Plutonium detected under 70 miles from Tokyo -Gov’t


New Study: Aerosolized plutonium from Fukushima detected in Europe — Spent fuel indicated

Asahi reports on recent plutonium detections — Better translation needed

Nuclear Engineer: All 3 Fukushima reactors had enormous amounts of plutonium inside before melting down (VIDEO)

Nuclear Engineer: All 3 Fukushima reactors had enormous amounts of plutonium inside before melting down (VIDEO)

NPR program practically begging for US to make more plutonium-238 — “Supplies running low”

Krypton-85 up over 14,000% in one day at Reactor No. 2 — Kr-85 used to detect “plutonium separations”

Japan radiation expert: Plutonium-238 from inside reactors went far from Fukushima after explosions — ‘Misleading’ media said it would stay close by

Neutron ray measured in Tokyo — Uranium-235 found in Chiba — Can’t be detected by most geiger counters (PHOTO & VIDEO)

SOURCE: Fukushima Diary

Leaked TEPCO report: 120 billion Becquerels of plutonium, 7.6 trillion Becquerels of neptunium released in first 100 hours — Media concealed risk to public

Japan Gov’t: Plutonium will no longer be measured — Almost impossible for normal person to detect, geiger counters ineffective

Gov’t: Plutonium dose at 27 microsieverts in Namiemachi — Will remain “for about 50 years” (MAP)

SOURCE: Daily Yomiuri

New Scientist: “Plutonium from Fukushima was expected to rapidly disperse in the Pacific Ocean — Instead, it seems that the levels remain high”

Strontium found 80 km from Fukushima plant — 15 Bq/m² of plutonium-239 and -240 in Minamisoma (MAP)

SOURCE: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

WSJ: “A potentially disturbing turn” — Plutonium discovered far from Fukushima reactors

Kyodo: Gov’t says plutonium appears to be from meltdowns — Found at 6 locations — 45 km from plant in Iitate

First Time: Gov’t admits Plutonium-238 detected in locations far from Fukushima plant

40 km from Fukushima to Iitate-mura

Takashi: Plutonium evaporated and spread around as gas after Fukushima meltdowns


Japan lawmaker: Plutonium certainly went deep within basement of Reactor No. 3 — Anyone’s guess where it’s at now

UPDATED: ***DOCUMENT INACCURATE*** Americium-241 found in soil west of Tokyo at 74 becquerels/kg


Mag: “Large quantity” of Neptunium-239 flew at least 60km from Fukushima meltdowns — Decays into Plutonium-239

Plutonium-238, 239, 240 detected at Fukushima playground on August 15 — TEPCO admits they consider it to be from triple meltdown


Report: 76 trillion becquerels of Plutonium-239 released from Fukushima — 23,000 times higher than previously announced