Another quake hits Fukushima — Same location and depth as M5.2 hours earlier

Powerful M5.2 quake hits off Fukushima — 4 of 7 on Japan intensity scale (MAP)

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Radiation dose triples at Tokyo monitoring post early Sunday — Doubles at another

Asahi: “Officials scuffle with audience members” (PHOTO) — Entire gov’t to be mobilized for Oi nuke plant restart — Strong likelihood Japan could have no nuclear reactors in operation if locals don’t approve — Mayor clearly opposes restart


Hydrogen levels quadruple at Reactor No. 2 in last two weeks

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Asahi Interview: Official radiation measurements are wrong — Contaminated soil removed near monitoring post — Radioactivity now many times lower

Asia Times Reporter: Everybody is involved… It sounds, looks, and quacks like a major coverup over ‘deleted’ radiation emails (VIDEO)

US Gov’t: Widespread contamination throughout northern Japan, including Tokyo — “Entire region would be required to be posted as radiological area”

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Japan Professor: ‘Fractionation’ probably caused much higher plutonium ratio in Iwaki — Busby 11 months ago: “Nuclear criticality explosions in Fukushima due to plutonium fractionation”

Kyodo: “Fear of radiation creeping south” — Tokyo area may be in danger says Japan professor

Group with SAM 940 isotope identifier detected high levels of Plutonium-239 near Iwaki a month after quake — 50km south of Fukushima Daiichi — Found at multiple locations (MAP & VIDEO)

Gov’t Advisor: Results of children’s tests may point to an elevated incidence of abnormal thyroid function

Now hydrogen levels triple at Reactor No. 2 in recent days

Report: Plutonium ratio 200 times higher than gov’t says — Detection made 50km south of Fukushima Daiichi (RESULTS)


CNN nuclear expert: I think MOX fuel is being used at U.S. reactors — Contradicts gov’t claims — Made in Russia with weapons-grade plutonium (VIDEO)

Reactor No. 2 temperature near 80°C — Up almost 20°C in a week (CHART)

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Asahi: Japan schools required to “promote the use of nuclear power” — Not allowed to buy teaching materials discussing dangers — Policy to change?

Fukushima hit by M5.0, M4.8, and M4.6 in last few hours — Two at nearly identical location (MAPS)

Fukushima gov’t deleted radiation forecast data starting day of quake — Can’t confirm who did it

Gov’t testing “suspicious black dust” for plutonium — Taken from places already ‘decontaminated’ — Official: Prepare for ‘undetectable’ results, “I believe it will be more or less adjusted to what the authorities will be OK with”

Kyodo: Fukushima Daiichi “long way from being out of the woods” — No one knows where melted nuclear fuel is located — Still great uncertainty over the complex’s status

Official at Meeting: “We recognize that there are black materials everywhere in the city” of Minamisoma