New photos show what remains of No. 4 reactor building’s eastern wall

Minamisoma official discusses black smoke when Reactor No. 3 exploded

Marine Chemist: ‘The reactors are still leaking’ — ‘Why aren’t the fish getting cleaner?’

Ex-Toshiba Nuclear Engineer: How much did fire and high temperatures at Unit 4 affect building’s stability? — Tepco has never released confirmable data (VIDEO)

Japan TV: We’ve managed to obtain ‘revealing, eye-opening testimonies’ from Fukushima workers — Concern over Unit 4 is spreading — First thing I do after quake is check reactor building (VIDEO)

Tepco Email: Possible re-criticality in Reactor No. 2

30-minute Broadcast on Fukushima: “If anything happens, this is not just about the end of Japan, probably start of the end of the world” (VIDEO)

Japan TV: We have discovered a new hidden danger at Reactor 4 — There’s another way fuel rods can be damaged (VIDEO)

Reuters: Cesium remains dispersed throughout water column “from the surface to the ocean floor”

Japan’s ex-Prime Minister Testifies: I feared radioactive releases many hundreds of times Chernobyl

Tokyo Shimbun Reporter: “The water looked too stagnant to see the fuel rods seven meters beneath”

Asahi: High radiation levels at reactors preventing Tepco from even preparing for start of decommissioning work — ‘Many uncertainties could easily derail timetable’

Tokyo Reporter: Unit 4 like a “battlefield after being bombed” — Questions Tepco’s promise that it will be OK during big quake

Tepco to remove fresh fuel from No. 4 pool this summer — “Hoping to determine how damaged unused assemblies are”

Yomiuri Reporter: Fuel rods were not visible when looking under sheet covering Unit 4 pool

Fukushima Daiichi Worker: I think all reactors will be in crisis after major aftershock — We don’t have enough people to settle down No. 4 fuel pool and other reactors

Radiation spikes on floor below No. 4 fuel pool

AP: Tepco rejects growing calls to let outside experts inspect Fukushima plant

Former Fukushima Daiichi Worker: TEPCO screwed up by admitting it’s preparared to spray concrete on spent fuel — “They are really admitting they know that it might collapse!”

Update: Fukushima is NOT 4½ Chernobyls of Cs-137… “but it is worse” — “Doubly ironic that it is all thanks to Yomiuri Shinbun, pro-nuke establishment newspaper”

NYTimes: ‘The Web’ has amplified fears that are helping to undermine assurances by Tepco and the Japanese gov’t that Fukushima Daiichi in stable condition

Japan Vice Minister: “Uncertainties remain” at Unit 4 — Tepco Official: We will inspect reactor building to reevaluate its safety