Japan University Expert: Mass protests “going to have a huge impact” — Human chain to encircle Parliament on Sunday -WSJ

Severe damage from 3/11 quake suspected for “some” of the 3 reactors at Fukushima Daiichi -Investigative Panel — Raises serious questions about quake resistance at nuke plants

Japan Times: Fukushima workers were concerned pressure was escaping from cracks caused by 3/11 quake — Tepco refuses to investigate inside Reactor 1 for quake damage

NHK reporter can’t contain laughter while discussing Japan reactor built on top of fault line (VIDEO)

Corrosion confirmed at Japan nuke plant — Seawater flowed into reactor pressure vessel — Years before prospects will be known

NHK: International nuclear experts turning attention to Onagawa nuke plant — Intensity of 3/11 quake exceeded maximum limit (VIDEO)

Ex-Fukushima Daiichi Worker: “There are leaks everywhere” — Tepco portraying situation in best possible light

NBC News: “The state of the reactors is still deteriorating … the incident is still progressing” says Japanese nuclear specialist — How do you remove radioactive material without releasing it? — All we can do now is pray

Japan Times Editorial Board: “Irreparable damage” from nuclear disaster — One wonders whether piping can be ok when hit by strong quake — Many questions remain unanswered after investigations

Video of Ex-Fukushima Chief: Reactor 3 debris flew into control room after explosion — Workers ‘saints in hell’ — “Thought he could have died”

Unit 2 water 10 times more radioactive than Unit 1 — 47,000,000 becquerels per liter in turbine room basement

‘Quite Something’: Extremely radioactive sample from Tokyo air filter — 150 times more uranium than expected — “This is from Fukushima” -Busby (VIDEO)

Kyodo: Cumulative radiation doses at Fukushima Daiichi increase 16-fold — Measures needed to reduce exposure

Mainichi: Elevated strontium found in Tokyo — New gov’t study didn’t check if regions outside Kanto and Tohoku also affected

Gov’t detects Strontium-90 for first time in 10 prefectures — “Unable to measure” Fukushima and Miyagi

Gov’t Probe: Quake may have created rupture in Fukushima reactor vessel which grew larger

Experts assuming Reactor 2 had cracked containment vessel that allowed releases directly from melted nuclear core — Radioactive plume was blown south (VIDEO)

Asahi: Cables connected to Fukushima reactor thermometers “on verge of breaking” — “Plant still not out of the woods”

More cooling needed after Fukushima reactor heats up -Asahi

Tepco: Cesium getting stirred up? Fukushima plant still emitting 10,000,000 becquerels every hour

Kyodo News uses term ‘Hot-zone’ to describe Miyagi, Iwate and Tochigi Prefectures… not just Fukushima

Asahi: “Our worries are growing more and more” says Fukushima mother — “The problem of the nuclear plant is still ongoing”