Gov’t Study: Radiation levels in Koriyama children exceed annual limit set by gov’t

Japan professor under attack after saying “Fukushima farmers are trying to kill me”

Nuclear Expert: Fukushima radiation still spreading — “It hasn’t stopped yet” — Enormous amount is in mountains and coming down (VIDEO)

Japanese Tweets suspect Ex-Fukushima boss’ bulge in neck from thyroid or lymph node (PHOTOS)


TEPCO: Recently retired head of Fukushima has cancer — Exposed to 70 millisieverts since March — Said not related to meltdowns

Fukushima Worker: Situation is totally out of control — Nobody can actually measure the temperature of dropped nuclear fuel

Groundwater a likely source for continued flow of radiation into ocean — “Complete melt through” so “not surprising” discharges continue, says study

New Study: ‘Fuel rod materials’ may have been released when acid seawater interacted with ruptured fuel rods, carrying radioactive materials into ground — “Full magnitude of release has not been well documented”

“Radioactive substances come from the ground, from the river bottom” says hotel manager near Fukushima no-go zone — Local Official: “The gov’t is a liar”

Radiation expert back from Japan: “Clear that the situation in Fukushima is rapidly spinning out of control” — “Gov’t doesn’t know how to deal with the massive contamination”

Nihon TV: Japan prof. says the explosions at Reactors No. 1 & 3 may have damaged suppression chambers — “Saturated steam that contains fission products” was apparently observed escaping

Report: Tepco to be “effectively nationalised” — Shares plunge

Japan’s ‘Neil Armstrong’: 1st man in space loses everything after abandoning Fukushima farm — I can’t trust gov’t radiation claims — “As though a robber has taken everything from me”

SOURCE: AJW (Asahi Shimbun)

NYT: Gov’t not leveling with public about seriousness of radiation predicament, suggests Tokyo Prof. — Forested areas may be clear-cut and literally scrapped clean

Nuclear specialist: Corium hitting water table is “big concern” — Once fuel hits groundwater the concern is “it just blows right up” (VIDEO)

Nuclear specialist: Corium hitting water table is “big concern” — Once fuel hits groundwater the concern is “it just blows right up” (VIDEO)

Japan Teachers: Students being taught pro-nuclear propaganda — Told radiation risk is less than dying of old age (VIDEO)


Tokyo mother holding baby: “I never thought milk would be affected” by Fukushima radiation (VIDEO)

Japan Times: OK for babies to drink radioactive milk… because adults have natural potassium-40 in body

Report: “Makers and workers are already withdrawing” from Fukushima — ABC investigates plant secrecy (VIDEO)

SMH: Too late to flee Fukushima fallout? Refugees discuss bizarre rashes — Doctor talks of purple spots, concerned about Tokyo radiation

AFP: Tepco says water with high levels of strontium leaked into Pacific

Nuclear Expert: Tepco is admitting they are very close to China Syndrome at Fukushima, where melted fuel penetrates earth (VIDEO)