Japan Professor: I believe airborne release of cesium-137 from Fukushima equals 400 to 500 Hiroshima nuclear bombs — Another 400 to 500 bombs worth has already flowed into Pacific Ocean (VIDEO)

Survey: 36% believe Fukushima radiation “likely to have done significant harm to U.S.”

“Very Eerie”: Reporter finds radiation levels 1,000 times over gov’t limit far from Fukushima plant — “A spot where kids walk to school” (VIDEO)

U.S. Navy Sailor: Higher ups, senior chiefs now say they’re sick after Fukushima exposure — A bunch contacted us after seeing segment on national TV (VIDEO)

NIRS: Victory! License denied for U.S. nuclear reactor — First time in history NRC has upheld denial

Brockovich on Sinkhole: “We have pretty good indication that it’s a dead area” — “Could be an explosion at any minute” — “Gas pressure is extremely intense” (VIDEO)

Study: Up to 47 quadrillion becquerels of cesium-137 released into Pacific from Fukushima — Nearly 50 times original Tepco estimate

Study: Fukushima fallout detected in fish from Atlantic Ocean

Major Exposé: Abuse at U.S. nuclear plant contributed to multiple deaths? — Rash of severe illnesses — Reactor operators having suicidal thoughts at work

Governor: Deadly hydrogen sulfide could be released if Sinkhole No. 2 forms — Warns of possible increased instability in and around site (VIDEO)

Former Prime Minister: Half the people in Japan were close to being evacuated after start of Fukushima crisis (VIDEO)

Report: Fukushima Daiichi equal to or greater than Chernobyl? “Some startling results”

Louisiana Governor plans for Sinkhole No. 2 — Taking ‘immediate’ action to protect lives

Press Conference: People were trying to commit suicide aboard USS Reagan during Fukushima mission — Some tried to get off ship — It was living in fear every day, it was horrible (AUDIO)

U.S. Navy Sailor: They had to remove three layers of skin off my hands and arms after Fukushima exposure — Treated almost as if I had the plague (AUDIO)

Gundersen: The containment vessel exploded at Fukushima Reactor 2 — “There’s definitely a large crack” (AUDIO)

Live on BBC: They don’t know what state the Fukushima reactor cores are in (VIDEO)

Watch: Live stream of Fukushima Symposium in NYC

Fukushima Worker: “Even an elementary-school kid knows TEPCO always lies” — “We have been fooled by the government”

AFP: Disturbing, relentless flow of tsunami debris to last for years on U.S. West Coast — Expert: Most of it’s harmless, except obviously any radioactive material from Fukushima

TV: Japan radiation expert says drastic measures are needed — Radioactive contamination now permanently in ecosystem — Fukushima forests must be cut down asap (VIDEO)

Report: Animation Foreshadowed Fukushima Meltdowns? — “An eerie coincidence” noted by many including the musicians themselves — Shown in Tokyo night before 3/11 (VIDEO)