Fukushima Daiichi workers ordered to cover dosimeters with lead plates (PHOTO)

Fuel assemblies placed in special container after cleaning, not yet transferred into shared pool — No “major abnormality” in external appearance or radiation levels

Nuclear Engineer: New fuel is highly reactive, easier to go critical than spent fuel — Bad situation if assemblies are damaged (VIDEO)

French Physicist: Fukushima spent fuel pools miraculously survived — Unit No. 4 a constant source of worry (AUDIO)

Asahi: Fukushima meltdowns seen by many in Japan as nation’s great debacle — Worse than atomic bombings

‘Unusual Move’: Japan ex-Prime Minister joins ever-bigger crowds at weekly Tokyo protest — Fresh sign ruling party is fracturing

Kyodo: Tokyo area officials blast gov’t decontamination, “An empty promise” — Little progress made in cleaning up radioactive soil

Removed fuel assemblies 100 times more radioactive than normal — Tepco worker thinks it’s from before 3/11

Massive Demonstrations Working in Japan? AFP: Size and regularity of events giving gov’t pause — Prime Minister: “Nuclear energy is becoming an issue that divides the nation”, says he will “listen attentively”

Reuters: Head of Tepco ‘shocked’ people are concerned about No. 4 fuel pool — ‘Baffled’ by criticism of company’s role in Fukushima disaster

M4.5 quake hits Fukushima — Third M4 in last 24 hours

Tepco completes covering seafloor with layers of cement mix — More coating used at Reactors 5 & 6 than for Reactors 1, 2, 3 & 4 combined (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Lead scientist surprised by Japan data: Fukushima plant still leaking radiation into ocean?

Tepco: No ‘major’ deformation or corrosion seen so far in removed fuel assemblies (VIDEO)

WSJ speculates: “Is process of emptying the Unit 4 pool starting?” — Will Tepco continue taking out more racks? — Law forbids disclosing when nuclear fuel is moved

Fukushima “was almost Biblical” says top US nuclear official — Horrifying… “It’s forever changed me”

UK newspaper reports on Fukushima children with abnormal thyroid growths

Kotaku: Plants Are Taking Over Japan’s Nuclear Wasteland — “Tall growth is unconnected to radioactivity” says news outlet — Weed known to grow in areas that were burned or otherwise disturbed (PHOTOS)

Sources: Unit 4 fuel assembly to be ‘cleaned’, not yet in shared pool — Tepco declines to comment — Trying to determine how much cladding has been eroded or damaged by seawater (NEW PHOTO)

Palast: “It’s phony, it’s a lie” — There’s no photo from Fukushima Daiichi of a diesel generator wet, let alone flooded — Seismic testing systematically faked at nuke plants worldwide (VIDEO)

Nuclear Engineer who advised Prime Minister: Danger of radiation escaping from No. 4 fuel pool during strong aftershock — We don’t know what may happen if there’s another major quake — “We hope for the best” -AP

Fukushima Study: People inhaled up to 85,000 becquerels of radioactivity… in just 4 hours — Includes only iodine-131