Report: Radiation levels double within 20 days of decontamination by Japan forces

PBS: If humans ingest any radioactive hairs they’d be poisoned – Even while around only ‘low-level’ radiation (VIDEO)

Radiation levels spike in Miyagi milk — Highest since March


Humans Too? French nuclear expert warns against trip to Fukushima City… for Louvre artwork — Decontaminating radioactivity would be a complex operation

12:45p EST: M4.1 quake hits Fukushima — Strongest intensity registered in Futaba County, home of Daiichi plant (MAPS)

Watch (free) on Twitvid: Interview with Fukushima woman losing hair, nails, teeth — 87 minutes

“Very shallow” M4.8 quake hits Fukushima region (MAP)


Kyodo: Fukushima Daini “not so fatally damaged” as Daiichi — Gov’t now making claims of cold shutdown ‘conditions’ at BOTH plants

CNN: Fukushima mothers outraged over newborns being exposed to radiation — Officials now considering widespread testing of breast milk

M5.8 quake hits 60 km from Fukushima plant — Followed by multiple M4s (MAPS)


Marine Chemist: “I’m convinced there are ongoing leaks”– A century of contamination? — Cesium levels not decreasing, same as July

Kyodo: Worker at Fukushima nuclear plant dies

WATCH… if you can: Interview with Fukushima woman losing hair, nails, teeth now available (VIDEO)

SOURCE: Fukushima Diary

US: “Japan reports 5 persons have received lethal radiation doses” in first 5 days of Fukushima crisis


Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary laughs when told about children’s radiation concerns — “This is no laughing matter” says lawmaker (VIDEO)


NRC March Email: “The walls of the Unit 4 spent fuel pool have collapsed, and there is no water in there”


AGAIN: Tepco President mentions ‘accident’ at Fukushima *DAINI*, not just Daiichi

NHK radiation expert: Sickened Fukushima woman with teeth, nails, and hair falling out has auto-immune disease

M4.4 just offshore Fukushima — Strongest intensity measured around plant (MAPS)


Jiji: 5 billion becquerels of beta radiation in 10 liters of decontaminated water — Includes strontium and cesium


Two M4 quakes 10 minutes apart hit just offshore Fukushima in last two hours — One centered 27km from plant (MAPS)


Journalist interviews sickened Fukushima author: 8 teeth lost — Nails fell out — Going bald (VIDEO)