Canadian Gov’t: “There’s going to be radiation from Fukushima for years to come… Testing will never stop” — US Gov’t: There’s no reason to believe radioactive plume coming to West Coast

Published: February 21st, 2014 at 2:42 pm ET


Coast Reporter (B.C., Canada), John Gleeson, Feb. 21, 2014 (emphasis added): [Sean Upton, a senior media relations officer] said Health Canada scientists tested 28 fish samples provided last year by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) and no radiation from Fukushima was detected […] While the testing was not part of a formal research study, and was described by Health Canada as an ad hoc technical exercise, Upton said it was also linked to research on the transport of Fukushima radiation to B.C. coastal waters, first measured by DFO at “barely detectable” levels in June 2013. […] Grand Chief Stewart Phillip of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs joined other First Nation leaders in calling for Ottawa to start conducting regular testing of domestic Pacific seafood. […] While regular testing is not being contemplated at this time, that will change if circumstances warrant it, [Upton] said.

Sean Upton, Health Canada media relations: “[Testing was done] partly because there was a hypothesis that radiation from Fukushima was making its way to the West Coast and West Coast fish […] What we’ve seen so far presents no health risk […] If increased radiation is found in the waters in 2014 or 2015, then more testing would be done, as needed. We know there’s going to be radiation from Fukushima for years to come. The testing will never stop.”

Santa Cruz ‘Good Times’, Feb. 20, 2014: Q: Is there a new wave of radioactive materials moving toward the West Coast from Japan this year? A: In recent months, some news outlets have published information suggesting that a second “plume” of radioactivity is making its way across the Pacific Ocean and could be arriving along the Canadian and California coastline this year. Bill Keener, [public affairs official for the EPA’s San Francisco region], says there is no reason to believe a second plume is coming. “The event in March of 2011 released the accumulated gases in the reactors, which sent a bubble of radiation through the water and air,” he says. “No such accumulation should be occurring today.”

See also: [intlink id=”canada-newspapers-catching-on-lack-of-testing-by-govt-is-profoundly-negligent-my-good-feelings-vanished-the-more-i-thought-the-less-convinced-i-became-fukushima-ocean-plume-dete” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: February 21st, 2014 at 2:42 pm ET


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91 comments to Canadian Gov’t: “There’s going to be radiation from Fukushima for years to come… Testing will never stop” — US Gov’t: There’s no reason to believe radioactive plume coming to West Coast

  • Proton

    For the testing to "never stop", wouldn't it have to START first?

  • Nick

    Testing One Two Three….Anyone testing?


    Test not what your country won't test for you.

    Fukushima is about DEtesting.

    Years from now, people will marvel at the vanishing testing efforts since 3/11/11.

    A correlation between the VAST mounts of ionizing radiation flooding the biosphere will be matched by a vanishing amount of testing efforts globally.

    It will be called the Fukushima Syndrome.

    The worse the accident becomes, the less it is tested.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Nick

      I think they are all testing. We are just, not on the need to know list.

      I agree this disaster effects the whole world and should be continually tested without transparency.

      What makes people think that the governments will warn people. They don't want a panic, business as usual. They have their places to go, when needed.

    • 1555


      This seems to be typical of the nuke addicted folk. In the time of the atomic weapons tests if they over-exposed one of their personnel – they NEVER told them. Why ? Because they thought they observed that when people don't realize how bad it is/was they seem to heal better.

  • Nick

    That is exactly the plan.

  • Homolumina Homolumina

    From what I understand the whole Pacific Ocean between Japan the the West Coast has turned into a plume. If there is daily radioactive water released by hundreds of tons how can there be no more plume ? How stupid do those wrath enablers think the public is ? Or how authority obedient ? I am creating an ongoing plume of stinky anger moving towards all the culprits…

    • Cisco Cisco

      Plume? Here's your plume. Please excuse this re-post; and, lets look at one credible scientists who's estimated the real size of the "plume".

      "150 cubic miles* of highly radioactive water (multiple billions of Becquerels per cubic meter) in 3 years. 50 cubic miles per year is what's pouring into the Pacific.

      3 years from now, the radioactive plume will be 300 cubic miles. If you think that can be wished away by "dilution", then you are as brain dead as Kenny boy and the rest of the psychopath shill scientists. at 41.45 minutes into the video

      *Calculations/estimates by Gordon Edwards, PhD, President & Co-founder, Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility (CCNR)
      Gordon Edwards bio at:

      • Cisco Cisco

        "Bill Keener, [public affairs official for the EPA's San Francisco region* (*another overpaid mouth organ for the cabal)], says there is no reason to believe a second plume is coming. “The event in March of 2011 released the accumulated gases in the reactors, which sent a bubble of radiation through the water and air,” he says. “No such accumulation should be occurring today.”

        He is legally correct, but his statement is disingenuous and purposefully misleading. The "plume" has never ceased. Atmospheric releases have been on going 24/7 since the explosions, and about 1000 tons of highly radioactive water, like recently reported here at ENENEWS, has been pouring into the Pacific from day one.

        Right Billyboy…no second plume! Just one humungous plume…150 cubic miles big.

      • Sharpie

        "multiple billions of Becquerels per cubic meter" throughout 150 cubic miles of ocean water? Jesus H…

        Thanks for the link, very informative/disturbing.

  • FallOut FallOut

    ( With liars like this at the Physics Forum how will the kids learn the truth. Deep down this old wind bag knows the truth, he has blood on his hands spewing this crap. Fukushima destroying the pacific, the sfp criticality signatures in the wells, the burn down rates on bundles in empty pools, cesium oozing out of every crack, bad gate seals on the sfp, CHUCK CASTOS first hand account …. , Scum bag !!! )

    Thanks, etudiant….

    Indeed, Chernobyl was a steam explosion . Its heat source happened to be an atomic reaction , but as you saw the steam pushed the apparatus apart before the chain reaction could approach bomb proportions. It took the top off the building, too.
    The charcoal fire that followed released a lot of radioactive stuff with the smoke.

    Comparing a power reactor to a bomb is like comparing firewood to dynamite. Uranium can be configured to burn slowly or quickly, just as can cellulose.
    It's unfortunate the power reactor grew out of a weapons program.
    Had it come the other way 'round, I believe public opinion would be " What? Why waste perfectly good uranium making bombs? A bucketful of the stuff can make enough electricity to heat your bathwater and run your washing machine for a llifetime. "

    Sadly there's a whole "scare" industry out there exploiting the public's fear just to sell books and get internet hits. I wish they'd stick to Dracula and Frankenstein….

    old jim

    • Fall out man!

      The third explosion is said to have been a prompt criticality (i.e., it did go nuclear, like a bomb). Though the powers that be obviously don't like to admit that. It blue bits of fuel rod at least 1 1/2 miles away in a "detonation" rather than a deflagration. Its not clear where the prompt criticality occurred, but the best explanation I have seen is that it came from the equipment pool (i.e., not the main cooling pool)

      As for Nuke power being safer than the bombs. Well, I think that too kind to the industry. Even normally operating nuke power plants emit waste radioactive gases into the air. The effects of that were covered up with bogus safety studies for decades. Over time all of that has been covered off on this site. In recent times in Germany it was shown that anyone living within 10km (or much further downwind) of a nuke plant suffers genetic damage, with greater rates of all kinds of disease as a result.

      What people don't realise is that even when plants are running as they should, they still emit large quantities of radioactive gases, and while they don't kill people immediately, they damage the genome of all life around them. That genetic damage is passed down through the generations.

      Furthermore, most mutations cannot be selected out, as they do so little damage. So they just accumulate as genetic load. But that genetic load brings all life closer to extinction. In that sense, Nuke power is incompatible with life.

  • FixItStupid FixItStupid

    I have To Say I'm Ashamed To Be A United States Citizen ! We have Been The Bad Guy For So Many Years Now! There IS NO TRUTH Only DEATH TO OUR WORLD Now It All Comes HOME No CALLS TO THE GREED MONEY REPRESENTAIVES Can Fix IT! The EARTH HAS BEEN SOLD OUT BY THE REPRESENTAIVES WE needed to replace them with Servers one For each State 'all' Vote ever night show on net and tv ch what's coming up Education Discussion vote Biometric algorithm To verify any close ones or just check for Yourself Then WE GET Thing DONE & SAVE A lot Of MONEY!! One of my old Ideas To FIX What I have Seen for Years No Truth Sorry Now Just To Little TOO LATE With Love OF OUR EARTH AND ALL THE BEAUTY SORRY Much Love Peace To ALL WHO GET IT! STILL THE FIGHT FOR TRUTH GOES TILL THE END Thank You All GOOD ! 'TRUTH FIGHTERS'

    • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

      i agree, i feel so ashamed to be an american. straight up baby killers. i am ill.

      • Fall out man!

        I'm not American, but I don't think you guys should be so hard on yourselves or your country. The USA (like nearly all countries in this world) has a population of citizens who have little to no control over their government. Essentially, as a group, Americans are remarkably good people. (I know there are problems, but relative to other countries, Americans are a good people)

        It appears to me as an outsider, that the American government hates Americans (the average ordinary American in the street) as much as they would like the rest of the world to hate Americans.

        I think if any other country on earth had the power and wealth that the American people put together, then things would have gone bad faster and further. I think the American people have acted as a restraint on their government and not the other way around. There are examples of that restraint down through America's history, with Americans being very reluctantly pushed into any war with staged outrageous battles and propaganda.

        I know there are huge problems. But in perspective, problems elsewhere in the world are very serious, and at least Americans, when they hear the truth, are outraged and try to do something about it.

        If there is a fault, its this. I think all westerners somewhat naively trust those in power to an extent that is not warranted. Westerners in general say "I don't believe the government", but when it comes to the point, 98% of people believe everything they are told.

  • Cisco Cisco

    "Sean Upton, a senior media relations officer"…

    Title: "senior media relations officer"

    Translation: An overpaid mouth organ for the shill scientists and psychopaths

  • norbu norbu

    First off, there will be radiation coming here, the west coast, for ever. No radiation was detected from fish samples? Maybe the samples came from another planet where there is no Nukes.
    “The event in March of 2011 released the accumulated gases in the reactors, which sent a bubble of radiation through the water and air,” he says. “No such accumulation should be occurring today.”
    What a bunch of bullshit. Stop Lying! Your lies are not working, Try the Truth for once Geez….

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


  • weeman

    The only thing they got right was there will not be a second plumb, that is because it will be one big continuous plumb that will never stop growing and have varing levels of contaminants embedded in water colume depending on levels at point off realease, through time or until all leaks a plugged, not in the near future and maybe never.

  • yellowrain

    Anyone else notice that all the simulation models seem to show all this chit just disappearing at the west coast? My common sense tells me it will be just the opposite. It will turn the coast line into one hell of a hot "line in the sand". In the future no one will cross this line. They can refuse to test right now but soon that video from the beach in Dec. will be considered the good ol days. Am I missing something? Please correct me if I am wrong. peace Bill

  • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

    Really though?
    It's gonna take years?

    Sorry bout that but


  • rogerthat

    ''Little Jack Horner
    Sat in the corner,
    Eating a Christmas pie;
    He put in his thumb,
    And pulled out a plume,
    And said 'What a good boy am I!

  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

    More hot air from the factory of foolishness.

    Take the red pill.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    A wise confusionist once said…the befuddled,baffled obfuscation of the confiscation of the thoughts of dis/misinformation shall be applied to the objective.

  • tpak tpak

    Hey guys….these cattle were up in Petaluma…northern CA….some were dairy cows.
    Any chance they were contaminated by FUKU? Hence the recall by the FDA?

    The FDA is notoriously understaffed and reactive instead of proactive and this seems like a very strange thing for them to do. Especially with grass fed natural beef….thoughts??

    Sorry for the repeat post!

    • bo bo

      tpak …I found this strange too…
      The reality of the slaughterhouses is that diseased and unsound animals are constantlybeing sold as ground up meat… I thought that was a given, when you eat something like Nestle's Hot Pockets..

      Why all of a sudden, proactively recalling these items before a single person falling sick from it ?

      P.S. grass fed beef at the moment is more radioactive than factory raised beef ( this will most likely change after they start throwing ground-seafood into the feeding tubs at the factory farms)

      • tpak tpak

        Right? It just struck me as odd…especially the FDA being PRO active?

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        There is a ranch about 30 miles from where I live that recently had beef recalled. Mad Cow is real and just as unspoken as Fukushima; I had a friend whose brother died of Mad Cow in 2004 in West Virginia. His wife had to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the CDC that she would not disclose his cause of death. However, she told his twin brother (my friend). This another best kept secret of the USA. 🙂

        • bo bo

          How can the CDC force this non-disclosure upon your friend's brother's wife?

          • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

            Good question, that is what I wanted to know. Mad Cow has caused death in the USA…They are holding to the philosophy is very similar to the nuclear declaration that no one dies from low level radiation because they didn't want to impact the beef industry. The CDC said it was a "Preliminary diagnosis" therefore , the disclosure agreement until they had the final results. Of course they never changed the diagnosis but they had their disclosure agreement.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              madcow…oddly I also knew someone who had to sign a non disclosure over their husbands madcow death. I heard mad cow is rampant in wild deer especially on the east coast. Even cremeation does not eliminate the hellacious stuff

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                I thought that was renamed and is now called alzheimer's..

                • bo bo

                  Very interesting obe

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    Prions.. 🙁

                    • Fall out man!

                      Sorry for no link up front. But when "Mad Cow Disease" first hit the fan (so to speak) a farmer named Mark Purdie in the UK pointed out that the cases of it in the UK came from people living in a tear drop pattern down wind of a giant Monsanto chemical plant producing pour on drench for stock.

                      He found the Monsanto drench, when used in areas with high Manganese content in the soil, would cause "Mad Cow Disease". There were some nasty political machinations to shut the guy up, and to shut up a British politician who took the guys case on.

                      Note that Scrapie Sheep (mad cow disease in sheep) have been fed to other live stock, and eaten by man for hundreds of years in Europe, with no ill effects.

                      Mark Purdie made a very convincing case. It is highly suspicious when the cases cluster down wind of a giant chemical plant, producing a chemical that is poured onto stock around the globe.

                      Something to think about.

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        "Why all of a sudden, proactively recalling these items before a single person falling sick from it " Exactly. And two recalls? When I heard about the first one, after seeing the 596 cpm hamburger meat a while ago, I had a meltdown… 🙂 There's no way they proactively did crap. Maybe 30 years ago, but not today. 2 recalls.

  • FallOut FallOut

    • 11930µSv/h ft gate.

    • March 12th screening 162 screened Against initially-set decontamination threshold of 6,000cpm, 110 patients registered below, 41 above.

    • Fukushima Preficture conducted screening at 4 locations in preficture. Some 30 people registered 13,000cpm. After measuring for the second time following decontamination they showed low values, therefore they were returned to shelters without examination.

    • March 12th, one TEPCO employee registered above 100mSv (106.30mSv/h)

    • March 24, dosage above approx. 170mSv was confirmed on 3 workers who were laying cables on 1st floor and basement of Unit 3 Turbine Blg.

  • tsfw tsfw

    Wow I can't express how ashamed I am of being Canadian right now.

  • soundmind

    Ladies, Gentlemen, and "others"====consider this:
    there is an up side to the never ceasing and increasing growth plume of gigantic proportions. Yep, do you not think that the Chinese and the Russians know the TRUTH about the endless plume coming from Japan to US west coast?? Those guys don't appear on the surface to be stupid to me, the Chinese have cornered the market in Gold, and the Russians have cornered the market in balls. Do you think they are that eager to land troops and forces on the West Coast—now???? So, that leaves us with watching a wide open border with Mexico?? Canada, and the East Coast. Wouldn't it have been more Grand, if the plume was to be coming ashore at the Mexican border, then all the free extra US citizens could not run up free medical bills at emergency rooms. Nope, non-existent radiation sickness thus no sick, go home return to su case, you is well amigo. Nah! wishful thinking and day dreaming. On the other hand do you reckon bro. bill gets his shoulders stuck between his legs while he is examining his anus up close and personal.??

    • FallOut FallOut

      NRC CHAIRMAN JACZKO: So, the spent-fuel pool indications, that’s coming from, I would say, our team in Japan? Would that be acceptable?

      CHUCK CASTO: Yes, they’re coming from TEPCO.

      CHUCK CASTO: And we certainly know, I think we absolutely know that pool No. 4, though, the walls have collapsed –


      CHUCK CASTO: — on pool No. 4.

      BRUCE: — you indicated that the walls of the pool were damaged or down?

      CHUCK CASTO: Yes.

      CHUCK CASTO: Yes, and they can’t maintain inventory at all.

      MALE PARTICIPANT: But it’s okay because he’s not going to get into that level of detail. But we just need to be careful about consistency in the assessment of the information. I know it’s going to change, too.

      CHUCK CASTO: Yes, well, we were consistent. That’s what we heard; that’s the last we were told, that the walls were not there.

      BILL RUAN: Yes. Right, right.

      CHUCK CASTO: That’s what I was saying, you can’t get water in it.

      BILL RUAN: Yes, because there’s no fuel pool left.

      CHUCK CASTO: Right.

      BILL RUAN: Unit 3, he believes

      And basically, everything else is gone, and at least in his opinion, and, of course,

      Chuck knows this, Jim’s opinion is there’s no water in the pool.


      BILL RUAN: Unit 3.

      • FallOut FallOut

        MALE PARTICIPANT: -You know, as Jim has pointed out, when you do your calculations to get your nuclear engineering degree, you do your radiation, you know, what’s the dose rate for the single fuel assembly? You know, you get like a million R an hour.

        And we’ve got how many fuel assemblies?

    • No Immediate Danger No Immediate Danger

      Russia and China show no hesitation to endanger their own people and the planet.

      Russia built Chelyabinsk-40 based on Hanford using prison labor; killed a lot of them. Then, later, the place exploded, sending radioactive particles all over the damn place. They kept it quiet internationally for decades, and didn't evacuate some people for years. After that event and Chernobyl, now they're building floating reactors in the Arctic.

      As for China, they tested on their soldiers just like the US had done in Nevada. This propaganda piece showing Chinese soldiers charging an atomic explosion on horseback, while bad ass, shows that they'd willingly send them to a radioactive West Coast:

      On this Technological Age, I'll quote Jacques Ellul from Perspectives on Our Age, 1964:

      "There is no such thing anymore as large-scale politics. It is quite astonishing to see the extent to which the great ideological systems — for instance the Communist systems in both the Soviet Union and China — have vanished, giving way to step-by-step policies. The USSR and China are completely normalizing in terms of development of technology and are therefore in the same situation as the Western world."

      And later,

      "Both sides are looking for the best forms, the most effective ways of using technologies. Likewise, the Western world is talking more and more about economic planning."

  • combomelt combomelt

    Bill Keener, EPA public affairs official, says there is no reason to believe a second plume is coming.“The event in March of 2011 'released the accumulated gases' in the reactors, which sent a bubble of radiation through the water and air,” he says. “No such accumulation should be occurring today.”
    hey, bill KEENER, you meant bubbles like this one right?…….

    billy,!LISTEN UP BILLY KEENER!! how about this 'RELEASE OF ACCUMULATED GASES' i found that you speak of willy-BOY?……..

    gosh, i guess thats not it either, how about any of these views mista billy keener?..

    i wasn't aware that "bubbles" had so much POWER! its time to turn our military industrial complex onto this!! Soldiers armed ONLY with every conceivable size and shape of bubbleblower to completely blow the enemy off the face of the earth!
    who needs bombs when we have bubbles?
    oh f-it!, if i can pull those videos, why can't Bill Keener? Why does he think this way? How much do tptb pay him/it? sickening and infuriating.."no such accumulation should be occurring."
    who believes his bullshit?
    Bill Keener (
    Assistant Public Affairs…

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    IMO, the reason the Nuclear Industry gets away with murder (literally) is because the government is completely enmeshed with GE.

  • onemore

    Fukushima = Fuk u shima = Fuck u mother

    shima = mother

    in this case, mother nature is everything for us.. and is fuked

    • Seraphine Seraphine

      You should clarify which language 'Shima' comes from, because it sure isn't Japanese –
      -in which -shima is a suffix meaning 'island' or 'area of land surrounded by land belonging to someone else'.
      Mother is 'okaasan' unless one is speaking about one's own mother – then it's 'haha'.

      'Fukushima' means 'island of good fortune'. 😐

    • bo bo

      I said this the other day but if going to go with 'island' – we should call it:

      'Three Melt-through Island'

  • Ontological Ontological

    GE owned Vermont for years using the military to test their Vulcan guns, and jet engines for air force use. The imperialistic noise they harassed Northern Vermont with for many years, the full throttle jet engine by night, the Vulcan gun by day was reflective of how useless the citizens are to the machine GE really is. Government does what GE tells them to do in order to dance the Generals into dreaming of possessing illustrious, imperialistic terror toys.

    "On a planet of playthings, we dance on the strings of powers we cannot perceive". Geddy Lee

  • dosdos dosdos

    I'm seeing apples and oranges here. Calling a plume purely a massive atmospheric release like the one in 3/11, no there isn't a second plume. But there is an oceanic transport, and it is a second plume, though one that can be denied publicly because it doesn't fit the atmospheric definition. Apples and oranges. Deny more apples in the face of oranges.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Them oranges and apples will be changing color all by themselves soon…we can only hope that we will still have oranges and apples in the future to face.

    • No Immediate Danger No Immediate Danger

      Interesting that you mention apples. I was just thinking about the tree of knowledge and the fall of man. In a philosophical sort of way. I think we're more than doomed. We're damned. The Latin roots of the word point to the damage done, the penalty to be rendered.

      We're all Faust now.

      • dosdos dosdos

        If the rads and toxins don't get us, the GMO's will.

      • 4Warnd 4Warnd


        I like both the Genesis and esp. the the Faustian reference. I do question that damned is worse than doomed, however. Being an a-theist as of today.

        Have always thought that the 'original sin' (a.k.a. the eating of the "apple") was/is the key to the human condition. Acquire knowledge at the 'expense' of the separation from god a.k.a. blissful unawareness.

        Now, our Faustian bargain has yielded knowledge that is bearing down hard upon us all: we have killed ourselves.

        Is the shore recalamable?

    • Seraphine Seraphine

      Speaking of apples, we've been getting a lot of extremely mealy ones here in Western Washington. Especially…wait for it…
      Fuji apples.
      (they're grown here, of course, but I've noticed this difference.)

  • FXofTruth

    There is no need to test….
    for the TRUTH be known, radiation has been zooming around the Northern Hemisphere (in the food, air, and water) since the day the JAPAN nuclear plants blew up. So, why test for the obvious?

    The radiation will NEVER stop flowing from the broken cores.
    The officials will NEVER stop lying about the dangers.
    The News Media will NEVER stop ignoring the problems.
    The majority of the Public will NEVER stop ignoring the warnings!
    The Public is not suddenly going to "get with the program" and be concerned.
    So, really why test anything?

    The "NEVER people" will always be in denial. In the same way they deny that Nuclear Power is the most dangerous and inefficient way to generate power. There is so much wasted steam and hot water (besides radioactive water) pouring out from ALL nuke plants all around the World. People believe the lies about how safe(?) a raging nuclear core is! There is nothing safe about a fire that cannot be put out by cutting off it's oxygen supply. Every normal heating source will stop burning EXCEPT a nuclear reaction. It doesn't need oxygen to support the "burning" process. Yes…that's a disaster waiting to happen, constantly!

    The ENTIRE planet is powered by the SUN but, the majority are not intelligent enough to see the obvious! Another dumbass said, "Solar Power isn't a total solution to our power needs"…then maybe our "power needs" should be changed to match the free source that's in our face in the…

  • Sol Man

    The definition of phd. is one who may be so conflicted that they can't, or won't, reveal the truth- depending on who issues their funding checks.

  • tpak tpak

    Yep…them apples ain't looking so good. I try to buy from Chile or Northeast…
    Some I even photographed cause one half was way larger than the other……it's already here my friends.

  • Mark Chandler

    Bill Keener's address is I sent him the following note. Please feel free to fill his inbox with notes of questions/concerns for him to relay up the chain of command requesting credible info.

    Hello Bill,

    I read your quote in the Santa Cruz ‘Good Times’, Feb. 20, 2014. "Q: Is there a new wave of radioactive materials moving toward the West Coast from Japan this year? A: In recent months, some news outlets have published information suggesting that a second “plume” of radioactivity is making its way across the Pacific Ocean and could be arriving along the Canadian and California coastline this year. Bill Keener, [public affairs official for the EPA's San Francisco region], says there is no reason to believe a second plume is coming. “The event in March of 2011 released the accumulated gases in the reactors, which sent a bubble of radiation through the water and air,” he says. “No such accumulation should be occurring today.”"

    Has the EPA done any tests of the incoming ocean water to confirm your statements? What are they based on? Federal government white washing of the event, it's initial plume, the daily 300,000 gallon release, rainwater wash from 2+ typhoons, and indication of groundwater seepage into the ocean for nearly 3 years, day after day erodes your credibility without real verifiable data. Are you just spouting the party line or do you have data to back up your claims/hopes?

    I am a US voting citizen, never arrested,…

  • Nick

    I have refrained from telling this story but my memory is still
    keen on the recall of the story….so here goes….

    As a child, I vividly recall standing in a quaint thing called a peace vigil for an atmospheric weapons testing ban.

    Around a city block, 1,000s of us silently stood outward facing the street in silent protest.

    There were some signs but the somberness of the vigil still haunts me to this day.

    We KNEW we were right in our bones that nuclear weapons were a very bad thing and that we didn't really want MORE Radioactive poisons snowing down on us all.

    Some of us were hoping that NUCLEAR anything would fade, but that was a pipe dream then and remains so to this day.

  • Nick

    Further back in time….my family spent the night on The Golden Rule sailing ship before it tried to sail into the Bikini Atoll Bravo blast area…..

    We have a home movie (16mm) of us debarking after a night of ship-sitting.

    My parents were pacifists then and we all remain so to this day, not that it ever made a dam bit of difference.

  • Nick

    Waging Peace has always been a loser, the warmongers make sure of that.

    We drone on about our enemies but not once do we look at ourselves and our awful industries of death and destruction.

    There is no future because those who saw it's horrors were silenced.

  • rockyourworld

    so much for american exceptionalism, america being great and so called civilization