Japan Today on ‘Radiation Divorces’: Husband laughs when son gets nosebleeds and wife raises possible Fukushima connection — Jokes with boss about protecting child from radiation

AP Gets Secret Japan Report: “We cannot rule out further developments that may lead to an unpredictable situation at Fukushima Dai-ichi” — Gov’t still won’t release document

US Diplomat: It’s not stable — Fukushima Daiichi is in really bad shape — US gov’t was “privately terrified” over crisis

M4.3 quake hits Fukushima at 7:22a ET — Strongest intensity felt around nuke plant (MAP)

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16 of Japan’s Top Pro-Nuke Experts: “We deeply apologize to the public” for Fukushima — “I never predicted that we would cause the public so much trouble” — Yet, “Atomic power is so wonderful”

Local Paper: Now 1,143 Fukushima children with lumps on thyroid gland, not 26 — Nearly 1 in every 3 kids tested — “Gov’t has decided they are benign”

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Gov’t: 26 Fukushima children found with lumps over 5mm on thyroid gland

Tokyo official blasts parents who want kids to avoid ingesting radioactivity at school: “It is important to share the pain”

Watch: CNN reporter In Japan measures 42 microsieverts per hour without wearing mask — A “lower level”, about 10 dental x-rays (VIDEO)

Watch: CNN reporter In Japan measures 42 microsieverts per hour without wearing mask — A “lower level”, about 10 dental x-rays (VIDEO)

Kyodo: Flu epidemic in Japan — Cases per hospital double — Brain-swelling for infants

Kyodo: Japan gov’t seeking data for treating people exposed to Fukushima radiation

Pro-Nuke Climate Advisor to Japan Gov’t: “I’ve come to understand there are ethical considerations with destroying the lives of local residents”

“Bewilderment”: Gov’t calling on residents to permanently return inside no-go zone in only weeks — “This is impossible” — I don’t believe the plant is under control, what happens if another quake hits? -Mainichi

“Are you sitting down”? Gamma rays seen in Fukushima footage — Appearing as out-of-focus streaks and flashes (VIDEO)

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Japan Professor: “Inconceivable” that no records were kept by gov’t early on in Fukushima crisis — Top official says records will be ‘created’ soon

M4.3 quake hits near Fukushima within past hour — Strongest intensity felt at monitoring post 14km from plant

NHK: Tepco says increase of radioactive releases is from workers going in and out of Reactor 2 (VIDEO)

Fukushima hit by another M4.5 quake (MAPS)

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Radiation dose spikes thoughout Tokyo area around time of yesterday’s quakes (CHARTS)


Handle With Care: “Paintings will never be exposed to the atmosphere” — “Crates holding the pieces will be opened only inside the museum” — “Radioactivity will be checked upon arrival”

Tepco: Radiation levels from Fukushima increasing — Now releasing 70,000,000 Bq/hr

Op-Ed rips PBS Fukushima doc: Miles O’Brien’s cavalier treatment of potential increase in cancer — “An absurdly low outlier” — “Inexcusable muddying of the facts”