‘Alice in Wonderland’ was used to convince children in Japan nuclear power is safe (PHOTO & VIDEO)

Nuclear Expert: Fukushima explosions could have actually blown holes through containment vessels (Harvard Video)

Yomiuri: Tepco has ‘heavily altered’ video footage — Expert suspects images have been altered more than necessary

Tepco’s Fukushima Footage: Top of containment vessel could be destroyed — Several executives bury faces in hands, others sigh after talk of damaged containment

Tepco’s Fukushima Footage: “Worst-case scenario” to unfold in 2 hours if nothing is done — 1.5 hours later all fuel rods exposed at Reactor No. 2 — Official mentions evacuation soon after

Bloomberg: Tepco considered shooting firearms at No. 3 reactor building

Highest Yet: 300 times over cesium limit in wild mushroom — Found far from Fukushima plant, 140 km away in Tochigi Prefecture

Tepco officials left Tokyo headquarters soon after Reactor 1 exploded — Image not available to public — Claimed “their engineers remained to deal with the situation”

NHK: With support growing for the 0% nuclear power option, gov’t to delay deadline for deciding on an energy policy (VIDEO)

NHK: Fears that Tepco may erase recordings (VIDEO)

Tokyo Professor: Tepco deleted parts of video, people may suspect they have something to hide — NHK: Reporters banned from making copies, only 1/3 has audio (VIDEO)

The Economist on ‘Positive Side’ of Fukushima: Kids just need to gargle after being outside — “In Japan, that is something that children mostly do anyway”

Asahi: Disturbing picture emerging as nuclear employees come out of the woodwork — Fukushima workers report groups clocking in with no dosimeters

WSJ: Tepco managing director says “evacuate the workers from the site” after Reactor No. 3 exploded — “Bulk of footage is available for viewing only by select journalist”

Tepco Tapes: Fukushima chief calls out ‘mayday, mayday’ when Reactor No. 3 exploded — HQ started to respond as if he said he was going out to lunch (VIDEO)

Radioactive cesium reported in Kellogg’s cereal from Japan — Almost 20 becquerels per kilogram (PHOTO)

AP: Fukushima Daiichi workers could try to sabotage plant, warns their doctor

Gov’t Releases Last Year’s Tests: “Contamination detected even in the Sea of Japan” — “Airborne material” blamed — Includes Niigata, Shizuoka, and Iwate

July 2012: Fukushima Man has 20,000 becquerels of cesium in body — Wife has 10,000 Bq

Japan Times on Fukushima Hearing: “I’m really terrified” says mother — Another in tears, “I just hope my son will stay healthy” — “I’m deeply concerned” says father

Gundersen: Unit 3 explosion “very similar” to what happened at Chernobyl — Pieces of nuclear fuel found offsite indicate fuel racks were lifted up (VIDEO)

Tepco Admits “Serious Problem”: Fukushima plant worker ‘forgot’ to wear dosimeter — Almost over radiation limit in just 2 months — Had been working at Unit 4