Bloomberg: Japanese don’t want a nuclear future — Nation proving it’s ok without reactors claimed to be so vital — Yet gov’t coddling industry

Published: January 4th, 2012 at 4:08 pm ET


Japanese Don’t Want a Nuclear Future, Bloomberg by Columnist William Pesek, Jan. 4, 2012:

[…] In a June Asahi newspaper poll, 74 percent favored Japan over time decommissioning all 54 reactors. Actions by the government, reinforced by Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s press conference today, suggest the opposite is afoot. Japanese want a nuclear-free future, and yet the government is back to coddling the power industry. […] 

Japanese deserve better. Consider, too, that only six of the 54 reactors are operating anyway. While strains will be expected, Japan is proving it can live reasonably well without the reactors the government claims are so vital to the economy. […]

If Japan is looking for a growth industry, it could be found in an explosion of innovation and investment in nuclear alternatives.

Published: January 4th, 2012 at 4:08 pm ET


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14 comments to Bloomberg: Japanese don’t want a nuclear future — Nation proving it’s ok without reactors claimed to be so vital — Yet gov’t coddling industry

  • James2

    I can’t imagine why the people don’t want a nuclear industry… Maybe 3 blown up reactors, thousands of people radiated, radiated food. economic disaster..

    • James2

      You know – radiated ocean. Thyroid cancer. A government that can’t tell the truth. Strange deaths. A government that squashes free speech. Media censorship. Internet censorship.

      Little things like that

    • maaa

      This is what nuclear radiation does to you >>>> The worst vegetable mutation Everyone needs to WAKE UP.

      • James2

        That’s what I imagined the dogs’ bodies looked like when I read the report on the only mammal test ever with plutonium dust.

        They said many of the dogs died with “multiple tumors in multiple organs”. All of them died from cancer.

  • Kevin Kevin

    Well on thing is clear out of this mess. The Nuclear power industry is bold and very powerful. It does not really matter what the people want. However there is a place in Japan where they have fought off a plant for thirty years! It is unclear how they have managed this. Sometimes they even have these mock plant sites to allow for managing the development. Like a developer who wants to build condos and applies for a rezoning to build a skyscraper. That rezoning fails but he gets the condos he wanted. These guys will do just about anything to protect and further the goals and objectives in the industry and I fear that we may all be living caves as a result of nuclear poewr development and not without it as they often quip.

    • hbjon hbjon

      You got it Kevin. You have honest, logical, and overall good folks playing cards against a hand full of jokers. An industry was created from a weapon. A weapon is what they use to produce electricity. The weapon is the deadliest weapon known to man kind that can be used in elemental form or by nuclear and electrostatic form. It is and always has been a weapon. A thing that can only be contained so long, then it returns to what nature meant it to be. A weapon. Before they discovered the hidden energies within the atom Uranium was a weapon. How many people tried to purify Uranium ore to make gold back in the eighteenth century? What do you think happened to them? The alchemists died by the hundreds and out of curiosity the nature of Uranium slowly was understood. This knowledge was built upon to create todays modern atomic and quantum theory. There are those that benefit by keeping the nature of the beast hidden so that when necesary it can take the shape required by their intellectually constructed propaganda. The nomanclature has been revised over and over again when an anomoly veers it’s ugly head so that the integrity of the paradigm passes mustard. One point to consider. If you like to eat your food from a can, let it sit for a year or so. If you open the can and the food has decayed abnormally, or it doesn’t look just right. Discard it.

  • At least in countries where they are paying attention, nuclear power seems to be on the decline… Several countries have made plans to shut down all nuke plants.

    Japan may be next on the list.

    The problem they face is the same one all of us face globally. How do ordinary citizens and activists with no money fight against the unlimited deep pockets and media monopoly control that corporations have?

    It is the classic question faced by the 99%, when facing the 1%, in all countries.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi AGreenRoad,
      let’s have a “do it yourself-nuclear phase-out”.

      Step 1: change your energy supplier to renewables. Easier said than done, because most is greenwash. Try to find a supplier which has no whatsoever business in nuclear (which is not a daughter company of a nuker, for example).

      Step 2: Check and move your money away from nuclear investments.

      Step 3: send both your energy co. and your bank a note explaining that you leave bacause of nuclear!

      Step 4: use less energy.

      Step 5: tell all your friends how easy it was. DONE! 🙂

  • ion jean ion jean

    It’s time Japan LISTEN TO HER PEOPLE…I am impressed a major paper would run a public poll on that question

    Gee, I wish the US was running only say 12 of its 104 reactors and that not a single one was near me or the jet stream path to my house!

    Let’s work on that this year!

  • or-well

    Coddling Nuclears’
    Hard-boiled eggs
    Against the will of the people
    Seems to beg
    A queston of gravity:
    Is this the dregs
    of democracy failing,
    Japan to be ruled
    by atomic depravity
    and industry-bailing
    Or does it have legs
    In Japan? Can they
    Jail all the yeggs*
    And give a good scolding
    Or should they act bolder
    and just start revolting?

    *yeggs = burglars

  • kid42day kid42day

    Cheers to Bloomberg for being one of the only mainstream-ish media outlets that somewhat regularly reports on what is actually happening in Fukushima. The Japanese government is coddling industry for the same reason that ours in the US is: money. They are bought and sold, in a major way.

    And, yes, the question of how to fight the bottomless pockets of the nuclear industry is a tough one. If you live in California, or know someone how does, a good place to start is the link below:

  • Bones Bones

    Not sure anybody should be shocked by this article. With the absolute corruption of Japanese government, America’s as well, this article just highlights the fact that nuclear energy is a “fake market”, as I like to call it. When lies like, “We won’t have electricity if nuclear power is brought off-line.” or “It will be civil war w/o it.”, are espoused red flags should go up. No economy can exist based on lies without the complete corruption and collusion of government and the industry. In fact, fear is used once again to persuade people to think certain ways. This is a typical tactic of control used by government and industry.

    This shows how nonviable nuclear energy is that it can only exist through public manipulation of people’s thoughts and ideas, the giant subsidies from taxpayers, and the absolute corruption of all those involved in the industry and the complicit media. I blame workers at nuclear plants just as much as the ceo’s, media “experts,” and politicians.

    This nuclear “fake market”, or “fake economy”, is no different than chevrolet being propped up (No, they did not pay the “loans” back), or the banks themselves being flooded with taxpayer capital. People ask for more regulation, yet we have thousands of pages of regulations already. (Both market and industry regulation) We can’t have real regulation or else these whole markets will collapse. I want the collapse of the nuclear industry, but I am just saying why we won’t ever get real market regulation.

    P.S. Just got my geiger kit and soon I will be posting rad levels in eastern PA!!! Next step will be to build a scintillation counter!!!