NYT: Experts suspect melted fuel may be threatening groundwater — “Battle of epic proportions” says Koide — Concerns over recriticality

Independent: Giant concrete ‘diaper’ to be built under Fukushima plant in effort to stop radioactive substances leaking into ground -Nuclear experts

Yomiuri: Former Japan PM ‘hints’ of recriticality at Fukushima — Found Chlorine-38 in Reactor No. 1 water tested at research institute

Worker at Reactor No. 3 says nuclear fuel gone from Spent Fuel Pool — “Great skepticism” that any pellets remain (VIDEO)

Now 40 years to ‘decommission’ Fukushima reactors, says gov’t timetable revealed by NHK — Pushed back 10 years (VIDEO)

NYT on Recriticality: Japan nuclear prof. says chain reaction at Fukushima can’t be ruled out — Disagrees with expert in America who says it’s unlikely

Gundersen: Could Fukushima have a China Syndrome? — No one can get within 100 feet of bottom of reactors (VIDEO)

Congressman at NRC hearing: Fukushima is worst nuclear disaster in world history (VIDEO)

Former JNES inspector: Nuclear explosion at Fukushima No. 3 had “black smoke” and “mushroom cloud” — “Hydrogen explosion does not produce such a black smoke” (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Was a portion of Reactor No. 4 cut off? — Report: “Appears to be a planned action” (PHOTOS)

Reuters: Gov’t says biggest radiation dose was OUTSIDE exclusion zone — 19 millisievert average in Iitate — May be even higher

Japan Expert: It was a nuclear explosion at Reactor No. 3 — I believe fuel rods were blown out of spent fuel pool

Report: Wall of No. 4 reactor building missing on south side (PHOTOS)

Iodine-131 detected in Tokyo at multiple locations during November — 350 bq/kg at Kita garbage facility

Radioactive iodine found in Gunma at 3 sewage plants — “Possibility of recriticality again”

NHK: Plant operators trying to find nuclear cores — All fuel has melted through, much of it into containment vessel… So where’s the rest? (VIDEO)

AP: Nuclear fuel moved as it melted — Little known about location and condition of reactor cores — Limited info on spent fuel pools

*UPDATE* Mainichi: Reactors No. 1 and 2 have holes up to 50 square CENTImeters, analysis says — Biggest hurdle now is filling with water — “Caused by hydrogen explosions” — Half million pounds of highly radioactive fuel inside reactors 1-3

Fukushima Worker: Situation is totally out of control — Nobody can actually measure the temperature of dropped nuclear fuel

Groundwater a likely source for continued flow of radiation into ocean — “Complete melt through” so “not surprising” discharges continue, says study

New Study: ‘Fuel rod materials’ may have been released when acid seawater interacted with ruptured fuel rods, carrying radioactive materials into ground — “Full magnitude of release has not been well documented”

Nihon TV: Japan prof. says the explosions at Reactors No. 1 & 3 may have damaged suppression chambers — “Saturated steam that contains fission products” was apparently observed escaping