NPR: Rapidly unfolding situation at cracked dam has engineers scrambling — Experts troubled over ‘slip’ in structure — Official “didn’t answer question” about dam near Hanford nuclear site — Major employer in area obviously worried — “Spring snow melt will swell river” — NBC: “Crack in Dam Repairs Itself”

Published: March 7th, 2014 at 7:31 am ET


Northwest Public Radio (NPR affiliate), Mar. 5, 2014:

  • Host: The situation on the Columbia River is rapidly unfolding with the damaged Wanapum Dam […] teams of engineers are scrambling to figure out what’s gone wrong
  • Anna King, reporter: What’s troubling to experts on dams and concrete structures is [it] not only cracked, it’s slipped a little
  • Rob Shogren, Lafarge International concrete company technical director: A 2-inch thick crack can be significant, it depends on where it is in the structure, how deep it goes and what caused it
  • King: And what’s caused the mighty crack in the Wanapum Dam is the big question — John Osteraas, is a disaster expert […] he doesn’t like the sound of what’s happening
  • Osteraas: We’ve certainly over history seen some fairly spectacular failures of dams, there’s an enormous amount of energy stored in the water behind the dam
  • King: What troubles Osteraas, is that the dam failed with no clear cause — it’s what disaster experts call a ‘sunny day scenario’
  • Osteraas: When things just fail in the normal course of events, under loads and forces that we thought were in the safe region, then we have to be much more aggressive, much more thorough in our inspection to make sure we understand the total picture
  • King: Osteraas says a good move right now would be to reduce water between Wanapum Dam and the next dam downriver, Priest Rapids [near Hanford nuclear site] — That would create a space between the 2 dams for the extra water if Wanapum was to fail — I asked Grant County’s Chuck Berrie if that was happening, he didn’t answer the question
  • Berrie: It’s not right that it will create a tidal wave downstream
  • King: But here’s the thing, when I asked about the contingency plan for what happens if the dam does bust, officials say they have drills and plans, but they aren’t sharing specifics
  • King: Steve Allen, he’s a major employer in the area and lives about 3 miles downstream [on a] 100 acre apple and cherry orchard […] His eyes betray his worry about the dam
  • Allen: If it broke, if it actually came apart, and a lot of water came down through here, then my orchard would be severely affected — It’s only maybe 10 or 15 feet above the water level, if a huge amount of water came in here it would wipe out my orchard probably
  • King: The coming months could get complicated for dam engineers’ ‘band-aid’ efforts — Right now, the mighty Columbia River is at its low winter levels, but soon spring snow melt will swell the downstream river flows

NBC News, Mar. 6, 2014: 65-Foot-Long Crack in Washington Dam Repairs Itself — The Washington state dam where inspectors found a 65-foot-long crack last week has fixed itself […] Grant County was under a flash flood watch because of the potential for uncontrolled water flow […] utility district downgraded the dam’s status late Tuesday to ‘non-failure emergency’

Full broadcast here

Published: March 7th, 2014 at 7:31 am ET


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140 comments to NPR: Rapidly unfolding situation at cracked dam has engineers scrambling — Experts troubled over ‘slip’ in structure — Official “didn’t answer question” about dam near Hanford nuclear site — Major employer in area obviously worried — “Spring snow melt will swell river” — NBC: “Crack in Dam Repairs Itself”

  • We Not They Finally

    It should be reiterated in every article that this is a 65-foot long crack and it is a 65-foot wide dam! It's ALL ACROSS THE WHOLE DAM! That seems like it might be the most unstable situation imaginable.

    • or-well

      Um, the dam is over 8000 feet long.
      This latest report says the crack extends across the part of the structure below the spillway gate (the ogee).
      Previous reports said the crack extends across one of the spillway piers, said to be 65 feet wide.
      Either way, not good, but it's not all across the whole dam.

      • ENENews

        "2-inch-wide crack that stretched for 65 feet along the base of one of the dam’s spillway piers… The piers supporting its 10 spillway gates are each 65 feet wide"

        "The entire spillway… is 820 feet long"

        Length of dam: 8,320 feet

        Incorrect reports such as this one in the Columbia Basin Herald likely led to confusion: "the crack, which spans the entire length of the dam"

        • ocifferdave

          Mr Admin, I wish every major MSM in the USA had an editor in chief that was like you.

          Does it ever blow your mind like it blows our minds what you are doing for all of humanity on Earth here at Enenews?

        • jec jec

          Thank you, Admin! From all the documents, Wanapam Dam has a65 ft crack, at Piling 12 only. Crack is variable! at 2 inches wide, 70 ft down from the top,on the upstream (underwater high water side). Piling 12 had a horizonal 2 inch wide crack side to side across the piling, which closed when the water level was dropped 26 ft. That's not 'self healing' just means the pressure was forcing the piling OVER above that point, a tipping concrete block. Add more pressure to the water levels and it will tip more.

          Anchor cables may have failed. 70 ft down is about the level of the top of the steel anchor cables (HUGE! cables) set into bed rock. Error in installation is assumed to have caused corrosion/possible failure point in the cable. Project in 2010 was done to add CONCRETE stabilizers, lets just say thousands of tons of concrete to try and keep the dam in place if the anchor cables failed.

          Does the piling tipping or sliding like that shows a weak area in the engineering of the stoplog/concrete–for Piling 12? OR is the dam slipping/failing in more areas?..scary stuff.

          Priest Rapids Dam is not designed for water storage, so it likely can not help stop a sudden heavy volume, is just to act as short term holding to ease flow rates. Now off to research Priest Rapids Dam design and flow rates. How highare Hanford areas from flood stage? 10 ft? 100 feet? That might be a good figure to have.

    • Gasser Gasser

      OMG WNTF I have friends a mile down the Dam and your ALL ACROSS THE WHOLE DAM in caps has made them shit in there pants!…get your facts straight…You're getting a laundry bill, My Dear one…see it goes both ways….flame

  • We Not They Finally

    And now they say that the 65-foot wide crack has "fixed itself"???

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    NBC: “Dam Repairs Itself”…

    Well Hallelujah!!! On this day of March the seventh of the year Twenty fourteen, a miracle came to be…

    A form of life has evolved that is actually DUMBER than the GOP !!!

    Seriously, you guys at NBC really should lay-off the 'Pixie Dust', you know it's not good for you.

  • Cisco Cisco

    "The Washington state dam where inspectors found a 65-foot-long crack last week has fixed itself and is now safe, utility officials said Wednesday."…oh yeah! Fixed itself, huh?

    And, I promise…the check's in the mail, and I promise I won't….

    "Utility officials"? These guys must be smoking crack.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    NBC..the crack fixed itself?
    Really? exactly ..did the concrete seal itself?

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    I'm entering NBC into the "ENENews Awards" under the category of "Total Embarrassment to Journalism Award".

    And I thought FOX News was dumb… Do NBC staff check their braincells in at security when they go to work in the morning ??

    • dosdos dosdos

      Fox and NBC and CNN are all dumb. Theres plenty of room in the dummy news bin for all the idiots in the news business.

    • irhologram

      You know, that's not a bad idea! We should feature an article on the top three Most Embarrassing Journalism awards every week. That's the kind of satire piece that would be picked up and used in other sites, as talking points in guest appearances on Coast to Coast AM, on John Wells' show, even Drudge. I can see it being spun off into a Saturday Night Dead comedy.) but seriously. It's a good idea. We can send the winners congratulatory letters to make sure they "get" that they've been "outed."

  • or-well

    NBC rubbish aside, one would hope there are sensitive seismographs deployed around the site.
    Shouldn't that be Standard Operating Procedure for dams?
    Has any reporter asked about that?
    If a slip caused a crack – what caused a slip?

    • atomicistheword

      sorry or-well, I ended up talking to myself. That dam is due for a probabilistic assessment. See comment below.

      • or-well

        one hopes some assessment was done prior to construction, but, well…
        If there are seismographs in use, are they secret?
        If they're in use and not secret, is it a case of "acceptable levels" and "no imminent threat" and "no need to risk causing panic"?
        If they're not in use they should be.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      These people say the same bullshit every time and of course there is no crack in any dam and there is no concern for the radiation contamination leaking all over the planet which is killing the Pacific Ocean and then all of you.. 🙁

      We have educated/created a bunch of Morons… 🙁

  • atomicistheword

    Cancel the duct tape and chicken wire. The farmers cherry has been saved.

    • atomicistheword

      "If a slip caused a crack – what caused a slip?"

      The dam is probably built on a fault line?

      Now the radioactive Salmon can swim home to mutate.

      • GQR2

        Sometimes it seems like they are so much concerned about "public panic" as they are about getting a boot in the rear-end or a pitch fork. Being held accountable.

        Would the public even be moved to panic? The orwellian life constructed with no reporters,no truth the enemy of the lame stream, fluoride in the water,bills to pay- i wonder.
        Mindless panic they probably could socially engineer just due to the constant minimizing and hiding a ton of truth to dumped on people after its too late is a pretty good recipe for that.
        The crack fixed itself…whoever said that,approved it,ought to be fired. Its so completely irresponsible.

        • many moons

          The panic thing is just a lie…it's a lie that allows them to keep lying to us…for our own good…how convenient is that?

          When 3 mile island was finally revealed…there was no panic….when Chernobyl was revealed the population was more afraid of the armed men imposing evacuation then than fear of radiation….when was the last time you witnessed mass hysteria?
          I've only seen it at soccer matches.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          The person who said that must work for Orwell's minions.. 🙂

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


          As George Bush once famously said: If they really knew what we have done they would hang us.

          This is probably why government treasonously lies. MSM lies because they are deliberately and treasonously deceiving the American people so as to hide the truth from them. I do include PBS as part of the MSM. I watched about half of the news on PBS tonight and it was all lies and deception. If it wasn't, then it was idiocy.

          • GQR2

            Hiya NoPrevarification.Bush when he spoke of a "death cult" wasn't talking about any in the Middle East,nope he was talking about our very government and the 322 boys.
            He's right they should be hung.
            (an aside there's an owl hooting right outside my window tonight In a small tree, it's both mournful and beautiful at the same time.)

  • cooterboy

    Grand Coulee Dam is at full pool level. This is 8 ft. below flood level. Lake Roosevelt behind Coulee Dam can hold another 640,000 acre ft. of water to reach flood stage.

    North eastern mountains are below normal snow pack levels (34"), by 10 inches. The last 3 weeks there has been below freezing levels and the ground beneath the snow is frozen.

    Today the temperature is expected to be 50 degrees which will increase the snow melt and lots of runoff into Lake Roosevelt and the downstream water sheds.


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Possible New Leak at Hanford Nuclear Waste Site
    March 6 2014

    • irhologram

      Heart. From your link: "Preliminary data" indicated "a change of condition" at the oldest so-called double-shell tank at the site near Yakima in eastern Washington — specifically, the discovery of an unidentified "dried material" in the area that hadn't been there when it was last visually inspected in September 2012, the department said in a one-paragraph statement posted on the Hanford website (pdf).

      There's no indication that the material — which covers about 7 feet by 21 inches — has leaked into the outside environment, according to the Energy Department, but it has ordered the contractor "to do another video inspection" of the entire area."

      What color is this leak? Is it black like the plutonium/et al admitted to be in the black Fukishima residue in another of today's Ene stories? And how is a 7 ft. by 21" residue deposited that escaped a doubled encasement NOT considered to be in the environment? Yes, it's "out" but not really?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS. James Conca and Apatite II…funny how he goes about saying nuclear facilities are safe.. yet involved in remediation..


  • Sickputer

    The use of "fixed itself" is an unusual word choice for such a large engineering issue.

    Struggling for an analogy to show how inane that description can be.

    "The concrete truck brakes have failed and the truck is parked on a mountain slope above an orphanage facility. Fortunately a block of ice is wedged in front of the truck. The problem is fixed."

    Back to our dam…so keeping a low water level "fixes" the stress crack. And how do you keep the spring thaw melted snow from flowing into the dam reservoir and raising the crack again? Build another dam? Let more water through the gates?

    The longterm solution will be expensive. They will first try grout adhesive, possibly RODUR:

    This process of drilling and injecting adhesive grout is usually the first major repair process, most recently used in an Indian dam last year:

    If the grout is not enough to do the job they will need to build a arch-gravity buttress below the dam to prop up the weight misdistribution. As explained on page 14 in this document:

    The situation is serious, but the lack of deadly radiation helps in this "dam big…

    • Sickputer


      Not to mention the damn WordPress inaccurate word counter for post limits. 🙂

    • jec jec

      Lack of deadly radiation..heck Sickputer, they will be able to change THAT..just a little bit of water over Hanford…(sarcasm).

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    Did they put super glue in the crack? What is wrong with reporters? Do they not have kids & grand kids they worry about? I do & I want the truth!

  • GQR2

    Well yes the grout will continue to have pressure exerted upon it,further degrading its function. By lowering the water the only pressure removed was on the inner side towards the water,so the damn set back not being pushed by too much water. But there is still all the water there and coming. That crack is going to unfix itself really quick.

  • jec jec

    "2-inch-wide crack that stretched for 65 feet along the base of one of the dam’s spillway piers… The piers supporting its 10 spillway gates are each 65 fe from ENENEWS Admin comment above.

    A GOOD structural engineer could take the above information, the fact the lessening of stress (drop of 26 ft of water pressure), and figure out what pressure levels needed to be to keep the piling stable until they 'fix' it. Right now..a 'fix' might require draining the dam to replace/repair the piling (assuming this is the only one failing). If they had to drain the dam, this is the time..before spring flood waters start. Once that happens,all they can do is let the waters rage thru..with limited control..not good.

    Those emergency plans..evacuation for the lower Columbia River if there was a full dam failure..has anyone even DRAFTED them up? Or was it considered NOT possible….FOIA anyone?

  • lam335 lam335

    "… water levels … were drawn down about 26 feet — about 3 feet a day. That was done to reduce pressure on the structure and allow the crack to close.

    It worked — integrity surveys showed not only that the spillway was stable but also that "the fracture has closed," Tom Stredwick,…

    The breach relaxed back into place thanks to the lower pressure pushing against it, and the utility district downgraded the dam's status late Tuesday to "non-failure emergency" while it seeks a permanent repair.""


    So the gap narrowed after they relieved the pressure on it. What kind of a moron equates that with the gap "fixing itself"? It will reopen again as soon as the pressure on it is restored … and it's part of a gigantic dam that must, by its nature, hold back tons of pressure.

    • combomelt combomelt

      the way this is being so poorly reported in the msm, gives pause to think about how much bs is reported regarding nuclear.
      "Truth? there isn't any truth."

  • jec jec

    Chelan County PUD has stopped generating power at Rock Island Dam in response to drawdown by Grant County PUD at its Wanapum Dam.

    One more "damn" dam in Washington State with issues, but not like Wanapam.Now the PUD is doing flow testing at Rock Island Dam to see if they can you think that because the Wanapum Dam suddenly 'selfhealed?'…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    David Huizenga..
    Oh..yes..the fellow sent to let.. Native Americans know there is 'opportunity' in cleaning up radioactive waste.

    EM Convenes Historic Meeting with Leaders of Tribal Nations
    June 20 2012

    “We want to listen to you today to hear what opportunities you think there are within the DOE complex and we’ll try our best to meet your needs,” said Senior Advisor for Environmental Management David Huizenga, who spoke about the importance of the Tribal Nations’ involvement at DOE sites, including the exploration and growth of economic opportunities."

    "We want to listen to you today."…

  • Socrates

    With the waste at Hanford, WIPP, and the Fukushima failure of the atoms for peace program destroying the food web and ecosystem of the Pacific Ocean, an argument can be made that the US will be the victim of its own nuclear program, a friendly-fire event, if you will, or a backfire.

    To be a little philosophically incorrect I provide some thoughts:

    Those who live by the sword shall perish by same. The entire thing has boomeranged on us. Call it karma or nemestic ecosystem cosmic devine retribution….. loose cannons…

    Now to be poetic:

    I always knew they hadn't a clue.
    Now what to do? It's up to you.
    Whatever you do, do not sue…
    But they are doin' it to you.

    How many trillions of dollars of damage have they done, if it can be quantified? How much is the clean up bill? Finally, did we really win these wars if we shot ourselves in both feet?

    If humanity could turn back the clock for a redo, who would not chose to act differently? There might still be time to change our ways.

    I have to express these words from both my head and my heart. I can understand that drinking the hemlock is not the worst thing. Facing facts is preferable to denying reality and logic just to get along with authority.

    Each of us must choose our fate or it will be decided by default by others.

  • Nick

    Nuclear electrical utility plants are happy to get us to look at our dam problems.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Transcript from NPR reveals how empty their commentary is. NPR depends heavily on emotion/voice. Take that away and it is fairly devoid of intelligent probing. But most people listen to NPR because it has a mildly therapeutic quality. Interesting. Upper middle class news.

  • Nick

    404 = server overload.

    Expect to see daily.

    This site is gonna go viral in…… 4 days.


    • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

      Thanks for the info.

    • Again – @admin !

      Please consider options for mirroring, load-balancing, fail-over !

      Our chance to finally bring the nuclear psychopaths and their evil technology down has never been higher. I sense that for the first time ever, they are in serious trouble, and they know it. I can smell them sweating, and there is a clear notion of fear and panic in the odor.

      WE CANNOT AFFORD THAT THIS SITE GOES DOWN ! The fate of both humanity and our planet is at stake to a large degree.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Why 4 days, Nick?

      And, if people are using windows, this may explain the 404.

      Use linux OS systems ad use a mozilla browser with the adblock plus.


      • combomelt combomelt

        4 days + 3.7.14 = 3year anniversary of 3.11.11…….. what did the pro-nukes get us?

        Anniversary Traditional Modern
        1st Paper Clocks
        2nd Cotton China
        3rd Leather Crystal/Glass

        Leather? For our 3rd anniversary of the coriums marrying salt-water, but instead we got beautiful little baby buckey-balls coming our way! What happy grandparents we are with all our daughter products out among us!.

  • Nick

    Nuclear Nookie: Man, we have gotta catch a break one of these days. What with Fukushima, Hanford and WIPP, I just don't know how we can get a pass.

    Dam operator: Um, we got a crack in a spillway that you might be able to get a story on.

    NN: Alright! Damn this is a nice dam story.

    DO: We can lower water levels and get the Columbia River's electrical grid to go into hyper-pause.

    NN: Okay we will go full power at all of the nuclear sites to make up the difference.

    (WEEKS LATER) A few weeks ago, electrical generation along the Columbia River was reduced to ______
    levels. You, as a customer, NEVER saw the blip in current, as our great nuclear buddies came to the rescue and powered up to full capacity to meet demand. Hug a nuclear worker today.

  • I am STUNNED by the fact there has been NO MENTION of the FACT that the military has a BOMB RANGE right beside this DAMNED DAM, and US and CHINA have been dropping ORDINANCE and shaking the entire COUNTY the entire week before the crack was found!


    I SO SERIOUSLY do NOT think that this was any sort of ACCIDENT !

    They MEANT to BREAK the damned thing, and solve the far too expensive issue that is Hanford!

    The solution for these folks is DILUTION … even if that spreads the sit EVERYWHERE !!!

  • Ontological Ontological

    Get your Ronco magic repair, It fixes dam cracks so massive you would think it could never be fixed, repairs WIPP's in seconds, and NPP's like new! BUT WAIT. Call now and we will DOUBLE your order, you get 2 rapid repairs, and 2 tin cans, and 2 plastic caps, all for JUST most of your money, your life, your children's lives and EVERYTHING else you own. Call NOW!

  • Yes…! Yes.. let us go drop ORDINANCE all over the place on a FAULT LINE beside Hanford.. and see what developing crisis it makes so that we can have our men "TRAIN" in handling THE PANICED PUBLIC as a result!

    Deployment opportunity generated IN STATE that is nominally not exactly legal… but who and how will they ever be able to bitch about it.!?

    Besides… the gov. will save a bundle.. and so, whe might get a budget increase to deal with the problem! RIGHT !?

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    "What are people to be distracted from?"

    Yo, Sol.

    Short answer? They are being distracted from the well planned crash of the American dollar and world economy by the IMF/UN globalist babylonian banksters with the end game being a new digital world currency system for those who are left after the population elimination programs are finished.

    Pretty simple, really.


    • Yeah, pretty simple really. World domination was impossible when America was strong and free and had the Constitution and Bill of Rights and Separation of Powers so that no one could act as "King".

      By shipping the jobs oversees, then letting in 11 million illegal aliens to dilute the remaining few jobs so that many are desperate for government handouts of all sorts, Score 1

      By transferring wealth to large multinational corporation "citizens" who use Hong Kong and elsewhere to play "hide the profits" was a great way to enslave Americans with debt while expatrioting the profits to other countries. Score 2

      Next — Take a barely known "ethnic" constitutional lawyer with a chip on his shoulder the size of Mt Rushmore and put him in a position of power to dismantle the Constitution. Score 3

      Create huge asset bubbles and then create disasters to allow the world domination team to create laws to give them more power, whilst also transferring about 50% of private investors and pensions funds to their account. Then get the illegal "Federal Reserve Banker Club" to directly buy the stock futures market to force the price of stocks up. Those in the know grabbed a lot of wealth, whilst mom and pop once burned, does not get to participate. Score 4

      Since there are few jobs, promote "education" as the saving grace, and simultaneously raise tuition prices around 500% whilst making it easy

    • Sol Man

      James and Stock.
      The tallies in the sand are a very big number.

      Thanks for your lucid insights.

  • Sol Man

    Rapidly unfolding dam has cracked engineers bumbling…

  • rodgersericv

    There's something I'm not understanding here. Did a television news anchor actually stare into the camera and tell the audience that a 65 foot 2 inch wide crack in a damn had healed itself? The molecular bonds that broke to form the crack somehow with some weird physics fused the crack, repairing it? Has the US media actually reached this phase?

    • There is a wonderful scene in the movie "V – Vendetta" which perfectly fits in here. Please, give me a second, I need to look it up. Be right back… 😉

      • Here you go… 😉

        [Background: The scene takes place in the studio of the government-controlled TV station. Vendetta brought down a government building in the heart of London using explosives the night before, an undiable fact. Of course the regime cannot openly admit this, because that would be a fatal sign of weakness and loss of control.]

        Lewis, they want this report on the
        first hour —

        I know. I know. Damned
        inconvenient this entire affair.
        Fine. Let's try again.

        He clears his voice and the red "record" light turns on.

        Good morning, London. It is 6 am,
        the fifth of November 2019 and this
        is the voice of Fate. The new day
        brings good news and bright
        prospects from overseas, where
        negotiations with New China are
        moving in a positive direction.
        Last night's scheduled demolition
        of two deteriorating landmarks went
        off without a hitch.

        Dascombe is unable to stop himself from smiling.

        Spokesman for the Interior ministry
        said both structures were severely
        damaged and judged to be a danger
        to the unsuspecting public. Plans
        for new landmarks are well

        Prothero sits back, shaking his head.

        Do you believe this crap, Dascombe?

        It's not our job to believe it,
        Lewis. Our job is to tell the
        people —

        "Exactly what they tell us." I
        Know but do you think that people
        will believe it?

        They will if it's you that's
        telling it…

    • Sol Man

      Apparently so.
      PCP? Meds? Alcohol?
      Another day in lala.

  • chevvvy chev

    Can I get a free set of steak knives with that???… 🙂

  • MikeK

    If the crack is inside of the dam, then something on one side or the other has failed and is hinging on the crack. There should be cracks on the outside of the dam on one or both sides of the inside crack.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Mike, concrete fails in tension right? So its "hinging" somewhere in the downstream direction, thats what my feminine intuition tells me. Like tipping over a block. Let the pressure off and it settles back down, closing the gap. But this cant be the whole story because a complete tension crack like that would be catastrophic. My guess is that some tension members…the cables I hear mentioned, must be holding it together. Perhaps some tension elements have failed, allowing the others to stretch more for the given load. The dam is getting older and sits on the Yakima fault system

      • MikeK

        Concrete itself will flex a tiny little bit. If cracked then it was pushed beyond elastic limits. Most probably rebar, cables and possibly other components retracting when pressure is relieved are closing the crack.

        I'm no expert but I would estimate that the problem is a lot worse than is being said.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I would say it is time for a vote of "no confindence" in the current county government there.

    Why are they keeping their plans secret? Is there something selfish in the plan? Do they plan on evacuating the county government and favorites, let the people eat silt?

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      "I would say it is time for a vote of "no confidence" in the current county government there." County? County government? Why not National Government? The opportunity for a vote of "no confidence" at this time would result in: a vote of NO CONFIDENCE!! Take them away.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Of course! "let the people eat silt"

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    he he. Typos. Noconfindence? Nocanfindence. No can find the government?

  • Jebus Jebus

    "If a slip caused a crack – what caused a slip?"

    A crack.

    It's rhetorical…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Cracking Slipping

    Slipping Cracking

    Damn Dam

    Here's an historical vid of wamapum dam and the yakima firing range…

    Maybe I spelt that wrong?

  • Jebus Jebus

    Point being, has anyone seen the crack?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    That's the same as Face Crack..right?

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Latest RSOE report for WIPP is interesting, to say the least.:

    Just two days day after the Obama administration proposed to cut millions of dollars in funding to clean up the infamous Hanford nuclear site in Washington state, the Energy Department said Thursday that one of the location's oldest storage tanks may have sprung another leak. The Energy Department's contractor overseeing operations at Hanford – which houses millions of gallons of radioactive waste and is considered one of the most contaminated sites in the United States and possibly on Earth – notified its Office of River Protection of the possible leak Wednesday, the Energy Department confirmed Thursday. "Preliminary data" indicated "a change of condition" at the oldest so-called double-shell tank at the site near Yakima in eastern Washington – specifically, the discovery of an unidentified "dried material" in the area that hadn't been there when it was last visually inspected in September 2012, the department said in a one-paragraph statement posted on the Hanford website (pdf).

    • James Tekton James Tekton


      There's no indication that the material – which covers about 7 feet by 21 inches – has leaked into the outside environment, according to the Energy Department, but it has ordered the contractor "to do another video inspection" of the entire area. The unidentified material was found outside a riser – a support beam providing external access to the damaged tanks – only 50 to 60 feet from another riser where a confirmed leak was reported in late 2012, officials said. In February 2013, the Energy Department acknowledged that the extent of leaks at Hanford had been underreported, telling officials that six of the site's 177 tanks were, in fact, leaking. The head of the contracting company took early retirement without explanation three months later. Lawmakers from both parties expressed concern after the Obama administration asked Congress on Tuesday to cut $67 million from the Hanford cleanup budget for fiscal year 2015. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., scolded officials of the White House Office of Management and Budget at a Senate hearing Wednesday, telling them she thought she had made it clear that "I expect the federal government to meet its milestones at defense environmental cleanup sites."


  • jec jec

    New leaking tanks at Hanford.."Damn" dam better not leak..


    Oh..wonder who did the engineering quality control for the anchor cables, for the contrete?, for the design. If its the concrete..quality..thats a big ALL dam deal. If its the design, and I think it might be..then all bets are off. More leaking tanks just offer flood waters the opportunity to glow!

    • jec jec

      Lets see the PLAN from DOE to Washington State authorities on their plan to clear out the tank:
      The Department of Ecology has been pressing DOE for a pumping plan and it is finally due to be released Friday.

      Also note reference to WIPP problem. This is likely going to force DOE to be even more aggressive to re-open WIPP and start storage again. Keep eyes out!

  • jec jec

    Latest on the Wanapam Dam surveys to discover scope of damage:
    " they’re sending down divers and a remote control underwater camera to get a better idea of the extent of the fracture on the upriver side of the dam. "

    I dont understand how they can say the dam is 'stable' and people are safe..if they DONT KNOW the full situation. I would have not made any pronouncements until AFTER the divers and engineers looked at the physical evidence. Just because the pressure taken off the dam allowed the Piling to settle back into place its still broke. Broke is broke..

    • irhologram

      Um…so how did they know the crack was 65 ft. by 2" if no cameras or divers observed it? From the tilt of the tipped pier? From the size of the bulge? If so, this could easily be an underestimate that can be changed in the slow meting out of (dis)info in (opinion) damage control.

      • Jebus Jebus

        lol, "DAMage control"

        If you spin the magic merry go round fast enough, no one can hang on and everything flies off, in every direction…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    What no safety pins?..just pulled that torn dress together..and it's back out on the dance floor.

  • irhologram

    Merkan Infrastructure collapse. "Merkan" a new term on the Internet. Definitions:

    1. Derogatory term for a citizen of the United States of America. Sometimes spelled mercan.

    2. A super patriotic American at least 1/4 Borg, Sith, or Romulan.

    3. The people of Merka, an important country on the North Merkan continent.

  • irhologram

    Creeping behavior happens on all kinds of faults, but it's most obvious and easiest to visualize on strike-slip faults, which are vertical cracks whose opposite sides move sideways with respect to each other. Presumably it happens on the enormous subduction-related faults that give rise to the largest earthquakes, but we can't measure those underwater movements well enough yet to tell. The movement of creep, measured in millimeters per year, is slow and constant and ultimately arises from plate tectonics. Tectonic movements exert a force (stress) on the rocks, …

    Down deep, the rocks on a fault are so hot and soft that the fault faces simply stretch past each other like taffy. That is, the rocks undergo ductile strain, which constantly relieves most of the tectonic stress. Above the ductile zone, rocks change from ductile to brittle. In the brittle zone, stress builds up as the rocks deform elastically, just as if they were giant blocks of rubber. While this is happening, the sides of the fault are locked together. Earthquakes happen when brittle rocks release that elastic strain and snap back to their relaxed, unstrained state. (If you understand earthquakes as "elastic strain release in brittle rocks," you have the mind of a geophysicist.)

    The next ingredient in this picture is the second force that holds the fault locked: pressure generated by the weight of the rocks. The greater this lithostatic pressure, the more strain that the fault can accumulate.

  • irhologram I was attracted to the word "creep" in the Wanapum recent report, I think posted by Jebus). Humm. What could creep really mean (other than who these people are)? And if a layman's site,,, can describe what creep is…obviously they knew what creep is when they put it in the report to explain the shifts in the dam's control center and in the failing mechanisms described that resulted in times of near standstill in the bearings. Does this mean they were loosing control of the spillway and water level then? Anyway: 1). They reported creep at Wanapum Dam. (Is creep in the inspection reports of other dams?) 2). Since they were aware of creep, to train with the Japanese in house shaking explosions (that one local described as sometimes shooting tank rounds directly into basalt), considering the area is KNOWN to be suffering creep that had already been reported to have badly misaligned machinery, is it logical to think the predictable result of shooting massive ordinance into bedrock (can you shoot bunker busters from a tank?) is destabilization of the dam? I don't think I buy the "They just shot themselves in the foot" analogy. The status of this dam was perfectly clear. I am interested to read if creep was reported in downstream dams. Or upstream for that matter. That said, THIS dam is upstream from Hanford. Is your spidey sense "up" that the drills were with the JAPANESE?

  • irhologram

    The tantamount problem is the dams and increased ground pressure…said the ene, independent blogger from India last year. I wish he were here now.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "With the impacted portion of Wanapum now stable, Grant PUD staff, consultants and regulators are developing a plan to determine the root cause of the spillway monolith fracture, which was discovered on Feb. 27, and how best to repair the structure."

    Stable with a crack in it?

    Report details Wanapum Dam crack drawdown, closure and fish passage issues
    March 8 2014.

    Spring comes soon…

  • jec jec

    Wannapum Dam Issue/News April 4, 2014 UPDATE from Grant County PUD. Test drills ongoing to discover scope of the problem with crack in Wannapum Dam, which could impact Hanford WA flood plain.

    • jec jec

      By removing PRESSURE (dropping water level 26 ft) the concrete area , the 65ft long, two inch crack, settled back on itself. Its NOT resolved, but as long as no additional pressure or other event (tremor/seismic activity) happens to move the number 4 concrete structure, the Grant PUD says its safe. Part of the crack is old, part may be new; drilling in four areas to determine the scope of the failure is in progress. It is not known if other areas have issues, but only the one crack has been reported. See:

    • Sparky Sparky

      Jec, Thanks for keeping us updated on the status of the Wannapum Dam crack. So much is unknown and/or not being disclosed on this. Just because we're not hearing much of anything on this critical problem, doesn't mean it's any less of a threat, being so close to Hanford–the most toxic, leaking nuclear facility/dump in the US.

      And as I recall, there are approximately 32 other aging nuclear power plants at 20 locations similarly situated downstream/near dams or other waterways. Mindboggling!

  • jec jec

    Update: Wannapum Dam 65ft crack, several big problems to fix.

    And Washington State Gov try to reassure public that other dams in the area do not have the same issue. He's to research this to see what the situation is….hummmmm…if was the same design, cookie cutter, and same contractors….hummmm. Why even bring the comment up??

    61 MILLION to try and fix the Wannapum Dam, may take a year…

  • jec jec

    Cause of Wanapum Dam crack..bad concrete!

    Not bad concret in the mix..but in the amount and strength of the mix due to poor math skills. GADS. And comment on the missing anchors into bedrock. Stupid and expensive error! WE, taxpayers, should talk with the engineer who make the error with his calculator..and the ones who didnt check up on him..or her. Plus no comments on if Hanford WA is safe…..

    ALL SPILLWAYS are going to likely need repair! And was this same error made in other Washington State or other US government building projects?? Dumb dumb dumb and NO quality control..
    "To repair spillway pier No. 4, additional steel reinforcement installed through the concrete structure into bedrock is anticipated. The remaining 12 spillway pier monoliths have a design similar to monolith No. 4 and additional steel reinforcement will likely be necessary to secure all of the spillway pier monoliths into bedrock."

    And remember the Wanapum contractor who FIXED the bedrock (non existing) paid for it too. They deserve the Darwin Award!