Plutonium detected under 70 miles from Tokyo -Gov’t


Kyodo: Reporter measures radiation 5+ times higher than gov’t officials — Same time, same location — Device maxed out at 20 microSv/h

Tepco backpedals on No. 2 water level: “Possibly” 2.8 meters of water inside reactor, had been claiming much higher — Now just “quite unlikely” fuel is exposed

Yomiuri: Melted nuclear fuel heat causing water to rain down inside reactor No. 2?

Iodine-131 detected in Tokyo snow on Jan. 20

SOURCE: Fukushima Diary

Mark Your Calendars: Next survey inside Reactor 2 containment vessel set for 2017

Tokyo hospital president doubts Tepco claim that Fukushima boss Yoshida has cancer of esophagus — Exposed to at least 70 milliSv radiation dose


Mainichi: Japan now looking to Chernobyl info for help dealing with human health effects of nuclear meltdown — Will enable gov’t to implement “effective measures”

Japan nuclear professor warns melted fuel may NOT be covered by water at Reactor 2

8 trillion becquerels of cesium found in pit of water at Reactor 2

Tepco doubted own projections — Failed to detect ANY coolant water in Reactor 2 — Not surprised they were incorrect

Japan Times: Much of melted fuel is believed to have burned down to bottom of containment vessels — At “last line of defense”

Japan Professor: Tepco is believed to have blown air into hole drilled at Reactor 2 in attempt to keep radiation from escaping Journalist covering Fukushima reportedly harassed and imprisoned on return to Tokyo — “What are the names of people you met in Fukushima?” asked officer

Steamy ‘Cold Shutdown’? Reactor 2 vessel full of moisture — Water dripping from roof

‘Major Mystery’: Serious concern at Fukushima as Tepco doesn’t know where melted fuel came to rest -Japan Times

NRC: After Fukushima crisis began MANY countries urged citizens to evacuate Tokyo — Canada, S. Korea, UK, Australia all stated 50 mile evacuation zones, not just US

Watch: Japan professors boycott reactor hearing after public excluded (VIDEO)


Where’s the Water in Reactor 2? “Our prediction must have been wrong” says Tepco — Yet camera lens “covered in water droplets” -Asahi

Cold Shutdown? Tepco says “massive steam” made it difficult for camera to get a clear view (PHOTO)

Fukushima Worker: Camera can resist 1000 sieverts, today it was broken — Spots on images show radioactivity — Tepco yet to measure radiation level (PHOTOS)


Tepco: Unfortunately we could not spot any signs of fuel — Water at unexpectedly low levels, accuracy of gauges questioned (PHOTOS)