Gov’t Report: Fukushima radioactive material still raining down on U.S. in 2013 — Contamination “worked its way into local ecosystems” — ‘Incremental impacts’ from Fukushima radiation release — Health implications ‘incompletely understood’

Published: May 19th, 2014 at 3:52 pm ET


California Coastal Commission, STATE OF CALIFORNIA—NATURAL RESOURCES AGENCY (pdf), Apr. 30, 2014: Attached for your information is a report investigating the release of radioactivity materials during the disaster and the implications for residents of California. […]

Airborne Contamination in California

  • Several massive pulses of radionuclides were released to the atmosphere from Fukushima between March 12 and 18, 2011 […] 134Cs and 137Cs persisted at trace levels […] in on-going air monitoring at Berkeley through the end of 2012.

Rainwater Contamination in California

  • March 2011 was an unusually wet month in California (~200% of normal monthly precipitation in the Bay Area) due to several large storms which resulted in discrete wet deposition events on March 18-20 and 22-26. […] 134Cs and 137Cs were present, at low levels, after 70 days. However, it is worth noting that low levels of radioactive cesium were still detectable in rainwater during subsequent wet seasons in 2012 and 2013, reflecting the continued presence of Fukushima-derived cesium in the atmosphere. […]

Food Chain Contamination in California

  • Fukushima-derived radionuclides transferred from the atmosphere to the land through rainout or dry deposition have the potential to contaminate soil and water supplies, and to enter the food chain. […] Sampling of soil and sediments from several California locations detected a clear pulse of 131I, 134Cs and 137Cs between April – June 2011, with only 137Cs remaining above the pre-accident background thereafter (through Nov 2012). Plant and food samples collected in the Bay Area in April and May 2011 contained detectable concentrations of Fukushima-derived 131I, 134Cs, and 137Cs, indicating that low-level contamination of the water and soil had worked its way into local ecosystems.

Public Health Impacts

  • Fukushima disaster presented (and continues to present) a low risk to public health relative to other concerns. However, it is worth reiterating that the health implications of exposure to low levels of radiation remain incompletely understood, and that the incremental impacts of the radiation released at Fukushima may be very difficult to separate from those of other radiation sources and the many other causes of disease.

See also: [intlink id=”japan-times-fukushima-fallout-america-estimated-400000000000000-bq-cesium-137-experts-hazardous-consequences-continental-scale-physicist-cancer-certainty-one-radioactive-particle-inhaled-ingeste” type=”post”]Fukushima fallout in N. America at 400,000,000,000,000 Bq of Cesium-137 — Study: Hazardous on a ‘continental scale’ — CBS: Inaccurate internet reports stoked fear radiation had somehow come California’s way (VIDEO)[/intlink]

Published: May 19th, 2014 at 3:52 pm ET


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111 comments to Gov’t Report: Fukushima radioactive material still raining down on U.S. in 2013 — Contamination “worked its way into local ecosystems” — ‘Incremental impacts’ from Fukushima radiation release — Health implications ‘incompletely understood’

  • Crickets Crickets

    Playing down the effects and level of radiation. Playing down the fact that it's an ongoing situation and promoting the idea that the sea water will work to dilute the dangers of constant radioactive water entering the sea.

    • Southbound Southbound

      These materials will be falling from the atmosphere, and evaporating from the oceans into the atmosphere, just so they can fall out again, for the foreseeable future. The Northern hemisphere is saturated with contaminates of all kinds, which is why I'm trying to move to the Southern hemisphere!

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        "Based on this calculus, in the worst case the Fukushima disaster approximately doubled the amount of 137Cs in the North Pacific, and given that 134Cs and 137Cs were released from Fukushima in an approximate 1:1 ratio (13), may initially have tripled the total amount of radioactive cesium in the North Pacific (134Cs, with a two-year half-life, decays much more quickly than 137Cs)."

        So how does the above paragraph equate to "no detectable increase in cesium levels" in the oceans? These people must have brass balls to spew this sewage under the guise of an unbiased scientific report.

        Throughout this report are nuggets when dissected reveal something the people on this blog have know for over three years…We are Fuk'd

        Arrival on the West Coast
        The most recently reported measurements of radioactive cesium in North Pacific seawater indicate that the Fukushima plume is beginning its arrival off the west coast of North America.

        Surfs up! 🙂

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          This scientist missed their true calling,The only time I heard better obfuscation is when a politician speaks.

          "In summary, the radiation dose to Californians from the Fukushima disaster is very unlikely to amount to more than a few percent of the average annual dose from the natural background and anthropogenic sources, and overall the Fukushima disaster presented (and continues to present) a low risk to public health relative to other concerns. However, it is worth reiterating that the health implications of exposure to low levels of radiation remain incompletely understood"

          The three people responsible for this carefully sculpted piece of excrement:
          Charles Lester, Executive Director
          Alison Dettmer, Deputy Director
          Joseph Street, Environmental Scientist

          • Time Is Short Time Is Short

            Yes, they're repeating the same ol' bullshit, but somehow I get the feeling – considering it's the California Coastal Commission, who runs the California coastline with an iron fist – that the 'dam of truth' is starting to break free.

            I get the feeling the CCC is, in a very tentative way, trying to cover their bets.

            Maybe I just need some optimism today . . .

      • We Not They Finally

        Sooner or later it will spread from the northern hemishere to the southern hemisphere and then all over the world.Moral you cant in the end win…Finally we all will fry in our own juices…

        • Angela_R

          "Sooner or later it will spread from the northern hemisphere to the southern"
          in 2009, statistics in Australia showed that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women would be diagnosed with cancer before they were 85 years. Cannot find more recent figures, perhaps they have ceased providing statistics.

  • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

    Remember that the president of the united states in 2011 told hundreds of millions of people in this country that Fukushima radionuclides would pose no threat and that taking KI was not necessary. He ended his statement by telling the american public that he would keep them informed.

    Three years later and there hasn't been a peep from him…even though countless reporst have come out that show, undeniably, that the contents of those reactors are spreading throughout the entire planet.

    For those who have been boycotting: Keep it up and kick it up a notch…they are feeling the pressure. For those who haven't been: Begin boycotting every business in your town that doesn't have a sign in their window saying "Anti-Nuclear" or something of the sort.

    To anyone who still purchases ANY products: Do what you want…but those "in the know" are well aware of what to stay away from…and, in fact, there are signs and codes to tell their cronies what not to buy…

    For instance, certain kinds of SODA that have RED SUNS on the cans…are a clever way of letting certain people know that those are the contaminated products…

    There are many more examples of clever designs and labels that let certain people know which products are deadly…but it doesn't matter. If you purchase any of your food, you are screwed.

    You see, if you purchase food…then you are looked at like cattle. You do not have your own resources, and thus must feed from the trough.

    • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

      The only solution is boycotting until nuclear is abolished worldwide. Only then can we begin to work on mitigations. Otherwise, forget it.

      There is nothing more important because anything else that matters is destroyed by the production of man-made radionuclides.

      Do not think that you are safe with a greenhouse…in fact, you may be adding to the problem. If you purchase plastic you are adding to the burden of pollution and supporting those members of our society who benefit from the creation of toxic elements that destroy life. Further, look up the Japanese study of bio-magnification. Plants (rice) watered with 1 bq/liter of Cs concentrated the cesium in its tissues 500 times over a very short period.

      You may as well trash the greenhouse and start licking the pavement because the only thing that has ever fed any human being has been the Earth. The same Earth that almost everyone in every developed country is destroying by purchasing goods and services that pollute and destroy.

      Boycott relentlessly. It is the only peaceful solution.

      To the 'newsers: It's hard living in an ocean of ignorance, but don't let it get to you. Everything has substantiated what you knew from the beginning. There are others like you…they're just quietly spread throughout the world.


        wonderful work, MoonlightEmpire…

        • We Not They Finally

          Well, yeah, "wonderful" except for the undoability-and-not-going-to-happen part of it…. (Seriously. IMHO.)

          • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

            So are you saying that you're not willing to go all the way to stop the madness that is happening?

            • Depriving ourselves of the basic elements we need to live will not help us accomplish the goal of eliminating nuclear from our societies.

              Turn off all the plugs….ok, now no communication, no internet, no computer.

              Stop driving, OK no in person activism, spend your time biking to a store

              No greenhouse…reduced ability to produce food in colder climates, reduced ability to shield from passing rad peaks.

              Just like hippies that wish to deprive themselves of everything, whilst letting the big picture plod on forward….sorry thats a big no go.

              and "peaceful" is not limiting my options going forward either, but I won't be choosing a walk on part in the war either.

              Sorry, but wishful thinking does not get this one done. layout your game plan in detail should you wish further discussion. Vague assertions help no one.

              • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

                Re-examine what is a necessity.

                Turn off the plugs and communication will go back to being in-person.

                Eliminate fossil-fuel cars and you'd probably eliminate a lot of problems that activists are trying to fix. And the remaining activism will be much stronger, and in-person.

                Your greenhouse doesn't shield your food from passing rad spikes. Only elimination of the creation of those plumes will do that.

                Each person must eliminate their own negative impacts. It doesn't get more Front-Line than that.

                Yeah, some a-holes may have MADE the shiz…but no one held a gun to your head telling you to BUY it. That's complicity in my book.

                I'm not trying to be high-and-mighty, just trying to make sure everyone has their aim set really, really high. It's not un-reasonable at all.

                • Sheesh, why set your goals that high when you can't even get people away from their dream world of Dancing with the Stars….

                  Seriously, we are so far away from any utopian sustainable future, that we need to do what is possible, not what is perfect. And we need to live while accomplishing something better.

                  And the powers that be have opposite goals in mind

                  PS Elimination of fossil cars, implies electric. All for that, especially with PV.

                  My PV cut a $500 bill (Hawaii) to $17 and I am able to operate efficiently, effectively, and comfortably, I have extra electricity, and could mostly charge a car, but would probably have to add 3 or 4 panels.

                  Extreme sacrifice is not required. In fact, PV solar allows you to have a better life.

                  No one told me (gun or not) that I had to support nuke or turn the lights out, they are still trying that lie today. Nuke is only 6% of world demand.

                  Making more cost effective energy (solar at 3 cents per kwh) will do more to kill nuke than boycotting.

                  Sorry to go off, don't mean any ill will, just I believe as a PV Prophet

                  • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

                    PV is an acceptable STEPPING STONE to not needing electricity at all. Remember, NONE of your ancestors (before your g-grandparents) used ANY electricity.

                    Whether you can get others to wise-up is irrelevant…the only person you have ANY control over is yourself.

                    The masses will do what they have always done: Follow.

                    • Personally I am a tool user, and find electricity to be very valuable tool.

                      Even in a Madmax day we are not going back to no electricity. PS I'll be the one with the 66 Mustang, EMP boat with biodiesel, food supply, and guns, and plenty electricity.

                    • Crickets Crickets

                      Personally, MLE, I agree with what you're saying. I've often thought that one of the biggest problems we have in this modern day society is that too many people think it is their right to use as much energy as they can afford. People complain about the traffic when commuting long distances to work, but they never consider the alternatives to driving their big SUV's with no passengers. I really have no sympathy for them when there are alternative ways of getting to work. Too often conservation is ignored as a solution to this energy and pollution mess that we're in. If people purchased economy cars and avoided buying crap they didn't need, it would be a big step in the right direction. Obviously, what we're doing now is not working and it's looking more and more like we've already run out of time, on many fronts, to turn things around.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Crickets, you agree with moonlight, but then seem to fall back into the partial solution/deprivation stance, which is sort of the opposite. With total revision to the life that was self sustainable for all of mans 100s of thousands of years, one finds a solution without sacrificing fullness of life.

                      At the same time, moonlight seems to discount the possibility of progress. How far back do you want to go? Pre horse, pre canal, pre steam?

                      Im for the other path; take the best and move forward. Solar cells are being made from cellulose now…computing power may come without endless pollution…science has moved forward…we have electrical knowledge. Sun power IS electric-magnetic power and its here in abundance. We can have a life of abundant power, abundant manufacturing of desired goods, abundant transport, on some level. See streamlined bikes and realize 65mph on 1/4 hp. Yes, there is the problem of there being way too many people, but education and birth control can solve this in generations to come. Unfortunately, we have crossed the tipping point and retardation, deformity and starvation is the future reality.

                      There was no redemption, nothing profited materially or spiritually from this state of affairs, its just the way the universe unfolded. Man, with his limited brain power and narrow emotional framework imposes the need for purpose and redemption… with the illusion of time as a steady frame

                • There are many ways to the goal.


                  Electric cars

                  Solar power

                  switch to a 100 percent wind energy provider

                  eat organic

                  vote for candidates that take no corporate money


                  You do not have to go off the grid and turn off the Internet, and quit your job.

                  Just choose wisely, so that seven future generations are not harmed.

                • Crickets Crickets

                  People in the US are energy hogs. Look at the size of the homes and vehicles individuals and married couples purchase these days. I hate to sound like my parents' generation, but when I was a kid, my dad purchased a home that wasn't much more than 700 square ft and we had a family of six. I don't remember being deprived as a child. We got along just fine. Nowadays, it's hard to find a new home in California that is less than 2000 square feet with a two-car garage. And the vehicles people are driving these days…good lord! I have a small Toyota and I feel like I'm driving a go cart next to the vehicles that most people drive. It's very hard to hear people complain about the rape of our environment..oil spills, nuclear waste, etc..when so few of them seem to want change their habits.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    I dont believe the public can change without new civil planning. Like Dr Goodhearts picture above, roads could be green belts…how that would change a city! The job based economic model is outdated and would never last the oncoming paradigm of robot/additive manufacturing. Because mankind is unable to comprehend the results of his complex civilization, or imagine better ways of life, we are essentially doomed.

                  • It is only because oil in the US is subsidized in price by 50% that people can live this way.

                    In Europe, a huge solar push is underway. Most cars that average people drive are very efficient, and it is common to see electric cars.

                    If the US dropped the oil subsidy, a LOT would change, very rapidly. Big cars would disappear.

      • We Not They Finally

        Hey, I'll take a greenhouse ANY DAY with its plastic wrapping, rather than radioactive food — any day of the week! It's nice to be a purist, but have you any sense of PROPORTIONALITY?

        And boycotting is fine individually, since one doesn't want to get poisoned ANYWAY, but society-wide, it never goes anywhere without EDUCATION.

        So what are you even suggesting? That we have our own private organic gardens – oh, but not covered as in a greenhouse, and not even organic from the Earth, since that is also now all f-cked??

        Maybe we should all just become breatharians? — oh, wait, the air isn't breathable!

        I mean, what ARE you suggesting? Yes, we all struggle with dealing with "the ocean of ignorance," but now we also have "the ocean of doom," however purist your ideas may be.

        So whereas I admire your idealism, and good luck with that organic garden not even protected from radioactive all-out in the rain… I mean, what are you even SUGGESTING?


        • Angela_R

          and We Not They Finally re:growing your own food,
          it is now very difficult; then there is this:

          today in the Southern Hemisphere:

        • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

          I make these statements about greenhousese because they are true, however unpleasant they may be.

          I post them on ENE so the people here can at least have access to the reality that their greenhouses will not protect them from rad fallout. If people want to have greenhouses, then fine, but that doesn't mean that it has to be made out of plastic…and people shouldn't fool themselves into thinking that the greenhouse protects their food from rad contamination, because it doesn't.

          The only way to protect yourself from rad contamination is to abolish the creation of radionuclides. To do that, we must each take it upon ourselves to ensure that we are not supporting the very things that are destroying our home.

          Rad contamination is the absolute worst, but the lesson is CONTAMINATION itself. Anything that contaminates needs to be eliminated. That's were plastics, synthetics, paints, lawnmowing, and many other things come in.

          I know that it is very difficult to change a lifestyle, but that is what is needed. Do it in small steps…but don't forget along the way that, if you still drive a car, you are still part of the problem. That's reality. I know, it's hard, but anything less is unacceptable.

          How can we really be serious about NPPs if we fool ourselves about our own habits at home? Remember, if we abolished NPPs today and changed nothing else…humanity will still poison itself to extinction in less than 100 years.

        • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

          WNTF: A greenhouse in Okuma will prevent the same amount of ATOMIC-sized fallout in the rain from getting on the produce inside…as a greenhouse in California…or New Jersey…Or Lithuania…

          The answer is none of it is stopped. If your greenhouse gets dumped on, then the whole perimeter footprint is just getting higher-concentrated fallout because its getting washed to the edges.

          It's in the soil, on you clothes, your shoes, in your houses, your hair and your hat…it will be in the pencils you write with and the mugs you bring to your lips…on your eyelashes and in your bones.

          Use a greenhouse if you must, just don't fool yourself into thinking that you're protecting anything from radiation while you purchase oil-based products, genetically-tainted seeds, and deplete aquifers and destroy land that you think you're helping.

        • Really, the degree you prescribe to the whole economic system may be the little guys biggest weapon. Remember the nuke industry is tied into the financial markets, especially in Japan. The big oil and nuke gas coal auto over public transit plastic throw away economic is a destroy the Planet scenario.WNTF, and other kind readers, we have absolutely got to find another way. Individual bowing out of the economy in any inventive way possible is a doable way of mass protest and further the most practical thing one can do. Good night folks.

          • guevara3712

            well said,what moonlight is saying sounds a little crazy at first, but it is exactly what me and my family are doing, in small steps. we have never been happier. in fact i would say that i personally take it as seriously as moonlight, every time i use cash i think about what i am contributing to. same with gasoline, etc. etc. where people draw their lines will be different and what actions they can take that work for them will be different, but i agree with the principle, it's good to be aware of everything. i also think the solar move the guy was talking about is a great way, and i think personally owned power systems would go a long way both towards a cleaner planet and freedom as well.

      • mairs mairs

        It's hard to know where to start, but many of the growers who sell in the farmer's market where I live use greenhouses. Local people feeding us. I doubt that you are raising any food to feed others.

        • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

          That's fine, I'm glad you found a place where you can get local produce…but what are you doing–little by little–to ensure that you don't need anyone to grow food for you?

          Just because many of the people around you grow in greenhouses doesn't make them right, and doesn't make them ecologically progressive people. It doesn't mean they are bad, either, but the greenhouse is not the solution…it's still part of the problem.

          Don't forget that, in most cases, even though the food is grown in a greenhouse, the grower is almost certainly still using conventional growing methods and mediums. Many are still purchasing huge amounts of "growing medium", using shameful amounts of water, growing gmo crops, and almost always growing clones (the big companies).

          Remember, the very act of cultivation is unacceptable. If that sounds strange, it's only because you've never met anyone that understood it enough to tell you.

          No human being, EVER, has cultivated crops that proved superior in ANY CATEGORY to what that land would have produced had it been left completely alone. And when that is done (the land left to seed itself) it provides not only food, but every single other resource that humans have/will ever need.

          And yes, I do raise food to feed others, but not in any sense that you are thinking of. I consider the sale of anything that comes from the ground to be shameful.

          • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

            This is because there is simply no price that can be affixed to something imperitive to survival and health.

            For instance, a what is a tomato worth to you? One tomato. A dollar? Two? Five? How much? Most people would say, "well if someone asked for five dollars for a tomato, I'd probably look elsewhere for my tomatos"…right?

            Now think, what is the worth of a tomato to you…that is guaranteed–not by any man–but by God him/her/itself to not contain ANY manmade polutions or radionuclides….? Haha! Millions. Billions. Priceless. Such a tomato is absolutely priceless.

            I do not cultivate food…I steward the land that provides it…and thus I am able to share with everyone around me. Yes, there are people who get nourishment from the land I protect…but only as a means of enticing them to protect their own piece of land.

            This is maybe the most important job of any human individual: The protection of land from the destruction brought by human beings.

            Nature works by organic matter being created by the expression of DNA and the utilization of sunlight. In this process (because of the sunlight) a surpluss of organic matter is created that wasn't originally in that spot where the seed sprouted. In this way, soil is built.

            Anyone who sells produce from a piece of land is strip-mining that land–little by little–until it is no longer able to support the same abundance of life.

            Just a small glimpse of how far we have to go as people.

            • guevara3712

              i have bad news for you, the plant will use more from the soil than the process you describe will add to it. no one has the ability anymore to garden like God, we have ruined that, but there are responsible ways to do it.

              • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

                Yes, the past few generations have horribly destroyed the only wealth anyone ever had on this land…but don't think you can't reverse the process while still having all your needs met.

                Top soil is Built! The Great Planes had as much as 8 feet or more of pure, rich topsoil that was formed by years and years of organic matter growing, decaying, and becoming humus. As long as that material is not eroded away, it builds.

                The future will produce abundant food for every person and animal, AND build soil constantly…whereas conventional methods destroy it mostly by means of mechanical erosion. There's more to say, but that's the gist.

      • sworldpeas

        I agree. I wonder how many people here have done anything to reduce their carbon footprint since this disaster started? Anybody gone solar? take the bus? carpool? reduce, reuse and recycle with 100% effort??? We reduced our carbon footprint from 12,000 tonnes per year to 4000 tonnes per year. It is easy to do and we have not compromised our energy rich lifestyle in anyway. We converted to solar and committed ourselves to driving our car 50% less, among a few other energy saving tips and tricks. We are saving money by going on an energy budget. We had a 100% electric car that we charged with our solar system, so it CAN be done. As a society "we" are just too wasteful, Fukushima is the result.

        • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

          Exactly. And don't stop there. Quality of life only improves with these sorts of cuts and trimmings. Keep going! Never think that you are finished!

  • I'd like to point out that the continued intentional incineration of radioactive materials in Japan's clean up is a de facto export or dissemination/dispersal of isotopes, and may be an important, poorly measured form of ongoing toxic air pollution in the US.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Since it is 2014 I would like to know just how BAD it is NOW. This bullshit of year and a half old reports is pathetic. I have PROOF this is a lie. just watch the beach cams. I guess they think we are pretty stupid. It is them that are so stupid is the reality.

    • ENENews

      "Bullshit of year and a half old reports"?

      The commission's report was published 20 days ago.

      California's 2013 rainy season started ~7 months ago.

      Interesting that no local media outlet reported on it or even mentioned it.

      • Ontological Ontological

        I screwed up my dates forgive me master.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Admin, Just F.Y.I.!

        I am not sure if others are having problems, but recently your pages are not loading at all and the comments are not loading properly or sometimes not even accessible. So either someone is attacking this site or attacking my computer, but things are not flowing smoothly at all.. 🙁 Two separate browses show the exact same symptoms.

        I guess when you give google ads access to your site problems can be created for some but not all..?

        Site Behavior has been very odd…

  • lickerface lickerface

    "Low risk" and "incompletely understood health implications" are polar opposites. The former alleviates the stressful brain of an ostrich. The latter is high risk.


      excellent point, lickerface…

    • We Not They Finally

      We need to organize a special food-tasting event for all the dishonest so-called experts saying that low level is low risk. Just one-ten-millionth of a gram of plutonium inhaled as a hot particle can KILL you. But say, that doesn't WEIGH very much so it must be "low level."

      I say organize a food-tasting event for all these folks. They can eat all the "low level" contaminated food they like. Then we can monitor THEIR health. We could do that more responsibly than they will ever figure out how to do it for US.

    • guevara3712

      i translated that to ''many of you will get cancer and die from this,but no one will know which cancer was caused by what so there's nothing you can do about it. it's crazy i thought eating bananas was well understood.

    • We Not They Finally

      Yes, there are hazards everywhere. Fukushima will likely turn out to be "the hot button" that pushes all those already-hazards over the edge.

      Then of course, on the other side, there will be diversion to local hazards, to keep denial about the ongoing monster catastrophe from Fukushima under wraps.

  • sistahawk

    Remember :atomic tests have been done ,over and under the ground for how long ? …the people that lived on the islands or wherever they decided to drop these bombs did not even know what was done we today might think we know and now it rains down on the US …kind of a joke itself…keep up the good work…

  • tsfw tsfw

    Every paragraph of this report is laden with crap. And hey where did all these numbers come from all of a sudden? I wonder who's job it is to make those up.

    • Probably some interns at the California Gambling Control Commision

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      tsfw- This report also failed to mention the level of what is considered "safe" was increased by Hillary "Benghazi" Clinton and the big pharma partner the FDA. USA Pre-Fukushima 100 bq- after 3/11 1000 bq. Even Japan has higher standards than the USA.

      I wonder what corporation instructed the EPA to raise the safe levels?

      U.S. FDA Derived Intervention Limits for Food
      • 170 Bq/kg Iodine-131 (173.9 Bq/L, milk)
      • 1200 Bq/kg Cesium-134 + 137 (1221 Bq/L, milk)
      • 160 Bq/kg Strontium-90 (162.8 Bq/L, milk)
      Revised Japanese Limit on Radiocesium in Seafood
      • 100 Bq/kg Cesium-134 + 137

  • I guess Phil Collins wasn't exactly singing about radioactive fallout in his famous 1989 hit ?

    [Note to myself: Try to find salvation in Freddy's words –

    See you on the other side, folks… 🙁

  • bo bo

    'incompletely understood'
    Another new creative use of words

  • Sol Man

    Damn, we're dusted!

  • A paragraph dissection.

    "The additional dose of radiation attributable to the Fukushima disaster is commensurately small, and the available evidence supports the idea that it will pose little additional risk to humans or marine life. However, it should be noted that the long-term effects of low-level radiation in the environment remain incompletely understood, and that this understanding would benefit from increased governmental support for the monitoring of radioactivity in seawater and marine biota and the study of health outcomes linked to radiation exposure." – page 2 of pdf

    1. "the ADDITIONAL dose"

    · Yes, don't forget we've already been dosed. So this will add to it.

    2. "the AVAILABLE EVIDENCE supports the idea that it will pose little additional risk to humans or marine life."

    · Well, that's part of the problem. Not enough available data! There's simply not enough testing or no testing at all.

    3. "understanding would benefit from increased governmental support for the monitoring of radioactivity in seawater and marine biota and the study of health outcomes linked to radiation exposure."

    · They need more money for testing so they can start to UNDERSTAND the 'long-term effects of low-level radiation in the environment'.

    IMO – We'll be seeing health outcomes linked to radiation exposure whether the government pays for a study or not. 😉


      spot on, ChasAha. I think the idiots at central command have reassured themselves they'll also be able to hide this catastrophe, the same way they've hidden all the others. What they're not getting is how cancerous disease has slowly crept-up over the last sixty years and now taken a large percentage of the population. Imagine how well it's going to go over, when those numbers approach ninty-percent of the adult population. No amount of double-speak is ultimately going to hide what's happened…

  • If anyone can hold there nose enough, visit the pimps that be and drop a comment. As always their lies do not stand the light of day, this is my response to a pimp who is claiming that solar PV is hurtful, unfair, and has no future…

    “@Northeastern, no, but that is an interesting way to twist the truth. The utility never buys any energy from me. If fact when I make extra beyond my own monthly use, they take it from me at zero, and sell it to my neighbor at 34 cent per kWH.

    However, i also provide a useful service. I pump energy into the grid at the time that the grid needs it the most, during the hot afternoons where everyone is cooking, running their aircon, etc.

    And to make matters even better, I buy power at night when load is low to help levelize the demand curve.

    A great public service PV producers provide. I also don't waste any real estate, since the system takes a little over half my roof.

    PV rocks, nuke blows up. Any Questions?

    As I mentioned before, we need no panacea of grid scale storage in order for PV to have penetration of 50%, even up to 100%, peaking nat gas generators will do just fine. Nuke is crappy at load following, nat gas is great at load following.


      brilliant response, stock…

      • Thanks, PV really is that good. obviously, once we are 75% on PV, and we want backup power (i.e. the grid) then we are going to have to pay for that backup, whether it be our own batteries that only last 5 years, or a nat gas or gaasoline generator, or buying from a utility, or buying from a phase change salt storage utility who fueled up during the day and can save it, or buying from pumped hydro, or buying from a nat gas generator.

        The nukers that be pretend that we need a quantum leap to have large PV and that simply is not true.


          I also believe, stock, had we invested a fraction of what's gone into propping up the nuclear myth-machine, into PV materials research, the discussion would be over…

          • Teh discussion is over, believe, I have been on the cutting edge, back when it used to be the bloody edge, now it is the winning edge.

            But requires fairly large upfront payment, that can be hard for many esp after powers that be intentionally blew up the system so they could buy it up on the cheap.

        • Or; a hydrogen gas backup source, created by the excess solar.

          Burn the hydrogen in a hydrogen fuel to create the electricity you need, or burn it to create the heat for hot water, cooking, etc.

          Think future, not in the box..

          zero carbon is the only way humanity is going to make it.

  • Daisy207

    Again selective reporting of components – yes Cesium again – and lets throw in some iodine – what about everything else – got plutonium, strontium, americium, tritium, uranium, xenon and 100 more. What are the current tritium levels in the rainfall. You would think that the people doing the testing would be asking the same question -what else is there and are we exposed? Same old BS – and the answer is
    THE WEST COAST IS TOAST – GET OUT OF THERE WHILE YOU CAN. Discharges are never going to stop. Rainfall and air will come over from Japan – they are burning all the debris – the radioactivity is in the air coming your way. Its in the water coming your way in the ocean – tritium in the rainfall, in the water supplies – have a nice shower – you might want to wear a mask – oh wait – that won't filter tritium. Cesium is only part of the problem.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Just a spoon full of sugar, makes the medicine go down.

    And remember kids, always multiply by ten and smile…

    Mobilizing Nuclear Bias: The Fukushima Nuclear Crisis and the Politics of Uncertainty

    The nuclear disaster in Fukushima which followed in the wake of the 3/11 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami has given rise to one of the most significant public health crises in modern world history, with profound implications for how nuclear energy is perceived.

    Perception is the wool…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Why even bother with radiological protection?
    It's just ..banana pudding.

    Analysis of dose measurement other than the radiation protection during the radiographic examination

    X-ray the wild thing.

  • You and Me You and Me

    Top Headline at HP
    Rising Seas Threaten East Coast Nuclear Plants

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi You and Me

      I do believe the sea and the waves will be roaring.

      I agree, there will be more trouble.

    • +1

      Another great reason to start the decommission process on these Death Machines while there may still be time.

      STOP nukes NOW…!

    • PaciFistic PaciFistic

      …..not just East Coast plants…all NPPs anywhere below a certain line, which line is always rising due to revised extrapolations on West Antarctica ice melt, now under unprecedented acceleration. Then when East Antarctica is done, ocean levels will have gone up 50+ metres. It's just a matter of when that point will arrive.

      Before the end of the century?

      Leading up to that scenario, vast areas of the earth will have been rendered too hot for tolerable living. Great migrations of the world's population will take place if it hasn't been drastically reduced by drought & famine, storm & flood devastation, disease, increasing infertility, nuclear war & contamination, and similar catastrophic happenings.

      I will be off in the far-removed nether regions of ethereal existence, having decided to remain there, and allowed, trusted on the lightness of hence greatly alleviated karmic accretions.

      Anyone can start now to explore that option while there's time…just follow your nose of that desire as it is yanked toward your goal by the powers who have perceived your wish…otherwise, as a result of your insincerity, it will be torn off.

  • Charles Charles

    I get the extinct depression we ain't gettin prosper flimflamation!

  • WindorSolarPlease

    All that has been proven to me is:

    No one can handle Nuclear Power Plants without catastrophic risk.
    No one can handle the waste without catastrophic risk.
    They don't know how to fix anything when things go wrong.
    They have no clue what they are dealing with.
    All these things are ticking time bombs that kill everything.

    Now that these have been unleashed on the earth, now what?

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Oh that's right I answered my own question of: Now what?

      "They don't know how to fix anything when things go wrong."

      Meaning: We are up a creek without a paddle.

  • rogerthat

    ''Public Health Impacts
    Fukushima disaster presented (and continues to present) a low risk to public health relative to other concerns. However, it is worth reiterating that the health implications of exposure to low levels of radiation remain incompletely understood, and that the incremental impacts of the radiation released at Fukushima may be very difficult to separate from those of other radiation sources and the many other causes of disease.''

    Translation: There are lots of ways to die. We think it's fine but we don't understand, and if it's not fine and everyone gets sick, you still won't be able to blame it on Fukushima.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    How many things can go wrong with a Nuclear Plant and it's waste.

    Let me count the ways.

  • 5 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is A Dead End Technology, by Jeremy Rifkin – Advisor To Heads Of State Around The World

    Berlin Germany; Example of Hydrogen Fuel Station For Hydrogen Powered Cars, Buses and Taxis; via @AGreenRoad

  • w

    It's time we need to file CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY in the International Court on OBAMA, ABE, n TEPCo!. We can't keep on letting these people who insisting on leading the mass n not be responsible for their irresponsible decisions while they're getting FAT on behalf of the mass' health!

  • w

    Giving people the power to charge politicians for crime against humanity for their irresponsible decisions may prevent them from putting corporate greed ahead of the citizens well being, reminding them who they should be serving.

  • jamesofthecommons

    Radioactive fallout in large enough amounts to be spread across the entire northern hemisphere,and then found in the drinking water,the ground,air,milk,fish and plants is only a minor concern.
    Okay you can laugh now !

  • Just In: All Three Lines of ALPS Have Stopped at #Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant

    The entire ALPS multi-nuclide removal system is down again, as Line C has just been stopped as the water sample from Line C is found with high calcium content.

    Line A was stopped three days ago, and Line B has been idle since March this year, when the water treated in Line B was found with high beta (in the order of 10 million Bq/L) and brand-new storage tanks got contaminated.

    But dont worry no imminent harm….or immediate, ouch

  • jamesofthecommons

    Stock,a little radiation,is in fact nessacary to sustain life,and of course we get that nessacary radiation from our natural enviroment.Now suppose a ''little'' extra dose is in fact good for you;fact is, we prior to Fukishima were getting extra doses from numorous man-made sources,with one of those sources being radiation ''vents'' from nuke plants even when operating properly.Another source of man- made, or man induced radiation imminates from the thousands of abandaned uranioum mines across the nation.''Check out,the story,America's Fukishima.'' So even if the Homesis theory is correct,and a little extra radiation is good for you,the fallout from Fukishima is ceartain to amount to an overdose of radiation, and I dont think any truthfull pro nor laymen could ''honestly'' argue otherwise.

  • jamesofthecommons

    Stock,I agree 100 percent that no amount of manmade ionizing radiation is nessacary to sustain life.I should have made myself clear on this in my comment.It is only natural forms of radiation which are nessacary to sustain life.I should have also pointed out more effeciently, that I personaly do not buy into the hormesis theory.

  • Sol Man

    I had done what I could. The solar hot water and heat system was installed in the early 80's. It did a great job, and is still on the home that I owned then, but the current owners no longer make use of it.

    Fast forward to about 2006-8. I invested heavily in solar with the talk of green shoots in the alternative energy market, and my belief in it, too. Unfortunately, naked short sellers destroyed the value of the investment, particularly in SOL. HOKU, polysilicon mfgrs. in Pocatello, ID also went pretty much belly-up. I don't remember the details, but the investments didn't fly. Too bad.

    I had designed, sold, installed many systems back '79-'85, but tptb sure didn't want that equipment put on and into homes.

    • Sol Man

      So, tptb won and I am s.o.l. and many dollars.
      Too bad, again.
      Now their children, as well as everybody else must try to live in a world more poisoned than we are able to comprehend, and getting worse by the moment. It's the immoral program.

      Good luck to all. They don't care about people or the future, not one bit.

  • Glow worm Glow worm

    Stock: I agree 100% with you about solar PV and with the increase in efficiency over the last 5 years has made it a Must for every house……..except for! It impacts on the profits of the big boys and that can't be allowed to happen. What will they do to protect their monopoly? That's easy, Tax it. Here in Spain they are planning to make it uneconomical to utilize the Sun by forcing you to connect to the grid and taxing you on what you produce. You will need a licence of course because you are now an energy producer.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "Plant and food samples collected in the Bay Area in April and May 2011 contained detectable concentrations of Fukushima-derived 131I, 134Cs, and 137Cs…"

    Fortunately, the Fukushima Fallout can be filtered out of the environment by bioaccumulation, which concentrates radionuclides in plant and animal tissues.

    So not to worry.

    Fukushima radiation will ultimately be effectively scrubbed from the environment.

    However, we should probably post radiation warning signs at graveyards, and suspend cremations. 😉

  • sistahawk

    Hi crickets , notice how they try to avoid to add the multipoisoning and the fallout of the ocean to the investigation of what may have caused the dieoff ! House is allready on fire , but they keep saying it's all ok , sit , watch tv , eat your fukuburger relax…and if you cannot sleep – take one ore two pills we have created for you…mr. busby calls them "the society of dishonest sientists "

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Only a matter of time until the next nuclear disaster.

    And the next.

  • Nick


    Nuclear is the disaster. Always was. Always will be.

    In a sense, many of us knew before 3/11/11 that we were on borrowed time.

    Now time itself, is running out.

    Kinda suck doesn't it?

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