27 quadrillion becquerels of cesium-137 flowed into sea — Doesn’t include first week of crisis — 30 times what Tepco claimed

Leading Director in Japan: “Nuclear power generation is the only invention that may destroy the future of human beings”

France: 20 times more cesium was released from Fukushima into sea than TEPCO claims

French Gov’t: Fukushima to make Pacific TWICE as radioacitve as after atmospheric nuclear testing in ’60s — “Significant” releases could persist

Fire at Swedish nuke plant — Reactor shut down for safety reasons — Extinguished by rescue workers — Cause of blaze unknown

German Gov’t Study: Children living near nuclear plants have double leukemia rates, high incidence of solid cancers — Reactors cannot prevent radiation from escaping (VIDEO)

All countries with nuclear reactors have nuclear bomb factories — Includes Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan — Nuclear power a “camouflage” for nuclear weapons (VIDEO, Part II)

Germany’s ‘Today’ Show rips Japan Gov’t, TEPCO — May help explain why country rejected nuclear power (VIDEO)

Germany’s ‘Today’ Show rips Japan Gov’t, TEPCO — May help explain why country rejected nuclear power (VIDEO)

Reuters: 7-hour emergency declared after reactor leak at Pakistani nuclear plant, no radiation damage reported ‘yet’ — Men in protective gear isolated part of plant

Japan allows triple amount of cesium in food than Chernobyl did — Over 50% of store-bought seafood samples contaminated with radiation

TV: “We don’t want to create a panic, but it’s good to know” — Radioactive tsunami debris coming to Hawaii “much earlier” than predicted (VIDEO)


Tokyo Researchers: Radioactive plankton are “so heavily contaminated” — Food chain fears — Continuously carried southward from Fukushima

Report: NRC analysis indicated “elevated child thyroid” in Alaska, Pacific island… With only 1 of 3 reactor cores releasing radiation (PHOTO)

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Nuclear workers dosed with Plutonium during mishap

Recent World nuke headlines: Radiation at Prague playground caused by metal rod — Future of Chernobyl health studies in doubt — 80 members of German opera refuse to visit Japan

AFP: Reigning champ showering with bottled water while in Japan — Another rider considers leaving all his clothes behind

New Scientist: “Plutonium from Fukushima was expected to rapidly disperse in the Pacific Ocean — Instead, it seems that the levels remain high”

Nearly 500 times more radiation involved in explosion at Marcoule nuke plant than previously admitted — Level 1 on INES scale

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Area around Prague playground sealed off after gov’t experts find radiation 5 times over limit

Chernobyl expert: Fukushima is “largest delivery of radiation into the ocean ever seen” — “We still don’t know how much was released”

Scientists: Radioactivity in sea NOT falling off — Hypothesis says Fukushima groundwater is leaking radiation

Switzerland votes to abandon nuclear power — Will close all reactors and develop more hydro-electricity

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