Caldicott: All of Japan contaminated by Fukushima — “Realistic estimate is 60,000 km², occupied by 46 million people” — “Things are grim, it gets worse by the day” — Unheard of in history, 100s of tons of melted fuel may be in earth (VIDEO)

Published: April 3rd, 2014 at 7:42 pm ET


Bay FM 99.9 – Byron Bay Australia, Feb. 26, 2014:

  • Dr. Helen Caldicott: Things are grim — it gets actually worse by the day. […] There have been 3 meltdowns, which is just unheard of in the history of nuclear age, Units 1, 2, and 3, so that means that molten cores of about 100 tons of uranium in 3 reactors have melted their way through 6 inches of steel in the reactor vessel through to the containment floors, possibly through feet of concrete and steel into the earth. >> Full broadcast here

Dr. Helen Caldicott in Kyoto, Japan, Mar. 8, 2014:

  • Dr. Helen Caldicott: A more realistic estimate of contamination is 60,000 square kilometers, occupied by 46 million people including parts of Tokyo and surroundings. As you can see (map on right), the whole land mass is contaminated to a greater or lesser extent.

Watch Dr. Caldicott’s Kyoto presentation here

Published: April 3rd, 2014 at 7:42 pm ET


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137 comments to Caldicott: All of Japan contaminated by Fukushima — “Realistic estimate is 60,000 km², occupied by 46 million people” — “Things are grim, it gets worse by the day” — Unheard of in history, 100s of tons of melted fuel may be in earth (VIDEO)

  • Pete

    "As you can see, the whole land mass is contaminated to a greater or lesser extent."

    That was before they intentionally spread the contamination via moving and burning. They know the land is contaminated and there is no fix and remediation is just a big word for cleanup.

    Burning radioactive grass and leaves doesn't remove the radioactivity, just the grass and leaves and the radioactivity goes right out to fall somewhere else. Washing dirt or leaves or roofs or walls just moves the radioactivity around, but its still there and some of it will be for MILLIONS of years.

    I pity the japanese who have been betrayed by their leaders and their children poisoned but I just wonder what they will raise the levels to after the next nuclear power plant goes up?

    • Securitize

      "…just moves the radioactivity around…"

      There are certain things which are created relatively easily but nearly impossible to eliminate: tattoos, blood stains, bureaucrats, child support, in-laws, truth, dragnet surveillance programs, PCBs, mercury, radioactive isotopes, to name just a few…

    • World Needs to Get Ready for the Next Nuclear Plant Accident –

      Indeed, I think we'd better deal with all the current ones first.

  • zogerke zogerke

    i don't even know what to say.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Grim, and getting worse.

    The nuclear industry can't think of a solution. Governments look the other way.

    Weak, weak, weak.

  • We Not They Finally

    Caldicott's "realistic estimate" will likely turn out to be on the LOW side. But she may already know that.

    • NondiPloom

      There's no way of knowing what it actually is, is there? You could be right. But just as equally, she could have over-estimated it. It's possible that an anti-nuclear activist would embellish it to make it seem more disastrous than it actually is. Regardless, it is truly a disaster for the whole world. I can't see how life on earth as we know it will still exist in the future.

      • name999 name999

        nondiploom, it is disastrous. Face the facts.

        • We Not They Finally

          Thing is, radioactivity is naturally complicated. MANY different radionuclides, and a mix of alpha, beta and gamma. They also decay into "daughters."

          So anything that's already been said about cesium, or strontium, or plutonium, or tritium, etc., etc. — we've only gotten separate and partial pieces all along. And it's ONGOING. And the source — HUNDREDS of tons of wildly radioactive materials, when just a tiny bit per person could kill you.

          Then there is bio-accumulation, and bio-magnification up the food chain, and that genetic defects tend to get WORSE, not better, down through the generations.

          So I'm not saying that she likely UNDER-estimated as a hyperbole. I really believe that to be the case! Tragically.

      • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

        What does support her estimate is how far away the fallout has been measured at ground level on Honshu.

        Her estimate translates to the equivalent of 152 miles on a side if it
        was just a square area.

        That seems quite reasonable since all of Tokyo (more or less) is already known to be blanketed with the fallout, with some areas worse than other.

        That we now know from Prof Kaltofen's data that actual fuel particulate has been found in Tokyo makes the estimate seem on the low side (to me).

        And we know that bad amounts have been found in many other directions away from Fuku.

      • bo bo

        Nondi is that new type of 'on-the-fence-about-it' troll..'don't get me wrong, I understand the situation is serious, but….etc. etc.'

        S/he posts on fukushimaupdate, that 'anti-nuclear' puppet show

        this poster also said this in the past :

        'More fear-mongering from Gunderson. Don't get me wrong, Fukushima is a true catastrophe that is becoming so for the entire world, but Gunderson seems to be enjoying his new-found fame. Let's see the statistics of real cases, not projections. Projections are merely 'scientific' guesses.'

        • bo bo

          I have a feeling they're breeding more of these types of trolls instead of the banana trolls – and placing them everywhere, just a heads up

  • Ontological Ontological

    May be in the Earth like as in may pop tires? Like WILL…IS…CERTAINTY…it's Prego, and it's in there! Water Food Soil Air. Just say no to fish & roast, and don't you eat that west coast toast.

  • jackassrig

    7.8 earthquake in Chili.

  • jackassrig

    I can't spell anythin lately. Chili – Chile

  • jackassrig

    aint them dear drawed good.

  • tsfw tsfw

    "possibly into the earth" I have a hard time accepting the where's waldo scenario here. They must have some idea which direction it would have traveled? There's no technology that could locate it?

    • We Not They Finally

      PhilipUpNorth keeps saying that here IS technology to locate it. Very interested exactly what that might be.

      • chevvvy chev

        cant find flight 370!, so what chance have they got of finding something as nebulous as a "cloud"


      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Since corium emits massive amounts of gamma radiation, and since gamma radiation passes through everything, a gamma ray detector could likely be used.
        The problem, as I see it, is bureaucratic. The old head-in-the-sand TEP-gov scientists and engineers have to maintain the fiction that molten nuclear fuel heats up to 2,700C, but quickly exhausts its energy, which they claim is decay heat alone. They believe that GE designed the Mark I containment vessel with enough concrete and steel at the bottom to hold the corium within its manmade "containment". Their debate is over how deep the corium has sunk into the concrete base. See slide 6:
        Many ENEnewsers believe that fission continues long after a meltdown has occurred, as evidenced by ongoing detection of I-131, a fission fingerprint. We believe that water simply forms a crust on the outside edge of the corium, which insulates the 5,000C corium, and that ongoing fission maintains that heat. ENEnewser PattieB has posted here that a worker at the ruins told her the corium was at a depth of several kilometers by the summer of 2011.
        If the radiation at the base of Containments1,2,&3 has fallen, it because the corium has melted out of the buildings entirely.

        • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

          I-131 is a great indicator of ongoing fission. I-131 has a half life of 8 days. So it fades away quickly after it has been created by uranium fission.

          If the fiction of TEP-gov were true, that corium cools rapidly, and cannot be continuously heated by ongoing fission, then there would be no great amounts of I-131 around today, in 2014.
          And yet, I-131 is still found today in Chiba sewage sludge, for instance:

          The presence of large amounts of I-131 in 2014, 3 years after meltthrough, indicates that the corium is still heated by fission.
          Hot molten corium melts its way quickly through concrete and steel, and through the mudrock underneath the plant. ENEnewsers calculated that at the rate corium melts through concrete, the Fukushima corium melted out of the reactor building about a week after 3/11. Where the corium has gone since then is the question.
          ENEnewsers monitor Fukushima webcams 24/7/365, and post observations of smoke and steam venting from the ruins and from the surrounding earth. Nuclear fuel soot (the intensley radioactive black substance) is found throughout central Japan along roadways, and wherever rainwater collects. Clearly, the corium continues to hiss and spit. And clearly, the corium has not cooled. It is still to be found.
          Find it, TEPCO!
          If you know where the corium is, tell us.

          Where is the damn corium, TEPCO?

  • I am surpised that Caldicot doesn't realize that about 100 tons of plutonium and uranium were aerosolized in the various explosions, and in particular the nuclear prompt criticality that blew up reactor 3.

    My proof is here, based on EPA data of air filter testing of uranium in the air.

    Anne's research on Plutonium detected across the northern hemisphere

    • name999 name999

      stock, why do you say Caldicott does not realize it? I think she does.

      • Well it seems like she thinks almost all of it went underground…just saying. I don't know her thoughts and can't follow her every statement, she makes a lot!

        prayers to her and Arnie and his wife!

        positive thought does work.

    • Starbird Starbird

      And here's the proof that the reactor was not the source of the nuclear explosion…

      Notice the lid to R3 reactor is still in place.

      The explosion was in the NW corner on lower 4th floor, NOT the reactor.

      • Jebus Jebus

        Nice try Starbird, Socref will be proud of you…

        "Watch footage of the investigation attempt here"

        The only thing missing is the video of TEPCO placing it back over the cannon barrel, and the chip out of the edge of it when it landed…

        • Starbird Starbird

          Jebus,,,(be still my heart…) The first 25 seconds of the video that YOU LINK TO shows the entire surface of R3 with the reactor lid INTACT and the entire NW corner blown away.

            • Starbird Starbird

              Jebus, all you've got is insults and blather – absolutely NONE of your links demonstrate that it was the Reactor in Reactor 3 building that exploded.
              So you think Tepco searched around, and REPLACED THE LID on the reactor?
              You are an idiot.

              • Jebus Jebus

                But that is just your biased opinion and that really doesn't matter now, does it?

                Cheers and don't be so depressed, you'll get heart disease…

                • arclight2 arclight2

                  hey starbird! was it your mates that took out nuclear hotseat?? not likely to be an anti nuker eh? and thanks for avoiding me… Ps tel roy at radsafe that i am still waiting for a reply on

                  ruprt wingfield hayes got a mega dose at unit 3 when he pointed his bbc brand new high tech gieger at it.. also talk to the ceo of vice who is no longer pro nuke after he sent a reporter there? and bellona?? stopped from taking measurements in march 2011? why???????? you know the answers i bet.. if not yahoo nuke groups could tell you .. or maybe roy at radsafe!! go get a life and leave the research to those not on the nuclearpayroll.. and those who have been bribed because they have been sussed out by tempora and made to do the bidding of the security/bank/insurance/nuclear/etc sectors.. you sure your not working for a social media company that offers campaigns against those who seek truth?? ??

                • Starbird Starbird

                  My opinions are based on observable facts.
                  Your opinion that Tepco searched around, found the lid and replaced it on the reactor, is sheer lunacy.
                  A pup like you could never depress me, Jebus…

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    Starbird, I for one am glad you have an opinion either way.:)

                    Sadly your opinion and others here are not going to change the fact that this Nuclear Industry just created the Largest Industrial Accident to ever happen on the face of this Earth. 🙁

                    There is no need to keep score of who is right or wrong. I do not think one person commenting here or anywhere else on the net has actually been inside these building and seen any damage up close. I think its a certain death thing keeping that reality from happening.

                    There is no need for anyone to call each other names, since the Nuclear Industry must be shut down completely worldwide. 🙂

                    As Spock would say… it's the only logical thing to do! 🙂

                    Starbird, if you work for the Nuclear Industry you might want to look for another job. 🙂

                    Japan is now toast! 🙁 Thanks to the Nuclear Industry! 🙁

                    The numbers coming out of Japan are horrific for any civilization… 🙁 🙁

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      horrific |hôˈrifik, hə-|
                      causing horror: horrific injuries.
                      horrifically |ik(ə)lē|adverb
                      ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from Latin horrificus, from horrere ‘tremble, shudder’ (see horrid) .

                      horror |ˈhôrər, ˈhär-|
                      1 an intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust: children screamed in horror.
                      • a thing causing such a feeling: photographs showed the horror of the tragedy | the horrors of civil war.
                      • a literary or film genre concerned with arousing such feelings: [ as modifier ] : a horror movie.
                      • intense dismay: to her horror she found that a thief had stolen the machine.
                      • [ as exclamation ] (horrors) chiefly humorous used to express dismay: horrors, two buttons were missing!
                      • [ in sing. ] intense dislike: many have a horror of consulting a dictionary.
                      • (the horrors) an attack of extreme nervousness or anxiety: the mere thought of it gives me the horrors.
                      2 informal a bad or mischievous person, esp. a child: that little horror Zach was around.
                      ORIGIN Middle English: via Old French from Latin horror, from horrere ‘tremble, shudder’ (see horrid) .

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    Please don't idolize me. I am no smarter than you. I just have a keen sense of the obvious…

                    4/27: Evidence of Ejection of the Reactor Core #3 at Fukushima NPP


                • Angela_R

                  jebus, I don't know whether you have this one I have put in online a number of times:
                  it is, as I understand,
                  the official Fukushima Nuclear Update Log which covers from 11th March, 2011 – 2nd June, 2011.
                  By clicking on any of the dates at the top of the page, one can see the daily report. I link to the 15th March, 2011 because it speaks of some of the incidents most pondered upon.

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    Trusting the IAEA and TEPCO's "official" account is absurd at this point in the disaster. I'm sure there a few minor truths in there, I've seen some, but come on, really?

                    • Angela_R

                      Jebus the entry made on 15 March, 2011 detailed that there had been explosions at Unit 1,2 & 3 and a fire at Unit 4.

                      Unit 3 was known to be a MOX fuel plant.

          • arclight2 arclight2

            hi "starbird"
            Are you one of them social media sock puppets? just asking?

            got a link for you to chew on here.. lets widen the discussion a bit


            • Starbird Starbird

              No "arclight2", I am one among MANY who are seeking the truth of what actually caused the nuclear explosion that decimated Reactor 3 building.
              I look at the facts and try to derive logical conclusions.
              Fact 1. the lid for reactor is still in place.
              Fact 2. The entire NW corner of the building has been BLOWN UP AND AWAY.

              Now if you've got a counter opinion BASED ON OBSERVABLE FACTS, I'm all ears – and I would LOVE to discuss it with you – maybe we'll find the answer! If all you've got is petty, pathetic insults, then you add NOTHING to the discovery of the Truth of the Fukushima disaster, and demonstrate only your lack of brains and character.

              • Jebus Jebus

                Just because you saw a Tepco UTube video of the plug installed back onto the reactor head is not emphirical proof that it was there right after the blast. TEPCO lies. Your nuclear industry lies. You have no proof of anything and you are singing the nuclear mantra. You do not know what is possible any more than anyone here and my opinion is as good as yours. For someone who cries about insults you sure are one who spouts the crap. Calling outright names shows your low level of intelligence. The debate is over and you should not idolize others to a higher status than you by calling them names…

                • Starbird Starbird

                  As long as the discussion is held to your level of inquiry the debate has never even started, and to think that I am an industry troll because I don't think TEPCO replaced the lid on R3 is laughable.
                  You make these wild claims without any reasoned analysis.
                  What caused the destruction of the NW corner? Do you have an opinion?
                  Explain how the reactor blew away 6'thick columns a 100' away without damage to itself?
                  When you have an rational explanation to back up your opinion, then you ADD to the debate.
                  Let's hear it, Jebus, put up or shut up.

                • Starbird Starbird

                  That link doesn't prove the reactor exploded, only that fuel rods were found miles away.
                  It even states that they may have come from the fuel pool, which is far more logical since the fuel pool had no lid to hinder their dispersal.
                  Explain how the reactor blew away the NW corner????
                  Until your theory can account for the area of greatest damage, it is worthless..
                  I'm waiting.. What blew away the NW corner, Jebus…

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    "only that fuel rods were found miles away" 🙁

                    Do you think they found "all" those hot fuel rods yet?

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    Doesn't matter, nuclear fuel was ejected miles away.

                    You see Starbird, your drilling down to one irrelevent point is a favored tactic of those who wish to cover the truth. You and your industry's tactics are well known and are easily refutted by logic. It makes no difference if the north, south, east, and/or west corners were blown away. Containment was breached with at least four nuclear reactors and your industry has created the greatest nuclear contamination in history and the effects of that will be felt for time immortal. Certainly longer than your selfish kind will be alive…

                    • Starbird Starbird

                      Jebus, what are you talking about?
                      Irrelevant point? Discovering the position of greatest damage is CRITICAL to determining what exploded.
                      Have you no theory for the blown away NW corner?
                      LOOK at the photos – how could the reactor have done that and remain intact?
                      And stop with this industry troll crap! My position does not favor the nuclear industry!
                      I think the SOB's were storing high grade plutonium there and now it is spreading all around the globe destroying the entire biosphere!

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Your point doesn't matter. It happened. It blew up. A criticallity. Most agree. It blew up. You are at the wrong site for forensics. Lets leave that to the befuddled "experts", shall we? This is a larger issue than what happened at the north corner. Millions of people will get cancer from these events and it is still ongoing. If you want to help so bad, focus your efforts on shutting down these deathtraps before another life altering event happens. Maybe you could go over and help with the mitigation efforts. I hear TEPCO is looking for volunteers…

                • Starbird Starbird

                  "It" blew up? What's "It" Jebus? You're trying to weasel out of the debate with your blather –
                  If your theory can't answer how the Reactor itself exploded, causing enormous damage 100' away while still remaining intact, then your theory – and you comments are worthless.

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    There is no debate and I really don't have to prove anything. It doesn't matter. It happened. Three reactors breached containment. Humans who care are dealing with the aftermath to protect their children. Others are trying to support the lies. No one will ever be sure of exactly what happened as the industry is in deaths desperation. Even if you could prove your point it doesn't matter. Hundreds of nuclear accidents across this planet and the industry is still trying to figure out what happened. How pathetic is that. An uncontrollable outdated killer destructive technology that only exists to produce plutonium for nuclear destruction. IMHO, the intent of this site is to allow the masses the opportunity to see the seventy years of lies and generate the momentum needed to shut down this ecological travesty that is nuclear power.
                    Are you with us?

              • arclight2 arclight2

                observable facts?? ask charles diggs of bellona why there are no observable facts .. he doesnt take a picture as evidence.. just the manipulations of tepco et al

                insults or facts.. the web has lots of resent documeted attacks on bloggers and they are going fom covert yo overt operations.. try researching that .. or do you think yer pictures tell all?? and you have the schill blinkered view .. normal people would be a BIT interested if people are being hacked.. can you talk about snowden.. and his hard drives.. or wikileiaks and STRATFOR saying "we need to keep an eye on the anti nuclear movement after fukushima? why did they say that then? or do you want to talk pictureds still.. ??
                dont behave like a sock puppet then i will not call you one

                • Jebus Jebus

                  I wonder arc, it it the caldicott thread or unit 3's core ejection that he is fixated on…

                  Let's see…

                  • arclight2 arclight2

                    christina macpherson knows helen and she posted a denial of the threat.. time will tell they are both aussies.. as to core ejection (Isuspect partial btw) here is criirads video of the "corner" of the building in the "picture" 🙂


                    in english but with french writing.. Bruno is a nice guy btw.. i talked to him about the Science MWdia Centres and why he isnt on the bbc any more.. this is the interesting bits of the story that mister blinkered doesnt want to acknowledge.. hes probaly seeking advice at Yahoo nuclear groups..

                    ps yahoo is moving from the UK to Ireland because of Tempora 🙂 lol irony.. and after attacks on me (for some unknown reason 🙂 ) so am i!!

                  • arclight2 arclight2


                    check out the picture of theresa may .. she is responsible for hacking me and allowing iy .. she looks like a bag of shit in that picture.. also.. on the 15 of march i shouted with a megaphone into downing street during the anti nuclear march for the victims of fukushima LOL

                    I just said my goodbyes before i become an irish citizen and make their hacking illigal (EU protection) 😉

                  • arclight2 arclight2

                    just noticed jebus you said thread not threat.. its late.. time to crash.. gnight.. 🙂

              • Angela_R

                Starbird, read the Fukushima Log, (I posted it above to Jebus @ 12.26am 6 april.) It only covers the initial few months, there have been other incidents since.

                Go through the archive of articles at ENENEWS, read the articles and the background to them.

                • Starbird Starbird

                  Angela, I've read and archived everything pertinent to the explosion at R3 and nothing demonstrated that the reactor itself was responsible.
                  All the photos show that the explosion emanated from the lower 4th flr in the NW corner.
                  This is the area of greatest damage – everyone seems to gloss over this – and it is impossible for the reactor to have done that damage and remain intact, and when I saw the ovhd photos of R3 after they had cleared away the debris showing the reactor lid warped from the heat of the melting core but still in place over the reactor that was the final straw.

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    That is your opinion and you are guaranteed that.

                    Containment was breached with four reactors. Fuel rods were found miles away. Spent fuel pools contents burned. Japan is massively contaminated. The Ocean has been possibly irrevocably damaged. The northern hemisphere was dusted significantly. Many creatures have suffered. Millions of people's quality of life are affected. Your industry is at fault. Nuclear power is going away. Here comes the sun.

                    Kinda makes that north corner insignificant, doesn't it?

                  • Angela_R

                    Starbird, I think the concentration swung onto Unit 3 because of the evidence of different types of plutonium being found and, if my memory serves me correctly, No.3 was the unit that used MOX fuel.

                    Here are some fairly good photos indicating the damage to the four units and a lot of work has been done on them since.

                    These were taken on 24 March, 2011

                    I couldn't locate the fuel pool at Unit 4.
                    Regarding your suspicion re Plutonium, well it has crossed my mind, but the process itself produces plutonium and there may have been a build up from that.

                    • Starbird Starbird

                      Unit 3 is the biggie – that incredible explosion blew tons of highly enriched material into the atmosphere and undoubtedly is the source of the 'black dust' they are finding throughout Japan.
                      They have admitted (limited hangout) that they were storing weapons-grade material, and as more and more people start to die, the truth (the big one they are concealing) that enough super-deadly plutonium has been released to kill every living thing on the planet will finally come out.
                      It's 'On the Beach' for us all, Angela, it's just a matter of time…

  • those in the know understand how full moons and no moons, and solar CMEs contribute big time to dangerous earthquakes, yellowstone, Chile. And we are just one Carrington event away from hundreds of nuke plants melting down.

    And they can't even handle one accident site. Not good.

  • name999 name999

    stock, norbu, full moons also make an impact on Emergency rooms in hospitals and medical/mental health practices.

    I also wanted to quote an excerpt from Plutopia, by Kate Brown, pg. 200…

    Nadyrev Most, 1956:
    "In 1956 soldiers showed up, unannounced, in Nadyrev Most. They read orders for immediate resettlement. They had done this already many times, and they were quick and efficient. While the soldiers rounded up the livestock, a team of young agronomists, the educated elite of the Soviet countryside, went from house to house making inventories, tallying up the number of chickens, pigs, and goats outside, and the numbers of pots, pans, shirts, and shoes inside…
    Then the soldiers did something unforgettable, as if the nice boys in ill fitting uniforms were enemy forces in the grip of war. They gathered in a great heap a century's worth of possessions-wooden plows and harnesses, lathes, linens, bridal laces, woolens, quilts, most made by the hands of the villagers-and burned them on a communal pyre. Next the conscripts led the livestock to a field and began to shoot them…As the first trucks departed, the voices and sounds merged in a spontaneous requiem to the river community.

    • Why did they do that? Not just the moon….

      But I like the extremism, for knowledge. Humans are odd. As an observer, and participant in that experiment. lol

      • Angela_R

        "On the farside of the sun CMEs were billowing away from almost the entire circumference of the visible solar disk"

        this side will shortly swing around and be facing earth.

        The indications are that shortly, we may be in for more CMEs and geomagnetic storms.

        It is known that we are personally influenced by geomagnetic storms and also by the full moon. That is why the term 'lunatic' was coined. Ever felt static electricity when touching a door nob? I think they've neglected to record our electromagnetic responses. I hypothosize that the term 'geomagnetic' may be incorrect and it is more likely to be 'electromagnetic.'

        • Starbird Starbird

          We are liquid crystal semiconductors, modulating telluric and atmospheric currents every day of our lives –

          We have neglected the the entire electromagnetic aspect of our being, being forced by our 'experts' to believe we are merely a mortal bag of chemicals, when in fact we are ONE with the Stars and the Universe that surrounds them.
          When we awaken our electromagnetic nature we discover that consciousness is the primary attribute of the Living Quantum field that birthed us, and we are each merely God's latest face…

          • Angela_R

            Starbird, we are more than a bag of bones:)

            "We are ONE," I'm unsure about being one with the stars, we are physical matter and can react to the universe's energies. I think we should be one with each other.
            Recently I again posted an American Indian song titled 'Spirit of One' sung by Yana Mashonee.
            When our energies pull together it is said we are 'at One.' (Like minded)
            Discernment though is necessary. "Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits…"


            "we are each merely God's latest face"

            I guess I think we too often fail to mirror the Spirit left by the son and sent to dwell within us.

  • Sickputer

    Enenewser, Arnie, and Helen have been labeled fear mongers for over three years.

    To be described as someone who merely embellishes the worst human crisis since the Ice Age is actually quite refreshing.

  • Sickputer

    Thank goodness a large number of American, Aussie, Canadian, New Zealand, European, and other antinuclear naked apes lived to see the shrinkage of of Cold War enforcers.

    Thirty years ago the most vocal dissenters would have been found crashed in a ditch or hanging in a closet. Just for "embellishing" a nuclear incident. Not all countries have mellowed though…no sense mentioning the 21st century countries that still wave an iron fist and crunch protesters both physically, spiritually, and financially.

    BB and gang met a new non-human enemy ten years ago (the Information Era) and lost the stranglehold on news reporting.

    Newspapers and broadcast TV are now badly outdated rehashed news. Stick an irradiated fork in those carcasses. The nuclear emperor has no clothes and more people than just a small child are becoming aware of that embarrassing fact. The nucleorat lies now fall hollow for growing numbers of people. Just ask the Japanese. They are sickened morally and physically.

    • Socrates


      I was born into a nuclear testing zone. The cancers are multiplying in my body now. I have just had my six operation. Family members have died of cancers. Just this week, I had more operation (s). This month, I lost two more friends to cancer. My doctors and the statistics show you ger and younger people being diagnosed with cancer. All those chemicals and radiation synergistically are mutual multipliers for both cancer and mutations. TBTB want their money and property for the next decade or two. They will then pass on and care not a wit about the future. They are sadistic and psychopathic. Studies now prove this fact. The capitalist elite actually funded Hitler! He fought communism for them. Communism was used to overthrow the Tsars. And so it goes. It is all about money and power, not freedom. Why else would .00001% own more that the rest of us combined? They stole it fair and square?

      • orsobubu orsobubu

        >The capitalist elite actually funded Hitler! He fought communism for them. Communism was used to overthrow the Tsars

        Exactly, Socrates.

        Hitler seized the power with help, money and planning coming from all capitalistic centrals of the world, including Great Britain and USA, frightened by the bolschevik menace coming from the east. IBM itself built the computers used to develop methods to sort jewish prisoners in the camps.

        Before european unification, the false communist ideology/fear was used – masking a real state capitalism – by both USSR and USA imperialisms – to subject entire eastern nations and frighten western people, dividing up Europe and conquering private reservoirs of surplus value from respective masses of wage workers.

        Now the european capitalists have succeeded in creating the sort of unified currency/market/imperialism dreamed of by Hitler. They made it peacefully, but not so much, if you think to the at least 10 wars fought in eastern territories after the collapse of Soviet Union, with a million of dead. And now they are testing the future unified armies in african wars.

        During the process, nuclear technology was dispersed on territories, in the form of energy plants, warheads, depleted uranium, etc. This is the grim capitalistic heritage.

        I feel sad for your personal story, and I will fight imperialism with my limited means here in Europe til death also for you and your family.

          • orsobubu orsobubu

            Thank you AS, really interesting, I missed it. You know, for a realist like Lenin every mean was to be used – also capitalists' money – to accomplish the supreme task, ending the war and give the communist revolution a try. In other occasions, he kicked the westerners in the butts. In 1918 Japanese, American, British, French, Italian, etc contingents entered Siberia. The troops were sent by their respective governments to support the anti-Bolshevik formations and interested in the prospect to divide the spoils of the Russian Empire. Lenin and Trotsky won against the capitalist invaders. But these troops will never fight against the Communists and the White armies abandon them to their fate when they outlined their defeat, having already achieved their goal. In fact, the resistance of the White armies and the Polish victory over the Vistula, in August of 1920, make it militarily impossible for bolsheviks to export communist revolution in Europe, exhausted by war. All in all, when the international revolution failed, Lenin, as a realist, switched from communism to state capitalism edification, as he always said. He was too ahead of his times. Now the proletarian forces worldwide have increased immensely. Next time we'll do better.

  • wildandfree wildandfree

    Perhaps we are generating a tipping point, globally the naked apes are siring, not yet awake, but there is an itch that will keep them in an un-rested slumber.
    Personally, I'm glad to see it but very sad for the naked apes as the loss is not worth the price, just ask your grand children.

  • lucius.cornelius

    Greetings all.
    I've been lurking here for a few months, after stumbling across the site whilst reading up on Fukushima.
    I'm in the UK, I'm not a scientist and I don't pretend to understand the numbers (or some of the physics).
    Sure do wish I could afford a geiger counter.

    However, I noticed at the time of Fukushima that there was altogether too many "calm down, nothing happened, just carry on as before" type articles all over the place. What really set the alarm bells ringing was seeing such an article on a computer technology news site. It was then I began to think "this is much bigger than they're letting on". Based on the "me thinks they doth protest too much" principle.

    And herein is the point – no one wants to know the truth (well, hardly anyone). They long to be told "all is well" and so will respond to articles that say this rather than ones that say "we're in more trouble than we've ever seen before". Further, if the worst case scenarios I've read are true, it's already too late and there's nothing that can be done and not many people want to hear that.

    I find myself not wanting to believe anything I read on this site, whilst simultaneously finding nowhere else that is remotely credible.

    (I noticed the "plutonium found in Lithuania" comment, but haven't seen any follow up on that. Does anyone know if this is true?)

    Anyway, don't expect much off me in the way of technical writing, but I'm behind you all the way, (as long as…

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Welcome lucius.cornelius, glad to see you stopped lurking and are now joining the party and by all means continue to spread the enenews to all you know!

      This may be a very long indeed!

    • Socrates

      Of course it's true. Nano and aerosolized particles are still falling out from the above-ground testing in the 50s throught the 70s in the case of some countries. Add Fukushima's explosions and spent fuel pool fires to the jet stream in the troposphere and stratosphere. Ever 40 days, the stuff moves around the globe. It also crosses the equator and gets into a reverse Coriolus pattern. You are safest at the equatorial regions, except for desert winds from the middle east following two gulf wars that carry ulfra-fine particles.

      Chernobyl radiation still contaminates much of Western Europe.

    • Fukushima Plutonium Detected In Lithuania – Toxicity Of Plutonium Scientific Animal Studies; via @AGreenRoad

    • mairs mairs

      Lucius, I remember reading that your government was colluding with the nuclear industry immediately after the start of Fukushima, getting their help in trying to calm people down with lies about how insignificant it all was. I think it had to do with leaked emails or documents? I don't recall.

      • lucius.cornelius

        Me either.
        I avoid the main stream media like the plague. Everyone I know who goes to it for their news is confused, bewildered, ignorant and deceived. I keep my eye on the headlines, but get actual content from the alternative sites.
        Once upon a time, during WW2, there was perhaps an arguable need for some State control over the media. Only that control was never ceded and we have been living in a world of lies and sleight's of hand ever since.
        Once I was a true believer – but then I stumbled across stuff about 9/11 where it soon transpired we'd been lied to massively and that started me questioning and my oh my but they have been telling a lot of lies over the last 70 years or so.

        Mr James Lovelock was interviewed in the Guardian recently where he said, amongst other things "the Fukushima melt down lie".
        A word to the wise – avoid the Guardian, it's nothing more than a propaganda engine to keep the left quiet and self satisfied.

        As for the British Government – a more reviled, dishonest house of fools I've yet to see. I doubt if more than 2 or 3 MP's even know what cesium is and I'm led to believe that the British Queen (I am NOT a Royalist) owns a lot of uranium mines (though when she was last heard to speak it was to complain that she was running short of cash – as though thousands of acres of prime British land and several palaces stuffed with hundreds of millions worth of artworks was somehow "not enough".)
        In the media here – no one talks about…

  • zogerke zogerke

    welcome lucius cornelius. join the odd, intelligent, ragged, out there, fringed at the edges in an extravagant way, and solid centered, community.

  • Nick

    2020 Olympics anyone?

    Methinks 6 years from now the world will be somewhat less than enthusiastic to send some of their
    finest genetic specimens to compete in the Olympic Hoopla that Tokyo is already spending billions on.

    Japan clearly wants to spread the radiation to us all, since nothing of note has been achieved, only lies of unimaginable magnitude.

    They think the horror is behind them. No, it only gets worse.

    When you grasp what happens to decaying atoms and their affects on living things, you can't help but shake your head in disbelief that ANYONE believes we can manage our way forward with any semblance of normalcy.

    Expect the Japanese economy to hit the skids, taking much of the world with it.

    The fools who pushed electrical generation and weapons production via nuclear energy have doomed
    us all.

    We have got to grow locally, live for today and cherish the past. Forget the future, it will come soon enough, and not at all like ANY of us envisioned.

    • Socrates

      TPTB wanted to quell the imperial drive of Japan into the Dutch East Indies and into East Asia. Nukes were used. That oil, gas, tin and rubber were already "owned." The booby prize was the peaceful atom so thwt Japan could fight communism without oil resources and become an industrial miracle. The new "treat" to accummated wealth was the People's revolution in China.

      Nukes were used to protect capitalism which needed to merge with the free market, so that democracy would be conflated with the word "free" as in free world. The 1% would rationize the extreme uneven distrbution of wealth in the world beause communism was so bad. That 1% is really .00001% who virtually own more that the rest of us combined.

      Now they fight muslims but how do nukes help in that fight. The nukes are just loose cannons; potentially able to be turned back on the free world.

      The many trillions spent on MAD can never be recovered. To continue to justify these expenditures and the nuclear poser generating stations withh all that waste cannot be justified. Nuclear waste problems and compounded interest will soon consume the entire gross domestic product of the entire world for eternity. TPTB osn these banks and co trol the big nations. No future for humanity from what I can see.

      I alone am escaped to tell thee.

      • Angela_R

        "Nuclear waste problems and compounded interest will soon consume the entire gross domestic product of the entire world for eternity."

        That that could happen has been obvious for a while. Devasting knowledge if one is without hope.

        May care travel with you

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Socrates you are always very wise and a very powerful Jedi, says he.. 🙂

  • chansharma

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  • Socrates

    The radiation comes from Japan by air and water. Migratory fish and birds transport it. It is impossible to bulldoze the cores and spent fuel into the sea. Because a river runs throught it, a sarcophagus cannot cover it over.

    This catastrophe will never end. Large areas of the earth will become uninhabitable, if not the entire planet. This event is a slow-motion train wreck, a time-release nuclear war without the blast effect, except for few hydrogen and moderated prompt criticalities.

    It will keep on spreading but not diluting so much as bioaccumuating and bio-concentrating. Certainly, 3-11 was the tipping point of the environmental ruin caused by man's greed, hubris and short-sightedness. There are bound to be many more nuclear mishaps until the end. How many times can you flip a coin without coming up with tails?

    • Socrates

      The US is great at threatening to bomb a little country back into the stone age. Somehow, the US thinks twice when making that threat to another nuclear power. They call that "MAD." The byproduct of the peaceful atom is the big tomahawk with a warhead. The unintended effect is to shoot one's self in both feet. This is what has happened in Japan and at Hanford, WIPP and countless other friendly-fire mishaps, as well as the death traps called nuclear power plants with all their waste. No way to get rid of it.

      This "thinking" has aready programmed most life on earth for certain death. You do not need to go around with a $200 dollar detector to realize this fact. You do not need to be a scientist. Just being a philosopher and an anthropologist is enough. Open your eyes and trust
      Your power of common observation. Turn off the corporate boobtube that tels you there is no danger.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Very strange, spooky times indeed.. 🙁

    • Socrates


      Spooky I deed!

      Reminds me of Corn Whiskey, a folk song. Substitute "nuclear" for "corn whiskey"

      Corn whiskey, corn whiskey, I love thee pretty well.
      You've killed all my kinfolk, and sent them to hell.
      And I guess you'll send me there whem I ready to die.
      Corn whiskey, corn whiskey, I love thee pretty well.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        I think I will suck down some real corn whisky soon and then hope I am not sucking tons of this Nuclear Radiation crap instead.. 🙂

        Of course its all now a just crap shoot at best.. 🙂

  • Socrates

    The elites are all hiding in their bunkers now. They want to conceal the role in creating this mess. None of us can hide. The Grim Reaper will spare none. Wealth is NO protection from what has been unleashed at Fukushima. The elite will simply control the release of information to extend and pretend, hoping that the Commoners are too.stupid to.
    connect the dots. Ukraine is a big grab for resources and rich farm land. Africa, too. Neocolonialism and neoliberalism and neoconservatism with US Exceptionalism, fiat currency, central bankers creating a new world disorder where they write the rules to allow them to manipulate through siphoning off through securitization and financialization… backed up by control of energy, food and water… it is beginning to all fall apart ecologically. The system is intentionally designed to benefit a few now; nothing left for the children. All greedy psychopaths in charge. Call it "free" but we have no real say in matters; only TPTB.

    Nuclear is the poster child for their greed and control. They have set up a total police state yet cannot protect themselves from the radioactivity from Fukushima. In the 50s, they imagined that they could scurry into a shelter while school children were taughtto duck and cover, obviously being left to die.

    By second grade, I knew they were criminally insane. By 1957, they panicked over Sputnik. Ha! What a sad joke on humanity this all is. I say they shot themselves in both feet and cannot admit it.

    • califnative califnative (NY)

      Socrates-you might find this interesting, Gates and Rockefeller Family in Bunkers March 2011

      Think they knew what was coming?

    • mairs mairs

      I remember being taught duck and cover in school. We had big windows all along one side of our classrooms. They told us that the detonation would produce an initial flash that would blind us so under no circumstances were we to look out the window. Our first reaction should be to cover our eyes. Then to hide under our desks, as the glass would be blown out of the windows. They never answered the question about how long we would live after that.

      • califnative califnative (NY)

        I'm 54 and barely remember that too. Strange memory. Never thought I would live to be afraid of radiation in the environment.

  • califnative califnative (NY)

    Socrates-also wondered if you heard of Karen Hudes, she is a glimmer of hope for all of us. I love what she's doing and trying to spread the word about her.

    • Socrates

      All of you folks with whom I have had the opportunity to share a foxhole in this madness; please prepare for the inevitable "fallout."

      Fukushima has been totally out of control since 3-11. Baterries for back up were 2 volts instead of 12. Why they were not hooked up in series, I do not know. The USS Reagan was probably brought in to throw an electrical line for cooling. By the time seawater was helicopter-dropped, albeit ineffectively, and multiple explosions occurred, our fates were sealed. Dr. Bill Deagle and Chris Harris have posted some advice. North America is downwind and down-current from the disaster. Countless vectors will transport countless radionuclides for all eternity. Activity on the Ring of Fire on the Pacific Rim will bring more major earthquakes and aftershocks. Tsunamis may inundate reactors. Our nuclear infrastructure is a minefield just waiting to be tripped, accidentally, by an act of nature, the sun, a flood…

      Carrington effects or terrorists… or just typical stupidity. Engineers make horrendous errs every day. Their assumptions are so stupid and based on corporate greed. Profits over safety is their motto. CHeck out the auto industry lately wbere they would not spend an additional 97 cents on a part in the ignition a d dozens died while they covered it up.

  • So much for the 'no one died' myth. We can put that myth out of its misery..

    At 9 min. in, Caldicott provides the medical study charts showing a huge drop in live births and a huge rise in spontaneous abortions in Japan.

    Just like after Chernobyl, TMI, Santa Susana or any other melt down that anyone wants to research.

    But this genocide of babies is not limited to Japan… it is GLOBAL

    There were an additional 50K infant deaths just in the first few months in the US, after 3/11.

    Add up the rest of the world, and you start seeing how nuclear is an insane, genocidal killing machine that NEVER ends.

    The invisible radiation keeps on killing for a million years into the future.

    It also attacks the core of life, taking apart the DNA/RNA that is the building block of all life on the planet.

    Via nuclear man made radiation, we are committing global suicide.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      If I have more money than God then it would be a good thing that fewer people were here in the future consuming my family's remaining planet resources. 🙁

      Money.. now = God. 🙁

    • Socrates

      They attacked Joseph Mangano for pointing out this fact. Dr. Mengele never killed this many babies. The adverse effects of 131I will not be limited to deaths. Severe learning problems in many children, cretinism, hypothyroidism, papillary thyroid cancer, childhood leukemia…. the list goes on.

      Inhaled particle deaths will begin in Fukushima. We will see a scaled-down version in America. We all remember the Marboro man dying. He begged people not to smoke. Maybe when pro-nukes see their own children suffer, their own cruelty will brought home to them.

      I know recovered pro-nukes. Some went to med school. Other nuclear engineers have told me that they need the income. They cannot get out.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    This is a very ancient and powerful Zeitgeist Matrix and nothing that you see is real..created illusions.. says he.

    "We have a system of “neo-feudalism” in which all of us and our national governments are enslaved to debt. "

  • jec jec

    75 possible cases of children with thyroid cancer as of Feb 2014, up from 59 in September 2013.
    "suspected cases of thyroid cancer among people aged 18 or below at the time of the accident rose to 75, compared with 59 at the end of last September. Of the current total, 33 cases have been confirmed as cancer."(in 254,000 children screened–out of a total of 375,000 total eligible for screening)

    Chilling as the normal % is 1 per Million. In Japan, Fukushima it its much higher..where expected childhood thyroid cancer would be NONE in 250,000 statistically..there are 75! 300 in a million vs 1 in a million. If you are one of the 300–you are facing permanent removal of the thryoid gland, permanent medication, likely issues having children, and possible reaccurrance. If the disease is not treated immediately, you face radiation treatment every three years, and more surgery. Its not a nice disease..yes..its treatable. But for a lifelong sentence of issues..IF a child or as an adult does not get daily medication, they face terrible physical issues..and loss of IQ, facial deformaties..and more.

    • And this is in a place where they are trying NOT to find any health issues, as hard as they can..

      Wonder what the real rate of cancer is, but mislabeled as something else, like too much stress, not enough smiling, etc?

      • lucius.cornelius

        I thought the WHO report that stated there would be a massive upsurge in cancer rates in the coming 10 years and that this was down to "sugar and alcohol abuse" was a bit, how shall we put it, "obvious".

        They know this wave of illness and death is coming, so they're laying the scenery out now so it can be blamed on lifestyle (ours, or course, not theirs), just as they blame the unemployed for unemployment and the poor for the banking crisis.
        Quite why the whole planet isn't up in flames with bankers and politicians swinging from every lamp post is a testament to the power of the flouridation of water and the mindnumbing power of TV.
        The list that contains "reasons to be furious" is getting stupidly long.

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  • Sparky Sparky

    Looking at the above 3 posts, looks like Enenews being spammed by scum-bots. To what purpose? Disruption? Hits? Sales? The world is in dire straits. What a waste of time and valuable Enenews space! Maybe that’s the purpose.

    Goes w/o saying: ‘Newsers, ignore the bots.

    Go away silly bots! Go away silly bot-pushers!

    A pox on the bots and their irrelevant brown polyester masters. The world has changed. Business-as-usual-formula spam simply doesn’t work here. Go away. Time’s ‘a-wasting.

  • katrinlar katrinlar

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