More cancers in Fukushima children — Mother: We don’t know what’s actually going on, I can’t trust gov’t — TV: Private hospital finds cysts after ‘official’ tests were all clear (VIDEO)

Published: November 13th, 2013 at 9:46 am ET


Asahi Shimbun, Nov. 13, 2013: Fifteen more young people in Fukushima Prefecture have received definitive or suspected diagnoses of thyroid cancer [8 of the 15 are definitively diagnosed with cancer], which is often associated with radiation exposure, prefectural officials said Nov. 12. That raises to 59 the total number of young people who have been diagnosed with [26] or are suspected of having thyroid cancer [33]. […] The latest figures show 12 people per 100,000 who were aged 18 or younger at the time of the accident developing thyroid cancer [26 confirmed cancers out of 226,000 tested]. That compares with an average of 1.7 people per 100,000 in the general population between the ages of 15 and 19 who contracted the cancer in 2007 […] Prefectural officials said it is unlikely there is a link […] In the case of Chernobyl, thyroid cancer cases only began soaring four to five years after the accident. Some experts said it is unlikely that the cancer develops within three years after exposure to radiation.

See also: [intlink id=”fukushima-cover-up-extraordinarily-high-thyroid-cancer-rates-in-kids-officials-not-related-to-nuclear-disaster-since-it-took-4-or-5-years-to-show-up-after-chernobyl-yet-data-shows-it-appe” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

The latest results are based on an additional 33,000 Fukushima children being tested. 8 confirmed cases out of those 33,000 is a ratio of over 24 per 100,000. If the 7 suspected cases are confirmed, it is over 45 per 100,000 — around 2,500% higher than the rate in 2007.

ABC’s ‘Foreign Correspondent’, Nov. 5, 2013 (at 9:00 in):

Tomoko Koike. mother of 2 and 4 year old in Fukushima Prefecture: We do not know the real situation. We don’t know whats going on. I can’t trust them. […]

Willacy: Her children have already been screened and cleared in tests run by the Fukushima local government. But a follow up screening here at the private Hirata hospital revealed cysts on the thyroid gland of 4 year old Saki.

Koike: A couple of cysts were found. I was very shocked. I don’t know whether the examination by the prefecture was sloppy, or that she wasn’t examined properly.

Watch the broadcast here

Published: November 13th, 2013 at 9:46 am ET


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52 comments to More cancers in Fukushima children — Mother: We don’t know what’s actually going on, I can’t trust gov’t — TV: Private hospital finds cysts after ‘official’ tests were all clear (VIDEO)


    People continue to live in Fukushima… AMAZING!

    • Gradius

      They do because the satanic government tells nothing to them, except "ALL IS FINE". "IS 100% SAFE". "NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT".

      • Foggyworld

        The Japanese are not stupid people and I would think there are computers in these areas. Is the government controlling access to information easily found on the internet?

    • Naha Johari

      RT: Clean-up doubts: Many Fukushima evacuees may never return home

      Go read Shinzo Abe's party men squealing against public pressure:

      "Many of the people who were forced to evacuate after the 2011 triple meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant may never return, Japanese lawmakers admitted, overturning initial optimistic government pledges.

      A call to admit the grim reality and step back from the ambitious Fukushima decontamination goals came from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's coalition parties. Japan has so far spent $30 billion on the clean-up program, which has proven to be more difficult to carry out than initially expected."

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Yes it is amazing people still live in radiated area's.
      People still live in North America also, it also blows this way.
      When unit 4 goes we will be over cooked some more.

      Amazing we all stay put, not wanting our lives changed and up rooted, when the unseen change has already happened.

      • andagi andagi

        Dear WindSolarPlease,
        Good point. I am unable to relocate because I undertook a major move in Feb. 2011(yup)to be closer to family (midlife decision). Whatever comes, it's so wonderful to be with them. My choice.

      • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

        where should we go?

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Actually places some 60 km away from the plant have much higher readings. The black dust riding the wind goes everywhere. Heck Tokyo has high levels and we know the ground water is contaminated. As a parent I can imagine how stressful it must be knowing the dangers and not having the resources to relocate easier said then done. Truly heartbreaking.

  • Mack Mack

    I recently read a comment from a pro-nuke that basically said 'so what if kids get thyroid cancer. it's treatable and they won't die'

    That type of callousness and lack of compassion seems to define the pro-nuke way of thinking.

    It disgusted me.

    • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

      I completely understand Mack….. I have tried to bring all of this up at different events and have been COMPLETELY SHOT DOWN! people started looking at me like I was off my lid. Oh, wow… he is a frickin' dooms dayer etc…. wish they would look at the main point! Trips me out I probably wont even get the opportunity to say I told ya so!

  • Nick

    Official: Your children do not have a problem. It's too soon for these types of cysts to appear (so we actually don't look for them).

    I suspect that Fukushima's releases are so large that "the scientific community" is going to see an acceleration of all sorts of anomalies in humans.

    The folks in Japan need to ignore the official lines and reassurances and make their own decisions.

    • vital1 vital1

      "I suspect that Fukushima's releases are so large"

      They only refer to Iodine 1-131 which has a half life of 8 days or an environmental life of 80 + days. They leave out the elephant in the room which is I-129. It has a half life of 15.7 million years.

      These children were not just exposed to I-131, but to other radioactive isotopes of Iodine including long life 1-129. The original EPA standard for I-129 was 0.1 Bq/kg.

      These reports indicate the populace near the fukushima plant was exposed to massive amounts of I-131 and 1-129.

      Iodine I-129 report:

      26th June 2013 – This scientific report indicates that the amount of long lived radioactive Iodine I-129, released during the early stages of the Fukushima Nuclear disaster, was 31 times greater than the short lived radioactive Iodine I-131. This study does not take into account any radioactive Iodine releases since then.

      • vital1 vital1

        Iodine I-131 report:

        “1.19 million becquerels/kg of radioactive iodine detected on leafy vegetables near Fukushima Medical University in March 2011. Being aware of this high radioactive iodine detection, Fukushima Medical University distributed potassium iodide pills to the doctors and nurses. The report points out that potassium iodine pills were not distributed to local men, women, and children. This university is located just south of Fukushima City.”

        • vital1 vital1

          This would mean that 36.89 million Becquerel/kg of radioactive Iodine I-129 was on leafy vegetables, at a combined total for of I-129 + I-131 38.08 million Becquerel/kg.

          The bio-accumulation of I-129 poses a serious health problem for animal and human populations. Unlike radioactive Iodine I-131, which has a short half life of 8 days, or an environmental presence of 80 days +, radioactive Iodine I-129 has a half life of 15.7 million years.

          No wonder they are trying to hide the cancer rate data, and why it is showing up so early!!

          The more people we educate the sooner change will happen.

          Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or create your own, hand it out, mailbox it, Facebook it, Twitter it, or email it. Think outside the box, put it on public notice boards, hand it out to people, or put it into letter boxes when you go for a walk.

  • jec jec

    My children exposed during Chernobyl. One has had Stage 4 thyroid cancer and has been fighting for her life for years. We were just told our youngest, now 26, and a fetus during this time, has thyroid enlargement. They are going to check for cysts and start looking now. She was born while we were in the fallout area of Chernobyl, and also for months during the pregnancy. We are scared. We thought she had not been affected..All of our children now have issues, one autism/CP, one stage 4 cancer..and now this…

  • jec jec

    My children exposed during Chernobyl. One has had Stage 4 thyroid cancer and has been fighting for her life for years. We were just told our youngest, now 26, and a fetus during this time, has thyroid enlargement. They are going to check for cysts and start looking now. She was born while we were in the fallout area of Chernobyl, and also for months during the pregnancy. We are scared. We thought she had not been affected..All of our children now have issues, one autism/CP, one stage 4 cancer..and now this…God help the children of Fukushima. Three years, five years, twenty years…there is no escape..

    • Gradius

      Very sad story, but its the true. The only part isn't true is there is NO god at all, period! Only human stupidity.

      • WWJD WWJD

        @Gradius – This user jec posts such personal family details related to Chernobyl and because of the users passing mention of God when asking help for the children of Fukushima…

        You felt the need to attack this user by saying:

        Gradius Quote: "Very sad story, but its the true. The only part isn't true is there is NO god at all, period! Only human stupidity."

        The experts in Fukushima say the radiation is safe too and that if they smile more it will not hurt them!

      • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

        Well WWJD beat me to it.
        I'll add this.
        Do you have no compassion, no respect for other people's sorrow, concerns and beliefs?
        Every time someone mentions God you don't have to bring up your atheist views. I know a number of atheists, humanists and agnostics and I am okay hanging out with them, but I wouldn't hang out with them if they were jerks to other people.
        You should apologize.

      • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

        That there is no God, according to Gradius… is not to be debated here… it's not the time nor the place.

        But here IS definitely the place to show up humans for their crass stupidity and out of control greed and increasing selfishness, toward other powerless and vulnerable humans. They may just read about themselves here and the conscience may just kick in… you never know.

        This news is now out, and many more MSM are getting the point..

        Lies have short legs (fortunately.

    • Jec, a very sad story and best wishes, hope and prayers to your family. Perfect crowd sourcing evidence of long term effects of radiation. The so called experts who under report risks have long been paid of and disapeared by the time effects are realized. Gradius, please take it to off topic thread and see who else is interested. Peace all.

    • nedlifromvermont

      so sorry to hear of your family's health problems jec …

      I appreciate your postings … so do keep us updated;

      I would like to recommend maple syrup … by itself or cooked with baking soda(?) I've heard it is helpful in fighting tumors and it's very yummy, too … if in a buyer's club or a northeast gas station you can get it for $48 a gallon … take it with your daily coffee

      peace all for helping to kill off the false god of nuclear power!!!

    • andagi andagi

      Dear jec,
      My warmest thoughts and support are with you. Please keep posting. Nuclear power must be stopped! Keep speaking out when you can. Everyone needs to learn about Chernobyl!
      Take good care.

  • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

    "Mother: We don’t know what’s actually going on, I can’t trust gov’t"
    Ha! I don't know what's going on either! But I have a rough idea…………

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Quote: I can't trust gov’t

    Trust any gov’t? Should they be trusted? Have any of them proven they are trustworthy to/for the people?

    Governments are supposed to work for the betterment of/for the people. Keeping people, this world, and environment that we need safe from any type of harm. We have given them the keys to protect this World.
    However, they are big business and they protect big business.

    They have over cooked this world and it's people in so many ways, we all just try to survive.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    C Y S T S . C A N C E R . L E U K E M I A

    No end in sight for this his nuclear disaster.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    There's a nuclear storm brewing. There are no raincoats or umbrella that can protect you. Planetary ecosystem collapse within the next few months in oceans globally. Those who consume contaminated material will become sick regardless of age when densely bio-accumulated isotopes are consumed human tissue decays in zones of concentration. Chernobyl studies are a micro level compared to Japan and soon the entire US/Canada coast. Big doses for everyone. Packs 3 times the punch of regular Nuka Cola.

    • nedlifromvermont

      Hey Grampybone … what say you we shut down some more nukes? I can feel a little swelling in my throat right now … or is that just my imagination from all the nuke stories …

      Vermont Yankee is shutting down in a year … if we make it that long … and I heard rumors that Entergy's James K. Fitzpatrick plant in western New York, Pilgrim in Plymouth, Mass and Indian Point in NYC may be next for shut down … both from negative economics due to cheap shale gas, equipment malfunction, and citizen push back on the regulatory framework … wouldn't that be glorious news for our swollen glands??

      Anyway, gathered you were somewhere downstream of Vermont's own tritium leaker … careful of that CT river water!!!

      peace to you and yours and to Grampybone!

  • We Not They Finally

    Oh, the kids couldn't possibly have thyroid cancer from Fukushima unless they were poisoned more quickly and severely than at Chernobyl? Well, newsflash….

  • We Not They Finally

    There was an ENE news article way back (well over a year) that unless a cyst or nodule had grown BIG enough ("yet"!!), the parent was kept from getting a second opinion and told to bring the child back in TWO YEARS. Sort of like deliberate child murder. Now they are shocked, shocked, shocked that children are fatally ill?

    What keeps men from turning into monsters? That would be the only antidote for radiation these people may have.

  • razzz razzz

    Pretty bad when you can't trust a doctor.

    • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

      Unless the conscience is in good working order, and functioning, one can never trust anyone where and when money, (a lot of money), is in the equation.

      Folks easily forget that no one puts money in a slot machine to make the sun come up every morning…. it's the love of it, that does the damage, money that is.

    • andagi andagi

      Dear razzz,
      Please try to read my recent posts regarding: healthcare regulation, ICD 9,10 coding, 'scripting'. It's a new day. As much as seasoned veterans (myself) want to still maintain our beautiful practices, it's a new day. Please read and come to your own conclusions.
      Aloha Always.

  • Nick

    Incystant toxins.

    Makes you wonder why no cure for cancer has been found. Maybe we have been fooled into believing that it's caused by anything BUT radiation.

    Last time I checked, medicine hasn't a clue.

    Meanwhile we expose ourselves to more and more rads each and every time we fly.

    What if even dental X-rays prove to be harmful?

    Oops. We can't have people thinking along those lines. Go TSA!

    Who on this planet has the balls to say enough is enough and spread the word that radiation of any sorts is a dead end?

    From weapons to medical devices we have been lulled into believing radiation is GOOD for us.

    I'd say it's time for a sea change in human thinking.

    We radiate cancer. Cancer that was triggered by radiation.

    We generate electricity and then recycle the nuclear fuel for more electricity and weapons.

    How on earth are we more scared of CO2 and CH4 levels than the ever rising rad levels across the planet?

    Global Warming? Who cares, we'll all be dead B4 it really kicks in due to the knowledge that we can split atoms.

    • Mack Mack


      >> Regarding Dental X-rays:

      "Getting frequent dental X-rays appears to increase the risk for a commonly diagnosed brain tumor, a new study finds."

      "Multiple Dental X-Rays Raise Risk Of Thyroid Cancer"
      "Researchers from Brighton (England), Cambridge (England) and Kuwait have demonstrated that thyroid cancer risk increases as the number of dental x-rays taken grows."

      >> Regarding tsa backscatter machines:

      This video says they can cause cancer. The machines were pulled out of air ports last year quietly and without an official reason.

      • Foggyworld

        About 12 years ago I underwent the process of getting dental implants at a prominent university hospital. Many xrays were done and I noticed that where formerly the technicians wore badges to keep track of their exposure to radiation, those badges disappeared. I asked about it and was told that the powers that be had decided that was unnecessary.

        And today no one in any testing or hospital environment is wearing what to me seems like a very worthwhile badge.

    • nedlifromvermont

      Yeah Nick. Sucks it does.

      and @Mack: great links, depressing facts …

      Somebody atop this stupid, unnecessary radioactive train … I wanna get off …………

  • As ENEnews staff pointed out many stories of under diagnosed and refusal to admit radiation sickness in all the varying levels by Doctors working for a government bent on minimizing the crisis. It should be noted that despite millions given to Tepco by JapGov not to mention billions owed to private banks not one yen has gone to compensating displaced victims. Remember over 70 percent of japans land is uninhabitable mountains and downtown tokyo is a mere 160 miles away from a possible spent fuel rod fire while the northern border of 40 million people in metro tokyo largest metropolis in the world starts maybe a hundred miles from triple meltdown potential fuel rod fire sight. Cannot evacuate Tokyo. Keep as many folk close to the radiation as possible to control the crowd. Imagine 40 million people trying to flee a nuclear catastrophy.

    • nedlifromvermont


      Don't wanna imagine it. Not gonna imagine it …

      The truth of the matter, so far, is horrid enough:

      The losses from nuclear are always understated, the accounting is falsified, the damages are not paid to victims, and all the sickness is under-reported and denied … and why?

      Because a couple of shitty old GE reactors blew their guts out all over Tohoku … and it frankly is inconceivable that so much damage to so large an area can be caused by a single industrial accident at a single nuclear power park, and that if indeed this was possible to foresee at any point in our sordid past, then whoever permitted or insisted that any nuclear power plant should ever be permitted should be hung up by his scrotum … since we're sure it was mostly men … who are mostly dead now … and gone to Hell!

      /rant off …

  • Igmz Igmz

    Hola my friends! In these dark days (I've been sick with something weirdly terrible for about 9 days now me self..and best friends new born son in Nrthn CA is deathly ill with a "undetermined bacteriological infection"), and since laughter is the best medicine…take 5 and Google "things buerquenos say", or the 1491's, laugh, and come back to the equally stupid but unfunny things tepco and co say, just to balance it out..makes such bitter pills easier to choke down..along with liposomal vitamin c..

    • nedlifromvermont

      sorry to hear it Igmz!! may need to consider moving? horrible to mention thought. Try maple syrup if you can get it (not Aunt Jemima … the real stuff from the trees (they've been dealing with cosmic background radiation for two hundred million years) … 100% pure.

      good health to you, and move away from the rads, if you can …

      my MIT grad son is living in San Fran … so I'm worried for him and all of you!

      peace bro!

  • andagi andagi

    Yes, and STILL no EKG's for children. UGH!

  • andagi andagi

    Dear Folks,
    And still NO EKG's 🙁 UGH! More from Chernobyl…


    'While hammering away the book, I was constantly thinking about
    the necessity to bring to the notice of any civilized person the information about harmful influence of radioactive substances when they incorporated by the organism. Unfortunately in society there is, at best, indifferent attitude to that problem. That is why we pay a very high price, which is human’s life. Intellectual dark turns about the tragedy. To a great extent the blame rests with medical scientists. They don’t only try to inform population, using earlier obtained data, but don’t even study alterations, appearing in the organism when radioisotopes incorporate.'

    • andagi andagi

      'Degree of expression of pathologic alterations is in direct
      dependence from the amount of radioactive caesium in the organism and cardiac muscle. Prolonged incorporation of radioisotope in the organism more than 30 Bq/kg is very undesirable, because could lead to the serious consequences.'
      'In most cases effect of existing concentrations of radioactive
      caesium in the organism (10 – 20 Bq/kg) doesn’t cause its death, but
      influencing the energetic apparatus of cardiac cells significantly reduces their adaptable possibilities, and as a result functioning during stress situations and banal loads (physical and mental tension, hypoxia, disorder of temperature regime, alcohol drinking, infections and allergic diseases)becoming impossible.'
      – Yu. I. Bandazhevsky (2001)

  • Igmz Igmz

    Unsure what the threat here is living near this vale of top secrecy right in the shadows of Los alamos labs whereupon until recently these bright scientific minds thought nothing of burning PU contaminated "waste material" in open pits and barrels…easy to think that every ache and pain is the harbinger of the big C..we talk of moving sometimes but can't seem to stand leaving love and root and family and land..

  • Igmz Igmz

    From Dylan's "masters of war": "you've thrown the worst fear that's ever been hurled, the fear to bring children into this world"…

  • pkjn

    59 Total Thyroid Tumors In Fukushima Children
    November 13th, 2013 SimplyInfo
    New data has been released from the government study of thyroid abnormalities and cancer in Fukushima children. Of those screened 59 have been found to have tumors. The health survey examined 289,960 children total.
    This becomes 1 cancer per 5000 people. This is far higher than the pre-disaster levels. This raises big questions about the claims that these are increased just due to more screening. The more these numbers grow the harder it is to dismiss the findings are some version of normal.