Canadian Newspapers: Gov’t “profoundly negligent” for not testing — Fukushima ocean plume detected at coast June 2013 — “My good feelings vanished… more I thought… less convinced I became” — Officials must be more forthcoming

Published: February 7th, 2014 at 7:40 pm ET


Oceanside Star (BC, Canada), Jan. 16, 2014: Information is the answer to conspiracies […] Some say the radiation is dissipating and won’t be a problem this far away. Others say it’s already a problem and authorities are downplaying or hiding it. The former can be accused of burying their heads in the sand […] the latter of being fear-mongering, panic-stricken conspiracy theorists. But shouldn’t we know for sure? […] the Fukushima reactors have likely been releasing 48 radioactive substances and possibly more than 250 […] all of them deadly at any level (so-called ‘safe levels’ are levels at which your skin burns; they aren’t safe). […] Canadian authorities […] are saying very little, which fuels concern. […] Health Canada has a duty to Canadians to be more forthcoming on this matter, providing periodic updates.

Coast Reporter (BC, Canada), Feb. 7, 2014: Official lack of testing profoundly negligent — I felt pretty good Tuesday evening after getting off the phone with Robin Brown, head of the ocean sciences division of the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans […] He said Health Canada was doing some testing on marine life […] The next day I tried tracking down [the data and found] Canada has not been testing marine life for radiation since early 2012 […] After hearing from Brown that Fukushima radiation was first detected in B.C. coastal waters in June 2013, the lack of testing — or official lack of testing — seemed profoundly negligent. A lot of my good feelings vanished. And the more I thought about Brown’s sanguine attitude, the less convinced I became. […] It took Japan’s power company about two months to admit that three reactors had melted down in March 2011 and more than two years to admit that radioactive water had been flowing into the Pacific on a daily basis. The data often seems to be behind the times and severely understated. That’s why Canada’s government owes it to the citizens of this country to provide the most accurate data that’s out there, perform rigorous testing and be transparent about the results. Every Canadian should back B.C.’s First Nation leaders on this one.

DoF’s Brown, Feb. 7, 2014: “I’m still eating sushi. […] I’m out in the community and I know people are concerned. [..] There is so much scary misinformation available on the web.”

‘Misinformation’ like this? [intlink id=”kyodo-massive-amount-of-fukushima-radiation-data-could-be-wrong-figures-cannot-be-trusted-nhk-strontium-90-in-groundwater-close-to-ocean-160000-times-limit-actual-levels-had-exceed” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

See this 2013 presentation from Canadian universities on how to deal with ‘the web’: ‘Communicating radiation risk and the Internet: what can we learn from the Fukushima nuclear incident?’

See also: [intlink id=”officials-near-west-coast-speak-out-on-fukushima-we-cannot-sit-by-and-watch-concerns-about-cancer-and-illness-from-contaminated-food-low-level-radiation-already-reported-in-fish-nati” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: February 7th, 2014 at 7:40 pm ET


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40 comments to Canadian Newspapers: Gov’t “profoundly negligent” for not testing — Fukushima ocean plume detected at coast June 2013 — “My good feelings vanished… more I thought… less convinced I became” — Officials must be more forthcoming

  • bo bo

    Quoting Brown from DOF (Department of Fisheries) :

    “There is so much scary misinformation available on the web. I know people are frightened by this.”

    Are the people grightened by the 'scary misinformation available on the web' or by what's actually happening in reality ?

    Very ambiguous.

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        Official lack of testing profoundly negligent

        This is a new editorial to peruse
        Idle no more aka First Nation getting involved is a big development in bringing awareness
        As I have said before a lot of groups have this on the radar and are stepping up NOW .

        All day ..every day ..every days a Fuku day !


        Sent from my F-iPad

    • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

      Brown could be admitting to secret Canadian tests. Otherwise, how would he know it was misinformation? I suppose this could be a device for neutralizing information he and the gov don't like. But still it makes him look foolish to attack without facts and figures. Isn't it usual to say, 'Because I have the real information right here in my vest pocket. I will read it to you. Listen carefully. Our readings are the lowest since ? since ? for a long time. There. See.'
      To tell the truth Wall Street determines the reading real or imaginary as the case requires. Economy first. People second.
      If the people as opposed to the People persuade the gov to do readings then the readings will not be genuine.

  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

    They've got more than that to answer for (as they all do):
    Canadian libricide: Tories Torch and Dump Centuries of Priceless, Irreplaceable Environmental Archives

  • Two points.

    1. The INFORMATION on the web is not necessarily all misinformation like Mr. Brown would lead you to beLIEve. Maybe he should read more of it?

    2. There is little to no official data. There has been no call to testing as though our lives depended on it by any official agencies. There won't be either. The buck gets past. It's too costly to test for Plutonium. etc…

    "Brown’s sanguine attitude…" – Coast Reporter

    😉 Think about it folks.

    What's needed is REAL TIME TESTING on everything!

    Then and only then will the truth be known. The truth may be hard to swallow. The Nuclear Industry knows this. They will do everything to stop the masses from thinking about it.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "What's needed is REAL TIME TESTING on everything!"

      Yes, Chas.

      Good thing we have had just that going on in the Radiation Reporting Thread for some years now, eh!


      • vital1 vital1

        Yes, real testing is needed, but we need an educated public to understand the risk levels, or they will do this.

        Raise the safety level, test and then tell it is safe. Here is an an actual example of this process being used.

        New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries Report June 2013:

        Quote Page 9 “Summary”: (This was for imported Japanese tea.)

        “All results were well within Codex limits, with the highest results being 76.7Bq/kg for 137Cs and 57.4Bq/kg for 134Cs.
        Total Cesium content 134.1 Bq/Kg.”

        (The codex limit for these radionuclides is 1000Bq/kg, which applies to foods for a year following a nuclear incident.)

        Quote Page 10 “Conclusion”:

        “The tea samples tested indicates that there is no concerning levels of radionuclide contamination in food products exported from Japan to New Zealand.”


        My Opinion:

        This New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries New Zealand testing report, indicates that contaminated Japanese tea that tested above the Japanese 100 Bq/kg limit, was allowed to be sold to New Zealanders! This situation is not just isolated to New Zealand.

        Why would any country outside of Japan be using this criminal standard anyway? Japan isn’t even using using it!

  • rogerthat

    People will eventually work out that testing is being done. Governments are using the human guinea pig method. Unfortunately, the results will not be collected, collated, analysed or reported. Governments no longer do these things, in case they find out something and have to tell people the bad news.

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    Chernobyl = 180 tons of nukefuel
    Fukushima = 2200 tons of nukefuel

    Q: How much $$$ is wasted in USA everyday on "managing threat assessment" ???

    A: Nobody knows for sure, it's a classified SECRET

    …but the total cost of building a bigger massive secondary outer breakwater/seawall sealed impoundment pond around Fukushima would be a lot less than buying toiletpaper for all the threat assessment managers in USA.

    Why did the bigshots move the massive Left Coast Lifter barge-crane to NYC from SanFransisco???
    …is repairing the TappanZee Bridge more important than building a breakwater and fixing Fukushima ???

    Just pretend you have a lake full of fish that you have been farming.. and a big can full of nasty pesticide poison fell out of a passing airplane and went SPLAT burying itself into the soft mud at the edge of the lake, and it begins leaking into your like full of fish..
    are you gonna sit on your dead a$$ for 3 years and study the situation while monitoring it carefully ??

    …most American politicians have been quoted as saying "we are monitoring the situation carefully".. this their canned answer from the bunker.

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    …and it begins leaking into your lake full of fish.

    Any sensible fish-farmer who is not drunk or braindamaged would hop in his truck and rush to the local building supply store and load the truck full of SackCrete bags, then rush back to the fishpond and encircle the crater full of poison with a wall of cement-bags.

    Building a bigger breakwater around Fukushima would cost less than what they already wasted on filling the parkinglots full of radwaste tanks.

    I don't fault TEPCO and the Japanese as much as I level my cannons at the idiots that occupy USA authoritarian power.
    The poor japs are in a panic.

    • bf9 bf9

      I've thought about that solution quite a bit the last few days. The problem with building a bigger breakwater on the outside of the first is that you essentially create a dam…similar to what the original impermeable wall seaside is already doing. Backs up the underground river, causing water levels to rise…you see where that goes.

      So say you build an upstream dam or a 360 underground wall, and the second breakwater. Without the constant flow of water passing through the area, the same matter is now getting exposed to radiation longer and longer…making EVERYTHING become hotter and hotter…doesn't work either because you wouldn't have enough time to get everything out of there before it kills you on contact.

      The way I see it, the SFP's have to be cut away somehow in-tact (the whole damn pool) after being cleared of debris at lightning speed, lowered, and moved on a giant hydraulic system on rails (kind of how they're moving the new safe confinement over Chernobyl) and then deal with it at that point. Build your 360 underground wall at that point, second breakwater, upstream damn to divert the flow before the 360 wall underground, and seal the things up.

      Probably want to accomplish all this in a matter of months, gonna take billions and at least hundreds of thousands of workers. If not millions. Or we're all completely fukued.

      • 21stCentury 21stCentury

        bf9… yeah, I agree, just saying that building the bigger breakwater is a solid step in the right direction.. yes, total cleanup is very complex, but not impossible.. more is written here>>

        A bigger breakwater will be coupled with uphill/upstream icewall aquifer inflow diversion.

        The official solicitation for international input was IMHO "anemic, disorganized, wimpy, unfocused, and peppered with profiteers".

        The spent fuel pools can be unloaded using plastic dredge pipes, each individual fuel rod can be sucked out intact & immersed and relocated to a transport fuel pool built on a barge, maintaining wet-separation 100%.

        From the overhead support of the big web of aerial-crane-cables robot cars can map the hotspots and unbuild the logjams of debris selectively into washdown barges, using the impound pool for recycled water.

        Graphene works really well for rad-filtration, and Alaska has 300 million tons of graphene handy… enough to do both Fshima & Hanford.

        Massive air-flow & water-flow management is critical.

        • bf9 bf9

          That could be a viable option. I think many pieces of both of our recommendations if put into action could work, but the other thing is that the timing of each step and the order is absolutely critical or else you deal with even more problems. And the pace, amount of money spent on this thing, and the amount of workers there has to be increased on orders of magnitude. If I was the hypothetical Emperor of the planet, I want the whole site cleaned up by March of 2015. Everything above, done- all spent fuel rods, underground wall, breakwater…etc. Gonna take a shit-ton of money and people but the urgency really is there…we don't have the 40 years that Tepco says it'll take.

          Main point is, to keep any reactor on the planet earth running after this as ABSOLUTELY F****** INSANE, and they ALL must be shut down IMMEDIATELY. Every single one. Dismantled and the ball needs to get rolling on what to do with spent fuel.

          • 21stCentury 21stCentury

            ….and the ball needs to get rolling on what to do with spent fuel.

            Silly me, ha ha.. for many years I was a solid supporter of building a reliable underground nukewaste repository somewhere, but while we were busy looking at Yucca, Carlsbad, etc.. all the nuke-maniacs kept making the pile of spent-fuel bigger & bigger…
            …then we remembered something we learned in 1945; boiling water reactors only use 3% of the energy in the fuel, and the spent fuel is 97% hot.
            [more proof that the scientists were employed by psychopaths]

            There are very few places on planet earth that are 100% geo-stable for 250,000 years.

            …so, as a result; the quickest & safest way to eliminate the thousands of tons of spent-fuel is to build MORE reactors [of the proper type]


            I would insist that these molten salt reactors be operated only in 10,000' deep tunnels located in a 200 square mile area of the 3.2billion year old bedrock halfway between Yellowknife & Hudson's Bay.

            We must first put a halt to "regulatory capture" where corporations are left to police themselves because the govt is too stupid.

            Dr.Radha Roy calculated the math-model behind Seperheterodyne Photon Beam Transmutation, but it is more elusive than "cold-fusion".. activated beam fast-flux waste annihilation reactors are controversial but interesting to consider.


  • Ontological Ontological

    Were on it yep June 2013, there was radiation. Right. Clean Energy. Check.
    This is not the plume your looking for move along, move along.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    You are never forewarned about radiation.

    The presence of radiation is covered up.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    "[…] the latter of being fear-mongering, panic-stricken conspiracy theorists."

    Coo-coo…coo-coo…cooo-cooo…sounds the coo-coo-clock.

    Let it be firmly established in the history books of all so called fear-mongering sites for ever and ever; any radiation is bad for you. Period!

    And, sad as it is, even if the canadian govt is spurned to do some 'checking' of radiation in the environment or on the food, no one can possibly believe them, or ANY of these other so called yabberjocky blabber mouths that keep parroting the kow-toe lines of horse pee-pee, and abnormal pukey garbble.

    It is all relative to the boy that called wolf. They have been saying all is well, don't worry, no radiation to speak of, diluted, not harmful, and all the rest of the no-speak charm of the snake leadership for so long now, NO ONE WILL EVER BELIEVE ANYTHING the babylonian govt of canada or america says any more. Everybody knows it is about profiting from the deaths of all humanity. The lies and corruption and criminality are plain as day for all to see.

    Ignorance. Negligence. Malfeasance. Complicity to commit murder. These are words that fit well with those who are hiding this horrible issue.

    Extra credit question for the babylonians: how much radiation is good for you?


  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    The only real solution is to determine what each of us can best do to protect ourselves from the radiation as it comes our way. Japan has had three years nearly to come up with a plan. Obviously the USA and Canada do care if some of their citizens die as a result of Fukushima and are certainly not pressuring Japan–no doubt for economic reasons. It may ultimately turn out that Wall Street is orchestrating Obama's response. "World markets will collapse." Panic, alarm, etc.
    If Canada and the USA do start testing they will skew the results to their liking. It may be best for them to stay out, so they will not be in a position to call the truth misinformation.

  • weeman

    I hope this water will not change the taste of our Tim Hortons coffee, now that would wake the public up.
    Radioactive coffee from bean and water to human consumption.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Those that live on the land ..unfortunately.. will be involved with 'nstursl observstion'.
      The condition of the animals ..presence or lack of.. will be noticed first by those directly involved with the animals.

      The Canadian government ..will never tell the truth to the people.
      For those recommending that Pacific seafood be taken off the menu …this ensures increased hunger.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        PS. This includes any area..people.. whose main subsistence comes from the Pacific.
        It will come to eating radiation contaminated food or be hungry.
        The Nuclear cabal knows ..this..
        Do they care?

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Super typo…guh..
        "natural observation".
        It's important this time.
        What do you really see?
        Pick your favorite ..plant, animal.. look at how it is truly fairing.
        Many of us ..have spent a lot of time.. observing the natural world.
        Some places..we know.."like the back of our hands".

        We need people to get out and..observe.
        This is a suggestion..
        Also too .. it might be a good time to..see it for what it is.
        Things may (will) not be the same in the future.

  • razzz razzz

    If they reported the fallout numbers, the only fear would be from the nuclear industry. Canada is having a whole slew of radioactive contamination problems from their own nuke plants, running or retired.

    There was a 5.0 quake off Daiichi at sea today, 20 miles away. I am sure they felt that one.

  • Imagine the field day the child safety board would have with this today! I cannot believe this was actually offered as a toy! And you could order replacement radioactive parts, I guess if you misplaced them or the dog ate it.

  • FXofTruth

    I've watched this event for the last three years.
    At first it was something so far away it was just a curiosity.
    As time went on it became a passing concern but, still in the distance.

    But as events have unfolded and the official statements have been confusing, conflicting, and wrong…it became apparent that there was a clear and present danger growing stronger and spreading unrestricted. Now the Reality of the situation is too obvious to ignore by even the most ardent of nuclear supporters….this event stands to be a planet-killer at all levels of life.

    So, while all the officials are playing their games of misinformation, misdirection, misrepresentation, and alike…they should remember this: they drink the same water; they breath the same air; they eat the same food; they have families and loved ones who too will acquire the same cancers, lethal diseases and die.

    So, it can be stated that these officials are allied with Death.
    Death does not discriminate against class, status, intellect or race.
    Death does not respect any "official" authority only it's own total power over life.
    Death loves to give officials the illusion of great power their egos think they command, by being able to cause Death to happen to anyone they desire. But, Death is always waiting to ensnare them, too.
    Death's goal is to get to zero life, zero future.
    Death is on the march with it's soldiers of misinformation conquering country after country until zero life has been…


      @FXofTruth: your post's conclusion that death is anathema to life, is flawed. Death is an integral part of the equation that allows for existence; what you'd call "'life"…

  • Nick

    So, Canaduh is now waking up?

    The only solution to Fukushima is to send frigid people to shiver off the coast of Northeastern Japan.

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