Two M4.6 quakes in two hours near Fukushima at same location and depth (MAPS)


Mainichi: Children and grandchildren must live with fears about well-being after Fukushima

Fukushima Daiichi worker hospitalized after heart stops (cardiopulmonary arrest) — Tepco: No radioactive materials found attached to body


Tweets from Fukushima-area say recent quakes feel different than usual

Fukushima *DAINI* reactor has broken containment vessel, says Tokyo Professor — Probably caused by quake, not tsunami

ACRO Survey: Homes are significantly contaminated in Tokyo suburb — First time child from capital had radiation detected in urine

Two US nuclear plants had quakes exceeding operating basis… while in process of getting licensed (PHOTO)


Japan Times: Tepco’s management called “war criminals” by Japanese weekly

NHK: Japan announces free medical care for Fukushima children under 18 — Requested by local gov’t

Fukushima author: Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 boiled after powerful New Year’s quake, says plant worker

“Will the media report this?” Evacuees will never be able to return — Radiation can’t be cleaned up — Gov’t going to have to build giant diaper under Fukushima plant

Asahi columnist forced to resign over ‘Radiation is Coming to Tokyo’ March 19 cover story — “Headline was in fact correct”

Japan Journalist: Many police in Fukushima died from radiation -Policeman

NRC March Email: Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 was likely dry enough to lead to catastrophic explosion — Structural damage to pool area known to exist — Pool leakage likely

Fukushima Worst-Case: Beyond 250km could be evacuation zone if fuel in SFP No. 4 melts — Covering pool, reactors with sand mixture was considered as last resort

Gov’t health adviser: This is great! Fukushima has beaten Hiroshima and Nagasaki — Hey, you’ve become famous without any efforts

Report: Huge, mysterious spike in cesium fallout after New Year’s quake (CHART)


Mainichi: 40-year limit on reactors “would not change anything” — Gov’t trying to ease escalating public distrust of nuclear

Worst-case scenario map showed Japan cut in half by forced evacuation zone (PHOTO)

German Physician: Fukushima larger than Chernobyl — Japan people deceived — Can feel only helpless rage

Tepco: Fukushima nuclear worker hospitalized

WATCH: Workers walk on top of Reactor No. 4… other interesting activity reported around plant

WATCH: Workers walk on top of Reactor No. 4… other interesting activity near plant