Tepco: Unfortunately we could not spot any signs of fuel — Water at unexpectedly low levels, accuracy of gauges questioned (PHOTOS)

“Cable was too short”: Tepco failed to plug in device that would have provided key data about Fukushima reactors on March 11 -NHK (VIDEO)

Kyodo: Camera endoscope enters inside Fukushima Reactor No. 2 — Difficulty finding melted fuel?

Asahi: People eating more radiation, but not in danger — 96% of Fukushima residents ingested cesium on Dec. 4, 56% in Tokyo area -Study


Lawmaker: Serious questions arising about why Canada gov’t failed to alert public about radioactive rain after Fukushima

PBS Frontline’s Miles O’Brien: Cheeseburgers and fries a much bigger risk to our health than cesium — Japan’s 20 milliSv/yr for evacuation “extremely low” (4 times higher than Chernobyl limit)

ABC: Official says Japan betrayed its own people over radiation dangers — Gov’t actions akin to murder — “We didn’t think of that” says Science Ministry (AUDIO)

Strange: Japan lawmaker tweets photo of device used to sample Fukushima fallout — A baking pan out on sidewalk?


M4 quake centered near Fukushima plant — Only 10km deep — Level 3 of 7 intensity in Iwaki (MAPS)


Mainichi: Highly radioactive gravel used at local schools — Anger and anxiety spreading

Nuclear Expert: Fukushima risk underestimated — 5% of young girls will get cancer living in 20 milliSv/y for 5 years — “Actually worse than that” — Hot particles NOT included & only counts cancers, not other effects (VIDEO)

NYTimes: Coal produces more radiation and deaths than nuclear — PBS special on Fukushima could have used George Monbiot or the like

M4.2 quake in Fukushima, followed by M3.5 30 minutes later

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Watch PBS Frontline: Fukushima radiation 10% of Chernobyl — Risk of getting cancer very, very small — Gov’t limit of 20 millisievert very conservative (VIDEO)

NRC FOIA: No one thought such massive & destructive hydrogen explosions could occur before Fukushima — So was it simply hydrogen then?


Radio Show About Tonight’s Frontline on Fukushima: “Perhaps… I don’t want to say whitewash… may have lead to people downplaying dangers” — Miles O’Brien interviewed (AUDIO)

NHK on Tepco’s Big Problem: Hole drilled in Reactor 2 — Trying to find the melted fuel — Camera insertion to begin Thursday (VIDEO)

SOURCE: NHK (Click to Watch)

CBS Evening News: Radioactive waste from ‘decontamination’ buried in elementary school playground (VIDEO)

*SHOCK* CBS Evening News: Radioactive waste buried in elementary school playground (VIDEO)

Coverup? Safety manager at Washington nuclear site: Criticality could be probable — Worried about hydrogen explosion — Up to 13 times more plutonium than thought, like 20+ Nagasaki bombs

Cesium fallout in Fukushima spikes again — Highest levels since day after New Year’s quake

Another Fukushima cleanup worker dies — Found collapsed after removing radioactive soil

Spent Fuel Pool cooling systems at Fukushima Daiichi and Daini stopped after power supply problem