Japan Paper: Professor now reveals “a high level of radioactive materials” detected over 1,000km from Fukushima last April

Local gov’t survey: Deteriorating health reported by residents — 60% affected after fleeing radiation — Were 40km away from Fukushima plant

Impossible? Worst-case scenario prompted gov’t to send reinforcement to Fukushima plant — “We could not even announce the fact that we compiled such a simulation” -Top Official

Tepco: “Radioactively contaminated water” came from ruptured frozen pipes — Only cesium was removed — NHK had claimed no radioactivity

Asahi: Sources say about 1,000 kinds of radioactive materials released from Fukushima reactors

Tepco: Frozen water ruptures pipes at Fukushima plant — Cooling system stops at Spent Fuel Pool No. 4

NHK: Gov’t to check chromosomes of Fukushima wildlife — “Plant and animal appearance”, “reproductive function” as well

Leftovers: Local gov’ts testing school lunches AFTER children have already eaten -Yomiuri

Mainichi on the Plutonium Paradox in Japan — What do you do with spent MOX fuel?

Top Tokyo doctor dealing with nuclear workers demands gov’t step in at Fukushima plant for safety reasons — Some unable to read

Another Fukushima farmer in exclusion zone: It’s already bad as Chernobyl — I saw the ‘splashing ash’ after explosions — Baby cows dying one after one (VIDEO)

ANOTHER Fukushima farmer in exclusion zone: It’s already bad as Chernobyl — “I saw the splashing ash” after explosions — Cows dying one after one (VIDEO)

“Ridiculous”: A growing picture of chaos — Japan gov’t claims more committees kept no records on Fukushima crisis

CNN on Fukushima Zone: Starving cow kicks away her calf trying to nurse — Newborn crawled into corner, crying and sucked on straw as if it were the mother’s teat

Fukuhima Farmer: I’m full of rage — I refuse to leave and let go of this anger and grief — People in Tokyo don’t know what’s really happening here — I’m completely contaminated (VIDEO)

Asahi: Radiation tests on Fukushima preschoolers “bogus” says Japan Professor — “Very problematic, because they may overlook people really suffering from internal exposure”

Journal: Unprecedented phenomenon from using saltwater in Fukushima reactors — Forming new uranium compounds able to travel long distances… “like carbon buckyballs”

‘Spine chilling’ thought of an uninhabitable Tokyo pushed former Prime Minister to say no to nuclear power — Secret report will add to suspicions that gov’t still downplaying impact of Fukushima radiation

CNN: Outrage as animal carcasses litter region around Fukushima plant — “It’s shameful” says kennel worker (VIDEO)

CNN: Outrage as animal carcasses litter region around Fukushima — “It’s shameful” says kennel worker (VIDEO)

“Like a form of drugs” — Pro-nuke politican no longer trusting nuclear power companies, but “it’s a society where we can’t easily speak up”

Japan Today on ‘Radiation Divorces’: Husband laughs when son gets nosebleeds and wife raises possible Fukushima connection — Jokes with boss about protecting child from radiation

AP Gets Secret Japan Report: “We cannot rule out further developments that may lead to an unpredictable situation at Fukushima Dai-ichi” — Gov’t still won’t release document

US Diplomat: It’s not stable — Fukushima Daiichi is in really bad shape — US gov’t was “privately terrified” over crisis