Gov’t Expert: Louisiana sinkhole disaster unprecedented anywhere in world — Nobody’s ever dealt with this before — Not even any decent case studies that tell us how to proceed (VIDEO)

Published: October 23rd, 2012 at 11:12 pm ET


Assumption Parish, Louisiana Sinkhole Meeting, October 23, 2012:

Watch the 1 hour and 40 minute briefing here

Published: October 23rd, 2012 at 11:12 pm ET


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38 comments to Gov’t Expert: Louisiana sinkhole disaster unprecedented anywhere in world — Nobody’s ever dealt with this before — Not even any decent case studies that tell us how to proceed (VIDEO)

  • kalidances

    I'm certainly glad the "expert" could sort out what regular citizens have known for weeks. They'd better figure something out and quickly. Lack of attention is going result in a whole new South. Literally.

  • Max1 Max1

    Another "We'll deal with it (sic) when it happens" method in action…

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    So, as it has appeared from the very start, they are, indeed, perplexed. Since this new phenomenon forced the extractors, geologists, law enforcement, residents, and local leaders, including international experts, to examine this sinkhole with a fine tooth comb, the problem is going to be how to characterize this unfolding event in such a way as to not interfere with current practices of extracting and dumping and fracking at will.

  • dosdos dosdos

    With the current trend of the last decade of hiring companies like Texas Brine to magically make fracking sludge disappear from sight, this is not going to be unique for long.

  • harengus_acidophilus

    "Nobody’s ever dealt with this before"

    Nevertheless, greedy, fat, stupid "I've got a cheap solution" and "Let's make money"-idiots are ruling your society.
    Best democracy money can buy.

    And every single male from your americans wich
    have a women breast of fat is also GUILTY!

    "No problem, we can fix it"???

    Stupid apes!


    • many moons

      They created the situation but haven't got a clue how it happened or what to do about it….

      and diane sawyers not gonna be let the world know it's going on….the lame brains are keeping it under wraps…now that they have mastered.

    • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

      "male from your americans which
      have a women breast of fat"

      You paint an ugly picture, h, some of us are trying to eat breakfast.

      The real problem with this group of "fixers" on these problems is their arrogance and collusion. We don't need their "professional" opinions to know this situation is dangerous and catastrophic. Just like Fukushima.

      We all must work to find more and better ways to use the evidence all around us to focus other people's attention to these man made environmental hazards. The only way to win against these types is to out number them with an educated populous.

  • omniversling

    "no-ones dealt with anything like this"

    add it to the long list of greed driven obscenities where the precautionary principle has been trashed for profit…

  • omniversling

    privatise the profit, socialise the cost..

    • Sickputer

      Ah yes, the mantra of 21st century democratic economies. Big Brothers everywhere believe in capitalist profits and socialist bailouts.

      All of this subterfuge is done with great public fanfare of the touted generosity of corporations in regards to helping small businesses and individuals receive reparations for oil or nuclear industry disasters.

      In reality the reparations are offset by what the corporation writes off in taxes or in a Ponzi shuffle of companies to protect their shareholders and board of directors. It should be revealed that damages to the public health and livelihoods are damaged by major eco spills far beyond any assets of a corporation or even a government. The $20 billion fund by BP for the Deep Horizon reparations is an insult to the Gulf coast citizens. All the assets of every oil company in the world wouldn't make up the financial and social costs longterm from ocean spills around the globe. Fracturing damages and nuclear pollution to priceless water aquifers adds another blank check that society will never cash over the next millennia.

    • many moons

      OOOOOO that is very well put
      it would make a great tee shirt

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Let's make the tee shirt: Socialize the profit, privatize the cost.

    • enoughalready45 enoughalready45


  • omniversling

    one more ecopocalypse..

  • markww markww

    I wrote the Shaw group to Gary Hecox,I asked him to setup a expert blog system so people like me and others including engineers,geologists emergency people , first responders can all get together where we all can send ideas to each other and work on many types of ideas that might be feasible to this ongoing Disaster.


  • markww markww

    Shocking Video Bunker explosion may have been a UFO CRASH. Look at the 2 hits and debris fields its like something crashed and blew up

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      maekww: One thing for sure, whatever crashed in northern Louisiana was probably not a meteor, which would have been seen by hundreds of witnesses as a fireball, or heard as an explosion when it entered the atmosphere. If it had been a meteor, there would have been a crater. This object came in low and slow, and apparently broke up as it came down, producing the two crash sites. I suggest this was a test of an Iranian ICBM. What this was not, was an explosion in an ammunition bunker.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      I don't know what it was. Maybe an unman drone or a top secret thing they were testing, who knows?
      The one thing we do know is, we aren't getting total accurate information again.

    • harengus_acidophilus

      "may have been a UFO CRASH"
      Something like this?


    • Jebus Jebus

      If you actually watch the original video on this

      You can see that it was a bunker that exploded. Bunkers have tons of dirt piled around them just for this kind of event that suppresses the blast to some degree. The dirt is thrown all around the site, including at the train.

      What caused it? Don't know, but trains have been known to throw sparks from their wheel carriages. Bearing out maybe?
      Of course there could have been methane or a gas that ignited.

      Gun powder has been known to ignite fron friction and vibration.
      Just my humble take on this…


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Strange Domes to Line the Texas Coast in Preparation for Something to Come

    • markww markww

      I called and sent the info to KHOU TV I know people there since I worked at channel 2 KPRC News for a few ears will report if they find out anything


  • jec jec

    The "offical comments" on the 1500 ft final size of the sink hole..comes directly from DNR..nothing new. So they are using early suppositions, without new data involved. Not exactly what we are looking for. .From DNR in August:
    In early August, DNR scientists presented a worst-case scenario for the sinkhole.

    Under that model, which was based on a complete collapse of the Texas Brine cavern and a displacement of its entire volume, scientists estimated the existing sinkhole would reach 1,400 feet in diameter and still be far from any residences."
    Read it here at :
    While I take a liberal dose of salt with most sites..the comments from DNR..well its factual..

    • jec jec

      Note the "exsisting sinkhole" total volume is used. What if its expanded or expanding OUTSIDE? Someone really needs to do the seismic And those tests..on oil far all I have seen is the "its not from…". Same for the gas studies. Frankly..testing for very difficult..based on the nature of gases. I would expect MORE information for the residents based on the reports from all concerned..the government and the companies working on the problems….

  • Usefulbreather

    Still no chemical isotopic tests fingerprinting the crude oil and bubbling methane to a specific "finite source." They are using the process of elimination to assert that the crude oil and 28 disparate bubbling sites across the Parish are coming from a formation below the salt dome. Where are the test results matching the isotopes to your source, Shaw Group??

  • kalidances

    Scroll down to the pic taken today. Something has changed obviously but any guesses as to which direction this nightmare is heading?

  • kalidances

    "When pressed by residents, Hecox said the standard he is using to determine whether it is safe for evacuated residents to return to Bayou Corne is whether he would tell his children and grandchildren to go back to Bayou Corne.

    He said he would not tell them that at the present time.

    “Right now, the evacuation order is appropriate,” Hecox said."

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      That's all good and fine for Bayou Corne residents – they're almost on top of the sinkhole. I wonder if Hecox would let his children and grandchildren live in Pierre Part, Paincourtville or Belle Rose?

      "Hey, it's just a little crude oil smell Gary. It won't kill 'em. And don't worry about suffocating methane clouds killing them. It would blow up and incinerate them way before it would *ever* suffocate them."

      This is no different than an open-flow uncontrolled well blowout. Its just happening from a hole in the bayou instead of a well and hasn't been blasting out oil and gas at hundreds of psi… yet.

      Nonetheless, I have to say that Shaw *seems* to be trying to keep people informed. That still doesn't make up much for making your family live out of suitcases for six weeks in a Super 8 motel, though. Still have to pay the mortgage, still have to keep the electricity on, and still have to pay property taxes on your Bayou Corne home (which is all but worthless as far as resale value).

      God bless America – just keep drillin'.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        I still feel there is a good possibility the gulf disaster is playing a part in this also.

        Quote: There is no cookbook.

        It's because it's toxic recipe, that they have created.

        Would they like it if their wife's cooked up recipes like that, well the earth sure doesn't like it.

  • garjackson

    Count down till Debrah Dupree does a story with this headline and won't even say she got it here