US nuclear experts were concerned over Japan’s plan to ‘goop’ Fukushima Daiichi with ‘Fix It’ — “Can form a glue-like material (peanut butter!) and may cause more problems”

Fukushima weather forecast giving out radiation levels

Fukushima seafood goes on sale in Tokyo, prices 20% higher than usual — “I’m so relieved that octopuses from Fukushima have finally become available” (VIDEO)

Reuters: ‘No immediate risk to health’ is same as saying there is a ‘long-term risk to health’ -Farmer

Gov’t: Japan’s only active nuclear reactors may be stopped

NHK: Criminal inquiry into nuclear accident begins — Fukushima disaster “a criminal act by the gov’t and Tepco”? — Multiple prosecutors coordinating investigation

Tokyo Paper: Thick iron shielding placed below radiation monitoring post — Dose was double 5 meters away

Japan TV: Monitoring posts show far lower radiation dose — Levels shoot up just steps away

Tepco planning to float balloon inside Reactor 1 in early August — Inspecting top floor with spent fuel pool

Two workers fall ill while at Reactor 3, transported to hospital in ambulance — Both had altered consciousness

NHK: Cooling system at Onagawa nuke plant was flooded by tsunami — AP: Basement was flooded in one of Onagawa’s reactor buildings — NEI: Flooding at facility was not a problem

Tepco announces live web cam to be removed from location within hours at Fukushima Daiichi — New view near sludge storage facility planned (PHOTOS)

AP: Link between nuclear weapons and nuclear power is “becoming increasingly clear” says Japan professor — Nuclear power industry not thrilled people are talking about it

57-year-old former chief of Fukushima plant had brain hemorrhage after becoming ill while out last Thursday — “Symptoms are serious” says Tepco — Hemorrhagic syndromes increased 9-fold after Chernobyl

Gundersen: I think they will get to point of throwing concrete on Fukushima reactors and coming back in 300 to 500 years (VIDEO)

Ex-Chief at Fukushima Daiichi bleeding to brain — Undergoes emergency brain hemorrhage surgery — Already suffering from cancer in esophagus

Gundersen: Powdered nuclear fuel laying outside containment at Reactor No. 2 (VIDEO)

IAEA: Sand, lead, boron, dolomite thrown over Fukushima reactor to smother fire after 3/11? — NRC memo: Smoke could have been “core-concrete interaction”

Gundersen: Fukushima reactors still releasing radioactive gas — Biggest problem is buildings are leaking into groundwater (VIDEO)

Kyodo: Alarm sounds at MOX reactor in Japan, no “actual leakage” detected — Nuclear fuel loaded inside

Gundersen: A ton of plutonium was in each Fukushima reactor — Host shocked (VIDEO)

NHK Interview: “It’s time for us to take action against the government” (VIDEO)