Bloomberg: ‘Hot Spots’ Spreading — Gov’t to check radiation up to 460 km from meltdowns

Published: August 24th, 2011 at 1:23 pm ET


Japan Triples Airborne Radiation Checks as ‘Hot Spots’ Spread, Bloomberg by Tsuyoshi Inajima and Yuji Okada, August 24, 2011:

[…] Officials on Aug. 12 found compost in a kindergarten yard in Tokamachi city, Niigata prefecture containing radioactive cesium measuring 27,000 becquerels per kilogram, Kenichiro Kasuga, an official at the city’s disaster prevention department, said by phone. […]

“We still don’t know why this level of cesium was found in the compost,” Kasuga said.

The hotspots in Niigata were likely caused by wind blowing northwest towards the prefecture in the days following the Fukushima accident, Kinki University’s Ito said.

The government will begin monitoring radiation levels in 16 prefectures from Aomori, in the far north of the main island of Honshu, to Aichi in central Japan 460 kilometers (290 miles) from the plant by the end of October, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology said in a statement on its website yesterday. […]

Published: August 24th, 2011 at 1:23 pm ET


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22 comments to Bloomberg: ‘Hot Spots’ Spreading — Gov’t to check radiation up to 460 km from meltdowns

  • lam335 lam335

    Well, if they keep incinerating the stuff, of course it is going to keep spreading. Don’t they have any common sense down there?

  • James2

    This has got to be terrifying to the local government entities – as far as the rest of the world – they are oblivious.

    I couldn’t find the article when entering bloomberg’s site. Not on the news page. Not on the environmental news page.

    • Sickputer

      Try this link:

      Here’s a map of prefectures to help make sense for non-natives:

      Excerpt from Bloomberg:

      […] So far, early tests on rice haven’t detected radiation, Shingo Gocho, assistant director in Niigata prefecture’s agricultural division said by phone yesterday. The government is taking samples from 45 areas in 29 villages, towns and cities that make up the prefecture’s growing area, he said. The crops won’t be shipped until the results are known, he said. […]

      SP: So why make them harvest properly their crops now? If it does turn out to be deadly contaminated then time is lost and disposal issues are enhanced. They would have been better to stopped all planting of any food crops in central Japan for 2011 except for growing radiation-removal plants (sunflowers and hemp).

      The government is so lost trying to deal with events and situations they have never experienced. They better get up to speed for the new situations quickly or it’s going to be the end of Japanese agriculture. No need for a “fear mongerer” to predict anything gruesome at all…it is happening day after day.

  • Darth

    The Three Stooges comes to mind as I read this ongoing train wreck.

    TEPCO, Japan Government and the Japanese People

    Assisted to genocide by OBummerNation, It Takes A Village Hillary and the Criminal Elite.

    This is not evolution. It is devolution.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Yes, I’m sure under the Bush admin none of this would have happened. The Your-On-Your-Own Republicans would just rush right over and help wouldn’t they. They didn’t, haven’t and won’t, but that is besides the point on your home planet, ain’t it…….

      No need to politicize, both sides of the same coin are equaly worthless.

      • Darth

        I was merely highlighting the latest suspects in this ungodly tragedy.

        The Repugs. or Demons or politics mean nothing to me. Hell, I haven’t voted for over 20 years and never will again. The entire system is broken.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Scroll down to read my notes from this xlnt interview with Dr. Chris Busby, Ph.D.

    Researcher too frightened to get closer than 100 km from meltdowns after seeing radiation levels — “I’ve been quite shocked by the amount” (VIDEO)
    August 23rd, 2011 at 11:41 AM

    Notes are accurate to best of my understanding/ability. Responsibility for any errors is mine.

    My NOTES from XLNT recent Dr. Chris Busby interview:

    Japanese govt. is criminally wrong not to evacuate kids & possibly adults from high contam. areas.

    War crimes – people responsible for decisions (in govt.) can be so charged. Like Nazi govt.

    Trial and long jail time could result. (Should in his opinion.)

    ICRP constraints – Jap. govt. has permitted higher exposure, and is ‘completely out of order in making the decisions that have been made.’ If it continues in this, it is criminal and should be brought to justice.

    ICRP doesn’t work. Was set up in ’52. DNA not discoverd untli ’53. Hazardous new substances were being developed right and left and standards had to be set up. Physcists did it. Treated humans as a bag of water. injected radioactive materials, set levels based on temperature increase in human-sized bag of water. (the point: totally outdated ‘shot in the dark’ ‘safety'(sic)standards still being used.)

    ICRP’s function, originally, was as apologist for and defender of industry. IAEA – responsible for radiation related health issues. Blatantly obvious big conflict of interest.

    ICRP is there to control the definitions of risk of internal radiation.

    Busby has been in several court cases brought by people harmed by internal radiation. People living near nuclear sites, etc. In US and UK., veterans exposed to radioactive testing etc. and developed leukemia. Busby says,”In all of those cases, we succeeded. Findings in favor of ECRR, not ICRP. ICRP could find no expert witnesses to support its standards. In fact its standards are wrong.”

    Coriama case, he would testify but only by video, won’t go near it – is frightened to go closer than 100 km to Fuk. and even nervous about being that close, says has been quite shocked by the high levels of radiation.

    People acting business as usual in Tokyo, and close to the Fuk. site, but actually there are levels there than can kill you. Invisible but can kill you. Get inside you and kill you. “A lot of my colleagues are dead. They went to Chernobyl.”

    Car filter analysis – 5 car air filters. All Fuk. show higher levels but Chiba City one is still high, all contain gamma emitting isotopes, radiation from the plant. One was tested for and did contain at least one alpha emitting particle. Still being analyzed. 1000 times higher – cesium 137 than in nuclear testing in 1933 (which was high).

    Radiation is not uniformly distributed, more like a leaf shape, tends to go along river valleys.

    People should leave high concentration areas – especially children who are 10 times more affected. Should get out asap.

    Also – Govt. must urgently overfly the area and produce accurate radiation density maps which it could do. Old technology. People need to have the info. Info is just not there. Should be made publicly available so people can decide where to go. Along lines of Chernobyl exclusion zones – people should be evacuated. People who have to remain in lower concentration areas should be compensated. They have been assaulted by deadly substances. Nuclear industry should pay. Japanese and international nuclear industry.

    We need to ‘throw as much money as the world has’ to sequester these reactors. All of No. Japan will be unliveable forever if this is not done. It is a global problem, radiation is getting all over, hugh amounts of radionuclides coming out every minute!

    Should be a ring of monitors. Monitoring for all the radionuclides. They are not not doing that.

    Was horrible – deformation results in Faluja, from uranium. It is very dangerous. Should be monitoring for it.

    Science-based threats – suddenly this unimaginably serious consequences accident has been big wake-up call. We cannot trust these ‘experts,’ these so-called ‘scientists’ who are today bought and sold by big business/govt. and have no integrity or dedication to truth.[which is the first guiding principle of scientific inquiry.] It is a kind of jungle.

    Nuclear power is a perfect icon of where we have gone wrong, gone astray.

    We are now all living in some sort of madhouse in which we are told what to do by these compromised scientists (and our fate is literally in their and their “corporate masters'” hands).

    This is not new situation. Has been developing slowly for a long time. Now is almost like an ‘explosive mass.’

    He hopes this [biggest nuclear/environmantal/ industrial disaster in the history of the planet] will catalyze a reappraisal of this whole area, and not just nuclear – cell phones, GMO foods, toxic pesticides, etc.

    His message is that these scientists are telling lies. Science needs to be value free. Now is not. We are on the deck of the titanic and being steered by false, flawed information.

    • Aerial radiation survey planned in 22 prefectures
      Japan’s science ministry is conducting an extensive aerial survey to see how radiation has spread from the disabled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.
      The ministry plans to measure gamma ray radiation at altitudes of 150 to 300 meters and recalibrate the readings to estimate levels of radioactive substances closer to the ground.
      The survey will start by October …

  • nohobear nohobear

    My head is going to explode if I keep reading these official pronouncements. No wonder my blood pressure is spiking up.

    “the government will begin monitoring…by the end of October”.

    That’s terrific. It’s not like this is an emergency or anything. October is fine. October, November, whatever. Just be careful where you step outside, what you eat, and try not to breathe too much outdoors til then.

    I would like to say that Japan is run by criminal idiots but we have the same thing here with a deliberate lack of monitoring and reporting in the midst of an unprecedented nuclear crisis. Corporate rule of our governments is going to kill us all and the planet.

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      “Corporate rule of our governments is going to kill us all and the planet.”

      This is the major issue of our time here. Corporate interests in every area, not just nuke, are killing the planet….and we’ve let it happen like the frog in a pan of water….it slowly crept up on us, and now we’ve reached the point of “oh shit, we’re cooking!”

  • StillJill StillJill

    Great analogy PoorDaddy–good to see you friend! Spot on-we’re the frog,…and I do believe I hear the fat lady!

  • Finch Finch

    Let me calculate ( roughly): 5 months since the accident, 500 kms. In one year from now, it will then be 1200 km, in 10 years 12.000 km, in 100 years 120.000 km, which would be three times around the globe… tralllalllalllalllaaaa.
    Who will be the first to lose the temper? Will it be Russia, will that be South-Korea (South Koreans are extremely nervous about health anyway)and what will they do?
    Time to take my relax-chair and watch the final show.
    Oh, by the way, now the Japanese economy is downrated, and this time the good houswifes will not continue bringing the husband’s income to the bank of Japan, because they will be happy to find something to eat and a shelter in the South…. no horror-movie can be compared to this scenario. What a nightmare.

  • StillJill StillJill

    You’re right Finch. I’m hoping there’s a ‘good laugh’ when this is over, eh?

  • “It is curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want.”

  • StillJill StillJill

    What one represses, manifests.

  • lam335 lam335

    Japan Times: Up exposure limit: expert


    “A Japanese nuclear expert called Tuesday for the planned annual radiation exposure limit for residents in areas close to the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant to be set at up to 5 millisieverts, instead of 1 millisievert as planned by the government.

    The 5 millisievert limit would be more realistic for lifting evacuation advisories for residents as the government’s planned annual limit of 1 millisievert or less may not be met in some areas, said Shunichi Tanaka, a former acting chairman of the Japan Atomic Energy Commission….”


    Isn't this backwards? Shouldn't you decide on whether to lift the evacuation based on the exposure limit, rather than deciding what the exposure limit should be based on what limit will allow you to lift the evacuation? Perhaps the brain is even more susceptible to radiation damage than the thyroid.

    This is just another example of the way in which science has become the hand-maiden to industry, rather than seeking to arrive at some kind of objective truth–a theme Busby noted in his excellent and very informative recent interview:

    For anyone who missed it:
    part 1.

    part 2