Bomb found at Fukushima nuclear plant — Officials concerned device could explode — “Military unit is headed to the site” — “Police have cordoned off the surrounding area”

Published: August 10th, 2017 at 7:05 am ET


Mainichi, Aug 10, 2017 (emphasis added): Suspected bomb found on premises of Fukushima power plant: TEPCO — What appears to be an undetonated bomb has been discovered on the premises of the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) announced on Aug. 10. The device was discovered buried in the ground at a parking lot currently undergoing maintenance in the western corner of the premises… Police have cordoned off the surrounding area…

Kyodo, Aug 10, 2017: Unexploded ordnance found at Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant

NHK, Aug 10, 2017: Unexploded bomb found near Fukushima plant — Police are checking what appears to be an unexploded bomb found near the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant… Police were sending the pictures of the object to the Self-Defense Forces to determine whether it could explode

BBC, Aug 10, 2017: Fukushima disaster: ‘WW2 bomb’ found at Japan nuclear site — A suspected unexploded bomb has been found at the site of the Fukushima nuclear plant… Tepco said construction work was immediately suspended after the object was found and a temporary exclusion zone put in place while bomb disposal experts were deployed…

AP, Aug 10, 2017: Officials say the rusty object is about 85 centimeters (33 inches) long and 15 centimeters (6 inches) wide. A military unit is headed to the site

AFP, Aug 10, 2017: Japan’s Jiji Press reported that under such circumstances police call in bomb disposal experts from Japan’s military.

See also: Kyodo: Terror drill at Fukushima nuclear plant — Fears about ‘highly fragile’ cooling systems

Published: August 10th, 2017 at 7:05 am ET


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    • Mack Mack

      Another concerning and controversial aspect of opioids is

      "Hospice Care"

      Google "Hospice Horror stories"

      Hospice + opioids, leading to death, pressured/given/recommended?? onto patients — saves Medicare and Medicaid money, right?

      Not saying that some don't benefit from Hospice, but is Hospice hastening death in some cases? Is the patient and family fully informed what Hospice really is?


      "Hospice Care Horror: Owner Ordered Nurses To Make Patients ‘Go Bye Bye’"

      "Another Hospice Horror Story / Another "Early" Death by Starvation & Malnutrition"

      "Hospice Kills"

      • danger kitty danger kitty

        Mack, when my dying wife was discharged from the hospital to hospice care it was extremely frightening to her. Crowded, negligent care, they didn't even keep up with her medications or respond to her calls at night when she needed assistance to go to the bathroom 18 inches between beds. No place for family to sit, barely stand. Certainly no place for me to stay with her overnight.
        I got her out of there and into a private hospice that we knew of. It cost a hell of a lot and all her siblings fought me on it because insurance paid for the horror show. They claimed she was not mentally competent to make the decision . Untrue. I left the room so her siblings could talk to her without my presence. My wife's last words to her siblings was " You're all fucking crazy".
        Sweetie was at the nice place for two weeks before she passed. A nice sunlit room with excellent care, a staff ratio of 1 to 1, and a spare bed where I stayed overnight most nights. It was only two weeks there before she passed but it was two weeks without horror at what are called snuff houses.
        6 months later one of the brothersin law went to a rehab place after knee surgery. They neglected his meds for other issues & and left him on the floor for 16 hours after he fell out of bed. Killed him. He called his wife to bring him home so he could die at home. Which he did 5 minutes after he got home.
        Plan ahead, people.

        • DUDe DUDe

          That's terrible DK..
          Horror movies can't keep up with the reality of american "healthcare" it seems..
          Ah what a dehumanized society when virtually ALL algoritmes in operation are designed by greed/profitdriven..

        • Mack Mack

          danger kitty, Thank you for sharing your story. I'm so sorry about your wife's passing and I'm very glad she was in a good place at the end. A prayer to both of you.

        • Indeed, my mom died 3 years back. Family went through the whole dementia nightmare. I didn't realize or see how bad it was, or how god awful terrible the medical community /system is.

          The system failed miserably. It performed better after I took them to task with some strongly worded and well researched letters. But it still sucked, and it was a battle all the way just to get decent care. Getting her into hospice towards the end was essential, although at this point, I was finally fully up to speed, and forced the nursing home directors to hold a family meeting and explain the 7 steps and the trajectory of death that NO ONE had bothered to explain to the family what the expected chain of events would be, not for years. I was disgusted to see a system so incompetent. At that meeting, we also had the hospice Chaplain/lady attend and got approved for hospice within 24 hours which was amazing. It made the last few weeks so much better and respected her living will, which I encourage everyone to write.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        I think its ok to hasten death with morphine. The decision should be up to the patient or understanding caregivers. Hospice walks the legal line. In fact I was discouraged that morphine was so controlled…some people are REALLY suffering. The more synthetic opioids are worse. Nurses and doctors are hardened and cant feel empathy on the individual case. But if you are lucky you get good ones and they make the system work…the rest are paper pushers

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Love bonuses!

      If one can set up a few shell companies then one can hide all kinds of money coming in from various sources.

      That's what I hear!

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I would like to see a decent control system for manually setting exposure on digital cameras. Why so damned difficult. You have a touch screen or three manual dials It would be like a three digit combination lock on a suitcase. First dial aperture, second dial shutter speed, zoom distance. A digital readout changes the numbers you set from green to yellow to red to indicate what the computer thinks about what you are doing, but it lets you do it. On my camera, A Nikon P510, I can switch it to manual, and easily set the aperture. I find myself totally unable to intuitively figure out how to change the shutter speed. I guess I can read the book. Exactly, why are all the cameras making you take the equivalent of college course just to set the camera? Manual shouldn't mean manual studying. Why not make a Canon AE1 just like the original but everything you do is actually electronic?

    How else are lazy people like me going to be shut up? I guess I will just keep griping and cussing.

    And why not be able to program a camera to take batches of pictures with different settings? Camera: When shutter button is pressed Take one shot at Maximum zoom, with f8 aperture and 1/2000 shutter speed. Then repeat with 1/1000 shutter, then 1/750, then 1/500, then 1/250. Repeat those shots over and over for until 1:28 Then close lens to protect from sun damage. I'm going to smoke a cigarette and take a piss, and watch the eclipse.

    Oh, and radiation pictures. https://phys

  • DUDe DUDe

    Are We Fiddling While Rome Burns?

    The system is coughing up blood and we still want to believe it is "recovering" from a cold.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Seems he sees things that have been in place for around 2000 years..not thinking the ultra rich really have any jobs..just saying.

      • DUDe DUDe

        "not thinking the ultra rich really have any jobs..just saying."

        But but..they do..optimizing parasitisme in to perfection.. 100%/o% inequality ratio or as close to as possible..

        And listening to proponents of inequality..they always talk about "they worked hard for their money so they have a right to be rich" they consider it hard work lol..funny that i never see discussion about AI controlled high speed trading and such by the same minions..

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      There is only one way!

      Yes I would like you to meet!

      Oh it has stepped out for a few minutes.

      Yes it loves your shiny jewelry.

      My it was born yesterday at 7lbs 3 oz!

      Endless possibilities.. like it depends on the meaning of …is! 🙂

  • laconic93 laconic93

    Stock you don't remember that little squabble we were having about the radioactive ships a few months ago.?

    Where I said something about all the thousands of references you use? That's funny.
    And yes that's funny that you were just connecting the same dots and writing a article about it.
    Anyways keep up the good work brother.

    • The universe conspires, stronger together, LOL

      I don't remember the squabble, but I could see how I would argue against intentional scuttling, but intentionally false flag scuttling could play into my current world view.

      Or maybe Russia hacked them, just partly kidding, more like China

  • laconic93 laconic93

    The USS George Washington was SOUTH of Tokyo when it blew and is still so Radioactive it had to be sent into dry dock in 2016 for FURTHER decontamination . So WTF doss that tell you about Tokyo Flawcette????

  • Ir your assertation that the eclipse was not fake does not clarify your earlier statements on "nothing about the eclipse makes sense" paraphrased.

    What is your take on videos? man splain that.

    • irhologram

      You're killing me with fatigue here, just because folks won't bother to READ and not skim.

      The NASA satellite in the eclipse fly-over showed no eclipse. It must have been OLD TAPED footage.
      Why in the world would that mean the eclipse was fake? It means they didn't show us the eclipse in real time.

      The NASA videos posted by Air are not raw footage, but admitted to be composites, and so possibly manipulated.
      The chain of evidence is corrupted.

      Although ISS COULD have turned the cam to the right to live stream the eclipse, they didn't.

      The other stuff is supposition about orbitol mechanics, which it serves no purpose to further discuss, because it will all be cleared up Sunday.

      The good news is a group of private investors launched a high altitude balloon equiped with multiple cameras…GoPros, 900s, etc. which captured video from multiple angles. All 3 hours of those eclipse recotdings will be aired, using raw footage, on YouTube at noon Sunday. I think after viewing those would be a time to review what recordings show. Up to now, we haven't had other than our own experiences for insight into the eclipse, because for unknown reasons, we weren't allowed to see a live view from space.

      Are we good?

      • OK we are good, just not buying into any fake or covered up eclipse meme. "They" do stupid shit just because they are they.

        stock out.

        rather talk about Destroyers from Fukushima being Destroyed

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Radioactive 129I has travelled the equivalent of a third of the way round the globe, since being released from nuclear fuel reprocessing plants in the UK and France. The iodine's 15,000 km journey begins in the nuclear plants at Sellafield and La Hague and continues via the Arctic Ocean and then southward via the Grand Banks towards Bermuda, where it is found at very low concentrations about 20 years later." Of course it's legal the article says.

  • Jebus Jebus

    If only to fit in momentarily.

    Yo yo yo from da go get go it da the same em oh from da yo know's all bro's from the same em oh for to get yo yo yo to question what yo nose know's.

    Yee Haw.


  • Jebus Jebus

    Looks like some Orcas and the others left will eat for a little while.

    A fishy excuse? Tribes say eclipse didn’t cause Atlantic salmon escape

    The Cooke Aquaculture farm blamed “exceptionally high tides and currents coinciding with (Monday’s) solar eclipse” for the net pen failure.

    But Tribal fishery managers disagree about what might have caused the accident reported to Fish and Wildlife on Saturday (Aug. 19).

    “I don’t understand why they claim the big tidal exchange is to blame since we’ve recently had bigger tidal exchanges,” said Casey Ruff, the management director of the Skagit River System Cooperative, a tribal natural resource management group for the Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe and the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community. “If that was the case then this failure should’ve happened earlier. We have surveyors out keeping an eye on the spawning grounds since currently there are no fisheries in the (Skagit) rivers.”

    Ruff’s concern has raised a red flag for many Puget Sound tribes as Cooke considers placing another net-pen farm in the eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca near Port Angeles.

  • SadieDog

    "TOKYO — Japan’s government on Tuesday approved a revision of its 30-to-40-year plan to decommission the Fukushima nuclear plant, delaying by three more years the removal of radioactive fuel rods stored at two of the three reactors damaged in the 2011 disaster.

    Six and a half years since a massive earthquake and tsunami struck the plant on Japan’s northeastern coast, the amount of contaminated water that must be pumped out and treated every day has decreased significantly, and remote-controlled robots have provided a limited view of melted fuel debris inside the reactors. Still, the exact location of the melted fuel is largely unknown and robots that can withstand the high radiation for prolonged work there are still being developed."

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