More serious than a meltdown — Japan Gov’t now raising possibility that fuel had a “melt through” at all 3 reactors

Published: June 7th, 2011 at 5:41 am ET


Melted Fuel at Fukushima May Have Leaked Through, Yomiuri Says, Bloomberg by Go Onomitsu, June 7, 2011:

[…] The Japanese government will submit a report to the International Atomic Energy Agency that raises the possibility the fuel dropped through the bottom of the pressure vessels [of the Nos. 1 to 3 reactors], a situation described as a “melt through” and considered more serious than a “meltdown,” […]

Nuclear fuel, the possibility of penetrating the pressure vessel to a report by the government, Yomiuri Shimbun, June 07, 2011:

Google Translation

For Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident TEPCO and the government International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) revealed that 07 of the report submitted to the whole picture.

The report – a damaged nuclear fuel is leaking from the bottom of the molten reactor pressure vessel of Unit 3, noted the possibility that accumulated in the containment.

Symptoms may fall through the containment of nuclear fuel melted the “Merutosuru” (through the reactor) is called “meltdown” (meltdown) above worst event. In the bottom of the pressure vessel so far, including damage control rod penetrations, including contaminated water that spilled high levels of radioactive material had been disclosed, admitted the possibility of a government official Merutosuru for the first time.

The report is a vertical organization of government nuclear safety regulation, was found to be responsible for maintaining the uncertain safety of the people, will be independent of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, including the Nuclear Safety Commission and to, also announced a fundamental review of policy regime.

Published: June 7th, 2011 at 5:41 am ET


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47 comments to More serious than a meltdown — Japan Gov’t now raising possibility that fuel had a “melt through” at all 3 reactors

  • isn’t a melt through, another way of just saying the fuel is on its way to china Hence a china syndrome…?

  • BlackRain

    Nuclear soup is cooking in the basement as I write.

    Steam is rising through cracks in the floor from the basement at #1.

    The temperature of that basement water is rising, rising, rising. Why?

    POSSIBLY, at least in part, because nuclear fuel has melted into the basement (to some degree).

    That basement isn’t China, of course, but good grief.

    • As long as the Steam is rising and escaping there will be no pressure buildup and possibly avoid another explosion by force if no pressure builds up or hydrogen then ignited by fission, but there is still the problem with radiation in the steam finding least resistant path upward !

      Water is being heated to boiling point in basement by the core melt being active producing heat to boil water uncontrolled !

      What ever can go wrong has !

      • An explosion can occur without any pressure at all. The watertable could cool the fuel from the outside in… creating pressure… this pressure would push the fuel into a state known as a hyper criticality. Creating an atomic pressure on the nuclear reactions taking place Leading to a massive gamma ray burst… Much bigger in threat than the Neutron beams that indeed are already taking place…

        “I” for one, am much more worried about the fuel criticality’s, quantum leaping from reactor to reactor. Then forming a massive hyper criticality, leading to what earlier I called a “cme”. Though, what I really meant would be a massive gamma ray burst…

        The threat of that would blow the ozone layer off the planet, creating a 3000ft tsunami in the pacific ocean… It really wouldn’t matter how I explained all the reactions that would take place there after…

        After all, nothing on earth would even survive…

        Point being taken we need to stop this media blackout… All of the planet should be working to get this thing taken out. Yesterday, before sadly tomorrow never comes…

        • I was referring to that part of what we are dealing with know at this time only, we all have discussed your scenario for months !
          Now the nuclear domino cascading affect is the Ugly that we all feared for months also !

        • Steven Steven


          please stop with the psuedo science; clearly you are not a physicist, why would you want us to think you were anyway? Nobody here trusts the physicists anymore.

          We already know it’s bad. Your worst case scenario is science fiction and casts a poor light on the actual severity of the incident, by diminishing it through normalisation of exageration, and by lending an air of panic to our generally calm appreciation of events.

          This is not an attack, I’m with you on the anger and the concern for the harm that has been/may yet be done. Let’s stay real and voice any new concerns as questions or at least qualified possibilities rather than firm predictions which might see someone jumping out of a window.


          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Do you know that the 9.0 earthquake didn’t damage all the 55 nuclear reactors in Japan? There is a media and governmental blackout going on. We know that all the rich Japanese left the country on March 11-12.

          • War Is Peace


            Jim Stone claims “the quake was not what we were told” and shows photos which apparently depict that buildings were undamaged by the quake and that people were still at work when the tsunami hit instead of evacuating the coast.

        • BlackRain

          There is never a dull moment here when Tacomagroove is crying “wolf, wolf, wolf.”

          In the past, tacomagroove said “the big event” will blow away Earth’s atmosphere (completely). Today he said the ozone layer (8.1 to 25 miles up) will vanish. My my my.

          Regarding the diabolic 3,000-ft. tsunami, I dare tacomagroove to produce ONE calculation — one scientific basis in fact — for why anyone should believe that number. Sounds like guesswork — pure delusion — to me.

          You can’t publish your calculations because you don’t have a single one. Do you, tacomagroove?

          (I know. I’m supposed to prove you wrong rather than you prove yourself right. And I’m supposed to publish my own counter-theory — which I have done, directly below.)

          Anyhow, my counter-theory is this: tacomagroove beleives his prophecies, guessworks and fantasies = science.

          Have you published those calculations yet — your proofs — Mr. Tacomagroove?

          The best scientists on this planet fail to support the doomsday statements made by tacomagroove. Did all of those scientists sell their souls TEPCO? Is tacomagroove the last honest man on earth?

          All prophets have disciples, including tacomagroove; and, perhaps, some of you will read their rebuttals below.

          To be a disciple requires no proof, just “faith.”

          Wolf. Wolf. Wolf.

  • kx kx

    if the tons of uranium pass the crust without dispersion and cooling down it will fall to the mantle and then accumulate in the center of our planet next to all that plutonium there that make us warm in conjunction with our sun, still a hell on earth in pollution by what append until now.

    • Yes not to mention that the water from the water table would leak into the crater, creating a nuclear geyser, leaving gigantic steam plumes, for hundreds of years that would atmospherically contaminate anything they touched… lol again for hundreds or even thousands of years… whats worse is either way, which ever reactor goes first; once a reactor does hit that point… tepco will abandon ship. and humanity will cease to exist without severe future mutations on our dna… and massive deaths nationally as well as internationally.

    • Misitu

      Does anyone know how thick the crust is? Continental crust? Oceanic crust? Mantle? Core?

      Sorry to dampen this down but it does seem unrealistic compared to the enormous forces that build mountains & ocean trenches, push continents around like dodgems, and throw up earthquakes just to remind everyone who is boss.

      The consequences of this calamity are enough on their own without being worried about Geological Things That Can’t Happen.

      I suppose I might have to waste some time researching this just to help point the anger and thinking in a sensible direction.

      Where are all the new cancer hospitals?

      Where are the soil engineering profiles for seaside nuclear power stations?

      We got quite a lot right here. I am proud of that.


  • SiGhKoTiK

    Thank you admin for login feature, to keep the assholes out. I’m curious though, you guys that discount tacoma, do you have a more accurate prediction, or just don’t like what she has to say?

    • Thats my point exactly.

    • Steven Steven

      They sure have made a mess over there, no argument. And yes it may get worse. Just how bad only time, not wild conjecture, will tell. Nobody could confidently predict the outcome at this stage, just as nobody could guarantee that a massive asteroid won’t pop out of nowhere and take out the planet, but we live with risks like that all the time.

      The big difference here, as I see it, is that ‘they’ have exposed us all to risks without our consent. Largely for profit. And once again their assurances have proven false. Who are ‘they’?… they are those who think they know better than ‘us’. The vast majority on this site have demonstrated, over the past couple of months, an insightful appreciation of events as and even before they have unfolded, based on common sense and some basic physics.

      Too much science/data/theory in the wrong hands/head can only cause problems, as demonstrated by events at Fukushima. I’m not prepared to say the problem won’t escalate to some form of ‘ELE’ but at this time it looks more like a case of long term vague illnesses and cancers on a random basis, much like Chernobyl, possibly worse, maybe not if they can get a lid on it somehow.

      Any way you cut it, that’s bad enough. Making the current damage look insignificant with confident predictions of epic Hollywood type scenes of destruction based on psuedo science just adds to the confusion.

      • fjn

        It is already much worse then Chernobyl. They have now admitted that they have released at least %40 of Chernobyl’s release within the first week. They started with %10 as there first admission. I am pretty certain that you add an additional three months worth of emissions and you have surpassed Chernobyl and the worst is yet to come. The pollution in the ocean is much greater then Chernobyl. Please keep in mind that there was only 20 to 50 tons of fuel in Chernobyl. The total fuel at this plant is orders of magnitude greater and none of it has bee secured. Compared to Fukushima Chernobyl will turn out to look as a minor accident especially since the Russians acted promptly and effectively. Whereas TEPCO/GOV has tried to do this on the cheap.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        Right on, Steven!

        “..’they’ have exposed us all to risks without our consent. Largely for profit.”

        Capitalism and risky technologies are not compatible and should not be together. The capitalist need to get the product on the market as quickly as possible, before the competitors, does not lend itself to the slow, patient study which is required with dangerous things.

  • Rosie

    I’d like to thank Tacomagroove for his/her comments. Science fiction or not let’s look at the worst case scenario and maybe if there is an air of panic it’ll help get this out into the MSM. I’m not feeling particularly calm, I feel as if I’m stuck in a nightmare and that’s partly because of the media blackout. The calm approach isn’t getting us anywhere and I’m becoming less and less able to cope with it.

    • arclight arclight

      i agree.. put the worst case scenarios out there and give people here a chance to analyse the theories…
      im sorry that your finding the situation stressful but your not alone..whatever comes we will have to deal with and for our childrens sake we will have to maintain some composure…if we let this situation get the better of us we will not be able to help one another as well as we might…and if the worst case scenarios are true then we will need each other more and more…if the scenario is reasonably bad it sounds like we will need some big changes in our lifestyles and societies..this may be what we need to concentrate on..
      love light and peace

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        I’m sorry I was curt with you.
        I’m afraid the big changes in lifestyle are about to be imposed on us due to radioactive chemical contamination of our environment.
        The China Syndrome will only accelerate the inevitable.
        Fukushima is THE done deal.

  • This is seriously disturbing, but not surprising. The fear that prompted some of us to demonstrate at the Capitol, in the streets, and at the stadiums, is being realized.

    I heard that Dr. Caldicott was to do a sequel the film, “If You Love This Planet.”

    I fear the title will be: “We Blew It.”

  • john lh john lh

    @ heart of the rose,

    I agree with you the big change.

    Actually, this FuKu in Japan is turning this earth into an material, physic worse reality.

    Do not assume that tomorrow this world will be better anymore like we thought over last few hundred years , especially since industrial revolution.

    We human society is entering into the last days on this planet, it will get worse and worse with time goes by…

    Be prepared for it…

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      We go into this disaster with a treacherous government.
      We go into this in economic shambles.
      And we find ourselves under the shadow of suppression of our own government.
      We are already in a crippled state.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS. Correction..I am of the opinion that a China Syndrome type scenario is possible/probable along with further earthquakes and volcanic action in the area.
    No one knows the out come here..
    But many of us have enough scientific training to deduce what might happen.

    • arclight arclight

      @heart thanks for the reply….at least some people are keeping tabs on this situation….at least some are discussing the possibilities….and hopefully the msm will one day pick up on this and changes could happen….we can only hope and pray….keep up the good work everyone….live life to the full…prepare as best you can given the possible scenarios…. oh and to any journalsits out there start doing your job properly…to any scientists, get yer thinking caps on…this may well take a global response.. cant believe the amount of censorship over this, its mind boggling,,,love light and peace

  • mff

    Just another great morning at Fukushima-no more cover-ups, just moment by moment blows by the Japanese Gov;t and Tepco because the cant hide anymore

  • Au Au

    Here is some Informational Medicine. It is a thought born from out of my own worry. Sometimes it feels like thin, feeble medicine but it is, in it’s own right, medicine.

    “Things could always be worse than they are right now.”

    Fukushima has not slid into the ocean. So, that is good. Grasping at any shred of light- just to keep from drowning from perpetual and continual freak out.
    We are not one of the brave, honorable and selfless Fukushima workers sacrificing everything dear to them.
    Yes, things can always be worse. Right now the postal service is still operating and so is the internet and our virtual money has not disappeared from our accounts. Diablo has not melted down. Elenin has not arrived yet. Coastlines are all intact around the world at this second. We can still buy last years food crop products in stores now. Plumbing is still working.

    “The past is over. The future will never come. Now is the only moment that will ever exist. Therefore, LIVE each second to the fullest.” Zen Card of the day.

    • Misitu

      Hello, Goldie

      re “Things could always be worse than they are right now.”

      TEPCO watchers might rephrase this as “Things ARE always worse than they are BEING REPORTED right now.”

    • BeCareful

      Now is the time to be prepared. Get that Be prepared doc from NASA and make that family emergency kit. Store water now while you can still get it unradiated. Stop drinking milk. Store up on canned goods –especially veggies because they are all going to be poison from California and Mexico. Get your liver into tip top shape NOW!The longer you can stay healthy, the better chance you will have.

  • Cindy

    SNOW in HAWAII !!

    We got snow on Mauna Kea, on Saturday..

    6 to 12 inches, drifts of 3 feet in places …

    It’s the middle of JUNE !!

    • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

      Now there is an opportunity for the University to
      rush up there and take some Readings from the fresh-fallen
      fallout. How bad is the radioactivity up there?
      remember the reports from Mt. Fuji, indicating that the
      runoff waters are going to be contaminated.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Cindy you are so much closer to Japan than North America and many here are already noticing different weather effects here it seems. Hawaii unfortunately got a stronger fallout due to proximity, scientifically thinking, right? I’m trying to take in what you are reporting. This radiation may have truly changed our world.

  • Cindy

    They are reporting that Mauna Kea has had snow in the early summer 4 other times, through the years.

    I was coming home from Kona, on saturday after paddling in my 6 man outrigger canoe race, and the car got hit by hail on the pass between the 2 volcano mountains. It was a large thundrestorm.

    We are closer to Japan, but the normal jetstream goes several hundred miles to the North of us usually, there is an ‘Eddy’ that sometimes breaks off the Jetstream and hovers over the Islands, this is what the thinking is on the radioactiv deposits.

    I know it was reported theat We have had Cessium 134 & 137, Strontium 89 , and Plutonium… We drink mainland milk, from california , LOL

  • Godzilla

    Everyone relax – according to the Montreal Gazetter article above, the new report will simply confirm what we already knew here, that the blobs melted though the reactor vessels.


    Personally, I think some of it has gone through the last barrier, but not in large enough amounts to blow everything sky-high just yet.

    • lokay5 lokay5

      The’ve got “Core on the Floor”. NOW, I’m afraid it’s gonna get reeeeaaaal messy. I just can’t comprehend the total news blackout. This is an earth-shattering event!

  • egkanek

    In Russian case, the miners dug the hole through to install to cooling under the melted corium, trying to prevent it to touch the underground water leading to hugh steam explosion. How can they try to prevent any explosion from the melt-through corium in this case?