“Bizarre disappearance” of US nuclear plant operator — Carjacking, private jet, $100,000 in gold bars? (AUDIO)

Published: January 11th, 2013 at 12:58 pm ET


Chicago Sun-Times, Jan. 11:
h/t Anonymous tip

A missing nuclear plant operator who vanished after being charged with a DuPage County carjacking faces a March 5 trial date even though authorities say there’s evidence he fled the country.

[A nuclear engineer who worked at the Dresden plant in Illinois,] Michael Buhrman, 32, was free on bail when he disappeared last September after purportedly telling a girlfriend he had collected $100,000 in gold bars and planned to secretly travel to Chile to avoid trial, court records show. […]

His bizarre disappearance came just months after Buhrman was charged with carjacking a woman at gunpoint in west suburban Woodridge. […]

Daily Herald, Jan. 10:

[… Detective Jody Porras] said U.S. Marshals determined a former co-worker of Buhrman’s went to South America last year and has not returned. […]

Prosecutors sought to have Buhrman’s $20,000 bond revoked last year after developing information that he may have been plotting to flee to Chile with a large amount of gold. At the time, authorities said, Buhrman had access to a private jet. […]

CBS broadcast about the disappearance here

Published: January 11th, 2013 at 12:58 pm ET


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44 comments to “Bizarre disappearance” of US nuclear plant operator — Carjacking, private jet, $100,000 in gold bars? (AUDIO)

  • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

    You can't make this stuff up!

  • pure water

    Nuclear attracts this kind of people, and they make it even more dangerous. Easy $$$…

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      I don't agree with you. They look for stable people. They require extensive personality testing, background security checks, clearances often…. They do try to attract the best and brightest young people… and they do go thru lots and lots of intense training and tough NRC exams, etc. etc.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    "observe Zenoch; 99% of the species give their wealth to 1%. They do nothing as the 1% use it to destroy the planet"

    "yes, most curious Radnor. The 99% are called goyum, a herd animal, but we know little of the 1% since our data files are mysteriously corrupt"

    "see how they carry sacks of gold Zenoch, I propose we name them Gold Sacks Man"

    "A tad literal Radnor. But they were smart enough to destroy a planet yet too stupid to do it, now they are doomed. I propose Dead Walking Man"

    • amberlight amberlight

      CodeShutdown, you've intercepted a live intergalactic broadcast! Nice job!

      Any species out there with a shred of intelligence must view this planet as one global insane asylum…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Please take your racism elsewhere:

      β€œGoyum is the Yiddish word for a Gentile. Pretty much, it's anybody not of Hebrew descent.”

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        sincere apologies to all offended. We are all in this together, going down with the ship as it were. I remember when we revolted in the 60s, but the nuclear…dare I say holocaust….will happen anyway. Why? It is not only the Nuclear industry, but the method and mindset of man in general which is capable of bringing entire species to extinction. Its not simply Jews, Non Jews, Japanese, or any other race, but certainly from the perspective of non human animals, man was a scourge upon the earth and worthy of species racism. I wish people could get over their racism hang up so I could notice my black friends are excellent athletes among other things, my jewish friends are wealthy lawyers and doctors, My german friend is a brilliant engineer etc etc. Its simple statistical record…just dont DARE SAY anything. This blind, mute and sensor is part of the problem.

        • Anthony Anthony

          I think you are okay and I understood what you are saying. Personally, I find generally people are quite incapable to talk about things like this without being face to face. We say what we are able say to their faces then. If you had said this to me over coffee, I would have thought we were conversing. I always try to apply this context when I write so that people don't misinterpret me. For me Anne's response to you, in my coffee conversation setting perspective, is kind of overly harsh. However Anne to me is a comrade, here. So I saw this as us all having coffee and Anne just bit your head off thinking you are a racist. You have officially been *Anne'd*. πŸ™‚ I like to think that in real life we would be able to sit down and have engaging coffee talks like only this group does everyday, providing everything goes well (that day)that is! Cheers.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Anthony, He is still labelling. There are plenty of people in every group he mentioned that don't fit the stereotypes he is mentioning. Stereotyping people is to treat them as inanimate objects, not as individual human beings. I am a member of the 99%, but I am not a "herd animal." And when I am on the bus or wherever, I always correct such stereotypic labelling. It is hurtful to every person having to listen to such ignorance, and prevents people from having the freedom to care for the whole human race. I may be a friend, but I am not a "comrade". I am definitely against Communism.

            • Anthony Anthony

              If you are being true to yourself, that's perfect. Means it would be just another normal coffee to me! I would pay to see your face too Anne when/if we saw a ufo overhead!!!! Classic me for sure!

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      CodeShutdown, It's pretty obvious that you are not a member of the 1%, which is not of just one descent.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Even the term 1% is a crude and practically meaningless moniker, full of unfair innuendo. You shouldnt use it. But here is a question; Are big money conglomerates, many of which are behind the major exploitation of nature, man and animal composed of EQUAL quantities of the different tribes? G.E., Goldman Sachs…lets look up the board of directors. Again, no offense intended, as I can say family and beloved friends are jewish.

        Anne, Can you separate the function of human comprehension from categorization? Do you see a Japanese man when you think TEPCO? Seeing male and female is a form of racism and historically HUGELY unjust (for females). Observation without categorization; Its the feat of the rare Buddhist….oops I mean person…DOH….animal….Yikes…sentient being. Oh, if we could return to childhood innocence!

        BTW, a jewish company has super high tech, likely extended spectrum cameras installed around fukushima. I know this because I read it on a jewish website. Whats the point? NO ONE can get away from racism as even this jewish website made it abundantly clear thats what it was. WHY?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Your comments are off topic to this thread

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Had you said my comments were a waste of time, I would agree. My comments were NOT off topic. We are talking about this Nuclear Operator who got away with gold bricks in a private jet, a mere SYMBOL of the larger corrupt MENTALITY which is getting away with murder. I made a corny comedic piece disparaging the fact that THE MASSES PERMITTED this. Goyim fits WELL to describe us who WATCH the destruction of our planet. Goyim means the nations of the world, but also those who happily pay retail for gold, etc while the shrewd abscond with it. Complacent, conformal therefor complicitous. Your conformal niceties didnt save the seals and dolphins washing up on the shore did they? What is wrong with the Japanese men who dont stand by their wives in protest, or the nurses and doctors who dont speak? Or letting an obvious crook fly to Chile with a cache of gold bricks? Its closely related to this oh so nice politically correct conformance that you expect of me. Whats more its hypocritical because not even a pure hearted ANNE can avoid judgement and labeling.

  • nomoretrust

    So Nuclear insiders are fleeing to chile. Perhaps if I had access to the same information I would go there too.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I'd bet the gold bars,private jet and even the criminal(& sanity) allegations added for good measure "in case they talk" if they get caught during their "hasty exit(s)" are ALL part of the basic "Nuke-Puke BUGout kit" issued to them as rewards for their participation in the depopulation efforts/mission as nuke plant operators??!! They probably have "medals" engraved with their names and little "Agenda 21" logo's hanging on "U.N.-blue" ribbons around their necks!For all I know HE may have been the one who actually controlled the "venting" apparatus behind the actual releases that caused my wife's cancer personally??!! I can't describe the disgust and contempt I feel for the technology and people running them!! This guy might already have been killed to make sure he kept quiet in the event of capture by some not so "nuke-friendly" forces though?!! The closest he might've ever gotten to "Chile" was in the "blended" ground beef used in "canned chili" courtesy of "Vinny & Guido"!!(?) At any rate I highly doubt he will ever make it to a witness stand or even survive the 1st week of incarceration and/or the extradition process so this may be as much as we'll ever hear about this subject! I just hope somebody takes a REAL CLOSE look at everything this freak might've sabotaged or exploited construction/design flaws he knew about in ways that won't become apparent until it's TOO LATE?!!un-effing-real!! πŸ™

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    Thanks Admin!! When I sent a tip to you this a.m. I didn't know about the gold bars,private jet,former co-worker already abandoning his high-paying nuke puke position or his choice of destination-Chile!! I was already making apparently not so wild "speculations" as to where he was headed and what "insider information" would cause perhaps not-so "bizzare" actions after all!!(?) It's a VERY BIG deal to me since Dresden NPP is the closest of the Fukushima "clone" NPP's my home is in the projected path of release plumes with mandatory evacuation plans in place for any serious events! Argonne National Labs is even closer to home than ANY of the 11 commercial NPP's in my home state of IL as well as a few near the borders of neighboring states-but for this froot loop to have had the power of life or death over almost my entire surviving family is cause for great concern & worry!! Maybe he "did something"(?)!!-that will cause a Fukushima to happen (literally)in my own backyard AFTER he's settled into his new South American home where he can watch his sabotaged former workplace implode from relative safety?!! How much proof do the REAL "thinking" people in leadership positions of govt. need to make the official determination that not only are the designs,construction and equipment & materials sub-standard,flawed & prone to failure??!!~the "people" who are running the facilities are as warped & malfunctioning as their workplaces!! NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! 😐

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I was sitting with my wife in the chemo infusion center when I sent that tip btw-and I should THANK the idiot for his timing since despite being overtired & running on empty since my wife stopped breathing and nearly died(again)before I got her breathing again and able to take a puff or 2 from her asthma inhaler & decided I COULDN'T risk falling asleep before her chemo appt. in case she stopped breathing again and/or went into another full gran mall seizure!!~ I am proud to say that I was able to spread the nword to the Oncology staff and some of the other cancer patients and have likely brought some new friends into the fray via a damned good "speech" and a LOCAL example of why the issue concerns THEM too!! I'm happy to report that my wife is doing 100% better today and appears to be "out of the woods" for now,I spread the word in a credible,logical and accurate/honest way that left me in a slight state of shock regarding the number of questions and HUGE amount of interest & concerns I raised amongst a very high-value group of victims and medical professionals whose specialty is applicable and somewhat related to the issues/topics discussed for a LONG time & in great detail!!~The day just gets better & better!(for a change!) I'm so tired now I can barely keep my eyes open though!! Thanks again for covering this one Admin and I hope to be interacting here with "new" members soon from the good folks who engaged in the discussion @ the hospital!! πŸ™‚ TTYL

      • or-well

        I hope the post above reminds everyone why mutual respect and civility of discourse is important here.

        We're not all equal in our ability to spell or construct perfectly articulate written sentences, nor do all viewers have English as a first language.

        Some people are sensitive or reluctant to experience conflict.

        Disagreement is to be expected on issues lacking full transparency of fact, where interpretation is needed, or where opinion is expressed, but it needn't descend into rudeness.

        Having said that, I reserve the right to slag pro-nukers to the fullest extent my vocabulary allows. I'll just try and make sure they ARE pro-nukers first.

        • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

          + a gazillion. Or well speaks again, very wonderful words…

          hope your wife stays good jb..

          ..as an aside, I was thinking he needed those gold bars to make a tritium safe room for himself πŸ˜‰

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          I'm just curious as to why someone I'm still showing respect for seems to have turned on me and what part of what I've said or the way I CHOOSE to INTENTIONALLY use words & punctuation & not "conform" to what they propose is "proper" or "polite"?!! Before this goes any further I'd like to hear a bit more about it since the only ones who should be offended are the nuke pukes who harmed my family and the spelling police since I noticed a single misspelled word out of the 3 rants I'd posted in succession "above"? Maybe I'm mistaken and the polite little jab was meant for the posts ahead of my own on this thread? Simply acknowledging whether or not "the post above" comment was directed at me or not will suffice? I may lash out at people but NEVER at people who I considered a friend or even just an ally with some common ground that allows me to look beyond their annoying faults instead of pointing them out and scapegoating them to make myself look good. I've already wasted more time than I should've or do on such issues so please specify which post above your own comments so I can respond properly to it if I was the intended target since those who see it may also assume it was directed at me? THANKS……..

          • or-well

            Johhny Blade, I believe you've misunderstood my post, and I can see how you might.

            You were NOT the target!
            Neither was anybody else above!

            You mentioned looking forward to new members here, as a result of your being able to reach some new folks.
            That made me happy.
            So, I had in mind those newcomers here, and ALL newcomers here, who might look at a few threads and be turned off by seeing a lack of civility at times.

            I often think about that.

            The fact that you were able to get the attention of more people makes it seem all the more important that if they come here, they aren't discouraged from contributing.

            The remarks about spelling etc etc were about none of us criticising people for those things.
            I want people, especially newcomers, to feel comfortable posting here whether or not they are good spellers or good sentence makers or if they don't speak english much.

            I want people who may feel tentative about the info they think might be useful to NOT be afraid they're going to get jumped all over.

            I'm really glad you were able to raise interest among an important group to reach.

            Honor and Respect to you.

            • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

              thanks or-well, I hoped I had misunderstood it and I'm glad because you are among those I've had nothing but respect for and even when I'm out of line and probably should've checked my emotions at the media rooms door I DO get a bit carried away and make strange use of punctuation and words that might not be polite or even be found anywhere else on the planet!lol! I'd been concerned about this particular issue since the nuker got arrested and certain details I'd half-jokingly mentioned about S.America,etc. turned out to be mostly true if the allegations against the guy are accurate! I felt weird patting myself on the back because I never really do and this one victory is an important one to me because I felt like I'd found my calling!(?) I'm thinking that if I can get the attention of highly-trained/educated Oncology staffers listened to ME without rolling their eyes and seemed to share my reasoning relating to the HUGE spike in new cases that surely must point to an un-natural cause for their caseload & workplace suddenly being flooded with not just the "regular" variety of cancers,but MANY cases of RARE forms they saw maybe 3-6 cases per year prior to the last year and a half to about 10-12 per MONTH has them looking for answers too! I couldn't believe the percentage of people,patients & professionals who never even heard about Fukushima and had trouble believing it still since they expected better from TPTB & even the MSM?!! Sorry I over-reacted though!..

              • or-well

                Johnny Blade, I think you SHOULD pat yourself on the back! It IS a victory!
                And no need to apologise to me. I find it hard to communicate in this medium. I struggle over "straight" posts, trying to say precisely what I mean without writing a book or ten…I feel I usually fail, so mostly I rhyme, and if people don't "get it", well, OK. I envy the fluid flow of your thoughts to the page. I suspect, in person, you are a very engaging speaker, and I'm not surprised you've "caught the ear" of folks in the hospital.
                On that, please know you and your wife have my best wishes for strength and healing.

                • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                  Thanks yet again or-well!lol, Trust me when I tell you that whether through poetic methods or a few well-written sentences,you ALWAYS come through for the "good guys"!! I wind up all over the place despite having good intentions,sometimes it is well-received & understood but much of the time I can't seem to stop typing since it seems like despite having so many issues related to the same,insidious scourge we're burdened with and I try to get it ALL out in a thread with word/character limits and I think those who read them might lose interest due to the amount of time & straying OT that could find me making better use of the time and available space by keeping things short(er) & to the point?! I'm hopeful that my efforts to get the word out in person and being able to post the info for a friends proposed Pirate Radio clandestine Shortwave radio broadcast with programming focused on the very same issues we deal with right here beginning in the 1st week of March but times,frequencies and general locations along with that of the target audiences can't be announced until less than 24 hours from broadcast time to keep Big Brother from shutting it down before the biggest & worst news "never" heard can be beamed into the headphones and speakers of radio hobby enthusiasts who WILL help get the word out to yet another segment of the population who will then hopefully wind up here on ENE to educate themselves & spill into ALL media resources!(?)[fingers & toes are crossed!] πŸ™‚

          • Anthony Anthony

            Just keep doing you.

            • owlafaye

              I don't see anygiant media conglomerate on the Internet covering Fukushima. It is being treated as nothing.

  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    I hope you wife stays good and-or gets better and you get the necessary sleep and rest that you need too. Meanwhile, my first reaction is that this guy knows something and is fleeing for his life and if they can make up any more far-flung fiction to add to it they will… and I do hope he's not already dead…and I hope we can one day count on him to be a great whistleblower. (Where is it that Assange is located again)? … Anyway…. I suspect there is a lot more here then meets the eye.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      @Purple Rain(& all my ENE friends); Thanks for the kind words offered my family! If I really annoy or offend people that have USUALLY been the only ones who really understand not only what's going on that should concern them thanks to the foul industry & their players & I also added that I had suspicions that he may have been framed & more than likely dead by now if that was the case?!! The whole issue is insane & holds many questions although my first reactions don't seem out of line since a senior nuke plant manager carjacking someone at gunpoint & found to be in possession of a "rape kit"(?)wasn't likely to leave me feeling very objective,nor is the prospect of the closest Fukushima clone to my home in NE IL being seriously in peril whether from insider knowledge of the facility & its weak points that he may have already initiated an unknown but horrific event personally or been complicit in covering up "things" that would or WILL eventually result in the same kind of event and impact on my loved ones! Either way I have logically been much more fired up about it as it's so close to "home" I TRIED to refrain from suggesting the worst about people before passing judgement but lies,and/or silence from the "accused" instead of coming clean and setting out the truth I'm left to assume the worst. I guess my mistrust of people from that foul industry,holding back tears that turn to rage & PRAYING that I die in my sleep BEFORE I find my wife dead beside me..

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      @PR; Your post gave me some "food for thought" πŸ˜‰ I didn't think of it before but I realized I might have the means to get more insight on the actual charges and details of his "crimes" right under my nose all along!!? #1;I just happen to know people in law enforcement IN the jurisdiction the incidents allegedly occurred in! Even more than that!!~Please correct me if I'm wrong and "help" me back up what I'm suggesting if I'm correct??!!~ In the event of a nuclear emergency at Dresden NPP-"guess what village the emergency HQ are located in for coordinating the emergency response to a nuclear accident with releases??~If you guessed "WOODRIDGE,IL" you get a set of Tritium Night sights for your Red Ryder BB gun!! DAMN!!~I think I might have just posted a lil' sumthin' that's gonna put Johnny Blade back at the top of the local [s]hit-list??!!~ I KNOW you not-so-amateur sleuths won't let me down!! My cyber-skillz are admittedly limited at best,but MANY of ENEwsers are very gifted with computers and ability to "dig" better than myself even with this "hint" I just realized TPTB "thought" wouldn't be connected to things they didn't have enough respect for our intelligence to piece together a scenario that implicates the same town the "wanted felon" caught the charges in to begin with!! I had heard a long time ago that ESDA L.E. personnel in DuPage were offered PT jobs moonlighting as armed security at both Braidwood & Dresden NPP's!!(?)!

  • Well paid? Senior Reactor Operator?

    [He was]
    "…a well-paid senior reactor operator at the Dresden nuclear plant in Morris" – CBS

    "…a nuclear engineer at the Dresden Generating Station near Morris. He has since been fired from that job." – Chicago Sun-Times

    hmm… I thought the idiots usually got promoted in the Nuclear Industry. Of course he did make to 'senior' operator.

    Seriously though, I would be highly suspect of 'anything' this guy worked on, if you get my drift. Was he making extra money to lie on inspection reports?

    Just how much money does a 32 year old 'well-paid senior reactor operator' make anyway?

  • Florifornia

    Where did he get the gold bars from?

    Awhile back, there was some discussion on Enenews on the subject of >>TRANSMUTATION<< === using the Nuclear process to turn elements into gold.

    Quote from an article on transmutation:

    "Transmutation of lead into gold isn't just theoretically possible – it has been achieved! There are reports that Glenn Seaborg, 1951 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, succeeded in transmuting a minute quantity of lead (possibly en route from bismuth, in 1980) into gold. There is an earlier report (1972) in which Soviet physicists at a nuclear research facility near Lake Baikal in Siberia accidentally discovered a reaction for turning lead into gold when they found the lead shielding of an experimental reactor had changed to gold.

    Today particle accelerators routinely transmute elements."


    Note: it says particle accelerators "routinely" transmute elements.

    Look at all of these particle accelerators around the world:


    Here are some interesting comments on transmutation:


    The gold bars couldn't have come from the nuclear power plant, right? …nah, couldn't be…right?? LoL

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    I'd been up for days yesterday following another BAD couple of days after my wife took a turn for the worse and I thought she might stop breathing again and die while I slept next to her!! With that said,I was overtired and "loopy" and even a bit neurotic as I can see now after finally catching up on some sleep and digging into things a bit more & thankfully my efforts paid off since my wife has improved greatly since the same time yesterday! πŸ™‚
    So I visited with some of the 65 FaceBook friends I had left from the 600+ that was "cleaned up" so it held family and "real" friends. Today I posted a few items including the Dresden NPP "bad guy" story that I'm going to just copy & paste as a follow-up reply to this post since there isn't room left for it on this one. I've also e-mailed some friends who can access more about the incident and details than most of us here can including possibly even the original police report and details that would allow me to attend the hearings & trial if/when they do intend to hold his trial in absentia. My efforts and activism have seemed to draw some attention to me and I suspect certain setbacks & problems that have been emerging for my family are neither "coincidences" or situations that would have arisen had I buried my head in the sand or stayed quietly on the sidelines watching "the game" being run on us!!(?) It's not "paranoia" or self-pity,etc.-but is a valid worry & threat I can't ignore!~Next up is my FB post…

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Ask yourselves if there isn't something "fishy" about the whole story and circumstances?!! But add to the picture a few important missing pieces of this puzzle-"WHY"?-would a dude making BIG BUCK$ do this in the 1st place?,then ask "WHY" the timing and WHAT he knows as an "insider" who knows more about the truth that the nuke industry and their nuke-friendly govt. would EVER want the public to know about? AND just take this last tidbit from me and verify its relevance to this post and questions I raised here with the "seemingly" coincidental fact that according to the link I posted earlier describing the Chicago-area nuclear power plants map of projected radiological "plumes" & the areas each of the ELEVEN(!) nuke plants would require evacuation & which areas would be hardest hit and note that the location chosen for Dresden Nuclear Power Plant's Emergency HQ in the event of a major nuclear disaster was chosen for being close enough to manage emergency operations and coordinate the response,yet far enough to assume they could safely remain and direct the event's response from= surprise,surprise!!~WOODRIDGE,IL!!!(?) -where Exelon has a close & cozy relationship with the local village govt. and coincidentally where the "alleged" crimes were committed!!?? I guess TPTB figured most of us not privy to the details of censored incidents & events wouldn't make the connection and significance of the many "coincidences" that seem to answer a few key questions of…

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        I guess it was still too long?!! lol! sorry!

      • Anthony Anthony

        Hes acting like he killed someone or stole something. Perhaps he stole the gold bars?

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          @Anthony;I thought about that too but I also noted that he was an ex-Navy nuke engineer and remembered seeing a recent ENE post describing that gold was the ONLY material that could contain tritium and that the USN used gold to coat ALL of their reactor vessels. Does the commercial NPP's also use gold to line their reactors? Could he have stolen it during his relatively recent enlistment from the USN? Is the FBI investigation of him and a former co-worker related to such a theft during their service if in fact the co-worker was someone HE hired and brought into his NPP? He HAD to make $100,000 a year or more so why would he leave such a cozy,secure job with just $100,000 in gold and the $14,000 he withdrew from bank accounts? What are the personal details of the alleged "victim" who remained "unidentified" and why did it happen in Woodridge,IL-the town Exelon's Emergency response Center for an accident at Dresden NPP just happens to be located in? The victime stating she did not recognize him as her attacker because of the "very realistic mask of an elderly gentleman" he allegedly had in his possession when arrested? Is it possible that an "elderly-appearing" gentleman was actually a different person who participated in the "framing" of this guy? He also holds many "secrets" still highly classified related to his Top Secret level security clearance REQUIRED before ever entering the USN nuke program? SO MUCH to ponder??!! 😐 **

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    cont'd- of the many that this issue and story evokes!!?? Decide for yourselves since there's MANY other issues of concern that this subject brings to mind-especially for those of us who live near the NPP that this guy suddenly decided to RUN,not "walk" away from!!(?) I'm guessing HE was not the one who cut off his electronic monitoring device from his ankle-but was probably killed by whoever did!!(?)

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    He probably knows how much radiation we are all being exposed and left the Northern Hemisphere for good.