Busby: We are going to take some kind of libel action against George Monbiot’s advisers and Imperial College (VIDEO)

Published: November 27th, 2011 at 1:21 pm ET


The week began with several high-profile attacks on Christopher Busby, visiting professor at the University of Ulster’s school of
biomedical sciences and scientific secretary of the European Committee
on Radiation Risk, a think-tank (Bloomberg):

Now Busby has responded:

Uploaded: Nov 25, 2011

Description: Dr Busby talks about the recent globally orchestrated attacks on his scientific credibility and explains their cause.

“We are going to take some kind of libel action against imperial college… and against the people who advised George Monbiot incorrectly with regard to whether the pills work or don’t work…”


Published: November 27th, 2011 at 1:21 pm ET


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3 comments to Busby: We are going to take some kind of libel action against George Monbiot’s advisers and Imperial College (VIDEO)

  • Tanuki San

    People could argue all day/all night about what radiation does/doesn’t do, but the conclusion I come to is that Busby is right to be cautious. I’ve been paying attention to his advice since I first saw him back when I was in Japan. If anything, his advice and information made me less worried because the government wasn’t telling people what was going on (and no one believed them anyway). Many foreigners left Japan because they didn’t know how dangerous it was and didn’t believe the government. I’m sure there’s a lot more to these stories than these publications are presenting, and it didn’t seem like they made much effort to get to the truth of things. To me it seems like lazy journalism and doesn’t help anyone. George Monbiot sounds like he was really offended by Busby and is trying to get back at him in his blog entry.

    • arclight arclight

      i was thinking of monibots blog and the angst it contains.. worth a read!! heres my favourite qoute! oops georgie boy!! but impressed he hasnt deleted it, shows some integrity!! is there hope for you yet! shame to put your good work to waste ? eh? two words …fukushima prefecture??

      “Before I go any further, and I’m misinterpreted for the thousandth time, let me spell out once again what my position is. I have not gone nuclear. But, as long as the following four conditions are met, I will no longer oppose atomic energy.

      1. Its total emissions – from mine to dump – are taken into account, and demonstrate that it is a genuinely low-carbon option.

      2. We know exactly how and where the waste is to be buried.

      3. We know how much this will cost and who will pay.

      4. There is a legal guarantee that no civil nuclear materials will be diverted for military purposes.

      To these I’ll belatedly add a fifth, which should have been there all along: no plants should be built in fault zones, on tsunami-prone coasts, on eroding seashores or those likely to be inundated before the plant has been decommissioned or any other places which are geologically unsafe. This should have been so obvious that it didn’t need spelling out. But we discover, yet again, that the blindingly obvious is no guarantee that a policy won’t be adopted.

      I despise and fear the nuclear industry as much as any other green: all experience hath shown that, in most countries, the companies running it are a corner-cutting bunch of scumbags, whose business originated as a by-product of nuclear weapons manufacture. But, sound as the roots of the anti-nuclear movement are, we cannot allow historical sentiment to shield us from the bigger picture. Even when nuclear power plants go horribly wrong, they do less damage to the planet and its people than coal-burning stations operating normally.”

      sueing geraldine thomas! book seat at court early 🙂

  • arclight arclight

    the nuke crowd wouldnt want geraldine in a court unfortunately! they will retract 🙁 🙁

    she is a bit thick though!! she might go for it, with richard wakeford and allison wade holding hands/claws, and entering the court to do battle against unphysysist like thinking… god i would PAY to see that!

    heres a lttle snippet from the fukushima symposium in sept..
    some bits may have been added for emphasis 🙂

    geraldine : “belarus is only the size of blackpool and has had no effect from chernobyl anyway, anyone for pottassium iodide and a quick mamogram? imperial college flesh bank NEEDS material, preferably fresh and some funding to fudge the complicated statistics what say you! squirrely richard? (no questions allowed for this woMAN, shes could screw things up)”

    richard : “i sat on a panel with busby and (laughs here) he kept crapping on about eating isotopes or something.. LOOK heres some statistics.. it took me ages to add all this up, wheres the bar? (laughs again) oh and can oxford university have some funding (laughs) asks friend a question from the friendly audience”