Carnegie experts: Real possibility of additional “significant” radioactive releases from Fukushima

Published: June 15th, 2011 at 9:31 am ET


Radiation ‘hotspots’ hinder Japan response to nuclear crisis, Reuters, June 14, 2011:

The incomplete data has complicated Japan’s response to the disaster […] It has also created a mood of quiet despair in already devastated communities. “I never believe anything I hear any more on radiation,” said Shukuko Kuzumi, 63, who lives in Iwaki, about 50 km to the south of Fukushima. […]

“Unfortunately, there is still a real possibility of further significant releases of radioactivity,” experts from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace said in a statement.

Published: June 15th, 2011 at 9:31 am ET


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102 comments to Carnegie experts: Real possibility of additional “significant” radioactive releases from Fukushima

  • Darth

    “I want to dig a hole in the ground and scream.”

  • Dig a big hole dear. I want to scream too.
    Every trip here to read brings more bad news. I can barely stand it myself.

  • fuckyoushima

    being adaptive is not the same as taking delight, oftentimes.

  • Steven Steven

    Check this video out, over at ‘Nuclear Street’:

    “personnel performing a survey of Unit 3 Reactor Building”…. see at 15 seconds in the camera pans up through the central cavity. Surely no way that can be R3 building? Too many intact floors?

  • alasanon

    So what’s the latest strategy??! Are they getting anything done on this triple melt-through yet???!!!

    • alasanon

      Here’s one update…I’m still looking for an update on the current technical approach, IF ANY!!

      What about raising those tents in the meantime?? (while it’s not too hot to do so!!?)

      Japan, maybe you don’t care about exposing your citizens to radioactive particles…but, those of us downwind outside your country sure as hell DO CARE!!!! HINT, HINT!!!

  • CaliMom

    I hate looking at my open bedroom window and wondering if radiation particles are floating in. Or, if my little girls are ingesting cesium on their lettuce leaves. Or if my dog is bringing in hot particles on her fur. Between all this, and the nonsense going on around the world, does anyone else feel like they suddenly woke up into some kind of nightmare. Where did our peace and prosperity and hope for a brighter tomorrow go? Now I’m wondering if we’ll even be around in the next DECADE! ?? Having said that, I have begun to see the goodness in little moments of life, and feel the importance of sharing time with family and friends now more than ever.

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      Thinking similiar thoughts:
      * Thinking of wearing an N95 or some other mask during my daily 15 mile CA bike rides, and buying full cover bike clothes.
      * Used to avoid most of the inside ‘dead-enzyme’ isles at the grocery, but now suddenly I’m avoiding all the fresh items around the perimeter.
      * Stopped buying milk 2 months ago, but it took me longer to stop putting creamers in my iced coffee during the bike hydration stops.
      * Doesn’t rain here in CA desert but wondering about staying indoors when 30 knot winds come in from LA.

    • War Is Peace

      CaliMom…I feel exactly the same way. Everything is suspect now. I just opened my window and felt the wind blow in, and quickly shut it again. I don’t know if going for my power walk does more harm or good. I’m avoiding the California strawberries I usually gorge on at this time of year like the plague. The greedy bastards who run this planet have now ruined everything.

    • extra knight

      no leafy greens, lettuce, organic salad, tomatos, apples, you name it for me. i even had to ditch the compost pile this year. this is unreal.

    • sorry charlie

      You really captured the feeling…it’s horrible. We have traded everything for nothing! Our grndparents lived without nuclear energy, and they survived! But we may not. So my friends we have one last card to play (as I see it). The powers that greed won’t stop nuclear energy so we must. BOYCOTT NUCLEAR ENERGY…buy a solar panel, live without the TV going all the time…we can do this. Until we make our point and all plants are closed…..the alternative is something we can’t live with!

    • The problem is how to summarize the current situation for your own location – where you are living right now, and how to summarize what is going on there in Japan.

      At this point, whatever anyone told me, I’d not want to be in Tokyo right now. I’d say people on the West Coast of N America have taken a “hit” to their bodies, vegetation, oceans, food chain and may worsen over time.

      JAPAN – 3 reactors in meltthrough (worse than meltdown), one reactor leaning with huge # of fuel rods (enough to kill the world several times over?), on soft water-logged earth in a major EQ-tsunami zone expecting a force 8 or more in the next 6 months (& ongoing 5 and >5 EQs); spewing radioactive vapour to the environment as we can see visually.

      TEPCO Live Camera

      TBS-JNN Live Camera

      WORLD – radiation levels decreasing (acc. to CTBTO and Univ Berkely Calif).

      5 hot particles per day during month of April, 2011 for W Coast N America and 10 hot particles per day in Tokyo. Safe levels for hot particles are about 0.2 a day. Five a day is a “big” cancer risk.

      Note: I wrote to Maggie Gundersen recently and she says we can’t get daily hot particle counts – almost impossible, and expensive.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    I am so happy to see xanteacher posting at HP. Yep she showed up a few minutes ago. HOPEFULLY we’ll have another Japan Voice at HP!

    • Whoopie Whoopie


    • CaliMom

      I love how they put a picture of the pre-disaster plant on the cover story. Geeze, if you’re going to run a story on a nuclear disaster, then put some realistic pictures up with it! Who are they trying to fool here. Let’s show ’em a pretty picture, and maybe they’ll think everything is okay!

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Oh I know. It’s disgusting. PLUS it’s an old article!! I hate HP but since MILLIONS go there, I keep at it. So do all the other Japan regulars. STILL nothing on Ft.Calhoun there either. THAT is big news…yet nothing.

        • ocifferdave

          “I hate HP” -Best Quote Today.

        • CaliMom

          No kidding!! I keep scanning the MSM for ANYthing related to what’s really going on in Japan, and now in Omaha, and it’s all the same bs day after day. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about the mothers in Japan who know in their heart that they are poisoning their children by simply remaining in Japan. Perhaps they have no means to escape their fate there. ?? I have a hard enough time just thinking about the possibility of being contaminated right now, and of my little ones being exposed to this poison, but imagine how it must TRULY feel to those parents who absolutely know that they are being radiated!! I keep praying that the hand that made our precious universe will reach down to save us from ourselves.

          • Anthony Anthony

            With Omaha, we have the same situation potentially right here too.

          • sorry charlie

            Maybe that’s why they shut off the radiation detectors and don’t tell us….ignorance is bliss.
            Keep the sheeple focused on production and consumption….that’s what we are here for….stop thinking…or think only what i tell you to think and by the way Linsey Lohan is up to no good!

          • still shining

            CaliMom – I always feel a flood of empathy when you and other moms of young children express your worries about their exposure to radiation. When my son was little I worried about every cold and little accident…there is nothing as precious as one’s child to a mother.

            Here is something that brings me some comfort – a bit of research that contrasts with all the “we’re all gonna die” stuff.

            Being an Estonian, this research caught my eye, and showed me that contact with radiation is by no means a certain death sentence. I’ve read a lot about Chernobyl and now Fukushima – and it’s all beyond horrible, but think on this…

            A cohort of 4,742 men from Estonia who had participated in the cleanup activities in the Chernobyl area sometime between 1986 and 1991 and were followed through 1993 was analyzed with respect to the incidence of cancer and mortality. Incidence and mortality in the cleanup workers were assessed relative to national rates. No increases were found in all cancers (25 incident cases compared to 26.5 expected) or in leukemia (no cases observed, 1.0 expected). Incidence did not differ statistically significantly from expectation for any individual cancer site or type, though lung cancer and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma both occurred slightly more often than expected. A total of 144 deaths were observed [standardized mortality ratio (SMR) = 0.98; 95% confidence interval (CI) = 0.82-1.14] during an average of 6.5 years of follow-up. Twenty-eight deaths (19.4%) were suicides (SMR = 1.52; 95% CI = 1.01-2.19). Exposure to ionizing radiation while at Chernobyl has not caused a detectable increase in the incidence of cancer among cleanup workers from Estonia. At least for the short follow-up period, diseases directly attributable to radiation appear to be of relatively minor importance when compared with the substantial excess of deaths due to suicide. ”

            So don’t take it for granted that your kids are going to become mutants or die. These guys worked on site of Chernobyl and many are still alive to tell the tale. Depending on the vicissitudes of where you live and how the wind blows, your family might be ok when all is said and done. Keep open for guidance from the Universe to keep your family protected. And don’t forget, prayer is powerful, especially a mother’s prayers.

      • Steven Steven

        That’s not even Daiichi… I’m fairly sure it’s Daiini. Anyone who clicks on ‘read the full story’ gets a shock though – close up view of R3 and R4 with various parts missing.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Tokyo starts radiation checks at 100 locations
    The Tokyo metropolitan government kicked off Wednesday a weeklong program to measure radiation levels in the air at 100 locations in the metropolis in a bid to address fears over the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant. There are one to three check points per 4 square kilometers across Tokyo, excluding mountain areas. Two groups of metropolitan government employees will take measurements at six to seven locations a day during the week, with the results published basically everyday on its website after each measurement, it said. (Kyodo )

    • This is now( or rather from March 11) required all over the world! And made available to the public on a free website!
      Apart from change from profligate ways of living to a conservation oriented non consumerism afflicted set of societies. Thanks stillJill for the info.

    • Darth


      How high up? Are they going to use air filters to trap the hot particles so they can be detected like Arnie Gundersen notes?

      This is just more bull shit.

      How about blq/kg of soil, water, food data.

      How about whole body counts (external and internal) data on a random sampling of people living in the Tokyo area?

      How about something meaningful!!!!

    • extra knight

      let’s look at this from another angle. Tokyo is ~ approx 250 km downwind from the destroyed fukushima dai-ichi reactors, the contamination has been detected across the globe, you have already detected radio-iodine in the water supply for almost 3 months now, you have already admitted that it might take years to scrap the reactors and close the site, and you are only going to do limted testing for dangerous radioactive isotopes for only one week, in one of the most populated cities in the world. hats off to TEPCO.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Here’s another new one,…I like it!

    Jun 15 Japan’s richest man challenges nuclear future with nationwide solar plans
    Billionaire Masayoshi Son aims to shake up Japan’s power utilities after the worst nuclear crisis in 25 years. He has a track record in taking on monopolies after building a business that opened up the nation’s telecommunications industry. Son, the 53-year-old chief executive officer of Softbank Corp. (9984), plans to build solar farms to generate electricity with support from at least 33 of Japan’s 47 prefectures. In return, he’s asking for access to transmission networks owned by the 10 regional utilities and an agreement they buy his electricity. (Bloomberg)

  • Bonz

    Ummm gang,

    I think you all better have a look at this IMMEDIATELY.

    Better spread the word.

    Also check out WRH. Artickles coming quickly.


    • Bonz

      Articles. 🙂

      • BetaFlare

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    • Anthony Anthony

      ***So, someone builds a nuclear power plant at the bend of a river that floods every single year. And despite prior problems with flooding, nobody wants to spend the money to start putting key equipment up on risers or towers. And now the power station is starting to flood, and as was the case with the Fukushima sea wall, money was saved by building flood barriers at the legally required minimum. While the reactor itself was shut down for re-fueling, a fire broke out in the electrical system and cooling was lost for the spent fuel rod cooling pool, the same problem now plaguing Fukushima’s building #4. Yes, the Power Plant is saying there has been no release of radiation, but that was the same song we heard from TEPCO at the start. The FAA has declared a no-fly zone for two miles around the plant because of “hazard.”

      At the moment, things look stable, but if the flooding increases (or worse, an upstream dam fails) sandbags are not going to hold back the water.***

    • Aodhan

      This is definitely fear mongering. Being an airline pilot I know they divert traffic for numerous reasons. It doesn’t necessarily mean radiation is being released as this article wants you to believe. This could be simple logistics to get government aircraft in the area to assess damage, etc. I think some people on this website are gripped with fear and it’s affecting their thinking. More people are going to die because of this radiation from Fuku…that’s a given. It doesn’t mean it’s the end of life on this planet.

  • SteveMT

    There already are significant releases if they were looking in the right places, like one meter off of the ground! Right about at the level of the GENITALS for the average Japanese!

    Govt. releases radiation readings at 1-meter-high
    Wednesday, June 15, 2011 21:24 +0900 (JST)

    Japan’s science ministry has started releasing readings of radiation levels across the country measured at the same height — one meter from the ground.

    It said radiation levels measured at a height of one meter on Monday in some prefectures, including Yamagata and Tochigi, were more than twice as high as those recorded at the monitoring posts.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Well there’s been discussion on the HP thread that said thread should be saved. So we’re all saving it to PC. Never know when something might happen. No fear mongering. just preparing for the worst. enenews posters and HP have been at this since DAY 1. I SALUTE YOU ALL!!

    • BetaFlare

      Page not found
      Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Lucas Whitefield Hixson | #Fukushima | #FtCalhoun | @Enformable does not exist.

      Page not found

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    HP discussing saving to file. The good thing about HP’s is it’s all in one. I don’t know how you guys would save entire comment sections HERE. But it’s something to think about. You and HP are the only ONGOING NEWS SOURCES AROUND. CONTINUOUS.

  • chrisk9

    The article states that people in one location would receive a yearly dose of 24 milliseverts from the ground contamination.
    The elephant in the room is that this dose is caused completely from loose surface contamination. This radioactive dust and particles constantly goes airborne every time someone walks by or the wind blows the slightest bit. Everyone is constantly breathing radioactive particles every second of every day in these areas where any radiation measurements are above normal background levels. Measuring dose rates 1 meter above the ground is nothing more than a “con job”, be real and measure 1 cm above the ground-but that would be scary huh!

    Do the Japanese people know this? Is anyone performing whole body counts on the population to find their internal dose. Any internal deposition gives out radiation within the body and to specific organs 24/7 until the body expels it naturally. Which could take days or years. This is something the government and the utilities will try to hide with all their resources. And we will not see the results until cancer studies are completed in 20-40 years.

    • Darth

      “we will not see the results until cancer studies are completed in 20-40 years.”

      Exterminations take time…

  • California Dreaming

    In additional to what we get from Fuku and our local plants, coal mining is also doing a fine job releasing uranium and other radioactive goodies in US: see

    SF Chronicle review of documentary The Last Mountain:

  • California Dreaming

    @CaliMom – I am soaking my topsoil produce in clay, and soaking my baby in zeolite. Yes, berries gave us really bright rashes!

  • Mark

    Always thanks to all you vigilant people out there.
    Fukushima is level 10 Ft Calhoun level 4 all non-news in the mainstream. Sabre rattling in Pakistan, flood in Missouri no mention of Fort Calhoun….USA troops in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraqi soon Pakistan, no wonder economy sucks war maneuvers is where USA taxpayers money going not alternative energy not medicare not for the american people… I fear for my children

    • Darth

      Amen to all that my brother…

    • chrisk9

      Ft Calhoun is a level 4 event on the NRC scale of plant events, with level one being the worst. This is not the same scale as used for Fukushima and Chernobyl. A level 4 event at a power plant here means that something unusual has happened (small earthquake, plant scram) but there is no release of radiation even within the plant. But who knows if the flooding could cause severe problems in the future

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Not a Level 4 event? Tons of links exploring it. House says it’s not.

  • Mark

    Nuclear plant in the middle of a huge flooded river/lake, relying on sandbags. SANDBAGS????! WTF? thought you nuclear “experts”had everything under controll. Call it level 1, 2, 3, or 4 I don’t care this situation is F@cked,should never have happened period. Just more proof nuclear industry can’t look after its self.

  • Mark

    They should all shut down and my country of Canada should stop mining and exporting uranium.

    Fuki should be big wake up call but we now know it isn’t because Fakestream media ignores it. I’m living in a bad sci-fi movie.

    Going for a nice walk now Peace and Love to everybody


    Not sure if we covered this properly, or even if the phenomenon is observable. I live in the Pacific NorthWest (Vancouver Island) and we’ve had a grey haze for about the last 3 months, with just sporadic bursts of sunshine every so often. Assuming it is observable, (and I think it is) what might be causing it.


    We know that the west coast did get Cesium-137 and I think other isotopes (Cs-134?) – at low levels [as measured in air, not ocean water].

    Cesium chloride is used by terrorists for bioterrorism and is the main form of Cesium from Fukushima – highly carcinogenic. It is also formed when Cesium and Iodine mix with salt from the ocean. So, I would theorize, if there is cesium chloride now in the ocean it could get taken up as rain and fall down on our heads. Cesium chloride acts like silver iodide (used in cloud-seeding to make clouds).

    Could it be raining cesium chloride?


    Has anyone seen charts for cesium chloride levels in the ocean?

    Also information on how it might be carried from Japan over to N America in ocean currents and rainfall.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      This is a link I’ve had forever…buried deep. You might check there…altho Irish website, you might be able to use it:

    • Probable Koz

      We live in Corvallis, Oregon. The skies/clouds have DEFINITELY been strange, I’ve noticed this the past couple months. I’ve deduced the same thing Pu239, except the caesium chloride part. I’ve just theorized that the radioactive gases and particulates are binding to water and causing dark-bottomed clouds, hazy skies, etc. Funny how the weather forecasts several times have called for mostly sun but the actual weather is very gray and cloudy with occasional breaks.

      I know I’m not imagining things. I’ve been a keen observer of weather and other changes in our physical environment the past 20 years, such as the decreasing snowpack and glacial mass on Mt. Hood and other mountains. I noticed these things even before global warming became the issue it is today.

      I have no doubt we are receiving radioactive rain and air. You and several others have commented on strange clouds since I started monitoring Energy News about 2 months ago. It makes sense the radiation would rise as evaporation from the ocean as well as what’s already in the air. Thanks for the caesium chloride/silver iodide info.

      • @ Probable Koz
        No you are not imagining things, So many post here in many places describing the same things over the last 2 months here and on other boards !
        You are observed and it may help you now as in the past !

    • Rica E

      I woke up to the worst dry haze day I have ever seen. It has my blue sky a washed out dull color. Once again very visible on car and windshield. I conduct my own measurements by hosing car off and seeing how long it takes for the crystaline dust to accumulate. It’s not been there everyday but I think today will be bad. Visible chem streaks in the sky. I wish I owned a vid cam or could have dutchsinse take video or readings. Oh and pet and kids smell strongly of metal after being outside the last 2 days. I can’t wait to soak in a bath of filtered water and epsom salts and baking soda!!!!!

  • Mark

    In regard to Betaflares post thank you by the way not outside thread discussion in my opinion.
    Quote from Inquisition Handbook(from Wikepedia “Inquisition”)
    for punishment does not take place primarily and per se for the correction and good of the person punished, but for the public good in order that others may become terrified and weaned away from the evils they would commit.” read for the good of the church, not the good of the individual which was a political entity not strictly religious.

    Marks short term synopsis: People in power are psychopaths history proves it nothing has changed today they don’t give a flying F@ck for you and yours so act accordingly

  • Mark

    sorry meant to say Catholic Church was(is) a political entity not religious

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Look at the subjugation of the Native peoples around the world the Catholic Church.
    It’s very core is political.
    The Vatican has it’s own army to defend those dressed in dresses of woven gold and fine velvets and and ermine trimmed robes.
    The Red Mass…the Vatican assassins, etc…. are traitors to God.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      And what will the Catholic Church do when strife and hunger come to the people..they will lock the doors of the church.. like they did during Irish famine..leaving the people to die with their mouths stained green from trying to eat the grass.

    • Mark

      OMFG don’t get me started on Catholic church nothing to do with God or Love worldwide sex scandal involving priests and choir boys totally off topic but another bunch of psychopathic sexual deviants who have a lot in common with TEPCO and other big business and political leaders

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        There are many faithful followers. I don’t mean to upset…it’s not the followers..
        It’s the Church itself..the followers are simply ..tithe bait.

        • Mark

          Several blind men were asked to describe an elephant. 1st blind man felt the ears and said oh this is a skin hung up to dry, 2nd blind man felt the belly of elephant “No its more like a wall”
          3rd blind man felt the trunk and said oh this is a snake 4th blind man touched the tip of the tusks”Oh this is a spear” 5th blind man felt leg and said oh this is a tree trunk. None of them were wrong but none of them had the big picture. Only one God but many religions no one has the big picture But if Jesus Christ said God is love, then by loving our fellow man that act brings us close to God in a meaningful way

  • Mark

    In regard to Probable Coz and others I live in Vancouver on west coast north of you I havn’t noticed anything strange in clouds weather has been weird anyways before fuki. But these radioactive fleas we have been talking about have some sort of magnetic energy possible to affect weather? Electricity is moving electrons nuclear is splitting atoms both relate to a discipline of tiny things we can’t see earth is magnetized electricity can make a magnet could all be part of an atomic discipline modern man has poor understanding of Japanese can’t figure out how radiation got to a certain space seems radiation is blown by the wind and subject to magnetic fields. Bottom line we don’t understand it not me not learned scientists anything is possible.

    God Bless everyone

    • Jebus Jebus

      That explanation, citing the tube of steam rising is nothing more than the third tower that is in that cams frame. It is bullshit. They were adding water from the pumper trucks to try and cool the HOT coriums. The steam from that makes the tower look like “explosive” steam.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        I mistakenly hit “Report comment” when I was going for reply. So, Admin, please ignor my “Report comment”.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        I come neither to bury Caesar nor to argue. I post only to perhaps, possibly, point out some additional information which may be either helpful or interesting.

        Call it Bullshit if you must, but I submit it as just one more possible camera angle.

        Thank you for your feedback.

    • Jebus Jebus

      They were trying to cool the reactors enough to send in the workers (victims?) to gauge the radiation as evidenced today by the released videos. It is obvious by both cams that the “beasts” have cooled a bit more recently.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Thanks for the link. I watched everything live and later on timelapse several times. You know you are right on when someone attacks.

      • Jebus Jebus

        Not an attack, I’m calling the articles explanation bullshit, Think about it. Where did all the water come from to create the steam. Everything is boiled away from the heat source. If the coriums, or the pool, went through at that time, to the water table, then we would still have massive steam right now. The water came from the pumper trucks and the steam blasted up cause the heat from the hot, hot, fuel made it. They cooled it a bit and went in and took readings. It could (will) heat some more and they will try to cool it again, making more steam. Toxic steam shooting up into the air. They do it at night to “hide” the steam clouds. This has been the cycle for a while now. I am not trying to minimize what happened, I just don’t believe we had another criticality. I watched the vids too, many times and I saw headlights and flashlights around the area. I am sure the steam reactions were violent. I’m sure we had more poisioning of our air cause those violent steam reactions will be carrying more material into the air.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Japan’s Ad-Hoc Radiation Tests Raise Concerns
    By Aya Takada and Yasumasa Song – Jun 15, 2011 8:01 AM PT

    Japan’s Radiation Tests Raise Concerns Over Food Safety

    A shopper looks at vegetables in a supermarket in Fukushima, Japan. Photographer: Roslan Rahman/Getty Images
    Japan’s Radiation Tests Raise Concerns Over Food Safety

    A farmer sits beside spinach in his greenhouse in Hokota city, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan. Products including spinach, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, tea, milk, plums and fish have been found to be contaminated with cesium and iodine as far as 360 kilometers from the station. Contamination was detected in 347 food samples from eight prefectures by June 9. Photographer: Haruyoshi Yamaguchi/Bloomberg

    Kimie Nozaki, a mother of three children living 60 kilometers from the crippled Fukushima nuclear reactors, said she doesn’t trust the government’s testing program for radiation-contaminated food.

    “Information from the government lacks detail, which makes me even more nervous,” said Nozaki, who lives in Fukushima city about 35 miles from the plant that’s been emitting radiation since March 11 in the world’s worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Fukushima’s Plan To Put Radiation Badges On Children Not Pleasing Parents

    09:32 am June 15, 2011 by Mark Memmott

    The news that the city of Fukushima, Japan, plans to give badge-like dosimeters to 34,000 children in September — to gauge how much radiation they’re exposed to from the nearby nuclear power plant that was crippled by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami — isn’t sitting well with some parents.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Harpooned whales radioactive, says Japan

    By North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy

    Posted Wed Jun 15, 2011 6:27pm AEST

  • Anthony Anthony

    Contaminated sewage sludge worries Japanese

    Mark Willacy reported this story on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 08:18:00

  • Anthony Anthony

    Japan requests halt to tea shipment after contamination detected

    Jun 15, 2011, 6:48 GMT

    Tokyo – Japanese authorities have asked five tea-processing plants in the centre of the country to stop production and recall recent shipments after excessive radioactive substances were detected, officials said Wednesday.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Japan to expand evacuation areas around nuclear plant

    Jun 15, 2011, 9:12 GMT

    Tokyo – The Japanese government said Wednesday it would issue an additional evacuation advisory for areas outside the no-go zone around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

    Such areas are feared to have accumulated radiation levels above the official limit, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said.

    ‘We will come to a certain conclusion in the not-too-distant future,’ Edano said, according to Kyodo News.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Whales in Japan Could Face Radiation Poisoning
    June 15, 2011 | Filed under: General News | Posted by: Alexis James

    Japan is reporting that two whales, caught by whalers there along the northern coast, had traces of radiation assumed to come from leaks at the damaged nuclear power plant. Out of a total of 17 whales caught off the Pacific coast of Hokkaido, two showed traces of radioactive cesium, both about one-twentieth of the legal limit. Officials believe these are the first whales to be affected by the radiation from the nuclear plant since it was damaged by the March 11th earthquake and tsunami.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Gov’t to monitor radioactive cesium in swimming areas

    TOKYO (Kyodo) — The government will ask municipalities to check radiation levels at swimming areas this summer in assessing their water quality in the wake of the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant, government officials said Tuesday.