NHK: Radioactive homes being built in Japan — Gov’t admits no radiation standards set (VIDEOS)

NHK: 3.75 sieverts per hour was detected far above Reactor 3 by helicopters dumping water on Mar. 16


Mainichi: Nuclear scientist/Nagasaki survivor canceled Fukushima press conference because gov’t officials worried about causing widespread fear

Japan Gov’t Data: 65% of marine life test positive for cesium in Nov. — Average catch exceeds new radiation limits @ 111 Bq/kg

Japan Official: Fukushima nearly as serious as being attacked by nuclear weapons — If facts were known all citizens might have left Tokyo (VIDEO)

Japan Official: Fukushima nearly as serious as being attacked by nuclear weapons — If truth was known all citizens might have left Tokyo (VIDEO)

Journalist: Hospital did no treatment on dead Tepco worker, simply called police — Officers took body away for autopsy

Japan Radiation Professor: Women can’t control themselves — Leads to stress, then teeth & hair fall out

Gov’ts refuse to provide funds to research Fukushima effects — “Virtually zero monitoring” — “Disconcerting how big of an event Fukushima was and how little data are out there”

Strange: Dramatic drop in background radiation just before radioactive cloud detected in Australia


Defective Meter? Temperature in Reactor 2 doubles, rises above 100ºC — Tepco assuming low possibility of re-criticality

Japan Lawmaker: Gov’t may be concealing recent explosion at Reactor No. 4


Kyodo: 300 tons of highly contaminated water found under Reactor No. 3 — Tepco checking how it got there

WSJ: Radioactive plague for locust eaters in Japan? — Results astonishing, says researcher

Report: Radiation levels double within 20 days of decontamination by Japan forces

PBS: If humans ingest any radioactive hairs they’d be poisoned – Even while around only ‘low-level’ radiation (VIDEO)

Radiation levels spike in Miyagi milk — Highest since March


Humans Too? French nuclear expert warns against trip to Fukushima City… for Louvre artwork — Decontaminating radioactivity would be a complex operation

12:45p EST: M4.1 quake hits Fukushima — Strongest intensity registered in Futaba County, home of Daiichi plant (MAPS)

Watch (free) on Twitvid: Interview with Fukushima woman losing hair, nails, teeth — 87 minutes

“Very shallow” M4.8 quake hits Fukushima region (MAP)


Kyodo: Fukushima Daini “not so fatally damaged” as Daiichi — Gov’t now making claims of cold shutdown ‘conditions’ at BOTH plants

CNN: Fukushima mothers outraged over newborns being exposed to radiation — Officials now considering widespread testing of breast milk