Gundersen: Recent hydrogen build up inside Fukushima reactor “worrisome” (VIDEO)

Reporter at Fukushima Daiichi: Reactors seemed terribly threatened by the slightest movement or upheaval of heaven and of earth

Again: Three strong quakes in 15 minutes hit near same area as on 3/11 — M5.8, M5.0, M4.8 (MAPS)

Gundersen: Japan is sitting on a ticking time bomb — “We’re all in a situation of having to pray there’s not an earthquake”

CTV: No. 3 fuel pool “poses a greater risk of failing” than No. 4 — “Has not been strengthened since the disaster”

Officials were concerned injecting seawater may cause a sustaining chain reaction or re-criticality

Watch: Full 6-minute version of deleted video featuring Fukushima pediatrician’s call for help

Back-to-Back-to-Back quakes around M5.0 hit near area of 3/11 quake — Happened within 3-hour period (MAPS)

Gunter: International effort must now be mounted to prevent further catastrophe at Fukushima — Japan yet to ask for outside help (VIDEO)

Japan’s Ex-Industry Minister: Neutron radiation is degenerating reactors — Admits he was playing a role when saying nuclear plants were safe

Former Top Official at Hearing: Told that all 6 Fukushima reactors would ‘explode’ if workers left plant — Entire eastern Japan might be lost

More children who evacuated Fukushima found with thyroid abnormalities -Report

Fukushima Doctor: We need outside help, Japanese people not listening — We are now in very bad condition, especially for children — Please help (VIDEO)

Wikipedia: 15 reactors in areas affected by 3/11 quake — Higashidori nuclear plant lost all external power — Tokai Daini took 4 days to achieve ‘cold shutdown’

ABC News: Radiation levels in Tokyo Bay causing worry — Concerns for safety of… escaped penguin? (PHOTO)

Mayor: We’ve been swimming in radiation from Fukushima Daiichi BEFORE meltdowns (VIDEO)

Local Official at Meeting: “I’ve been exposed to radiation — Who’s responsible for this?” (VIDEO)

Denki Shimbun: Tepco to search for holes in containment vessels — Trying to determine where radiation is coming from

Tepco releases document “in response to the concern that Unit 4 spent fuel pool may collapse” — “1st Inspection” begins tomorrow

Unidentified U.S. Nuclear Engineer: “Concern over mechanical stability of Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 is legitimate”

Japanese Diplomat: Deploy military to Fukushima Daiichi? If not “it may be too late”

10,000,000 Bq/kg of cesium detected in Minamisoma soil sample -Local Official