British gov’t deeply involved in blatant conspiracy designed to manipulate the truth — Very effective attempt to ‘calm’ reporting of true story of Fukushima

Published: July 1st, 2011 at 7:30 pm ET


Call for Chris Huhne to resign over Fukushima emails, Guardians, July 1, 2011:

“This deliberate and (sadly) very effective attempt to ‘calm’ the reporting of the true story of Fukushima is a terrible betrayal of liberal values. In my view it is not acceptable that a Liberal Democrat cabinet minister presides over a department deeply involved in a blatant conspiracy designed to manipulate the truth in order to protect corporate interests”. –Andy Myles, Liberal Democrat party’s former chief executive in Scotland

“These emails corroborate my own impression that there has been a strange silence in the UK following the Fukushima disaster … in the UK, new nuclear sites have been announced before the results of the Europe-wide review of nuclear safety has been completed. Today’s news strengthens the case for the government to halt new nuclear plans until an independent and transparent review has been conducted.” –Fiona Hall, leader of the Liberal Democrats in the European parliament

Published: July 1st, 2011 at 7:30 pm ET


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27 comments to British gov’t deeply involved in blatant conspiracy designed to manipulate the truth — Very effective attempt to ‘calm’ reporting of true story of Fukushima

  • This is the first “Fukushimagate” in Europe. Que se vayan todos!

    • Misitu

      Exactly, I was very puzzled when the French extricated their expats the moment Tepco said “there will be no honourable meltdown just a hydrogen explosion nothing to see move along please” while ex good ole beeb shows clip of ambassador in tokyo minus tie, saying was doing everything possible to find where brits might be located. ha bloody ha. why the fuku do we put up with these goons!

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    HEAR, HEAR!…”Very Effective…”, so, ’nuff said!

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    Why expect anything different.

  • neminis

    PAY ATTENTION and EXTRAPOLATE from this story. Whenever and wherever moneyed interests are involved, we are told NEXT TO NOTHING about what’s really going on, especially as it relates to our future survival (or, more likely, NOT). Fussing (here and elsewhere) about the little scraps of info that we ARE given is almost a FUTILE exercise. Might as well go fishin’ or dancin’ while ya still have a body to go fishin’ or dancin’ with …

    Just sayin’.

  • NoVictimNoFraudNoCrime

    Absolute confirmation of the continued influence of the “men behind the curtain” to whom we are supposed to pay no attention.

    Exactly the same mechanism in play that allows “my” President Obama, a freakin’ Nobel Peace Prize winner, to continue the Bush wars and expand the NeoCon doctrine into Libya and next Syria and who knows what else, and consistently do the exact opposite that he said he’d do on the campaign trail. And now he’s starting the next campaign. Are we that stupid?

    That a “Liberal Democrat” can be in cahoots with the Nuclear Industry? Imagine!!!

  • Granny M

    Deadly unfortunate that there are only about 10% of peeps in the world (it’s the Bell Curve which seems to work for damn near every situation)that are paying any attention to this unfolding-in-excruciating-slo-mo disaster.
    Prolly easier to stay unaware: fewer sleepless nights. lower ‘angst quotient’ – and a lot more fun at cocktail parties…
    But the lies and NOT KNOWING is what brought us here today, somebody has to keep the lights on.

    • nonuke nonuke

      I 100% agree. We can not let this story die until all the smarmy politicians are exposed. I’m in the USA, so getting my voice heard in the UK is harder, but I will try. The same goes for people not in the USA or Japan, try to get your voice heard here. The corrupt powers are playing a sick game and I for one will no longer be a pawn. Nuclear Energy & weapons are Death and The News is obviously being filtered. Speak Out! Tell everyone you know. Start the discussion!

      “The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” – Albert Einstein

  • Birthplace of the concept of ‘corporation’

  • Fall out man!

    Its not just English politicians who “got the memo”.

    Here in NZ we still import Japanese food, tea, and used cars. We don’t want to upset importers or our trading partners, so the government not only imports dangerous food, but says nothing to warn people.

    New Zealand is one of the countries that has signed up to Nuke test monitoring, so would have had reports within days (like other western nations) showing that it was a triple meltdown at Fukushima. Not a single word of warning to the public.

    Recently the government pretended to test 80 used Japanese cars being imported here. Frustratingly, according to the experts (such as Arnie Gunderson) a Geiger Counter cannot detect the “nuclear fuel fleas” or tiny metalic particles of uranium, plutonium, strontium that lodge in air filters for air cond units and engine air filters. The fuel fleas of course are a disaster for anyone changing a car air filter.

    So once again, the testing just covered over the problem, basically saying “move along, nothing to see here, so sad to hear you are dying of lung cancer, but its not our problem”. I feel sorry for mechanics dealing with used Japanese import cars here. Most private car buyers here buy second hand Japanese cars. No doubt we will see a spike in lung cancer amongst mechanics. It stinks. It makes me cringe when I see people eating in Japanese restaurants here. This has been thoroughly covered up globally.

    The professionals in the Nuke industry who let this happen and say nothing should be ashamed of themselves. Its corporate murder. Sadly, it does not look like any of those who have influenced our governments to cover this up will be brought to justice. There should be the death penalty for those responsible.

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      I have no expertise but I do have ideas. I happen to think that westernmost rainy Kauai, 3500 miles from Fuku, may be the leading indicator of what’s coming to the u.s. west coast, and that radical, already monitoring the air there, may be a great anti-nuke partner.

      Ideas like well-publicized results of civilian radiation detection comparisons of auto tires and air filters taken out of service and out of the rain and air in February, vs readings from identical tires and filters in use and exposed to radiation since 3/11.

      Ideas like comparing the ground readings under Kauai buildings constructed in February with readings of the post-Fuku wet ground just outside the new construction.

      I’ll bet engines on commercial jets on the Hawaii-Tokyo routes have hot metal components compared to identical engines on Atlantic and European runs.

      Industrial office AC filters in Hawaii compared to readings of identical filters in CA, IL and NY. might be interesting.

      Perhaps auto, airline and AC mechanics and others might be interested in knowing the contamination levels they’re dealing with 40 hours/week.
      Detectors given to them to test their working environment might turn up surprising results.

      Just some ideas for now, but I agree something has to be started.

      • NoVictimNoFraudNoCrime

        Love your ideas, Jump-Ball. There is an established network of weather hobbyists who have linked their backyard and roof top weather sensors. It’s called Weather Underground.
        The large number of participants tend to push the data toward something of the truth, minimizing any outliers who may have faulty instruments or dead batteries.
        A similar system with appropriate rad detectors or sampling devices thrown up on the web would tell us some very interesting things.

  • pg

    “British gov’t deeply involved in blatant conspiracy designed to manipulate the truth”

    First of all, what else is knew? Second of all, they think they own Japan, the USA, and the rest of the world so what does one expect?….

    • mungo mungo

      british do not think they own usa… how many military bases does the usa have around the world, but no foreign military bases are allowed in usa?

  • arclight arclight

    the government initially, had to suppress the knowledge completely in order to be able to secure the funding application in june..nearly 3 months ahead from the disaster…coinincidental 3 months, that the first mention of meltdown or as its known now as melt through(pr thing to do with propaganda stuff) was after the funding was passed??? the reporting on the funding of the eight uk reactors is very skimpy and vague too..coincidence…and things need to be cleared fully so you can expect more vague news coming to an outlet near you soon!! next proper in depth article headline will be
    QUEEN OPENS EIGHT REACTORS IN A DAY FOR CHARITY…with a heartwarming tale of how low dose radiation is good for you…(just dont mention particulates) by her dear friend prof J Coulter from South America also like noam chomsky she is a linguist specialising in the new language of doublespeak../rant

    • arclight arclight

      interesting comment backs up the point
      “Fukushima had such immediate effect on some of the most traditional nuclear producing countries that one has to ask the question about its future. However, countries such as France and the UK have withstood the trend followed by their neighbouring countries. On 23 June, for instance, British ministers named eight sites for the next generation of nuclear plants, suitable for new power stations to be built by 2025.

      An incomprehensible step for Richard Bramhall: “I ascribe this to the scientific illiteracy of the political establishment in the UK, which is dominated by people who have arts degrees or none, and who kowtow to biased civil servants and nuclear industry lobbyists,” he says.”
      from the link

    • arclight

      You’re not making sense.

      I doubt whether you’ve ever taken a linguistics course or know anything about the subject,and therefore you probably don’t know about the historic advances in linguistics made by this one man.

      You also don’t appear to very clear on what Chomsky really stands for and what he has been writing and speaking about for many years now.

      So, sorry, but what’s the beef with Chomsky. He has always spoken out honestly, and accurately [in my opinion] on things like the Vietnam War, the military industrial complex and the dangers of full spectrum dominance, the evils of empire and nuclear weaponry.

      I just don’t get it man, so if you could clarify, that’d be good.

      • arclight arclight

        haha lol everything from the queen opens 8 reactors in a day and below is a little sarcastic rant on a possible msm headline..maybe i should have posted it seperatly…the only issue with noam i have is hes not very vocal on these disasters, although its not what he covers..j coulter is that numb nuts who thinks radiation is good for you and if any one speaks doublespeak (Orwell 1984) it would be her…the queen doing a charity “sponsored nuclear power plant opening race” kinda appealed to my warped sence of humour…and i was a bit tired… there i hope that clarifies that i am not going mad or something like that, i confirm my love of noam C, think j coulter is a dickwipe(sorry kids), ive been thinking about orwell 1984 alot for some reason? and ill let old betaflare and yony wilson fill you in on the queen!! also i might add i have no sence of humour (probaly because the world is going to end) apart from that everything is just fine bro!! peace

  • odylan

    Anybody remember how 100’s of England’s finest MPs were exposed for fiddling their expenses. Did they end up in the slammer? Ho, ho, ho…. what a silly question.

    The basic problem in this case is the nuclear lobby. They have infiltrated everywhere. You can bet your there are MP’s drawing €100,000 a year nuclear ‘honorarium’ in addition to their over generous salaries. And don’t forget the EU Parliament. That’s out of control with some EMP’s getting 5 pay packets!!!

    And the pro-nuclear banks? The IMF. French again isn’t it?

    • BetaFlare

      AREVA money went -02 to finn parliament to start the worlds largest dirtiest shakiest project on a fault-area with worst kind of rock in scandinavia…

      No wonder this parliament sold out our constitution to the pa pal 120.000 EUdirectives fraud

      AREVA – the fench j€ §suit nukefortress:
      Now this project is late b/c multiple frauds, faults …

      then the facts: (repost)

  • BetaFlare

    Brits =Queen Saxo-Coburg -roots can be traced to r0me – and its ceasar (p0pe holds that title still like all Adolph collected the gold teeth in vat-i-can vaults).

    They did not succeed in the Gunp0wder Pl0t of 16o5 – but later infiltrated with the ma s0nic system into all forms of uk life – heres a good one …where the virus (=most hi mas0n) is spinned into victim by the BBC-flowerhat ‘professors’.

    then the facts: (repost)


    Nuclear plant shut down after jellyfish clog filters; Scotland, units at Torness power station, near Dunbar in East Lothian 30-jun-2011

  • “Nuclear power and mankind cannot coexist. We survivors of the atomic bomb have said this all along. And yet, the use of nuclear power was camouflaged as “peaceful” and continued to progress.
    “You never know when there’s going to be a …
    Watching the nation’s worst disaster in postwar Japan unfold, 82-year-old Sumiteru Taniguchi

  • JoeNeubarth


    Have you seen story one in the news media anywhere in the world that points out that,

    Only an IDIOT ORGANIZATION would approve a nuclear power plant like Fukushima that had only one source of commercial power to it, WHEN EVERYBODY ASSOCIATED WITH NUCLAR POWER KNOWS THAT THE WORST CASE SCENARIO FOR THOSE REACTORS WOULD BE A LOSS OF ELECTRICAL POWER.

    Only an IDIOT ORGANIZATION would approve a nuclear power plant like Fukushima that had such a low sea wall when there were numerous reports of run up from average Tsunami swells (3 to 4 meters) that could go as high as forty feet! The actual Tsunami that washed in off of Fukushima was 4.2 meters in height. The Run UP from that swell was well over 40 feet in height. The plant was there for 40 years and they were warned repeatedly that they had no effective tsunami protection.

    Only an IDIOT ORGANIZATION would approve a nuclear power plant like Fukushima that had Emergency Diesel Generators installed at or near sea level where they could be douched by a 4.2 meter tsunami.!

    Only an IDIOT ORGANIZATION would approve a nuclear power plant like Fukushima that had electrical controllers for the plant pumps in locations where they could be swamped and made inoperable!

    Only an IDIOT ORGANIZATION would approve a nuclear power plant like Fukushima that had control stations located where an accident in one reactor would necessitate evacuation of a control station for the next door reactor!

    Only an IDIOT ORGANIZATION would approve a nuclear power plant like Fukushima that had shut off valves in the emergency steam escape system to altitude (those towers) that failed shut during an electrical outage without an easy means of opening them manually! That valve was responsible for the Hydrogen explosions at three of the reactors. UnFukushimaBelievable!

    Only an IDIOT ORGANIZATION would approve a nuclear power plant like Fukushima that had all of those spent fuel rods stored in the reactor buildings (long term storage) instead of an isolated reactor rod pool away from the power producing plants! UnFukushimaBelievable!

    Need I go on?

    • BetaFlare

      While there, Point at the Idiot.

      Worlds bigegst shareholder. In widely published process of decimating you and other vat-i-can enemies

  • CB CB

    June 3rd, I’m wondering about the big picture here. Fukushima, Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Plant, Cooper Nuclear Station, Los Alamos, and now French nuclear plant Tricastin. Not to mention Fukushimas #5&6 and the Monju reactor. That’s 10 nuclear (clean fuel) reactors with major problems within 3 month’s time. How ironic.

  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

    Tjernobyl nuclear pollution…the oil spills pollution….plastic waste pollution suffocating the oceans…pestecides pollution…antibiotics and growhormones pollution..fertilizer

    pollution…industrial pollution….deforestation 95% …desertification…..biodiversity and the honeybees collapsing..Climate chance thanks to pollution….today Fukushima

    nuclear pollution…etc….most of them not even under control yet. But they all cumulate on top of eachother creating ever more exponential damage on the many levels this

    beautiful life cradlle called earth operates at . Some siencetist say at this moment we/everything is existing in a chemical coctail of 80.000 manmade chemicals , most of

    them not tested for their influence on the genetical dynamics of life.

    No matter how grave the manmade disaster and the cumulative bills we ALL are paying with our health and lives, still materialistic oriented people will shamelessly

    downplay everything to prevent the boiling frog from waking up in time.

    Because that would ineviteble chance SOME of the current way’s capitalisme works and their corrupted mind simply refuses to cope with that possibility. The fact that

    they, by doing so, keep us all prisoners of a giant ratrace towards selfdestruction does not bother them, because they simply deny it.

    Somewhere/somehow there is a possibility for themselfes snatching one of them bonuses, or get filthy rich one way or the other.

    And thats all they need to have peace of dellusional mind when they sell the governments and its citizens and their own grandchild to the selfregulating responsibility of the

    industry , forever… The industry that has the long term vision and dynamics of bacteria in a petri dish , thanks to unlimited personal wealth possibility and what it does with

    the average human conscious.
    You can find those dr Strangelove troll’s and their sheeps everywhere, including here. For the world citizens who are only now gaining “see tru all this” capability, they find

    themselfes living in “selflearned helplesness” like the baby’s with heroin addicted parents. Your life, health, education, future possibilities and overall wellbeing depends

    on their love, vision and responsibility for you.
    Too bad, the junky’s capabillity of setting longtime future goals is reduced to visions of the next fix aka bonus aka bribe aka election.

    But there is no fairytale future, there is no unlimited resources, the planet does not grow with us and there is no planetary biomass that is miraculesly capable of neutralizing

    our out of control levels of irreversebly destruction capability and unlimited greed. The total biomass’s is as vulnerable as that of the smallest individual living things.
    Living Ecosystems are all about complexity and symbioses and we are the cancer. Unlimited providing for us ? Wishfull thinking much ?? :smackself: !

    LOGIC will smack us all silly with the consequences !

    Meanwhile, continue with the ratrace in the small petri dish folks. Its the only thing simply enough to be good at when you lack conscience. God forbid we would have to

    become creative about life’s priorities and make it non-materialistic .

    Hey look , every sign left and right say’s its a dead end street , wooow , so many of them, what does it means, its so intens, wooow ,dubbel signs all the way , wooow lets

    all close our eyes and go full throttle ahead ! If you don’t follow i manipulate your culture to brainwash you, then i murder you ! Because i want my FIX !!!

    quote Paul Mazer : “”We must shift America from a ‘needs’ to a ‘desires’ culture, people must be trained to desire, to want new things even before the old has been completely consumed . We must shape a new mentality in America, man’s desires must overshadow his needs.” – Paul Mazer, Lehman Brothers (circa 1930’s)”

    Oh, and to put the cherry on the cake, when we go as a logic result of not being capable to collectively and united sublimate our own amoebe instincts , no relief for the

    biomass nononeuuuuh.
    All reactors will melt+all waste and nuclear waepons will leak sterilizing the planet for hundreds of tousand’s, maybe millions years , in an extremely effectively way, but

    there is only so many billions years left before the sun dies……
    We should put a sign on the moon with our evolution explained as a eternal warning.