Gundersen: Could Fukushima have a China Syndrome? — No one can get within 100 feet of bottom of reactors (VIDEO)

NRC Commissioner on NRC’s own statement: Someone reading this would think every reactor in U.S. is a time bomb waiting to go off — Attempted to prevent release of Fukushima report to public, Congress

Congressman at NRC hearing: Fukushima is worst nuclear disaster in world history (VIDEO)

*JUST IN* Congressman at NRC hearing: Fukushima is worst nuclear disaster in world history (VIDEO)

AP: Whereabouts of melted nuclear cores unknown as Japan ready to declare Fukushima in stable condition — Madarame: Reactors are broken, difficult to predict what may occur

Newly released NRC email reveals radioactive technetium was detected outside Fukushima plant — Over 240 km from meltdowns — One of three principle radionuclides identified


Former JNES inspector: Nuclear explosion at Fukushima No. 3 had “black smoke” and “mushroom cloud” — “Hydrogen explosion does not produce such a black smoke” (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Was a portion of Reactor No. 4 cut off? — Report: “Appears to be a planned action” (PHOTOS)


Report: Famous Japanese women blogging about mysterious bruises (PHOTOS)


Japan nuclear expert blames U.S. for Fukushima

Russian Expert: ‘Fukushima situation far from stabilizing’

Reuters: Gov’t says biggest radiation dose was OUTSIDE exclusion zone — 19 millisievert average in Iitate — May be even higher

WSJ: Many in Fukushima exposed to radiation well above permitted level, new research shows — “Survey did NOT look at internal exposure”

Japan Expert: It was a nuclear explosion at Reactor No. 3 — I believe fuel rods were blown out of spent fuel pool


Designer of Reactor No. 4 suspects Tepco cooked up simulation in attempt to deceive public

Japan Times: Journalist says Tepco not telling truth — Blacking out key docs — Evidence mounting Fukushima meltdowns caused by quake — Would delay reactor restarts “by years”

Dead cleanup worker removed sludge from drains in contaminated area just hours before death — “Exceptional” unease by gov’t spokesman

Report: Fukushima Safety Levels NOT Safe (VIDEO)

Kyodo: Radiation up after leak at Japan nuclear plant — “Not high enough to immediately impact human health” says gov’t

Report: Wall of No. 4 reactor building missing on south side (PHOTOS)

AFTER (Dec. 10)

NHK: Fire breaks out at Japan nuclear plant (VIDEO)


Worker dies at decontamination experiment in Fukushima — Spokesman “extremely uncomfortable” when questioned on cause of death — Found in company car

Iodine-131 detected in Tokyo at multiple locations during November — 350 bq/kg at Kita garbage facility