Former Prime Minister of Japan: I realized Fukushima disaster could have been 100 times worse than Chernobyl (VIDEO)

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Report: Worker says Fukushima Dai-ni “might be getting ready to be restarted”

Fukushima Daini Unit 1 had pressure increase after quake, before tsunami — Gundersen: “They should also talk about just how damaged Fukushima Daiichi 5 and 6 are but we’re not hearing that either” (VIDEO)

Reports: “Something may have happened at Fukushima II Nuclear Power Plant” after M7.3 quake — Tepco “did not know cause of pressure rise”

Tepco checking for damage inside reactor at Fukushima DAINI

Fukushima Tapes in English: Daini workers needed emergency room after being at Unit 4 — Unable to decontaminate exposed people — “Plants are not safe” (VIDEO)

Japan Times: Fukushima Daini ‘written off’, Reactors No. 5 and 6 at Daiichi also — Japan Policy Minister: Plants “should never be restarted”

WSJ: Fukushima Daini “still receives lots of radioactive fallout from Fukushima Daiichi”

Tepco: We are focused on ensuring Unit 4 is kept in a stable condition and fixing the three other units… at Fukushima DAINI

Former Tokyo Police Chief: Tepco wanted to withdraw from Fukushima Daini, not only Daiichi

Daini Reactor Inspected: Paint coming off inside containment vessel — Blamed on temperature and humidity increase after 3/11 quake (PHOTOS)

Shukan Asahi: Fukushima Daini also had major damage from 3/11 — Submerged under 4 meters of water

Major Japan Weekly: Industry insiders say Fukushima Daini “damaged badly”

Book by Fukushima Worker: Bottom of Daini reactor may be ‘broken through’ — Rumors of possible explosion

New Tepco Survey: Most contaminated location is near Fukushima Daini, not Daiichi (MAP)

Worker falls ill at Fukushima Daini — We confirmed no radioactive materials were adhered to the body -Tepco

NYT: Top Japan official warned of demonic chain reaction after Daiichi meltdowns — We would lose Fukushima Daini, then we would lose Tokai — We would also lose Tokyo itself

New Report: Cabinet members were bracing for possible evacuation of Tokyo — Edano feared Daiini problems — Yoshida warned officials of meltdown on 3/14

Japan Media: “Wasteland” at Fukushima Daini perfect place for Tepco to set-up decontamination factory

Yomiuri: Fukushima Daini was ‘near meltdown’ admits head of plant — “At the moment, I can only say we’ll maintain a STATE of cold shutdown”