Caldicott: I think some of the Fukushima plant workers exposed to very high levels of radiation have died — There’s a coverup by Tepco and gov’t, so we don’t know what’s really going on (VIDEO)

Published: July 10th, 2012 at 12:48 am ET


Helen Caldicott – Fukushima & Nuclear Energy
Red Ice Radio
July 3, 2012

At 11:40 in

Dr. Helen Caldicott: I think some of the workers who have been exposed to very high levels have died. Some have been seriously ill, but there’s a coverup there by Tepco and the Japanese government so we don’t know what’s really going on.

Title: Helen Caldicott
Source: Wikipedia

Caldicott… received her medical degree in 1961 from the University of Adelaide Medical School. In 1977 she joined the staff of the Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Boston, and taught pediatrics at the Harvard Medical School from 1977 to 1978. […]

During her time in the United States from 1977 to 1986, Caldicott was involved with Physicians for Social Responsibility (founded originally in 1961), an organization of 23,000 doctors committed to educating others on the dangers of nuclear energy. She also worked abroad to establish similar groups […] One such international group (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War) was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985 […]

Published: July 10th, 2012 at 12:48 am ET


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45 comments to Caldicott: I think some of the Fukushima plant workers exposed to very high levels of radiation have died — There’s a coverup by Tepco and gov’t, so we don’t know what’s really going on (VIDEO)

  • Max1 Max1

    As the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission showed, there is a clear collusion between the government of Japan, the energy companies and regulators/inspectors. Of course they're covering stuff up. The fact they defrauded the people of Japan by acting like nuclear was safe and the people of Japan were safe when in the end, their lies and deception and fraudulent security measures only proved, unfortunately in the end, that secondary containment of the Mark1 reactors FAILS when the primary containment fails and the secondary containment, meant as the ONLY containment for SFP's fails also.

    Don't believe me? Then you're not looking at Fuku…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    MIT No-Evacuations Study Debunked

    Not sure if this has already been posted on enenews or not… it is very well-done & important, so I am posting it here now.

    So many of our high-profile and respected institutions, such as the prestigous MIT, are compromised! Studies such as this one provide compelling evidence that allegations to this effect are not mere baseless 'conspiracy theories.'

    • Max1 Max1

      Thank you!

      • Max1 Max1

        As the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission showed, collusion happens. Corrupt and deadly.

        Think it isn't happening in the USA?
        The MIT study only shows the corrupt collusion that is happening right in front of our eyes. Paid for by American Tax Dollars. Propaganda doesn't get any better, folks.

        • Max1 Max1

          At 10:50 … Important stuff!
          Children ARE the canary in the coal mine, unfortunately.

          • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

            A different report than bleep_hits_blades Thanks bleep

            Worth checking both out, both well done.

            Flawed MIT Study Used To Dismiss Need For Nuclear Disaster Evacuations

            This breaks every component of the flawed study apart too.


            • Max1 Max1

              Thanks. Been a follower of Gaddard for some time. Saw that back on day one of release. Good stuff, NO?

              Missed that SimplyInfo report/analysis. Upon quick scan I say the chapter titled: External Exposure Only
              … Then read further.

              OMFG!!!! Talk about flawed.

              The had a chance to study types of exposure and chose NOT to. Or maybe they knew the probability outcomes favored the least risk catigory to be the group that was minamally exposed and 'went with that one, yea, that one will do'… NO?

              • Max1 Max1

                sorry about typos. blood too boiling…

              • Max1 Max1

                Paid for by you and me.

                • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

                  I believe that the entire MIT study was carefully designed & almost completely written up by the Nuke Industry…it is too perfectly false on every point. And careful research had been done to ensure that it would show no effect. Toooo much research done.

                  They know that there Will be a release from a plant in the US. And figure they got away with killing millions in Japan & around the world & are certain they will get away with it again.

                  They are preparing to use taxpayer money to build on the moon. Under the guise of research. Those that do not feel too safe on planet earth anymore intend to live there.

                  I also believe that the mining on the moon was in part a tactic to *test the reactions to it. It would also instantly mean that they would get investors. Even those that have no clue about the radiation poisoning the earth. Although I am sure they will, the initial intent is to live there.

                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    @MaidenHeaven: "They are preparing to … build on the moon." Curious if there's any additional info on this?

                    • apostrophes

                      No one can venture outside low earth orbit because of the lethal radiation of the Van Allen Belts.

                      No Moon colonies.
                      No Mars colonies.

                      We just have to make the best of it here.

            • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

              TEPCO Sponsors MIT Nuclear Department

              TEPCO sponsors a professor of nuclear engineering at MIT. As part of this TEPCO also funds research programs in the nuclear engineering department at MIT, though TEPCO is not mentioned as a funder or conflict of interest in the actual paper. The conflict this creates raises questions when department researchers like Dr. Yanch are going to bat for the nuclear industry in her public statements by giving claims favorable to TEPCO’s corporate line. Mujid Kazimi is still listed as the TEPCO sponsored professor today, his career details indicate that the program continues. It is unclear if all of this questionable activity violates MIT’s Ethics and Conduct rules, it certainly doesn’t meet the public standards of being unbiased.

            • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

              The strain C57Bl6 were used in the experiment, BALBc mice are far less resistant to radiation in the issue of radiation and certain types of cells and cancers than C57Bl6. The mice selected could have added to the bias in the experiments. The C57Bl6 mice used in the MIT experiment were also further modified by MIT and used in this study. MIT created a mouse dubbed “recombomice” or FYDR mice. These C57Bl6 mice were genetically modified and bred in house by members of the research team.

              • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

                Just to NOTE: Cobalt 60 is normally used in these studies. Cobalt 60 is nuclear waste. It is also used to irradiate our food. So the tests that show how even a small does causes cancer also shows what radiating our food does to us.

                And we pay for them to irradiate our food too.

                • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

                  The MIT study even cites Tanaka et al 2009, but erroneously claims Tanaka only found an effect at 20mGy/day, about 10X their dose.

                  So on May 20 I emailed one of the MIT authors to ask why they said that. I got a reply saying Tanaka's 1mGy/day group was not significant. So I replied citing the group's p values, which are < 0.05, and quoted Tanaka's English statements observing that fact. I asked for an explanation of why they interpreted those p values as not significant. I've never heard back.


                  • weeman

                    Make them sweat, report them to the education board and have them disbarred, for gross negligants and falsifying reports.
                    Kick them when they are down.
                    Gold star for you, great keep up the pressure

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    Assuming the input is sound, the p values are derived correctly, and the study isn't flawed in its design (ex: the wrong sample size or inherent bias), then the p values SHOULD be significant. Good point.

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    MaidenHeaven, I looked up p values to refresh my memory on statistics. According to this article,


                    the use of p values assumes beginning with the null hypothesis. So if p values are in the range <= 0.05, then the null hypothesis is true (no effect).

                    However, this begs the question — did the MIT group conducting the study design the study properly? Was all the appropriate data considered? Was a correct "sample population size" or statistically significant sample size utilized? Was there inherent bias built into the study? All of these things (and more) can bias the results of a study. You can basically design a study to show just about any outcome you want, depending upon how you structure it. A little noodge to the data here, a few less samples there, careless choice of subjects or data, poorly designed questions, etc., etc.

                    There are a lot of flawed "scientific" studies which claim they base their results on "statistical analysis." Sounds impressive, non? Case in point: why are public opinion polls often unreliable, and where did the term "pseudo science" come from?

                    OK, enough of my rant.

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      Maybe MIT was made uncomfortable by your asking questions. You'd think they'd at least have the dignity and respect to answer your question. If the study had a sound design and conclusions, they should have had no problem pointing you to their summary, conclusions, and discussion of methodology.

                    • Max1 Max1

                      Hi Ho,
                      From the SI article about the MIT study:

                      External Exposure Only

                      The study only exposed the mice to external exposure. Mice were exposed to iodine 125 (a relatively weak gamma emitter) through a sealed plexan box underneath their cage that acted as a “flood phantom”.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Nedlifromvermont has a son attending MIT. He was critical in his comments here on an article published recently by MIT. Am not sure if the findings were based on this study.

      Nedli, are you here and can you comment on this? Do you remember what the article referencing MIT discussed? It was a 4-6 weeks ago (I think).

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        And Nedli, I hope I'm not mis-quoting you. I thought you were openly critical of the MIT findings (whatever they were) because of their pro-nuke bias.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      The info. and conclusions published in the MIT report are really disgusting. To think millions of people would be left to die after a major nuclear accident is just unthinkable.

      The players in this industry are really pushing the envelope, aren't they?

      I can't express the level of my disgust.

      • Max1 Max1

        Hi Ho,
        I feel/share that same disgust.

        Money and stocks before people and planet…
        … It's rather short sighted, IMO.

        When they, who rape and pillage this earth of it's people and resources, become sick from their own filth catching up to them…
        … Who will they have to carry on preying their rape and pillaging routines with, but themselves?

    • chrisk9

      Thanks Parwie this video is the greatest example of the spin the Japanese government and TEPCO has been serving up to the world. No one takes any responsibility, no one offers any facts, ask someone else we know nothing. (Klinkism)

      If anything this vid makes me think that there were deaths or extreme doses that were not reported. Standard operating procedure at the plant is for all workers to have background checks that go back at least 5 years(security reasons), there is no way they lost touch with workers. Every worker must be wearing dosimetry, that tracks their dose, as soon as they enter the site. Usually every worker will have a dosimeter that tracks the dose for the day and another more permanent film badge or other device that tracks accumulated dose. There would be no reason not to be wearing these items, except if TEPCO was trying to hide something.

      Back in the late 1970's TEPCO was one of the first companies to have every worker wearing alarming dosimeters, they were clearly ahead of the United States in this requard. To claim now that they do not clearly have dose information or that it was the duty of subcontractors to track is class #1 bullpucky.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Parwie, this adds a whole new meaning to the word, "shifty."

      Let's assume psychological theory is correct, and 90% of our communication is non-verbal in nature. Those who are lying give the fact they are lying away through their body language. The unspoken 90% of the Tepco group's communication is a dead giveaway, IMHO. I've never seen such a guilty looking crew in my entire life.

  • andagi andagi

    Dear Folks, I can only try to imagine how infuriating this must be for you. This information shocks me! I so appreciate your astuteness and brilliance and thank you for educating us. Thank you ENENEWS. Aloha all.

  • CB CB

    I seen a very great documentary on liquidators a few years back, I'll be searching and post it if I'm able to find it. I can only imagine the skin of the liquidators turning brown, swelling up like an over cooked hotdog, and splitting.

  • Weeaboo Weeaboo

    Sorry, but this woman just lost all credibility with me.
    Two reasons:
    1) She's Australian.
    2) She quotes no sources whatsoever.

    Three workers have died at the Fukushima Plant. One at Daini during the earthquake, and two sadly very young guys, 21 & 24, at Daiichi in some kind of explosion a day or so after. One of them was killed instantly. The other is believed to have died later, alone and I've no doubt in great pain. The situation at that time was so dangerous that it took some days to even recover their bodies, let alone attempt a rescue.
    Also some workers have already received more than their allowed yearly doses of radiation and have been sent home.
    There was also a story (semi-related) of how, in the early days, some firemen were being coerced to going to work in Fukushima from other places with threats of lost bonuses etc.
    All of these stories are well-documented however.
    Not only that, but whatever you might think of the Plant and those who operate it, I'm pretty sure that the people working there now are doing so out of a sense of duty as much as anything, and that they are in some respects "heroes".

  • kalidances

    @Weeaboo no one cares that you are unimpressed. Why should anyone, anywhere have to impress you? If you have better credentials than Caldicott as a physician or Nobel Peace prize nominee for your works then please immediately travel to Japan and start helping the people that need help. If you are a nuclear scientist that can help solve this issue please depart as well.

    Otherwise, find documentation and resources that can help the people suffering because you will be next. It doesn't matter if it is six days or six months-you will be the next to physically suffer.

    People would be in the streets all over the globe if they had any idea of what is truly happening now.

  • Weeaboo Weeaboo

    I'm already in Japan. 15 years before the mast. And I did my share of volunteer work after the tsunami too.
    What did you ever do, apart from complaining about other people's opinions on messageboards?
    100% of non-smokers die.
    Level me up plz.