Cesium-137 levels 100 times normal levels in Osaka, 350 miles SW of Fukushima — First-ever detection of cesium-134

“Water dropping down from above” in Reactor No. 2 — Steaming spent fuel pool blamed

Workers find pools of water at No.2, NHK, May 19, 2011

“Recriticality? Possibility of recriticality?! IAEA report: a meltdown at Fukushima unit 3?” (JAPAN TV)


TEPCO says it’s “difficult” to start injecting nitrogen needed to prevent blast at Reactor No. 3

NHK, May 19, 2011

Sharp rise in radioactive material near Reactor No. 3 – Seawater concentration triples in a day (VIDEO)

Reactor No. 6 now has over 6 feet of contaminated water in turbine building — Water in reactor building may cause cooling system to fail

Poor estimates force timetable revision, Yomiuri, May 18, 2011

Strange: U.S. made “strong request” that radioactive water be dumped in ocean says special adviser to Japan gov’t

Contamination numbers are “disturbingly higher than we have been lead to believe” –

TEPCO says it has yet to be able to grasp “entire situation” at Fukushima — Will have to “drastically modify its plans”

Nuclear Physicist: Most of the fallout from plutonium-containing MOX fuel will drop on U.S., unless very strong winds take it elsewhere

Melted fuel in Reactor No. 3 appears to have burned through pressure vessel — Loaded with rods containing plutonium

Rapid meltdown happened at Reactors No. 2 and 3 — Indicated by black smoke at No. 3

“Huge Problems”: All parts of fuel rods appear to have melted at all 3 reactors admits TEPCO

Meltdowns also likely occurred at No. 2, No. 3 reactors of Fukushima plant, Asahi Shinbun, May 18, 2011

Molten fuel bore a hole at bottom of Containment Vessel at Reactor No. 1– Pressure Vessel is “completely broken” says Kyoto U. nuclear professor

“There have been nuclear explosions” — “Ongoing nuclear reaction taking place now” (VIDEO)

“Situation at Fukushima out of control”, Russia Today, May 17, 2011

Melting of nuclear fuel at Reactors No. 2 and 3 “extensive if not complete” — “Far more dire than previously recognized”

BBC: “Melted floor” at Reactor No. 1 — Damage “far more severe than initially thought”

Scientists ‘interested’ in learning more about Technetium-99 releases from Fukushima

Reactor No.1′s fuel rods “completely melted” admits TEPCO

Time.com: China Syndrome “might just have happened at Fukushima” — Molten fuel may have “melted through everything into the earth”

WSJ says “meltdown” at Reactors No. 2 and 3

Cores Damaged at Three Reactors, Wall Street Journal, May 16, 2011 at 3:03 pm EDT

Tepco says fuel in Reactors No. 2 and 3 may have melted — Announcement about the two reactors “will be made later”