Bombshell: Gov’t agrees with blogs, BP not telling truth about devastation in Gulf — “It’s hard to stress the critical importance of these court filings”

Published: September 4th, 2012 at 2:40 am ET


Title: Bombshell: Feds slam BP in key court filing, admit pollution from 2010 spill continues to ravage Gulf
Source: Stuart H. Smith
Date: Sept. 4 , 2012
Emphasis Added

In a bombshell federal court filing, U.S. government lawyers are slamming British Petroleum for making false and misleading statements that seek to both dodge blame for 2010′s Deepwater Horizon catastrophe and ignore the ongoing environmental devastation, from diseased dolphins to destroyed wetlands.


In a separate filing, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange also accuses the oil company of misrepresentation and argues that BP committed “willful misconduct”


Scores of plaintiffs — including some represented by my law firm — are challenging [BP’s proposed settlement] deal as unfair, ignoring issues such as the long-term neurological damage to clean-up workers and other Gulf residents who were exposed to massive amounts of the toxic dispersant Corexit that was deployed by BP.


the federal papers state the goverment had no initially [sic] intention of getting involved with the proceedings before [Judge] Barbier, but its lawyers were forced to respond because of “new evidence, and plainly misleading representations” made by BP. In essence, the feds are disputing the very factual underpinnings of the settlement.

The federal filing is hugely important for several reasons. Perhaps most importantly, it puts government agencies solidly behind some of the key allegations made on this blog and elsewhere over the past two years — that BP isn’t telling the truth when it tries to convince the American people in slick TV commercials that everything is back to normal in the Gulf and that BP is a responsible corporate citizen.


It’s hard to stress the critical importance of these court filings by the U.S. Justice Department and the state of Alabama. They stand as powerful confirmation of some of the issues that led me to start writing this blog in the first place — proof that both the gross misconduct of BP and the ongoing harm that it has caused to the Gulf and to the coastline are much greater than the American public realizes.


Published: September 4th, 2012 at 2:40 am ET


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35 comments to Bombshell: Gov’t agrees with blogs, BP not telling truth about devastation in Gulf — “It’s hard to stress the critical importance of these court filings”

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Does this mean they are now admitting…oops?
    Again, they all knew the ongoing damage..If I knew, they sure did.
    They are far from lacking intellectual acuity.

    There are lawyers, others in high places, and those who know, that are trying to bring out the truth. They are trying to protect the public and our environment.

    I can understand that there are people who give a flip about others.
    What I can't understand is, through their greed and power they think nothing of making a mess out of the environment that they need to survive.
    Do they honestly think they are bigger than their environment?

    • Ron

      Exactly W.a.s.p. You've got people like Rush Limbaugh, the mouthpiece for Big Business and rank greed, a guy who has made so much money from lying that he can afford his own football team (offering $700 million!) calling anyone who has any concern for the environment we all need "environmental wackos".

      Of course that's what he's going to say, his sociopathic corporate pillager handlers are trying hard, and to a large extent have already succeeded, in convincing people that regulations to protect nature are onerous and unnecessary. That's because it might cost them a dollar more to do things the right way, the ethical way. If the environment, or people get in their way mow 'em down!


        @Ron: then, we have those who think it's fine to tear-down borders and pump-out babies! As long as someone else pays, it's all good. The inconsistencies that exist within the so-called Left and Right are endless. It's always easy to denigrate those who represent the pathos of the elite. Who in their right mind can defend the abuses of the powerful. They have to scrape-about for the likes of Rush to represent them. But what of the commoner? When will they fess-up to their own self-serving arrogance? We seem to think that their excesses are somehow benign. Put together, all have done more than our share of damage to this world. But let's not ask that the lowly peasant do their part to make this a better world. Let's just keep pointing to someone else…

        • StPaulScout StPaulScout

          Aftershock – And then we have those who love them babies being pumped out, they want to ban birth control and abortion, for everyone. They need them babies for canon foder I guess…


            exactly StPaulScout. This is why both Left and Right makes me ill. It's time (seeing as how we're now at the beginning of a new age), to try another path towards productive change.

            I take from all about me and disregard that which exploits all about me…

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Gulf Seafood Radium Levels; Chernobyl in the Gulf of Mexico; via A Green Road

      Radiation, Smokers And Tobacco; What Is The Danger? via A Green Road

  • ProfitOfDoom ProfitOfDoom

    In my work as a Forensic Registered Nurse, criminal behaviour could be described simply as the art of deception … to what degree of danger or loss to others is often dependent on the victims ability to be aware of the deception in the first place … be aware … try not to be a victim.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi ProfitOfDoom

      What an interesting profession, I bet that keeps you busy.

      I feel like our environment and the public, are already victims by greed, power, and ego.

      I'm hoping for, "legal" justice, and that Nuclear Power will be part of the past.

      My hope is gone, for our grandchildren to be living in a world completely free of radiation poison.

  • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

    I have begged my relatives not to eat Gulf seafood and not to believe anything BP says. They engage in slick advertising on TV to convince people that it's alright to "come on down" to the Gulf. They ought to be ousted from this country permanently for their irresponsibility. Unfortunately, people believed them and restaurants continued to serve Gulf seafood. The food is not safe. The water is not safe. BP has ruined the Gulf of Mexico and I'm afraid it is forever.

  • Sickputer

    There are other villains cranking out massive pollution in the Gulf. Most notably Dow Chemical and Gulf Chemical.

    My fond memories of fishing at Surfside beach near Freeport, Texas in the l960s and early 1970s are all I have left…because I would never swim or fish along the Texas coast today.

    For an ugly look at how Texas state regulators let Gulf Chemical rape America's beautiful gulf, check out this article:

    • ProfitOfDoom ProfitOfDoom

      Hi Sickputer … I also remember Southern Florida as a youngster … it was like a huge wildlife sanctuary back then (early 60's) … when I Google Map/Sat now it is mostly human occupied with gators snapping at peoples ankles due to the tight living quarters ! the changes took a long time … the truth and consequences will be much longer.

    • Anthony Anthony

      I hope BP gets it with both barrels.

  • arclight arclight

    makes things seem worthwhile somehow!

    "…it puts government agencies solidly behind some of the key allegations made on this blog and elsewhere over the past two years…"

    keep up the good work enenewsers!! 🙂

    and especially well done admin… bravo!

    luv arc

  • Stephengn

    I live in New Orleans. I've eaten seafood from the gulf all my life. It's such a tradition here to eat seafood; crawfish pie, crawfish étouffée, filé gumbo, trout almondine, redfish, boiled crabs and shrimp. Our seafood dishes are what make us distinct from the rest of the country. It's part of who we are.

    I just returned from Houston after evacuating my elderly parents for Isaac. While in Houston, I was worried that the storm would affect the sinkhole in Assumption parish and it would explode during the storm. I know that the storm stirred up the waters in the Gulf and brought up pollutants from deeper down in the water.

    The oil industry has taken everything from the unique culture of southeastern Louisiana.

    Oil has destroyed our land – The oil industry created canals through the marsh to get their product two refineries. This turned the marshes into Swiss cheese, and helped to create the conditions that caused coastal Louisiana to have the highest erosion rate in the world, and helped bring about the conditions that made Katrina so bad.

    Oil has destroyed our health – Southeastern Louisiana has one of the highest cancer rates in the world. The processing of oil products is one of the major reasons for this.

    Oil has destroyed our culture – The people of southeastern Louisiana were very tied to the land and the waters and the food we got from that land and those waters. Oil has taken all of that away from us.

    In 70 or so years, New Orleans itself will…

  • or-well

    Poor old GOM:
    The Mississippi, USAs' largest toilet!
    It's so dirty don't bother to boil it –
    carries Missouri, doing just as poorly,
    or pretty nearly, both fouled yearly,
    in consequence, the Gulf pays dearly.
    They both carry stuff that acts more than weirdly –
    stay out of the water or you'll get all smearedly!
    Think of the run-off and all that has come off
    the land, yards and roads, nuke plants and wet toads,
    medical chemicals, what's bio-mimetical,
    all that's synthetical, it's not hypothetical
    it very critical. Better check your hair follicles
    if you go for a frolicle in the Gulf
    and better not get any in your mouth.
    What's happened down there in seaside Dixie
    is Power and Profit up to old tricksie,
    spin alchemical for whats' petro-blasphemical
    trying to avoid payments indemnical
    while the poor old Gulf's a prisoner condemnicaled.

  • Ron

    When will people wake up?

    Uncontrollable oil spills, uncontrollable nuclear reactions, entire mountain ranges decapitated for coal (the Appalachians). Air, water. land pollution, cancer, death. This is what dirty energy is doing to us, doing to our world.

    We have wasted too much time already. When will we get serious about clean alternative energies? Or do we just have a death wish?

    • robertsgt40

      Those that have ANY critical thinking skills have woken up. For the most part, the herd mentallity still rules. The worse it gets, the deeper sheep bury their heads deeper in the sand(or wherever). There will be no justice no matter if it's BP, Wall Street or the mega corps. They rule over us plundering as they go. Once the rule of law is abandoned there's only one way to get it back. It won't be at the ballot box.

  • chrisk9

    This is the fight of our time. Do we stop the rich and powerful from running over the rest of us and raping and ruining our world? From Chernobyl to the Gulf to Fukushima how much will be tolerated? How much of our world do we give up forever?
    I hope our government is really serious about fighting BP, and this is not just an election year gimmick to rally some of their base.


      @chrisk9: first, it's not "our" government. Thinking it is only plays into the ongoing betrayal. Second, none of this world belongs to us. We were gifted with the use of its resources. Now that we've allowed ourselves to be snookered into thinking that our lives were a one-time-only experience, we're to suffer the consequences of not having taken better care of the environment we're currently living in. All of us are to suffer; not just the poor or rich; all of us. And no, we'll not be stopping these abuses until we're ready to cease our own participation in this nightmare…

      • chrisk9

        All I mean is this is our government-it is the only one we live under, and certainly not anything I own or am a part of. It is also the only one we can can possibly (but doubtfully)influence.
        I never said that this is "our world-denoting ownership. In fact I believe exactly the opposite.
        Maybe people prejudge me because I worked in the nuclear industry. But how does that equate with my career as a special education teacher with severely emotionally disturbed youngsters? Or the thousands of hours I have given working for charities and non profits.


          @chrisk9: I don't judge ones past as much as ones efforts to reconcile with it. I'd be setting myself up if I were to start throwing stones, as there are things in my past I'm not proud of. I make amends (at least try to) by dedicating my remaining days to productive thought/word/action. That said, I think you're an invaluable addition to this site. I've said before, regardless of an individuals past participation in nuclear technologies, if they're willing to make genuine effort at liberating this world from its curse, then I welcome them back into the family.

          Here's where we may differ: these governments (you'd appeal to for change) are – in no way – representative of the people's interest or will. They have morphed into a globalized network of criminal fiefdoms. In simple terms, they are criminal enterprises. And anyone who knowingly participates in their day-to-day function is a criminal. Unfortunately for them and their vaunted mystic, Fukushima's exposed them for the charlatans that they are. True. They're good at feigning concern for the public's welfare, and, they've done a bang-up job of turning the world into a vast military police state. But aside from enriching themselves at our expense, they've accomplish nothing of significance. Other than themselves and their paymasters, these 'governments' no longer serve a practical purpose. And not unlike the pharaohs of yore, their days are at an end…

          • chrisk9

            I really do not disagree with what you are saying at all, and am a little unsure why you think we have a different perspective. I still have some hope that someday our government will do things that are right for all the people. To be without hope would be a little depressing. But I will not hold my breath. I hold my nose and vote democratic, but the entire system is very sick.
            Nuclear workers for the most part are just trying to put food on the table. Utility companies never go out of their way for any worker. So workers and management live in completely different worlds. When management screws up they find a scapegoat, and someones head will roll.
            I do not agree about your appraisal that anyone that participates is a criminal. Does that apply to anyone in the oil business, farmers growing GM crops, the chemical industry, or the millions in the defense industry. What about the ball bearing worker who has some of those bearings go into a missile, and doesn't even know it?
            I am now anti nuclear because I see the level of harm they can do. Most nuclear workers never guessed how bad this would be-we were misled also.
            I made great friends in the business, good, moral and ethical people who cared about others and I will defend them because they are good people.

            • chrisk9

              One more important point is that I was a radiation safety tech. When people like welders and pipe fitters has to go into a radiological area then I would go to that area first and perform surveys to see what the conditions were like. Then when work would start I would escort them there and help lower their dose any way possible. And I was very good at this work, I was always one of the best no matter where I traveled to and what plant I was at. I had no fear (stupid) so I would always get the hottest jobs in the worst places in the plant. And I loved the excitement (stupid again ?) and I loved helping the workers and keeping them as safe as I could. So I have no regrets or guilt at all.


                @chrisk9: hopefully, I can do some justice to your kind words.

                Again, it is not "our government". When people understand that these 'organizations' have little interest in the day-to-day security of the citizen, only then will they be free to move towards something that is.

                As to those who unwittingly participate in a criminal enterprise? I've already stated "…anyone who knowingly participates in their day-to-day function is a criminal." I can tolerate ignorance but not arrogance. If you know the truth that what you’re doing is harmful, yet don’t act to change those actions, then you’re being arrogant and complicit.

                If I can earn a buck kicking fifty-five-gallon drums filled with radioactive waste into the ocean, who out here has the right to disparage my efforts to survive? I’m only doing what’s needed to feed my ‘loved-ones’…right?

                It is precisely this moral turpitude that’s become justification for what’s about to sweep us off the surface of this planet. We have been seduced into accepting such moral compromise as being natural to the order of things. Our entire species has found itself harboring in a glass house.




                  “…regardless of an individuals past . . . if they're willing to make genuine effort . . . I welcome them back into the family.” It’s never been an issue of whether we’re ignorant of the truth. It’s always been about our incessant denial of it. The longer we delay our collective reconciliation with truth, the more difficult our extrication from it’s consequences of it. This is where forgiveness comes into play. We need to be supportive and protective of anyone who comes forth and turns away from immorality that plagues our age.

                  Truth is essential to pragmatism. Pragmatism is essential to survival. Survival is essential to awareness. Awareness is essential to truth. If you expect progress, you'll have to sacrifice delusion for truth.

                  Regarding your prior service to the nuclear power industry; I have no problem with it. In fact, I admire your caring professionalism. I will also acknowledge that many within the nuclear power industry are good souls; albeit, misguided ones; I’ve stated as much in posts that preceded your active participation on this site. Without divulging too much, my background endows me with the means to serve any and all. Needless to say, I respectfully declined to serve those who betray the goddess. True. I’ll not be able to afford a nice coffin, but I sleep nicely until such time as one’s required…

                  Peace to you, my brother…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    April 16.2012..
    BP Gulf Oil Spill, Disturbing test results

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    BP cleanup crews spotted as Isaac stirs up oil, bad memories

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS..Stuart Smith's top notch..

  • psylotron

    Hello everyone. I just wanna share with you a music track i made in honor of the fukushima Children and the children from all over the world that have been affected by this catastrophe. psylotron – Children of Atom Please don't consider this as spam, i ve been part of this community since more than 1 year and a half and this is the way i try to let the world know we havn´t forgotten Fukushima (scuse my broken English )

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The problem is..the federal branch now wants to take legal positioning after mostly being complicit in allowing the situation to get this far.
    It will also be found that those in the know are many other branches of government, executive, congressional,DOD,DOE..DHS.etc.
    They are also complicit.
    Therefore the federal branch would have to really go after this..
    Because..this is going to happen every time there is a major hurricane.
    Oil is going to wash up from the sea.
    And they know it.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS..Several other parties..know as ..the City of London..the Vatican..Israel..and so on and so forth.