Many children playing sports on field with radiation dose over 5 millisieverts per year (PHOTO)

Japan TV: “Grave mistake” that crane knocked beam into No. 3 fuel pool — Checking for fuel damage with camera soon (VIDEO)

25-foot-long metal beam drops into Reactor No. 3 pool at Fukushima — Not clear if any fuel rods have broken — Could further complicate removal efforts (VIDEO)

Top Japan Nuke Expert Admits: “Nuclear experts have remained silent” after Fukushima — Blames “remorse over not having been able to prevent accident”

More images of deformed butterflies after Fukushima — Wings folded over, rumpled, much different sizes (PHOTOS)

1 quadrillion becquerels of total strontium into Pacific via wastewater — Giant spike in levels offshore Fukushima many months after 3/11 (PHOTO)

New Japan Study: Kidneys accumulate most radioactive cesium by far — Highest levels of any tissue inside cows

Japan Researchers: Radiation on Tokyo island 3 times higher than before Fukushima disaster

Photos: Adults volunteer Japanese students “for decontamination in contaminated area” — Mounds of disaster debris

Officials: 179 microsieverts per hour at elementary school — Hot spots at bus stop, main gate, schoolyard, pool, gym

Video: “Frankly, things like this have never ever happened in Japan before — Ordinary people shouting down leadership of country”

Japan TV: Outbreak of antibiotic-resistant mycoplasma bacteria due to “mutation”, especially in Fukushima, Gunma, Tochigi — 500 cases in a week (VIDEOS)

Japanese source warns clothing retains radioactive contamination — Closets, wardrobes register highest levels

“Too Absurd”: Fukushima Nuclear Worker Filmed at Plant for Two Months over Summer (VIDEO)

Japan Scientists: Radiation dose has been “significantly increased” around Tokyo metropolitan area after Fukushima

Report: 12 million yen “to censor Twitter” being spent by city starting to burn disaster debris

Top Genetics Expert: Japan’s path closely resembles Chernobyl’s — “Very, very major disturbing findings” (VIDEO)

Farmer: Spots appearing on cows near Fukushima plant — “I have never seen symptoms like this” (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Video: Japanese discuss personal health problems, strange deaths — “7 people died on this particular shopping street”

Radioactive Fukushima pig on x-ray film (PHOTOS)

Study: Radioactive tin-113 from Fukushima reactors detected over 200 kilometers away

Blueberries almost 6 times legal limit detected in large city far outside evacuation zone