Japan nuclear expert blames U.S. for Fukushima

Russian Expert: ‘Fukushima situation far from stabilizing’

Reuters: Gov’t says biggest radiation dose was OUTSIDE exclusion zone — 19 millisievert average in Iitate — May be even higher

WSJ: Many in Fukushima exposed to radiation well above permitted level, new research shows — “Survey did NOT look at internal exposure”

Japan Expert: It was a nuclear explosion at Reactor No. 3 — I believe fuel rods were blown out of spent fuel pool


Designer of Reactor No. 4 suspects Tepco cooked up simulation in attempt to deceive public

Japan Times: Journalist says Tepco not telling truth — Blacking out key docs — Evidence mounting Fukushima meltdowns caused by quake — Would delay reactor restarts “by years”

Dead cleanup worker removed sludge from drains in contaminated area just hours before death — “Exceptional” unease by gov’t spokesman

Report: Fukushima Safety Levels NOT Safe (VIDEO)

Kyodo: Radiation up after leak at Japan nuclear plant — “Not high enough to immediately impact human health” says gov’t

Report: Wall of No. 4 reactor building missing on south side (PHOTOS)

AFTER (Dec. 10)

NHK: Fire breaks out at Japan nuclear plant (VIDEO)


Worker dies at decontamination experiment in Fukushima — Spokesman “extremely uncomfortable” when questioned on cause of death — Found in company car

Iodine-131 detected in Tokyo at multiple locations during November — 350 bq/kg at Kita garbage facility

Radioactive iodine found in Gunma at 3 sewage plants — “Possibility of recriticality again”

Mainichi Headline: Top gov’t official admits no one trusts radiation measurements by Japan gov’t

“My university is annoyed with me” — Air filter from Japan so radioactive, it must be buried at radioactive waste disposal site in US (VIDEO)

Researcher discusses hot particles of americium found in Tokyo — Comes from plutonium (VIDEO)

Major report on plutonium published in Mainichi by expert senior writer

Researchers found Cesium-137 over 50 million times normal levels

Congressman releases blockbuster report detailing NRC conspiracy in wake of Fukushima


Major Scandal? NRC Chairman says commission ‘not as protective of public health and safety as I believe is necessary’ — Commissioners claim his behavior is increasingly ‘erratic’, causing ‘serious damage’