Japanese Journalist: “Like Palestine” at Tokyo protest — ‘Iron fence’ erected as last resort of Prime Minister’s regime

Watch: Tepco releases footage of Reactor No. 3 from crane (VIDEOS)

NHK: Latest from Reactor No. 3 “may pose a problem” for efforts to remove melted fuel at bottom — No sign of water leakage from suppression chamber (VIDEO)

Evacuee: Fukushima hospital worker says 5 out of 7 babies were born with birth defect, Down’s syndrome, or lost by miscarriage — After this, husband agreed to evacuate

PHOTOS: Tokyo police preparing early for protesters — Large buses with no windows, accordion gates to seal off streets

NHK: Fuel rods to be removed from No. 4 fuel pool — Concerns about sea water damage — Special container so fuel doesn’t going critical — Test date not revealed ‘for security reasons’

Yesterday: Japan doctor warns of post-Fukushima fatigue disease — Today’s Headline: Fatigue proving fatal for evacuees

Fukushima Evacuee: Everyone is worried… there’s no end in sight — Decontamination is impossible — If they’re not careful more people are going to start killing themselves (VIDEO)

Trial to stop restart of Tepco nuke plant — 7 reactors built where ground can behave like a liquid, say plaintiffs

NYTimes: “Radioactive materials like cesium are brought back to the surface soil each year by plant growth and pollination”

Study: Significant decrease in abundance of Fukushima birds and butterflies as radiation levels increase -NYT

Gundersen: White haze in photo of Unit 3 is coming from spent fuel pool — Almost as dangerous as Unit 4 (PHOTOS)

We were told Fukushima reactors could blow up within 300 km -Prime Minister Kan’s secretary (VIDEO)

Tepco releases labeled image indicating location of No. 3 Spent Fuel Pool (PHOTO)

Japanese Doctor’s Fukushima Warning: I am worried because I received calls complaining of health problems much earlier than expected

New images of Unit No. 3 from camera lowered in by crane (PHOTOS)

Before and After: Tepco says debris removal completed from top of Unit 4 (PHOTOS)

Study finds 12 millisievert average thyroid doses of INTERNAL radiation in Fukushima children — Gov’t had assured “the levels of such doses were zero” — Gov’t won’t notify parents of results

Japan Nuclear Expert: Extensive areas in Kanto should evacuate if they want to be protected from radiation — Gov’t abandoned the people there

3 workers suffer cardiac arrest at Japan waste incineration plant — 49 microSv/hr found in scrap last month — Doctor associates with Cesium-137 exposure

Study: Cesium-137 immediately damages the heart muscle — Not slow-acting

Camera to be lowered into Unit No. 3 by crane (PHOTO)