Emergency press conference reveals 110 microsieverts per hour at Tokyo supermarket

Published: October 28th, 2011 at 12:32 pm ET


TOKYO, Oct. 28 — Breaking news from Mochizuki, “110 micro Sv/h in Setagaya.”

“In Setagaya, Tokyo, ward mayor held an emergency press conference at 10PM,” says the report. They announced the 110 micro Sv/h near ‘Powerlarks Setagaya’ supermarket.

“If an average citizen measured it, it might be way higher,” notes Mochizuki.

Read More: Breaking News: 110 micro Sv/h in Setagaya

See also: <High dose> 110 Setagaya Super Micro SV on the road side -Mainichi, Oct. 28 (GOOGLE TRANSLATION)

SOURCE: Fukushima Diary

Published: October 28th, 2011 at 12:32 pm ET


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95 comments to Emergency press conference reveals 110 microsieverts per hour at Tokyo supermarket

  • many moons

    Average citizen…hooray!!!
    Movement…people with Geiger counters…we won’t continue to be lied to!

  • Cindy


    Perhaps all that radiation is coming from the Supermarket with all that irriadiated food in there …

    The statement above says if an ordinary citizen measures the levels they’d probably be higher …

    Japan fudging numbers again … wondering how long all this can be ignored …

    The more they measure the more they find …

    • Dr. McCoy

      Attention citizens of Tokyo: run, do not walk, to Narita and get the hell out of Dodge!!!

      You are living in a giant microwave and you have to escape soon or your goose will be cooked.

    • Dr. McCoy

      There should be FedEx planes filled with little Japanese babies and children leaving every hour on the hour. Destination: anywhere but there.

      C’mon people, rise up!

  • Kevin Kevin

    Canada has lifted all bans of imported food from Japan and test irregularly if at all. Get our your geiger counters.

    • kintaman kintaman

      I believe you but do you have a source you can provide a link to?

      • Kevin Kevin

        Here is the precise wording that says while heightened testing and screening occurred it has since been dropped and normal procedures are back in place.

        Japan Nuclear Crisis: Information for Canadians Regarding Imported and Domestic Food
        Following the March 11 earthquake in Japan, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) took several measures to assess and protect the Canadian food supply from potential effects of Japan’s nuclear crisis. In coordination with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and other government and international partners, the CFIA implemented enhanced import controls, which did not allow food and animal feed products from affected areas in Japan to enter Canada without acceptable documentation or test results verifying their safety.

        The CFIA also launched a sampling and testing strategy to monitor radiation levels of imported food from Japan, domestic milk and domestic fish off the coast of British Columbia. More than 200 food samples were tested and all were found to be below Health Canada’s actionable levels for radioactivity. ***As such, enhanced import controls have been lifted and no additional testing is planned. ***

        •Test Results for Imported Food Products from Japan
        •Test Results for Domestic Milk from British Columbia
        •Test Results for Domestic Fish from British Columbia

        Nevertheless, the CFIA continues to monitor events in Japan and assess any potential impacts on Canada’s food supply. Canadian officials continue to collect and assess intelligence from Japanese officials, Canada’s mission abroad and international authorities. Domestically, atmospheric monitoring continues and Health Canada continues to regularly monitor for radionuclides in food sold in Canada through its Total Diet Study. This would include imports from Japan. As well, Japanese controls on the sale of contaminated product remain intact.

        Cut and paste dropped links
        Here is the source link

        • Kevin Kevin

          That was CFIA position very soon after the disaster occured. The following us an “update” that occurred in August. Since then they tested salmon, by only testing 12 samples and receiving no threatening results have decided no further testing is required.

          Information Update: No radiation at harmful levels reached CanadaGiven that radioactivity levels across Canada continue to be within normal background levels and that there is no cause for concern, on Thursday, August 11, 2011 Health Canada removed nine supplementary fixed point detectors that were installed in British Columbia and the Yukon in response to the Fukushima nuclear incident. In addition, on September 15, 2011, Health Canada will end its weekly data postings, resuming its previous schedule of quarterly postings of the fixed point network data and terminating website Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) data reporting. Please note that Health Canada will maintain its continuous monitoring of radiation levels and daily review of data. Should there be changes in the situation in Japan, the reporting frequency of radiation data will be re-assessed.

          The following text provides a summary of the monitoring and assessment undertaken by Health Canada in response to this event.

          The damaged nuclear power reactors in Japan do not pose a health risk to residents of British Columbia or the rest of Canada. Given the thousands of kilometers between Japan and Canada’s west coast, any radioactive material that might have been carried eastward via wind currents was dispersed and diluted over the ocean long before it reached Canada.

          Health Canada has monitoring stations across the country in strategic locations and major population centres and will continue its regular radiation surveillance and monitoring activities.

          Source: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/hc-ps/ed-ud/respond/nuclea/2011-03-17-eng.php

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    Bottles! Wristwatches! Isolated incident!

    Which will they pick this time, or will we get some great new spin?

  • hanaloa hanaloa

    I was hopeful when I read that the ward mayor called an emergency press conference, thinking maybe heʻs going to announce emergency measures, but then he says,
    “If an average citizen measured it, it might be way higher,” notes Mochizuki.

    …and 4.7uSv/hr again…funny how that particular measurement keeps popping up…

  • lam335 lam335

    “Then the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology measured it and they report that they found:

    4.7 micro Sv/h at 1m high from the ground
    10 micro Sv/h at 1m high from the ground
    110 micro Sv/h
    30~40 micro Sv/h on the ground.”

    <<<<< Is the 110 micro Sv also at 1 meter from ground? The Fuku Dairy story omits that detail. What do they mean at 1 meter from the ground anyway? Can't they tell if it's coming from specific foods, or from the floor, or just in the air? Why not say X micro Sv were measured in the produce section or the meat counter or whatever?

    • Please say a prayer for the people of Tokyo being duped by Big Business Sharks. Replying to Iam335. Pretty confusing huh? That’s because the government is in total crisis management which in new millennium doublespeak translates to Bullshitting the masses. I have said it before, with all the nuke tests and over fifty years studying nuclear power, there must be hard data on nuclear fall out and tracking nuclear plumes.

      What I believe to be correct, and someone correct me or agree is that the nuclear pollution clumps together and doesn’t necessarily spread out and dilute like other pollutants. Also they are positively charged so possibly (my idea not sure about this) are attracted to negatively charged items like the ground. ie grounding a tv antenna. So there are clumps of radiation scattered about randomly. All of Tokyo needs to be mapped out with an army of Geiger counters. That’s not being done because the officials know what they will find. Goes against their mission of maintaining normality. They want Tokyo to remain productive and so do all the other players in this global economy that serves the Extreme Rich. It is very sad to see this crisis play out. Everyone needs to buy a Geiger counter. Only way to combat the Bullshit.

      • Very interesting analysis Mark

        Does anyone know about how radiation fallout aggregates?

        Mark I totally agree with you that the goal is to lie and lie because “decision-makers” think the truth will result in panic.

        I think the people of Japan are not being afforded enough credit.

        Objective and empirical analysis of fallout will result in pressure for testing and clean-up.

        Concrete and exhaustive efforts to track and remediate radiation will actually make people feel safer.

        Obvious lies and deception make people panic.

        The only reason I can think of for lies being warranted entails devastation so great that all are going to be dead within 20 years anyway…

        I don’t think that is the case right now, but if something is not done to fix this problem, it could result in this scenario.


        • Arizonan Arizonan

          All I know is from a Chernobyl research report I heard once. This was that the fallout appeared to be quite random after the explosion. It didn’t drop down in nice even concentric circles by any means. They said they could get high readings in one person’s backyard and nothing in the next person’s yard. There might be a large clump of plutonium in one small area and nothing a few hundred yards away. The Chernobyl exclusion zone is riddled with higher and lower readings. It is completely random. Only a complete radiological survey of all of Japan, at 5 M intervals, will have a hope of being able to map out where the worst contamination spots actually are now. The problem is, as long as materials continue to spew from the reactors and as long as Japan continues to burn and dump radioactive waste, the map will also continue to change. This year’s map might have to be re-done is six months or a year to get an accurate picture again. Until the reactors stop spewing radiation, it will be impossible and unwise to produce a map in which the hot spots are fixed for all time.

        • To Majia, “The only reason I can think of for lies being warranted entails devastation so great that all are going to be dead within 20 years anyway…” Begging to disagree I believe they are lying because it is very practical. Don’t think this is an end game event just more people in the future will die of cancer and other illnesses. So why take apart the Tokyo economic engine? It will keep running as long as people need jobs and can’t see radiation anyways. A slow wind down will be better for the economy then a mass exodus. In the future cancer will be common but even cancer victims need to make a living. Sorry I can’t come into work today, just a spot of cancer. Hint for Japanese. Don’t bother trying to sue Tepco. Save your money for pain-killers.

          • I agree with your assessment Mark.

            My only caveat is that if this ongoing disaster is not reigned in somehow I do think we are deep, deep trouble.

            March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October – 8 MONTHS OF ONGOING RELEASES OF ALPHA, BETA, AND GAMMA Radiation.

            How much longer until we are in an “On the Beach” situation?

            Will it take 1 year or 3? Maybe it will take less? Who Knows?

            The scientific models being used by decision makers probably vastly understate the depth and scope of illnesses and genetic damage!

          • Majia, sorry disagreeing with you again. “The scientific models being used by decision makers probably vastly understate the depth and scope of illnesses and genetic damage!” No the scientific models being used by decision makers are not available to us. With so many years of nuclear experience under their belts I simply do not believe they don’t know what they are doing. They are making the decision based on whats best for the economy. Tokyo is a major global player. As long as people aren’t falling down dead on the street they can maintain the lie. They know people will die in the future. They knew cancer rates would rise when they tested A-Bombs in the American desert but went ahead anyways. A mass evacuation of Tokyo is impractical for them. If you are a potential cancer victim you might disagree but that info is not available to you. Just be happy and trust us. We are your government.

          • You are no doubt correct Mark…


            but at what point do the illnesses become undeniable because they are not happening 10 years from now, but are happening 10 months from now…?

        • Sirius

          Some conspiracy theories tell that the Elite of the world would like to lower the human population down to 500 millions. They found a way.

          • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

            Yes, it appears this situation could fit the bill. And conspiracy for sure. Not implying you do, but what I don’t understand is how people consider it a theory when those with such “ideals” took the time to say otherwise by chiseling their intentions into stone. Sounds like more of a threat than theory to me.

          • vivvi

            Not a theory, Sirius. The elite went to the trouble of chiselling that figure in stone in twelve different languages on the Georgia Guidestones. Methinks they mean it. The current levels of radiation in Japan, and other places too for that matter, are likely sufficient to kill unborn ganerations and cripple and main many that survive to birth. We don’t even KNOW yet what this invisible death will do to our grandchildren, since there hasn’t been time yet to observe the effects.

          • gr81 gr81

            It is not a theory: google Agenda 21, New World Order, Skulls, Illuminati, Bilderbergs, Arkansas Guide Stones.

            It is a real plan to which Bill Clinton committed America to, via executive order, and BOTH Bushes have spoken their FAVOR OF in speeches to the public. Even folks like Microsoft’s Bill Gates (and MANY OTHER WEALTHY ELITES) is on board with the NWO.

            It is easy to see where they would easily “let the nuclear disaster take it’s course” very silently in order to achieve the depopulation MANDATE of Agenda 21 during this 21st century.

    • Dogleg Dogleg

      Cant wait to watch this one develope. Emergency Press confrence and all. Can the MSM ignore this, doubt it. Love that Mayor! I like the way he said average person may get higher results, implying athourities are fudging readings, again.

    • voltscommissar

      If you take readings one metre above ground level, the one metre of intervening air blocks some beta radiation coming from particles on the ground, so your beta-gamma detector (your cheap Geiger counter) becomes predominantly a gamma detector, unless there is dirt contamination on your hands or on the plastic sheath around your detector.

      So the “metre off the ground” idea not only keeps your counter clean, it is another way of downplaying all the billions of fuel fleas (hot particles) emitting mostly beta particles from soil, dust, clay, fresh rainwater, etc.

      This ref: http://trshare.triumf.ca/~safety/EHS/rpt/rpt_2/node23.html has a graph showing range of beta particles in air as a function of particle energy. The article also says “The maximum energy of beta radiation from the majority of nuclides lies in the range 0.5 to 3.5 MeV but some have energy above and below this range.” — which means virtually all beta particles under 3.5 MeV will be shielded by 103 cm (10m, 33ft) of air. Beta particles under 600 keV will be blocked by 102 cm (1m, 1.1 yards) of air, Now we know why the Japanese put detectors at least 10m above ground level in Tokyo!! “Be sure they don’t know the dose of beta they are getting”. Note also that beta decay gives off X-rays: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bremsstrahlung#Beta_decay

  • many moons

    Good point Mark. They just want sheeple to work till they drop then spend their last cent on treatments trying to stay alive.
    Head for the southern hemisphere and fast!!!!!

  • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

    They should evacuate the hot spots. Of course, eventually, the whole country will be a hot spot.

    • The hotspots are being found by private citizens as per this article. I feel for my American brothers and sisters for I believe Fukushima is a blueprint for any future accident in USA.
      Serious evidence of regulatory capture of NRC. In fact NRC was formed because the previous arrangement was perceived as favoring industry. “The Atomic Energy Commission was dissolved because it was perceived as unduly favoring the industry it was charged with regulating, and the NRC “seems to have fallen into the same trap”.[10]” see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_Regulatory_Commission Just look at how the Gulf Oil Spill was handled. I’m Canadian and I see nuclear favored by my government too. Just lucky I live far away from those poison factories.

  • Captain’s Log: Supplemental, First Officer Spock recording. We appear to be in an alternate universe. Position undetermined.

  • thelili

    The universe appears to be an anomalous wasteland Captain Let’s see what’s round the bend 🙂

    The Japanese people are about to change this world in its entirety when they truly understand what has happened.

    Americans take note. If you think Occupy is bad now, wait until millions of early-termed pregnant women start with the miscarriages. Our panic and acting out will be absolutely unmatched.The American military WILL lock us down to keep us managed.

    Let’s hope Japan’s resulting rage will start a social flame of responsibility and cooperation that cannot be extinguished by “authority figures.”

  • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

    In about 3 months, the people who work in that store will have a good old fashioned 100 millisievert lifetime dose.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Fukushima caused world’s biggest sea nuke pollution

    Friday, October 28, 2011
    FRANCE’S nuclear monitor said yesterday that the amount of caesium 137 that leaked into the Pacific from the Fukushima disaster was the greatest single nuclear contamination of the sea ever seen.

    But, confirming previous assessments, it said caesium levels had been hugely diluted by ocean currents and, except for near-shore species, posed no discernible threat.


    • dosdos dosdos

      That dilution spiel was presented six months ago by pro-nuke people who haven’t the faintest ideas of the mechanics of ocean currents. There are still people clinging to the misconception that the radionuclides will automatically dilute to uniform across the entire ocean from simply being there. If the dilution theory were correct, the salinity of the oceans would be completely uniform, and it is anything but uniform.

    • lam335 lam335

      On the subject of “where are the Global Warming people”:

      Where are all of those oceanographers who were so upset about what global warming is doing/has already done to aquatic life in the oceans? I haven’t seen those same people coming out and denouncing what has been done (and will be done) to those life forms as a result of the radiation.

      I’ve only seen Greenpeace and Woodshole mention the subject. If any attention is paid to the ocean, it is mainly to how the stuff will bioaccumulate and end up in fish human beings consume. But even the shorter-lived Iodine must have significantly impacted the DNA of some of the life-forms living in the Pacific.

  • radegan

    Watch them claim the radiation was tracked in on the shoes of Fukushima refugees. Blame the victim. And then they’ll use it as evidence that Fukushima residents should never have been removed but serviced in place.

  • ocifferdave

    So we can get a comparison, what is the microsieverts per hour at the ferris wheel (or near by) at Chernobyl?

    • ocifferdave

      Chernobyl–Up to 5 microseiverts an hour, well above their evacuation standard.

      Tokyo Supermarket–At least 110 microseiverts an hour, well within the smile-it-won’t-hurt-you zone.

        • AkDave AkDave

          Ocifferdave, I’m staring to think there is a major end of life event coming up??? Heck why else would all the world governments act like nothings wrong… Why would they just keep saying all is good???? Yup something is going on Dang!!!! just one more sad day with more lies we should tar and feather them all.

        • voltscommissar

          yup, http://wikitravel.org/en/Chernobyl#Chernobyl_reactor_4 says the site is roughly 5-9 uSv/hr

          Note also down the page somebody actually gets it “The main danger is not in the radiation itself, but in particles of radioactive materials that may remain on your clothes or items.” Moss, dried puddles, surface dust, windy dry weather raising dust, walking amongst vegetation, EATING, DRINKING, not washing your hands all risk ingesting/inhaling hot particles, condemning you to the long-term cancer risk. Yuri Bandazhevsky, the researcher from Belarus would add that there is also a short-term death risk for all children and teenagers if significant doses of caesium 134/137 get into their heart muscle. Bandazhevsky’s research in Gomel Medical institute showed caesium attacks the “heartbeat system” — the Purkinje fibres, being highly specialized cells that set the pace of everyone’s heart beat. Damage to Purkinje fibres carries the risk of sudden death from cardiac arrhythmia.

          Witness the recent sudden deaths from FUKU workers, this could well be a repeat of what Bandazhevsky’s research found (as Professor Chris Busby warned several weeks ago). Other physicians say that internal emitters might be directly damaging the endothelium cells that form the inner lining of blood vessels, thus allowing blood clots to form. Apparently there is an epidemic of blood clots in the legs amongst FUKU refugees, but that might also be because they are frozen in time, sitting in a well of despair surrounded by cardboard partitions in a soulless gymnasium somewhere… 🙁 (i feel like screaming)

          • lam335 lam335

            Those comments about visiting Chernobyl and picking up/ingesting/inhaling dust are good. Did you see this article about touring the atomic bomb testing sights in Nevada:

            “Tourists revisit the Cold War at Nevada Test Site”

            Here’s the part I find most mystifying:

            “Then the bus dipped into the 80-foot-deep crater formed in 1963…. The bus kicked up dust and heaved past a sign: CAUTION RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL.

            Later, tourists clambered out for lunch at Sedan Crater, a 1,280-foot-wide, 320-foot-deep, tumbleweed-filled dent whose creation released as much seismic energy as a 4.75-magnitude earthquake.”

            I remember trying to eat ice cream sandwiches on the beach as a kid, and you could not prevent sand from blowing and getting stuck to them. How could anyone EVER eat lunch inside an atomic bomb crater, especially when the paragraph immediately before says that the bus kicked up all kinds of dust and warned that it was radioactive?

        • AkDave AkDave

          ocifferdave, Never been that far under just Hawaii, my wife spent a month Australia, she loved it. sadly it only takes money to do it.

          • ocifferdave

            What if you take out a loan and pay it back from there? Sounds too simple, right?

          • farawayfan farawayfan

            I’d like to see’em try to arrest you for debt default in the outback. Live there long enough and your mates will likely lead them on a merry goose chase, lol.

      • voltscommissar

        well within the smile-it-won’t-hurt-you zone. 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

        …..this is called “Japanese smile-spam” スパム笑顔日本語 ????

      • beamofthewave

        Obviously then communism is more caring of people than fascism.

  • Hot Tuna Hot Tuna

    No worries folks… They should have it fixed by 2041.

    Japan’s Atomic Energy Commission says it aims to start retrieving melted nuclear fuel rods from the Fukushima Daiichi power plant within 10 years.

    The report says decommissioning will start with repairing the containment vessels of the No.1 to No.3 reactors, where meltdowns occurred.

    The report projects that the decommissioning will take more than 30 years to complete.


  • ocifferdave

    You know how *I* know the end is near?


  • farawayfan farawayfan

    In Heinlein’s story, they miraculously were transported to and from alternate realities. Real reality is that they would simply die.

    Love FF, and all Heinlein, btw, but this disaster won’t be nearly so interesting. Just sad, slow deaths in ignorance.

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    No, we have a duty…I don’t know if this is ELE. Personally, I don’t believe it is, but I do believe it will provide untold suffering and widespread death and pain for centuries to come….just like Chernobyl once the conrete sarco and the future metal sarco inevitably fail.

    We have a duty to society….but society has failed us.

    We have a duty to ourselves….but we are all destined to a short time on this world.

    We have a duty to our children…..that is the only duty that truly matters.

    Do the best you can for your children, and your children’s children, and your children’s children’s children (MB ref). It is all any of us can truly do to try to make a difference for the future.

  • fuckyoushima

    thanks for the continual updates enenews.

    nobody has this on their radar even though its already in most of their bodies.

  • ocifferdave

    @elenin, i read cats cradle (ice nine was amazing). Wife worried about Honduras…says that her fam thinks its way too dangerous there now. Too much violent crime.

  • thelili

    Someone or a few people need to be executed for treason. The reason in America: RICO


    For Japan my hope is conviction related to high treason as Tepco and the Japanese government have, with deliberation and focus, resulted in incurable illnesses for millions of Japanese citizens, which includes the Prime Minister, Emperor, their families and their descendants. But if Japan has an even better law that results in the executions of those responsible I am all for it.

    I want to see Obama(well most of the American politicians but especially Obama),Noda, and Akihito underground. Dead and cold as ice for all of eternity ruminating on why it was not important for them to help their citizens.I am sorry that is just the way I feel.

      • arclight arclight

        i think it would be more than a few….good leaverage for the future negotiations with the elite concerning them backing off and LISTENING to more than just a pro profit agenda like they sort of did during the great depression…might make them think a bit i suppose!!

        of course enenews does not promote any violent acts as stipulated by enenews admin/staff recently…but we really need to define violence and who or what it is aimed at??
        any society is liable to uprisings of anger and even violence

        the british, when faced with gandhis non voilent resistance in india made big mistakes in their dealings with the population….much like the recent incident at the demonstration…violence is inevitable when the press do not guide the popular movement, in fact they misdirect and confuse the issue…..causing frustration, anger and because of incidents that leave peaceful protesters dead or injured the ever possibility of reactive violence…once this violence begins however, human societies become very damaged and repair from this sort of conflict can take a very long time!!

        please note that gandhi could not stop the inevitable slaughter of the innocents, and that legacy haunts us today with nuclear missiles pointing at india and pakistan under a hundred years later!!

        irelands pretty fucked too!! and the irish were working on their “issues” for hundreds of years…still ongoing in my opinion, gonna take generations more too!!

        so my point is that everyone should be mindful of righteous indignation as it has a horrible “side effects” /rant

        • arclight arclight

          off topic but fits with this post

          We are learning that when we “make the world a better place” because we are angry, say, to pick a common motivation—what we’re doing as much as anything else is perpetuating anger. And if that weren’t enough, we are learning that making friends with anger (one of the indispensable steps toward actually managing it) may be harder than quelling terrorism or feeding the third of the world’s population that goes to bed hungry every night. How many of us would rather chop off our hand than give up our attachment to righteous indignation? How many of us light a candle for the planet while we hate those goddamn polluters?

          When the Dalai Lama met a Tibetan monk who had been imprisoned and tortured by the Chinese for several years, His Holiness asked the monk if he had been afraid. The monk replied, “My only fear was that I wouldn’t have compassion for my captors.” We do ourselves a disservice if we think of this monk as somebody special. He’s just a guy trying to live the best life he knows how, like any of us. He knows that his life is not about his captors (the world outside of him), it is about himself—about who he is committed to being regardless of anything else.”


  • Human0815

    In the new Press-Release they doubt that this Radiation is coming from F’Shima, i doubt this too
    because we do a lot of measurements here in Setagaya/ Tokyo and never saw anything close to 110uSv/h!

    This is also located “under” the Asphalt,
    please read further and deny Ignorance!


    • arclight arclight

      nice find human

      “When sandbags were laid on the two spots, the radiation level at a height one meter from the ground or beyond dropped to 0.2 microsievert per hour. The science ministry says there is no fear of a radiation hazard. In addition, because the sources of radiation are covered with asphalt, radioactive substances will not spread, it says.”

      sounds like they could just leave the bags there?? what was the infill material i wonder?? makes you wonder what nuclear dumping went on in the early years of the nuke industry? huh?

      • arclight arclight

        just a thought here guys and gals… the bag in question blocked the gamma rays or beta/alpha waves?? 🙁

      • Human0815


        you would be surprised about the Amount of Radioactive Debris in our Environment,
        but i think you as a Rl-Person knew this already!

        From whole Reactors to nuclear Submarines
        everything is there, sometimes in our Oceans
        or on our Fields!

        How do “they” said:”Nuclear Material is something Natural”!

        • arclight arclight

          we are in a process of discovery now and the momentum can only pick up…thought for the day maybe….the thai floods have ruined the rice crop…what pressure to increase or decrease the level of permissable bequerels are there in the world…thanks for the responce human.. i enjoy your balanced look at the situation, stimulates critical and considered thinking and research..and that will be the best solution to our present and future problems in my opinion
          peace 🙂

  • If nuclear ‘fleas’ are the only problem, we should just call in the chemical companies to bomb the whole country with flea killing chemicals.

    THAT will solve all of their problems.

    If that does not work, well, nuclear bombs can bury a lot of fleas. Why not set off a couple dozen? Better yet, I hear the Japanese were secretly converting nuke plant fuel rods into bomb making material. They can test this stuff out on their own population.

    After all, Ann Coultier via Fox News said the more radiation the better your health will be. If a little is good, a lot is a LOT BETTER.. and a HUGE amount is the BEST for you.

    How many radioactive ‘fleas’ can one nuclear bomb bury? Let us count the ways that this is good for all of the people, all of the time. Repeat the above, until you believe it and can spout it off to everyone around you, while thumping on a book for emphasis.

    FLEAS… That is the important question that Fox News should be talking about…

  • Sorry to say, I think many of these officials in the 1% realm actually believe the stuff they are spouting. Maybe they did this to the public and to themselves for so long now, that they actually believe that they are telling the truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them, nuclear fleas.

    Maybe they can market and sell these little radioactive fleas.. Those little buggers must be good for something beyond just sitting there all useless, harmful and stuff.