“Extremely Strange”: Prime Minister Kan believes Tepco hiding key evidence — Claims its hard drive was full (VIDEO)

US Newspaper reports on link between birth defects and eating radioactive contamination — One piece of contaminated food may deliver radiation of hundreds of x-rays

Lawmaker questions Japan Prime Minister: He let people die in Fukushima — I want him to resign immediately (VIDEO)

Kyodo: 170,000 people at rally in central Tokyo (AERIAL VIDEO & PHOTOS)

Mayor: Debris fell from the sky after Unit 1 explosion — I thought it might be the end — Many people were still in town and everybody stopped talking for a moment (VIDEO)

Kyodo: Alarms go off at Japan nuke plant trying to restart — Rise in pressure at No. 4 reactor’s primary coolant system

Mayor in Fukushima Town: “My hair fell off” one woman told me with tears in her eyes — I’m so sorry for them still (VIDEO)

Kyodo: Nuclear hearing rocked by alleged gov’t shill — Meeting managed by advertising agency (PHOTO)

Watch: Former NYTimes journalist goes inside no-entry zone, reports radiation levels over 10 times higher than Tepco’s data (VIDEO)

Just 0.8% of children in 2001 Japanese control group had thyroid cysts or nodules — 36% in Fukushima study

Now 35.8% of Fukushima children have thyroid cysts or nodules — 13,646 do and 24,468 don’t

Analyst on Fukushima Reactors: What’s happening with the corium? Where is this? — Not good that I’ve read very little about it (VIDEO)

Family 100 km from Fukushima Daiichi: 4, 7, and 10 year old each with many cysts on thyroid (ULTRASOUND)

NHK: Gov’t experts suggest suppression chamber collapsed at Reactor No. 2 on March 14 — Tepco’s analysis “probably does not reflect what actually happened”

Nuclear Expert: Melted nuclear core could go up to a HALF MILE into earth (VIDEO)

1,000,000 Bq/kg of cesium detected at Fukushima school… after being ‘decontaminated’ — “It’s obvious they will just leave it” – Local Official

Japanese Journalist: “Like Palestine” at Tokyo protest — ‘Iron fence’ erected as last resort of Prime Minister’s regime

Watch: Tepco releases footage of Reactor No. 3 from crane (VIDEOS)

NHK: Latest from Reactor No. 3 “may pose a problem” for efforts to remove melted fuel at bottom — No sign of water leakage from suppression chamber (VIDEO)

Evacuee: Fukushima hospital worker says 5 out of 7 babies were born with birth defect, Down’s syndrome, or lost by miscarriage — After this, husband agreed to evacuate

PHOTOS: Tokyo police preparing early for protesters — Large buses with no windows, accordion gates to seal off streets

NHK: Fuel rods to be removed from No. 4 fuel pool — Concerns about sea water damage — Special container so fuel doesn’t going critical — Test date not revealed ‘for security reasons’