Bloomberg exposes IAEA: Safety division is a “marketing channel” for nuclear technology, reveals secret US docs

Published: December 10th, 2011 at 12:55 pm ET


UN Atomic Agency Money Goes to Terror Fight, Not Nuclear Safety, Bloomberg, Dec. 10, 2011 (Emphasis Added):


  • The [International Atomic Energy Agency] classifies safety as one of its top three priorities, yet is spending 8.9 percent [of budget…] on making plants secure from accidents
  • The IAEA was founded in 1957 as the global “Atoms for Peace” organization to promote “safe, secure and peaceful” nuclear technology
  • 2,300 work at the IAEA’s secretariat at its headquarters
  • Its mission statement encapsulates the same conflict as Japan’s failed nuclear-safety regime: playing the role of both promoter and regulator of atomic power, according to scientists, diplomats and analysts interviewed by Bloomberg News.

Johannis Noeggerath, president of Switzerland’s Society of Nuclear Professionals and safety director for the country’s Leibstadt reactor

  • [IAEA] “accepted for years the overlap between regulation and industry in Japan”
  • “They have a safety culture problem”


The agency’s safety division garnered little respect in U.S. diplomatic cables that described the department as a marketing channel for countries seeking to sell atomic technology

IAEA vs. Convention on Nuclear Safety

The IAEA’s own mission to promote atomic power may also contradict the Convention on Nuclear Safety.

“Each contracting party shall take the appropriate steps to ensure an effective separation between the functions of the regulatory body and those of any other body or organization concerned with the promotion or utilization of nuclear energy,” says article 8.2 of the convention.

Robert Kelley, a former IAEA director who led inspections in Iraq

  • “IAEA inspectors and field workers are largely on their own when it comes to safely carrying out their jobs”
  • “They receive little guidance or support and they are very dependent on the facilities they are inspecting to protect their health”

Trevor Findlay, former Australian diplomat

  • “The IAEA did not seize the opportunity of this dreadful event to advance the agency’s role in nuclear safety”
  • IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano “has been tough on Iran and Syria, but not when it comes to nuclear safety”
  • The agency’s failure on Fukushima is due to its timid leadership and an over-reliance on Japanese data

Akio Matsumura, a former diplomat and chairman of the World Business Academy

  • The absence of independent information about the [Fukushima] meltdown compounds those fears, he said
  • “The IAEA has disseminated reports on updates at Fukushima, but the source of the information is the Japanese government”
  • “If the Japanese government chooses to remain opaque in its dealings, then the IAEA reports will be useless”

Bloomberg adds this interesting piece of previously unknown information: “One IAEA plant inspector fell into a Czech nuclear-fuel cooling pond in 2007, according to four officials who declined to be identified. The agency won’t make public a full list of incidents involving its own staff.”

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Published: December 10th, 2011 at 12:55 pm ET


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53 comments to Bloomberg exposes IAEA: Safety division is a “marketing channel” for nuclear technology, reveals secret US docs

  • James2

    Woah, there is some real fear inside the industry that the public is going to find out about Fukushima.

    As soon as they do, then heads will have to roll.

    The previous thread mentions the NRC – which is a federal agency and subject to felony convictions if they cover up a nuclear accident.

    I’m not sure about the IAEA, but I suspect they’ll be thrown under the bus as well.

    • Mack Mack

      —-> Holy cash cow! The IAEA has a $469 million dollar a year budget! $41,740,000 of that goes to safety.

      How much goes to salaries and administration?

      —-> The IAEA also spends $$ on the irradiation of wheat, insects and promoting the irradiation of food.

      —-> The IAEA is a United Nations-funded agency. Who funds the United Nations?

      The United States is the largest contributor to the U.N.!

      Read how the U.S. funds the U.N. here:

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Hi Mack & all. The IAEA has a facebook “fan page” which is open for comments. Feel free to use this opportunity.


  • arclight arclight

    and the driving forces behind the IAEACORP?

    Nuclear build to create 17,000 jobs 06/12/2011

    Mr Farrar added: “The industry needs to ensure that it has the right skills to be able to meet the demands of the nuclear build project. Nuclear represents a big cultural shift in terms of behaviours needed on site. Safety considerations are far more prominent and complex than in other industries and need to be fully understood. Therefore it is vital that UK construction contractors in the bidding run for the new nuclear build programme are involved early with us. In striving to develop and prepare the future nuclear workforce we are working to help business succeed and grow.

    “We need to appreciate the current strengths and weaknesses of the skills base and promote effective transition planning with employers and trade unions, ensuring that the UK supply chain is ready to play its part in the ‘nuclear’ renaissance.”

    RCUK Energy Programme

    The Energy Programme is investing more than £530 million in research and skills to pioneer a low carbon future. This builds on an investment of £360 million over the past 5 years.

    • arclight arclight


      Home > Research Policy > Cross-Council Research > RCUK Energy Programme > What the Energy Programme funds > Nuclear fission
      Nuclear fission
      These challenges include, not only science and engineering, but also the environmental, social and economic aspects and how these influence regulation and policy. A further challenge is ensuring the sufficient capacity of highly trained researchers.
      We are currently supporting research in this area with a portfolio of
      £41 million. This involves 20 projects of which 7 are collaborative with industry involving 20 separate industrial partners.
      Key investments include the £6.1 million Keeping the Nuclear Option Open (KNOO), a research programme focusing on new reactor technology, waste disposal and materials as well as providing a significant levels of training.
      Other investments include the £4.2 million Decommisioning, Immobilisation And Management Of Nuclear wastes for Disposal (DIAMOND) project and the £2.1 million Sustainability assessment of nuclear power (SPRIng) project.
      Continuing support in this area is critical to the continued development of new nuclear build and its potential as a key component in delivering the UK’s low carbon economy.

    • arclight arclight

      University gets £8 million to extend civil nuclear research
      09 Dec 2009

      The Government and the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) is investing £8 million to expand existing civil nuclear research facilities within The University of Manchester.
      “Working in partnership with The University of Manchester’s Dalton Nuclear Institute, the NAMRC will be led by the University of Sheffield together with industrial partners Rolls-Royce.

      The NAMRC will comprise a new £25 million building, funded by central government and Yorkshire Forward, located at the Manufacturing Technology Park on the Sheffield / Rotherham border.

      The University of Manchester’s main role within the NAMRC will be to lead on the research agenda, drawing on its internationally recognised nuclear research capability.”
      “……“As a partner in the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, and leading on the nuclear research agenda, the University will be able to efficiently deliver the latest research knowledge to the manufacturing industry to ensure the development of a safe UK supply chain to fully service the future civil nuclear new-build.””

    • arclight arclight

      “Dr Susan Ion, British Nuclear Fuel Limited’s Executive Director of Technology, who graduated from Imperial with first class honours in metallurgy in 1976 and went on to complete her PhD in the same subject in 1979. She is the UK’s representative on the International Atomic Energy Agency Standing Advisory Group on Nuclear Energy and was awarded the OBE in 2002 for services to the nuclear”

      • arclight arclight

        and finally this bit of preplanning.. a four year project started in 1996 to run four years.. probaly forgotten! have a quick look see… the funding, the connections and this is only the uk. the nuke industry has been setting up these small oranisations to promote nuclear everywhere..
        hope you like think this postings are as relevant to the situation as i do! now i will let you rip into the IAEACORP.. grabs tea sits back and awaits the mayhem 🙂
        nice post enenews!! big up!! oh and good timimg! 🙂

          • or-well

            Very relevant.
            There’s also a website “out there” somewhere that talks about how the W.H.O. is, put simply, the IAEAs’ lapdog when it comes to publicly commenting on health as it relates to nuclear.
            I went there once, probably saw it mentioned here. Quite an eye-opener.

            • PayAttention

              the funding and connections in the u.s. nuclear industry is outrageous, too…

              check out any company here:


            • arclight arclight

              hi or-well
              WHO agreement with IAEA

              “In 1959 the World Health Organisation entered into an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency which gave the unequivocally pro-nuclear IAEA a veto over WHO research into the effects of radiation.

              It is important to bear in mind that the IAEA is dedicated to fostering the spread of nuclear power. That commitment is at the very begining of its constitution.
              For fully half a century the WHO has been subservient to IAEA in matters of radiation and health. Under the WHO/IAEA Agreement (WHA12-40) of 28 May 1959, the IAEA has assumed a power of veto over WHO’s activities. Similar “agreements” constrain other UN agencies.”
              go to left of page scroll down and iaea/who link
              low dose radiation campaign

              • or-well

                Hi arclight !
                Great find for everybody !

                The llrc site is new to me (good site!) but I saw where I first heard of this dirtiness – at
                “for the independence of WHO” site.

                I’m old (and cynical) enough that I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was.

                How deep the rot goes and how well it’s been PLANNED. I think that’s what makes it so hard for some to awaken to the truth; that it’s multi-generational, well-organised and deliberate.

                Anyway – Thank you and may you be safe from vampire tanukis.

              • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

                Hi arclight – great site, though quite a pain to read 🙂

                • arclight arclight

                  @b and b
                  just gave them a donation to help with the site! i know they are struggling finacially!! and they do such important work!!

                  see the DU material…. very relevant!!

  • CaptD CaptD

    Good to see that some truth is finally seeing the light of day!
    Expect to see much more very soon, as the French also just say N☢!

    See Nuclear Fascism*

    *Nuclear Fascism

  • Gmouse

    Hi folks,
    First time posting. I’ve been running a Rados (rad-60) digital gamma/Xray dosimeter accumulation survey since the beginning, in San Diego Cal. I’m a retired physics lab rat, class II fed rad worker cert. Worked in particle research, not electricity production. It is 10:30am 12-10-2011. In the last 24 hrs. the “post FUKU new normal” .2-.3 mr per 24 hr. gamma accumulation has risen to 2.2 mr for the 24hr. period.Heads up for personal countermeasures. We’re cooked!!
    This is higher than the initial fallout wave in March. Be diligent , be careful, be strong. Unity on this site,likely the best info on the planet.

    • Mack Mack

      Welcome Gmoose and thank you!

      Please feel free to also post your radiation monitoring data at the Enenews rad monitoring forum here:

    • dpl dpl

      My GC is reading the highest I have ever measured here in San Jose CA and I’m indoors it’s cold outside. not good.

      • bluerthanblu bluerthanblu

        Sorry to jump in here, this should be on the radiation monitoring thread board. The EPA graphs on Alexander Higgins’ blog show ZIP on beta particles! Do you mind my asking what your reading is for San Jose?

        Depending on the wind and moisture level, San Jose, San Francisco, Berkeley, Novato, and Santa Rosa must be somewhat different. At least I can see that SF has an increase in CPM for the last several days although I don’t know if San Jose is same. Wondering about Sonoma due to the jet stream passing over the top of SF Bay, at times missing the south bay. I can understand San Diego having a higher radiation count when wind from Japan heads south, as it does after October, or, the winds hit northern CA first and rolled down the coast. When concentrated fingers of radioactive water hit the West Coast in the near future, I can only imagine that our air cpm counts will significantly increase.

    • GMouse

      May I post your comment on my blog?

      We’ve had very high readings in Phoenix over the last 2 weeks according to the EPA’ radnet, ranging up to 700 CPM.

      Majia Nadesan

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      AAAArrrrgggghhh…just spent over an hour tearing my place apart because my geiger counter went missing a couple of days ago. But after your post Gmouse, I wanted to check.

      I finally found it at the bottom of my laundry basket…I’ll try to test over the next few days.

    • stock

      welcome and thanks!

    • Whoa, Gmouse. I was only getting levels that high in the rain, first of April. Seeing any fresh fission products?

  • CaptD CaptD

    Great chart of how little land it would take to power theWorld with Solar:

    • James2

      We could reduce our energy usage by about 40% overnight by switching to 100% LED lighting.

      However this isn’t desirable. They need to sell more electricity and build more plants – not less.

      Furthermore it will put the light bulb companies out of business, because LED’s last a long time. Already they are working on ways of having the LED bulbs “burn out” faster.

  • TepcoSievert TepcoSievert

    Reading all the information on ENENEWS, I have been shocked to realize how cynical, deceitful, inhumane the business, industry and authorities are. There just seems to be no limit to their wickedness. As a friend of mine says: “even if you come to accept the wildest conspiracy theories, you are still underestimating the true scale of the problem”!
    Now I am beginning to think it is not impossible some people there have been reckoning: “the more we pollute the environment, the more money there is to make: the public already spends increasingly for energy, food, water; how about contaminating the air so that people will have to pay for breathing! Imagine all the $$$$$$$ that could be made selling bottled …air!
    Is that the idea behind the reported “chemtrails”?

    • James2

      Remember a few months ago, when I told the nuke industry shills who were flooding the message boards with misinformation that they have already been selected to take the fall for this?

      Reckoning time is near…

      BTW – Go to the wacko websites to talk about crap like Chemtrails.

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      You’re shocked?

      Actually, I get shocked, too…not because it surprises me that they are corrupt. Just the extent of the corruption is shocking sometimes.

    • stock

      I think the chemtrails stuff is pure bunk

  • James2

    The article is really funny. It appears that the US government is setting the IAEA to take the fall when the reality of Fukushima hits the newsstands.

    I hope the American public doesn’t forget that our own NRC and EPA and those who they report to have been complicit as well.

    • or-well

      It is interesting –
      “…Japan’s failed nuclear-safety regime:,,,”

      “…years of faked safety reports and fatal accidents in Japan’s atomic-power industry.”

      Fatal ! Attn: nuke-shills !

      Japans’ nuke safety NISA “…in conflict of interest…under control ofthe Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry…mandate to promote nuclear power.”

      “They have a safety culture problem.” Swiss safety director referring to Japan.

      Criticises Amano (IAEA Japanese head),
      also Taniguchi former IAEA head of safety who helped create Japans’ regulatory regime,

      “…over-reliance on Japanese data…”

      Seems to point blame at Japan as much as IAEA itself, using Japanese members of IAEA.

      Maybe a double-play – look, there’s the bad guys, the Japanese and the IAEA, in a campaign to get certain more Anglo/Euro-centric folks into the IAEA and deflect attention from NRC/EPA etc.

      Who knows. Truth as a weapon and a shield.

      • arclight arclight

        interesting posit… the blame game could save the pensions and the nuclear industry, we just have got to battle “MINDSHARE” WPP! no problem!! :/

  • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

    I think that was a typo. Should read “energy for price”

    • Grace Grace

      +1 Flapdoodle

    • arclight arclight

      “energy for price” yep! follow thebadly invested money!!

      New EDF upgrade contract

      09 December 2011

      Areva has won a contract to upgrade monitoring and control systems for EDF’s 20 largest reactors across eight power plants.
      The work is worth some €600 million ($1.33 billion), said the companies in a joint statement. It is “an integral part of EDF’s industrial program for the continuous improvement of its nuclear installations.”

      “The contract is the latest in a series regarding this portion of EDF’s fleet which is being prepared for a potentially longer operating lifespan. In September EDF awarded contracts totalling €1.5 billion ($2 billion) for 44 replacement steam generators for the 1300 MWe-class fleet, splitting the work between Areva and Westinghouse. The overall program should improve performance by 7%, adding about 15 TWh per year to combined output – more than would come from a new reactor.”

  • Gmouse

    You may most certainly re-post any info I contribute. My occupational experience is in pure science (particle physics experimentation). Not weapons or heating water.
    Many posters here are the core of essential consciousness, for our survival. May all beneficial discorporate entities (including #1, what name??) empower the brave souls who reside here.

  • New video from Mark Katolfen:

    New Video of Scientist Kaltofen Presenting to American Public Health Association

    Arnie Gundersen: Hi, I’m Arnie Gundersen from Fairewinds.

    On October 31st, a scientist, Marco Kaltofen, made a presentation at the American Public Health Association. They met in Washington D.C. Mr. Kaltofen was asked to make a presentation because he specializes in measuring radiation in the environment. I basically summarized what Mr. Kaltofen said, and had his power point presentation on October 31st. Since then, a professional photographer who was at the American Public Health Association meeting, has donated the video he took of Mr. Kaltofen making the presentation in person.

    Today we are posting Mr Kaltofen’s video and the original power point that we talked about back in October, on our site so you can get to see and hear in Mr. Kaltofen’s own words, the severity of the problem of hot particles throughout the world. This is a triumph for Worcester Polytechnic Institute, for Safecast and for hundreds of other people around the world who provided Mr. Kaltofen with information which he could use in his analysis. It truly is crowd sourcing on the internet at it’s best. It allows us to take control of the information that is being analyzed. As I said in my video a month ago now, if we had let the government do this work, I don’t think we ever would have known the severity of the problem in Japan.