vice parts per million for CO2.

              Making specious arguments, no matter how well intended, simply creates rabbit holes for the less intelligent among us to discredit themselves into.

              We must think clearly and accurately about the mathematics and science of numbers and scale?




              VannV and others,

              The rest we can all agree: Carbon 14 is a serious pollution danger in and of itself, and the economics of the nuclear fuel cycle are not supportable. Ultimately, nuclear power is not the answer to climate-changer or global-warming or peak-oil or whatever they're calling it next.

              The overarching problem is that the third world is going to read this as an "I've got mine" argument from a nuclear powered cartel that doesn't want to share; and they're all going to build nuclear power plants to build bombs of their own just as soon as they can get away with it. . .

        • Tarangela Tarangela

          Welll Alaska, I could agree with you about climate change…but then we'd both be wrong wouldn't we?

          • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

            I don't know what "climate change" means. Anthropogenic global warming? No longer. Peak oil? (shhh that's the motivation!)

            Believe the banker/CIA croc of crap. After all, rulers of all nations have been using high priest/witch doctors to get people to worship the weather and use human blame to justify going to war, sacrificing other humans, diverting blame for poor public planning in the face of droughts, you name it, for the last fifteen thousand years.

            There's no nuclear winter, and there's no global warming. Humans don't matter as much as the sun, the volcanoes, or even the plankton or the trees.

            Get a grip.

  • We Not They Finally

    "Thirty previously unknown genetic mutations"? Do you get it YET, you creepy so-called experts — that the problem is RADIATION? Are you announcing it YET? If not, why not? How much of a bad conscience are you willing to live with while the world keeps dying around you?

    • Socrates

      Why selective mutations having to do with excretion in abalones? Radiation-induced mutations are random, right?

  • Nick

    Someone got the idea that obfuscation about nuclear radiation was the way to go.

    When FD-NPP went kaboom, the efforts at obfuscation went into hyper-drive.

    That which shall not be named is the elephant in the room.

    It is quite possible that some of the mutations are caused by rays
    getting through the diminished ozone layer (hence one can say Fuku's radiation ain't to blame…sort of).

    The rare die-offs are nothing compared to the rare bits of TRUTH that come from any government these days.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Monterey Bay species: Gonyaulax spinifera, Gonyaulax polyedrum

    Distribution: Widespread throughout the world's oceans.

    Info via: University of California Santa Cruz.


    • GQR2

      Heart i used to love to swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Love to swim in the ocean. Loved to eat fish. This is such a loss. Swimming in the Pacific if i had had the chance i would have and probably did at least once a long time ago.

      Seeing that organism?! Its so tiny. Microscopic? or is a little bit bigger. doesn't really matter,its ubiquitous and It's out of a horror movie!!!
      Not another splash for me. ever again. Ocean life is getting invisibly mutated. How incredibly tragic to watch this unfold.

      • GQR2

        err brain fart, 😉
        of course they are microscopic. That glossary of phyto plankton is really cool.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      and the gonyaulax toxin, yessotoxin, is different than domoic acid. And probably gonyaulax and pseudonitzschia have been around for a long time. The salient point is "When the environmental conditions encourage the growth of these algal species" and "when conditions promote generation of the toxin"

      It could take many years and decades before the total story of flux in the web of life is worked out by scientists. Thats why I joke that scientists are flummoxed when animals die after you poison the ocean. How could it be, they wonder.

      By focusing on the detailed analysis, they may get a few relationships, yet still miss fundamental causes, like massive chemical pollution and nuclear fallout. Instead of limiting variables in controlled experiments, they should start by taking a large sea aquarium and adding nuclear fallout, chemical runoff and oil spills and see what happens. In fact, the experiment has already been conducted and the results are just coming in. Its just that scientists are unable to interpret the data.

    • Tarangela Tarangela

      Thank you Rose, I wrestled with Dinoflage's all day, and I also came away with…they are NOT from a galaxy far far away…they are among us..even now…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Algal Bloom Occurs During Widespread Marine Wildlife Mortality Event in Northern California: Is There A Connection?
    Oct 11 2011

    6."Growing and culturing archived samples of cysts which may be resposible for die-off."


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Author of link..Laura Rogers-Bennett

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "alterations in 30 genes, some of them unknown to science,"

    And the genetic changes of the Gonyaulax spinifera ..itself?

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      this reminds me of the epigenetic conundrum of geneticists. "you mean the environment can cause genetic expression and changes? Nobody could have imagined something so preposterous"

      • Tarangela Tarangela

        It USED to be "genetic predisposition SUBJECT to environmental stressors" Course now we know due to Epigenetics that outside forces cannot only effect modifications to our DNA, but the externally caused modifications can THEN be passed on to our offspring. The more we know, the more we don't know.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    NOAA Broad Agency Announcement “Environmental factors associated with
    successful captive breeding and restoration of the critically endangered white
    abalone.” PIs Cherr, Rogers-Bennett and Moore $444,075




    • Sol Man

      Very fortunately for her all of that MONEY will protect her and her ilk from the radionuclides, buckyballs, and mutated microbes. Carry on! And, don't worry at all about breathing in the mist, getting the water on your skin, or a drop in your eye.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Is Fukushima Making the North pacific Ocean a Dead Zone.
    May 12 2014

    "A simple internet search will raise stories which speculatively describe the North Pacific Ocean as a "dead-zone" suggesting that activities of radionuclides from Fukushima are killing phytoplankton and leading to biological desert-like conditions in this important ecosystem. Microbes, algae included, are some of the most radiation resistant organisms on the planet that can survive acute and chronic doses of radiation that would kill multi-cellular organisms like ourselves."


    I don't see articles talking about radiation killing the phytoplankton, algae, etc.

    What I do see are articles talking about an increase in toxic algae blooms.

    These blooms ..lowering the oxygen levels ..stressing/poisoning many species…this in turn .. creating a dead zone.

    Nice charts ..Kos ..though meaningless.

    • lots of studies document radiation being absorbed by the lowest rung on the food chain.

      Plutonium And Cesium Bio-Accumulates Up To 26,000 Times In Ocean Algae, Up To 5,570,000 Bq/Kg in Land Algae

  • Jebus Jebus

    It's all connected.

    It's absolutely undeniable.

    It's the Ocean…

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    I have to call, "sensationalism" on this sort of reporting:

    "Gonyaulax spinifera, a species of phytoplankton virtually unheard of in this part of the world"

    California has has Red Tides due to G.spinifera, some very serious & /or long lasting, for as long as records of such have been kept. There are certain months of the year when ALL shellfish taking is prohibited (& people do it anyway, and end up hospitalized or worse, search the local papers). This is more extreme than most, but it is certainly not an unknown species in the area.

    • Just wait, it will get worse..

      Research ocean acidification and maybe then you will understand what is coming, and why it is getting worse over time.

  • And if a person needs to believe none of this is happening, that is ok too, as that is just the normalcy bias..

    It happened even as the Titanic was sinking.. and the recent ferry in Korea.. most people believed that everything was normal, because the captain told them so. They all drowned.

    The ones who disbelieved the captain lived to talk about it.

    Of course, the captain always seems to be the first to leave the sinking ship, just like the rats, by 'accidentally' falling into a life raft.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Looks like my prier posted theory of how rapid DNA damage could occur to phytoplankton, might perhaps be reality.

    Photosynthesis is a very important process in the recycling of carbon, water and oxygen. Scientists have studied this process for hundreds of years. The basic equation for photosynthesis, shown below, has been understood since the 1800s:

    6CO2 + 12H2O + Energy from Sunlight à C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H2O

    Radioactive O15 is produced by plankton photosynthesis, due to Tritium contamination; the scintillations will affect the DNA RNA Mt DNA of the cell structure. Bio accumulation from consumption of the plankton will be intensified; also, DNA breakdown in the Plankton will occur quickly. Also positron emission from When O15 trying to become anti O15 six times per each O15 atom, could cause other radionuclide issues far more efficiently, possibly creating much stronger half life scintillation of other contamination, perhaps worse atomic mass elements of Cesium, Plutonium, Strontium, Iodides, etc.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Some great work on airborne algae…

    July 30 2007

    "Ongoing climatic changes coupled with various natural processes and the outcomes of human activities are not only loading the atmosphere with diverse kinds of biological particles but also changing their prevalence and spatial distribution. Despite having considerable ecological and economic significance, including their possible impact on human health, airborne algae are the least-studied organisms in both aerobiological and phycological studies."


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A bit on horizontal transport..

    Process Governing Phytoplankton Blooms In Estuaries: The Role of Horizonal Tranport


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Toxic Algae and No-Till—The Environmental Darling of Industrial Agriculture and Genetic Engineering Looks Less Attractive


  • demise demise

    It is amazing that they walk with their eyes closed and do not realize the obvious. The root cause of this whole mess is the collapse of the ecosystem due to radiation poisoning. They will try to deny it until their untimely deaths, just like with Tobacco, cell phone EMI and toxic oil. You can't fight billion$ interests.