Radio: 1 million cancers coming from Fukushima? “We’re seeing that already… Enormous increase in cancer precursor” (VIDEO)

Published: October 3rd, 2012 at 1:59 am ET


Title: Arnie Gundersen on Japan’s post-Fukushima nuclear plans
Source: The BEZ (WBEZ Radio)
Date: Oct. 2, 2012
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Fairewinds’ Arnie Gundersen, Nuclear Engineer: I’m coming up with something on the order a million cancers. We’re seeing that already […] Kids were tested just in the last couple months and almost half of them had thyroid nodules [and cysts]. Normally about 1 to 2% of kids would have thyroid nodules. So we’re seeing an enormous increase in cancer precursor for thyroid cancers.


The indoor dust in these home is astronomical […] The Japanese essentially live on the floor […] Internal contamination in Japan will be a significant factor. Neither the Japanese government nor the IAEA is taking that into account when they do their numbers.

Published: October 3rd, 2012 at 1:59 am ET


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17 comments to Radio: 1 million cancers coming from Fukushima? “We’re seeing that already… Enormous increase in cancer precursor” (VIDEO)

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Hmmm…Nodules…Cysts..Thyroid..sounds all to familiar to me.

  • ReactorHalfEmpty

    "Internal contamination", "indoor dust"? Perhaps buy an air washer / air cleaner? (e.g. Boneco 2055A / D, Venta, or other suitable brands) Myself I'm not sure whether that helps, but I'm trying hard anyway…
    It does have a visible effect on air quality at least.
    [obligatory disclaimer: not affiliated with any of those companies, just a sufficiently satisfied customer]

  • m a x l i

    >>>The Japanese essentially live on the floor<<<

    I think, Arnie mentioned this before, and it caused some eyebrow-lifting on my part before. I urge him to realise, that the Japanese traditionally get rid of or change their shoes, when changing from outdoors to indoors, whereas people young and old in all anglo-saxon countries, I have been, like to walk in their street-shoes over their floors and carpets all day long and even put those shoes up on sofas, chairs, beds, tables. Their problem – in their homes, but they even have that nasty habit in all kinds of public transport, disregarding in what sorts of sh.., radioactive or not, they stepped before. I'm not saying Japan is safe from radioactivity; I'm saying people in many other countries might get equally contaminated with less radioactive fallout.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      yes we put our shoe-clad feet up on the kitchen table when we eat too and use chop stix to dig the dog feces from the tread of our shoes & use it to season our roadkill stew. Then the kids run off to school-many without shoes or socks and they keep their feet warm by stepping in the cow pies so we have a snack before lunch and the teacher doesn't even notice!!~(they're usually too busy biting off their toenails to pay any attention anyway) YEE HAAW!!~shit fire & save the matches!!~ I'm not sure what kind of people the author of the above "opinion" have been associating with during their worldly travels,but here in my part of the USA I have yet to be in a home where the mom/wife/housekeeper,whatever-would allow people,guests or residents-to put their shoes up on the table,bed,or even furniture unless they were either too sick or drunk to be subjected to the "house rules"?!! As far as less environmental contamination resulting in equal or worse "human" contamination??-Whatever caused my wife's IBC Stage3B to suddenly form and ravage her body likely came from Japan and resulted from their practice of dumping their radioactive crap into the sea,incinerating contaminated materials and the way Fukushima disaster was handled(or not)by the "perfect" Japanese whose reputation for said "perfection" has been ruined forever…glad I now know that leaving my street shoes outside would've prevented her cancer….(real informative,THANX)lololol ;0

    • patb2009

      while the Japanese take off their shoes in the mudroom, they don't change their clothes, take a decontamination shower and maintain filtered and positive pressure homes, nor are they screening food for zero contamination, or even water.

      Thus, they still live in a contaminated environmnet, the only difference being how much they get from various sources.

      Frankly unless they evacuate the women and children in 2-3 generations there will be no Japanese people.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Arnie is right on widespread internal contamination throughout Japan. The order of magnitude, however, will be proven wrong IMO. Cancers may reach into the tens of millions in ten years. And it is coming more quickly than anybody predicted. Who is going to treat all these patients? 🙁

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      if anyone who watches television has probably noted all of the "Cancer Center" commercials one after another-or worse,watched a Cancer center suddenly become overloaded with new patients requiring the addition of over 75 new chairs in each waiting room they'd realize it's not just Japan being affected "already"!!~Did anyone ever dig a bit deeper into "who" actually owns the new cancer treatment facilities popping up all the time?!! You "might" be surprised to know "who" invested the most in this (booming) "business"!! By now NOTHING should surprise us ENE'ers anymore! At least I've been given a break from the "Hairclub for Men" commercials-but being reminded that cancer is decimating what's left of my family by the TV every 5 minutes wouldn't have been my top choice if given the option of what to replace the annoying commercials of the recent past with!! First they remind me about my graying,thinning hair!! Now they remind me that there's new places to treat the cancer killing my people off that nobody I know can afford unless they have the kind of health insurance that executives working for nuclear power companies have!!~Sorry I'm such a "downer" this A.M.,I guess it might have something to do with my having to leave soon to take my wife to her 25th "Radiation Therapy" session that's scheduled Mon-Fri and "assume" that MORE radiation than what likely got her sick to begin with is supposed to "cure" her??!! What a crap routine in a crap…

      • or-well

        "The hunt for a cure",
        "more funds for research",
        while some profit from treatment
        they do Science besmirch.
        Ignore cause and prevention,
        all source fundamentals,
        of nukes make no mention –
        poisons widespread? Incidental!
        I wonder if they fear that under tension
        we will refuse to go out acting gentle?

      • m a x l i

        @Johnny Blade, I see why you are furious, and you should be! I just hope, it's not too much directed against me.

        No, I do not think your family's hardships are caused by you barefooting into warm cow pies (I will remember that next time I'm getting cold feet) as a child or any similar habits I might like or dislike. I think a cluster of run-away nuclear reactors and over 400 more reactors slowly poisoning us (no matter if running away or staying in place) are far, far more likely to blame. I suggest we try to work together to prove this and to stop this madness.

        In my above posting I was merely sharing a few observations, which may not be as important as a number of nuclear melt-downs, but, I thought, in the context of the discussion are not less meaningful than Arnie's observation: "The Japanese essentially live on the floor."

        I am wondering, how much TV you watch to get annoyed by the advertisements. I was equally annoyed by it. About 18 month ago, it became more clear to me, that everything coming out of that box is completely irrelevant or false, so I completely stopped watching it (except a DVD now and then). This also helps against being annoyed.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Casualties or fatalities? Hot plutonium particles are still circulating globally. Just one can cause a fatal cancer or genetic disease. There is only ONE way to track the potential tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of cases of 2,000 genetic diseases, birth defects, cancers and deaths back to FUKU once they are initiated. The simple and easy way to measure FUKU effect is to count ALL of the increases in death and disease rates after 2011 GLOBALLY.

    Low dose radiation causing changes in children; via A Green Road

    Global Infant Mortality Numbers Due To Out Of Control Fukushima Nuclear Fires; via A Green Road

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      "The simple and easy way to measure FUKU effect is to count ALL of the increases in death and disease rates after 2011 GLOBALLY." Right you are, A Green Road! +100%. :). And this is exactly what we will do. Particularly in Hawaii and on the West Coast, and across the nation where nobody thinks there is a problem yet.

  • ML

    It will soon be remarkable for any human (or animal) NOT to have cancer at some time in their life span.
    All those baby teeth tested for strontium in the early 1960s that helped get atmospheric bomb testing stopped…did anyone think that the strontium magically went away? And that was only one radioisotope. It would be interesting to repeat the baby teeth study and see just how much higher strontium levels are these days as compared to the early 1960s. But we already know the answer.

    • Mack Mack

      Hi ML

      Another strontium/baby teeth study was done + results released in 2003->

      It was called the "Tooth Fairy Project"

      It found:

      "Average Strontium-90 in the baby teeth rose steadily in the 1990s, and was highest in the counties closest to nuclear plants. Trends in average local Sr-90 were roughly similar to trends in local childhood cancer rates, suggesting a possible cause-and-effect relationship."

      • Mack Mack

        "Baby Teeth Study is the first to measure radioactivity in the bodies of Americans living near nuclear reactors. It will also help determine whether this radioactivity raises the risk of cancer in children and adults.

        The study grew out of Dr. Jay Gould's research, 'The Enemy Within: The High Cost of Living Near Nuclear Reactors,' which found that women living in counties within 100 miles of nuclear reactor are at the greatest risk of dying of breast cancer."

        It's interesting to note that Research HAS linked breast cancer to proximity to nuclear reactors.

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Children's Leukemia groups are phoning for volunteers and funding. By the 2nd call, I asked, "Do you really want to know how to fight leukemia?" The caller says, "Yes!…" Of course. I then start to talk about the radioactive contamination of our planet, refer them to Dr. John Gofman, MD. Ph.D with special advice to start with Leslie Freedman's "Nuclear Witnesses."

    So watch for these calls. I think it's a good reach out. These folks, I'm assuming they are mostly Moms of afflicted kids, are eager for information.

    • m a x l i

      Well done!

      Any response after that? What was your impression, how your caller took your suggestions?