UPDATE: Plutonium measured in 3/11 disaster debris

AP: People flee Japan nuclear disaster — Some can’t get away, I feel so sorry for them

Gundersen: Damage to Fukushima Unit 3 fuel racks could be from prompt moderated criticality, not objects falling in pool — What does Tepco know that they haven’t yet shown photos of?

Study: X-ray like images show radioactive contamination spread through leaves and grass collected from Fukushima to Tokyo (PHOTOS)

Fukushima Worker: Rats now being found in many places around plant — Concern about biting cables, tripping electrical systems, spreading high level contamination

Tepco: Fuel assemblies could be damaged from shock in Fukushima Unit 3 pool

Mother: Child with severe nose bleeds, full body rash after playing in Fukushima contaminated water — So much blood, thought head was cut open — Fingers covered in open sores

Tepco admits link between death and Fukushima disaster for 1st time

Nuclear fuel rods in Common Pool to be inspected for ‘soundness’ at Fukushima plant (PHOTO)

Kyodo: Steel beam removed from Fukushima plant’s No. 3 pool after falling on fuel racks — Another steel beam found soon after (PHOTOS)

Tepco concerned about liner of No. 3 Spent Fuel Pool at Fukushima plant? (PHOTOS)

Japan Experts: Active fault runs underneath MOX fuel plant — Warnings of massive quake

Kyodo: Level 1 incident at Japan nuclear plant — Deformed fuel rods stuck together in pool

Professor: Japan’s radioactive crops being shipped to cleaner areas and mixed into food supply? (VIDEO)

Japan Officials: Ground subsidence spreading after quake — Concern about sinking buildings being damaged — Only an inch can jeopardize stability (VIDEO)

Report: Black substance with over 40,000,000 Bq/kg of cesium in Fukushima

Gov’t Experts: No knowledge of what state melted fuel is in at Fukushima plant — Don’t know where it’s located — Persistent danger surrounds reactors — Collapses of facilities a threat

Gundersen: Top of containment believed to have opened up after Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 exploded

New Fairewinds Video: Tepco reveals “detonation shock wave” during massive explosion at Fukushima Unit 3 (PHOTO & VIDEO)

WSJ: Use of the Internet was forbidden during Japan’s election campaign — No tweeting, Facebook, website updates by candidates

“Shocking”: Officials make it mandatory to use Fukushima rice in school lunches

Kaku: Fukushima reactors “a ticking time bomb” — “Catastrophe beyond comprehension” if major pipe break or quake (VIDEO)