Canada Medical Journal: Experts calling for wider Japan evacuations — Officials would have to evacuate 1,800 km² using Chernobyl standard

Published: December 21st, 2011 at 4:19 pm ET


CMAJ: Public health fallout from Japanese quake, Canadian Medical Association Journal, DOI:10.1503/cmaj.109-4083, Dec. 21, 2011 :

[… S]ome experts are calling for evacuation of people from a wider area, which they say is contaminated with radioactive fallout. […]

Following the 1986 nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant […] clear targets were set so that anybody anticipated to receive more than five millisieverts in a year were evacuated, no question […]

Were Japan to impose similar strictures, officials would have to evacuate some 1800 square kilometres and impose restrictions on food produced in another 11 100 square kilometres, according to estimates of the contamination presented by Dr. Kozo Tatara for the Japan Public Health Association at the American Public Health Association’s 139th annual meeting and exposition in November in Washington, District of Columbia.

“It’s very difficult to persuade people that the level [of exposure set by the government] is okay,” Tatara told delegates to the meeting. He declined requests for an interview. […]

Published: December 21st, 2011 at 4:19 pm ET


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24 comments to Canada Medical Journal: Experts calling for wider Japan evacuations — Officials would have to evacuate 1,800 km² using Chernobyl standard

  • Japan would have had to do this march 15th.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Hey bro,

      It was goodbye Tokyo the first week this happened, and for sure after number three went pop-goes-the-weasel.

      The plan was to really irradiate those poor people to kill them all off and use plausible denialibility later saying, because you thought negatively, you are contaminated. Call it brilliance foolery. It is the population control agenda in our faces, but no wants to admit that nor admit other possibilities.

      The question for research is, who or WHAT is behind this plan to eliminate the human civilization and who can endure radiation like humans can’t?

      Here is a chart in a old book I have that gives you a clue.

      Just saying…

      You wanna know a big secret? Watch this guys show and note who he refers to a lot besides FM’s.



      • CindyH

        So you are saying that we are being attacked by malevolent turtles?

        • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet

          It would appear that Mr. Tekton is implying that the species that is most tolerant to radioactive poisoning (i.e. turtles, reptile, “Reptilian”) are directly responsible for this disaster.

          In even simpler terms, Satan and his reptilian DNA based hordes are exterminating mankind so that they can “become heir to” the earth.

          Although I do acknowledge that the “deep seat” of evil is responsible for this continuing catastrophe, I seriously doubt that the end mean is to set the stage for “reptiles” to rule the earth.

          A more accurate interpretation would be that the prolonged exposure to this contamination will alter human DNA and transform God’s creation (i.e. mankind) into something that was not intended, nor subject to salvation.

          Not sure what all of his other mutterings are about, seems he has himself sitting upon a high pedestal while looking down on us commoners.

      • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

        Sorry, but are you saying that turtles are planning on taking over?

        And I hate to say it, but that guy seems like a wingnut. Maybe I’m missing something…

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          Boy howdy huh!

          Now you show up.

          Yeah we missed ya.

          Sure got that pot stirred aye!

          Maybe I should hand it off to David Icke at this point!

          Yeah…edit…imagine the possibilities…

          So try and do some homework on how radiation effects different species.

          The jury is still out on it all…don’t shoot the messenger!

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          No CH,

          Not at all…but would you believe…teenage mutant ninga turtles?…ah…how about?…

          And yes WCG…he might have been…especially since he said he was in some kind of institution right!

          Must have been some good stuff aye!

  • From: Tokyo, Japan
    To: Fukushima, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

    3 hours 56 mins
    179.5 mi – 東北自動車道

    1118.468146027201 miles
    1800 km

    Or better said 1800 km is equivalent, to 1118 miles squared area in contamination.

    Even by placing the evacuation zone epicenter directly at tepco’s site in Fukushima Daichii. Tokyo is in the evacuation zone. And thus needs evacuation…

    Further more the contamination was mainly directed eastward: via airborne, and seaborne current systems. So the zone is actually only a percentage of the 1118 squared miles wide by a likely 5000 – 9500 miles stretch easterly .

    Placing seattle, porrtland, and vancouver on the evacuation list as well.

  • khaake

    Whoops – check your math. 1800 sq km is an area approximately 43 km on a side. 43km X 43km = about 1800 sq km.

  • 43 km = 26.7189 mi.
    OR 26 mi. and 1265.3 yd

    Then this zone is much too small.

  • khaake

    Yes, that was my initial response as well. The suggested revised evacuation area is still pretty small.
    1800 sq km = a square 42.4 km on a side, or
    1800 sq km = a circle around the reactors with a radius of 24 km or so.

  • Al-Chemisto

    so let’s all draw a 100 mile radius evac zone around each active world reactor and see what fun there is to find in the evac impact!


  • goathead goathead

    There it is in black & white!!

    The authorities new what should have been done. Probably new what might have to be done in a catastrophe this epic long long ago but chose not to!

    You can see why!!

    Imagine the exodus of the population of Japan looking to be taken in by other neighboring countries! The world would look on with such pity for the people and disgust for nuclear power that there would be a god almighty outcry and that would be the end of nuclear power in the world for certain!!

    This is all about business and order!!
    Maintaining the status quo at all costs!!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Jaczko’s… worthless

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    This idea of evacuating X km from the nuclear site I think is not the best method of evacuation based on a number of the things I have read on this site and others. Radiation plumes have been distributed unevenly concentrating highly in some areas and less in others. At one point didn’t they bus school children from one area that was less contaminated to an area further away that was more contaminated because they were thinking purely in terms of distance from the nuclear plant? No matter what the area they decide to keep evacuated they must test other areas also to be sure people are not in a “hot spot”. We can only hope that the Japanese people will demand this.

    • Bones Bones

      Yea, you are right. An arbitrary distance away from the reactors is not science and is not safe. They would need teams in every town in Japan to measure ground level and chest level rates along with soil samples to detect plutonium mainly. Would be a much larger area of Japan in the evacuation zone and some at places you really wouldn’t think had been hit. The gov’t current plan is straight out of a 1950’s sci-fi b-movie. Maybe Greenpeace has the funds to survey a radiation map of Japan. They have time, that radiation isn’t going anywhere.

  • john lh john lh


    You are right and actually it is not an rocket science to make real time monitoring at this time of history.

    It is very simple and cheap. Individually everyone can do it more or less.

    And we can easily develop scanner to check our body at the same time.

    The most terrible thing I read on this site and this world today is that People on this planet has loss their motivation to look, to seek, to find ,to knock the door of truth!

    With eyes,people do not want to see;
    With ear, people do not want to listen ;
    With mouth,people do not speak the truth,but lies .

    Living in lies are more comfortable for most of the people,that is the conclusion about the reality of people.

    It is at least the start of End of the world….

  • Canada, F*ck Yeah! Something mainstream that is essentially saying what all of us have been saying since March. I read the article and two statements stand out.

    1) “I’m not aware of any other government in recent decades that’s been willing to accept such a high level of radiation-
    related risk for its population” Well Duuhhh! I’m not aware of any other government ever that has had to “manage” a triple melt-through. With Plutonium. Can only compare to Russia which has a gazillion more square miles of land then Japan and didn’t use MOX and did mobilized the militia to fix the problem. Japan has a bunch of paid off politicians letting a private company dick around. Why is the rest of the world letting this happen?

    2) “However, since the accident, it’s become clear the Japanese government was lying through its teeth, doing everything it possible could to minimize public concern, even when that meant denying the public information needed to
    make informed decisions, and probably still is.”

    So this is how a democracy deals with a nuclear accident. Most likely the worst in history. Remember my American bro’s and sisters, your country set up Japans democracy. Think they will treat you any different when another G.E. plant blows? These things are just like cars, they have a limited life.

    My take is just another bunch of greedy pig humans making money off of a polluting factory but the smokestacks are hidden and the poison is invisible. So to are the briefcases of cash politicians have received. Its that simple. Apologies to James Tekton. When my radiation detector shows high levels I won’t know if its from Japan or the USA. For Real.

    God Bless all you wonderful people.

    • ion jean ion jean

      There’s a disconnect at Work because of time lapse of onset of cancers plus the vagueries of radiation sickness symptoms…let’s all just say radiation f*cks you up bad!

      We need to strike when our emotions are enflamed and that only happens when we or a loved one actually becomes ill or dies. Right now, mothers who have experienced infant death in Japan or Canada or US need to be informed and mobilized into class actions.

      Then, the leukemia victims need to sue. 3 to 5 years down the road, lung cancer patients, and so on.

      Until reaching the edge of this precipice, no one will be motivated to speak out effectively.

      Peace On Earth to Us in the Great White North!

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    Hi, this is my first post on this site but not my first time here. I have been reading for months, linking & talking about what I have learned. I want to thank ENEWEWS for providing this site but I must also thank each of you who have consistently posted & linked to other information.

    This article on its own hopefully will open others eyes & show them important info that mainstream media is not printing.

    So I have posted this on

    This is a user generated news site. You move a story UP or DOWN by clicking on the arrows next to the post. If you go to the main World news page of course this post is at the bottom so far. Please help move this UP by clicking up on it. I do not know if commenting makes a difference as this is my first time posting to the site.

    Please consider posting important articles there in the future & telling us in the comments here thanks.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Evacuation will be for the lucky.. the fauna and flora will not be so lucky…