Canada TV: New concerns about radiation levels in fish from Pacific — “These numbers are just staggering” — Contamination up considerably — “It’s a major event worldwide” (VIDEO)

Published: October 7th, 2013 at 2:59 pm ET


Title: Report raises fresh concerns about radiation levels in Japanese fish
Source: CTV’s Canada AM
Date: Oct. 7, 2013

Report raises fresh concerns about radiation levels in Japanese fish

Two and a half years after the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster in Japan, concerns are again being raised about radiation levels in fish caught in the Pacific Ocean. […]

Transcript Excerpts

At 0:30 in

Beverly Thompson, Host: These numbers are just staggering.

At 1:15 in

Gordon Edwards, Court-qualified nuclear expert and president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility: The average concentration in the fish, the average concentration of radioactive cesium has gone up considerably.

At 4:00 in

Edwards: Canadian authorities and the global authorities are really doing us all a disservice by not following and monitoring this much more closely. They’re treating this as though it’s kind of a ho-hum situation, but in fact, it’s a major event worldwide and it should be studies very carefully […]

Thompson: They are certainly staggering numbers.

See also: [intlink id=”physician-on-cancer-calculations-epidemic-of-fukushima-radiation-related-deaths-from-fish-in-pacific-may-have-started-vast-implications-for-human-health-i-eat-so-much-salmon-im-vulne” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Watch the broadcast here

Published: October 7th, 2013 at 2:59 pm ET


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56 comments to Canada TV: New concerns about radiation levels in fish from Pacific — “These numbers are just staggering” — Contamination up considerably — “It’s a major event worldwide” (VIDEO)

  • or-well

    If this "reporter" thinks those numbers are "staggering", she should try and wrap her head around the numbers for TOTAL release up to this point.

    There's a few reporters like the one who wrote the Straight article, but they're outnumbered by ones like this.

    "Should we eat the fish?"
    "Fish, meat, fruit, veg, it's all a crap-shoot now, thanks to Nuclear."
    "Oh. Well, thanks, now on to the next item – hockey season fashions!"

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    its painfully obvious that global authorities….repeat that…global authorities.. are letting down the public. How so? Lies, obfuscation, secrecy. Now; why are the global authorities this way? This is the question that should be asked out in the open. The derogatory meme of conspiracy theorist is over.

    These facts are uncontroversial; Fukushima is the largest single radioactive discharge into the ocean. The poison is some of the most toxic in the world including plutonium and strontium. It constitutes hundreds of billions, even trillions of lethal doses. Global authorities have the money manpower and technology to monitor and communicate, if not address this extremely catastrophic event. However, global authorities everywhere are doing the opposite. So this is very hard to contest. Now the big question, the elephant in the room, is WHY?

  • Because the authority has it's places booked Underground in the cities / bunkers / levels / tunnels. . .. They've thought for a while we're all daft living up here open to plague, famine, pestilence, meteor hits, weather vagaries etc..
    Hydroponics, proper G.M.. . .paradise without all the drongoes up here..

  • rnix rnix

    I keep telling you guys it's too late for humans….We had our time on the stage and all we did was fling poop at the walls. Party now for the end is neigh.

    "Come, let us take a muster speedily:
    Doomsday is near; die all, die merrily."

    Shakespeare Henry IV, Part I

  • KingofthePaupers

    Canadian authorities and the global authorities are really doing us all a disservice by not following and monitoring this much more closely.
    Jct: Considering Stephen Harper turned off Health Canada's fallout detectors on March 25 2011, before the first radioactive plume hit B.C., letting baby deaths triple by not warning pregnant women to stay out of the rain, who would expect them to start monitoring now?

  • rnix rnix

    "Time's glory is to command contending kings,
    To unmask falsehood, and bring truth to light."

    Shakespeare The Rape of Lucrece.

  • NRC shutting down; time to party… maybe all of the nuke plants and military is next?

  • Global authorities have the money manpower and technology to monitor and communicate, if not address this extremely catastrophic event. However, global authorities everywhere are doing the opposite. So this is very hard to contest. Now the big question, the elephant in the room, is WHY? Because they do not want us distracted from participation in their economy. Its not about money but time. Our time diverted to their money machine. Tepco is getting 5.9 billion US$ from private banks
    Reposting links because this partly answers CodeShutdowns question.

    The Japan Today link is a good read to get a financial political overview of the situation. I have to go back to my notes as I forget the term but it is a concept that arises out of early British concept of Worker safety regulations and the gist of it is that take coal mining as an example, to make the regulations so stiff that no miners would ever get injured or die on the job would unduly hamper the industry and for the common good as coal needed for heat, trains industry etc its ok if a few miners die for the common good so I think its worded reasonable regulations. So they figure its ok if cancer rates go up 10-20% as the failure of the economy is a worse consequence. Their idea not mine.

  • daddyfixit daddyfixit

    if you think this shutdown is about health care, then you are right. but it is about tax appropriations from small states to large states where the small states know that their dollars are apppropriated towards cancer meds for larger states with higher cancer rates. its that simple. they cant say "fukushima fallout will cause a cancer epedimic and our state doesnt want to pay for California" but that's what they mean.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      A cancer storm heads this way and many women will have to remove both breasts… πŸ™

      • and we all know the men will lose their b@lls as well…
        the isotopes are reproductive hungry devil doers…
        women won't become the only victims,
        thank god this stuff is indiscriminate about
        who or what it kills…
        finally equality for all……..

        even the psyocopaths will lift a glass with the rest of us…
        to the end that is ,….quite obviously
        the end of it…..

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        @obewan;-Perhaps they(we) should start naming the "cancer storms" like hurricanes then?!! When my wife had only begun feeling "warmth,heat & swelling of her breast in February 2012 she mentioned it to her Dr. during a routine visit and was immediately sent to the main hospital for further testing and 3 days later ultrasounds/biopsies confirmed that she'd suddenly been stricken with stage 3B advanced breast cancer and a week later on 3/1/12 was already getting her 1st chemo infusions! We were sitting in the cancer center with IV's feeding toxic medicine into her portacatheter even before it'd set in that she had a 30% chance of surviving the HER-2 positive,aggressive cancer she'd suddenly come down with! Now after all of the surgery,chemo,radiation & follow-up treatments,she has to go back in a little over a month to have her remaining breast removed along with her ovaries! πŸ™ About 2 weeks ago her stepfather-in law died in hospice from the 3 stage4 cancers he'd been diagnosed with only 3 months before his death on Sept.26,2013. My mother in law had stomach pains and was admitted into the hospital 3 days ago and her test results are likely to come back today while my own "issues" re; "the family jewels"-well one of them anyway,leaves me convinced that we've been in the "cancer storm" here in Chicagoland 6125 miles due west of Fukushima for a long time now and it will only get worse. "My" FUKuD-up world has already turned to shit…..

  • Daisy207

    Hate to ask the obvious – what are the numbers and for what isotopes? Who is doing the analyses? What lab is being used? What are the detection limits? Where are samples being collected? Who is collecting the samples? Has there been a grid set up in the Pacific to collect water samples at various depths? There are too many questions and no objective answers. When and where are data going to be published?

    • bo bo

      Does anybody have an answer to this…? I'm inclined to answer 1. Nobody is doing the analysis 2. No lab is being used 3. Safety levels have been jacked up so high even if there was measurements done results will come out negative 4. No samples collected anywhere 5. Nobody collecting samples, perhaps some tried, but lost their jobs doing so 6. No such systemic sampling such as grid/ various depths of pacific – and if such sampling / research were to be done it will never see the light of day.

      But that's just a wild, paranoia fueled guess.

      • Au Au

        @bo-"But that's just a wild, paranoia fueled guess"

        I don't think you are paranoid. I have a saying, "Notice what you notice and honor that."

  • Jebus Jebus

    The game of nuclear probabilities has out of luck.

    Nuclear Roulette with unlimited isotopes and all half-lives full…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Japan asks WTO to intervene on S Korean fish ban

    "We will explain in the committee that Japanese aquatic products are under strict safety controls based on international standards, and that the South Korean ban lacks a scientific basis," the official said.

    Apart from in a small area very close to the plant, scientists say there has been no significant rise in the radiation level of waters in the Pacific.

    Independent experts say that, ultimately, the utility will have no choice but to dump thousands of tonnes of water — currently being stored in tanks on the site — into the ocean, once it has been cleaned of the worst of its radioactive contaminants.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      the game; whoever lies the most wins. Influential wordcraft..repeating a one liner, has the momentum of an ocean liner. or…. make no mistake; my lies are the truth and anybody who questions them is a moron, conspiracy theorist or terrorist

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      How horrible is that? I wonder what they threatened the US with that they are allowed to ship all their radioactive products into the US? Maybe they asked for the US to pay back the 1.2 trillion debt. I wish our lives were worth more than that. But then the corporations don't want to pay income tax. The wealthy don't want to pay capital gains taxes or a sales tax on stock transactions or taxes on inherited money and property. And the military wants its wars and to try out its new weapons. Pardon me that I am so cynical. The real problem is that the wealthy are so uneducated that they think they are immune to radiation.

      • richard richard

        When 50% are below average, and another 50% are distracted by invisible friends, no wonder the world is in such a gullible state of affairs.

        So, with most poorly educated, and the others 'educated' by propoganda, there is little likely hood of a better outcome for this world.

        It is truly, 'Planet of the Apes'.

        The best outcome for the flora and fauna of Earth would be if the bulk of the humans left. It would take an eternity to educate and reform the people of the world.. there is so much selfishness (not saying that in a bad way, it's just the natural state of all life forms).

        You can never expect 3 billion other people to suddenly become aware and considerate.. life is too desperate for most.

      • Jebus Jebus

        The funny thing is, anne, that even a child is taught, and gets the concept, that something invisible can hurt you. They wash their hands to fight invisible germs on food. I guess radionuclides will have to be added to those teachings soon…

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Jebus, I remember in grade school having drills as to how to drop onto the floor under the desk with an arm over the back of the neck and the body as small as possible to protect against a nuclear attack. Now, as a substitute teacher I would never discuss radiation unless it is in the lesson plan of another teacher. I haven't seen anything. They censored me a lot in the free online class I took on nuclear technology. It didn't matter that it was information published in medical journals, etc. Or even quotes from the NRC.

          The ability to sell nuclear power plants around the world was much more important than teaching people the dangers of nuclear radiation.

          Thirty years ago, the medical profession was teachable. Now in medical school they are taught radiation therapy. And there is no general outcry among the medical doctors, or professors. They are the only ones who can make a real difference to educate the general public. I know that there some doctors and religious groups who are teaching their patients and congregations how to best protect themselves from radiation. Until this becomes more widespread the public will not rise up in enough numbers to make a difference.

          There may already be so many people suffering from radiation among those who have been uninsured that with the medical insurance extending to at least 45,000,000 new patients in the US, it will become more obvious the dangers of radiation.

          • Jebus Jebus

            Yep, they stopped doing them after the second grade where I was.
            I'm seeing the alert now, medical too, but no response.
            It is as if there were no answer but to weather the storm.
            The laws of probabilities will ensure another one soon.
            Hard to be positive when faced with such blindness…

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Lady Barbara Judge. I did a post on her recently. Hailed as the new savior of Japan. No apparent education in nuclear. To see the type of person who paves the way for nuclear have a look. Check all the pronuke organization she is chairwoman of, then please someone explain a little about the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. No discussion on nuclear is complete without this.

    chairman of United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

    youngest ever commissioner of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

    chairman of the Energy Institute of University College London and the U.K. Global Nuclear Initiative.

    member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      The Manhattan Project(first atomic bomb) was first discussed at the Bohemian Grove. This is an elitist club with the likes of Chenney, Bush, Rockefeller, big bankers etc.
      Members own 25-30% of all privately held wealth in America, own 60-70% of the privately held corporate wealth. The same group is tied to the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations

      Atlantic Monthly on trilateral commission;
      "Although the Commission's primary concern is economic, the Trilateralists pinpointed a vital political objective: to gain control of the American Presidency… For the third time in this century, a group of American schools, businessmen, and government officials is planning to fashion a new world order…"

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      U.S. News and World Report on the trilateral commission;
      "The Trilateralists have taken charge of foreign policy-making in the Carter Administration, and already the immense power they wield is sparking some controversy. Active or former members of the Trilateral Commission now head every key agency involved in mapping U.S. strategy for dealing with the rest of the world."

      When you hear the words spoken by all the recent presidents; "new world order", when you think of secret societies of the elite and their friends who own the majority of news outlets, when you think about nuclear policy in Japan and around the world, think of the Trilateral Commission, Bohemian grove, big bankers and Barbara the judge lady

    • bo bo

      If anyone wants ideas for spooky characters to be this halloween – google image her. She's spoooooooky, and probably easy to pull off, since her whole face is a mask.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    She must be very close to the/our Queen…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      She is an American, and is now married to an advertising executive who is an English lord. She is a lawyer. Anyway, I don't think the nuclear industry wants people to actual know much about nuclear energy. They rely on ignorance about radiation to keepselves them in power. Her function is strictly as a lawyer and as an advertisement for nuclear energy. The industry doesn't want a scientist who actually knows the problems and pitfalls of nuclear energy as a salesperson.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      in June 2010 she was awarded Commander of the British Empire in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to the nuclear and financial services industries.
      She is listed in the top 100 most powerful women in England, headed by the Queen

      • bo bo

        God save the queen…. bleaaaaah!

      • she looks like a life member of the Actor's Guild faking and running the news 24/7….
        i'm making an investigative inquiry about her right now….
        will let you know if i find out anything from my source…
        it will take a while to get an answer if any is provided…

  • spiritwoman

    Have been reading ENEnews for last 2 yrs but never commented. Wanted to say something hopeful. Despite my own horror at the situation, I believe that we have the power to fix it. Dr. Eben Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven, in his journey to the Source learned that Love can heal anything. He is a scientist as am I. Dr. David Hawkins would explain the problem of the trashing of the earth as the result of low energy (spiritually unevolved) individuals vibrating at below 200, a level that does not support life. 87 percent of the planet is in this group. Those good people who care about the earth and all living creatures make up the rest. They vibrate at levels from 200-1000 and they are the solution. It is possible to raise one's one energy level. Read Hawkins. Even one person vibrating over 200 compensates for many who do not. We're dealing with logarithmic numbers.
    Then there is the science of intention: see the work of Stephen Pollitt at Source Energy Medicine, the Intention Experiment which he references, Lipton's The Biology of Belief. This is all well researched applied principles of quantum physics and powerful stuff. I have personal experience with this power. I have witnessed amazing things, what some would call miracles. Another source is Gregg Braden who has written about the power of heart based living. I have been studying all this in various forms for years and finally feel ready to get the word out that our minds and hearts can heal our planet. Please…

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Planets would not have gravity if it werent an intrinsic property of the universe. Similarly, man would not have consciousness if it werent an intrinsic character of the universe. Einsteins equations showed that mass was the deterrent to speed of light travel and thus time travel and interconnectedness of all things. (At least from a viewer perspective). Intent is mass free. By saying this, Im supporting your cause of positive and spiritual intent.

      So here is a little test to see how effective we can be; spread some kind of powder through your house, and into your rugs and furniture. Get an empty bucket. Now by raising your vibration above 200, check to see how much powder you have cleared and transferred to the bucket. Im interested in the result. No cheating. Also, 200-1000 vibrations of what per what?

  • think i'll refer this to Nassim Haramein @

    the holographic universe would disagree with all of your einsteinian presumptions…

    but we get the point…be your own vacuum cleaner…

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Nassim tantalizes for sure. But I cant wait forever for a practical outcome. There are several people making promising discoveries; too bad the earth was trashed by nuclear fallout

      My point above was that good intentions are good, but not effective in and of themselves. Practical measures are required, and it seems impossible to clear the land and ocean from fallout; to big!

      Also, it is easy to see the poster wasnt a scientist as claimed so I was ribbing her about the frequency bit.

      Even with strict literal writing style, misunderstanding is the norm. Subtle inference and the like are useless

  • the real issue about the fish is how much fish have i already eaten unaware of the fukushima incident and it's effects…
    i didn't even start thinking about this till this time last year…that means i ate a ton of tuna fish…god….