Four U.S. nuclear plant workers injured by flash — Explosion reported — Helicopter transport required

Alarm triggered at Fukushima Daiichi — Workers ordered to put on full face masks

Watch: Oil sheen covers virtually all of giant sinkhole — “Much worse than we could have imagined last summer” (VIDEO)

M6.1 quake off northeastern Japan — Several M5 aftershocks follow (MAP)

Tecpo shows groundwater flowing from Fukushima reactors into ocean

U.S. Pipeline Rupture: Oiled wildlife unrecognizable — Kids exposed to ‘very strong’ fumes at school — Doctor talks health dangers (VIDEO)

TV: Crisis of epic proportions for California sea lions — Suffering abscesses, seizures — Exponentially higher numbers washing up (VIDEO)

UPI: ‘Shellfish gone near damaged nuke plant’ — Researcher: Likely extinct because of Fukushima nuclear crisis

Workers “trying to understand scope of damage” at U.S. nuclear plant — Structural problems at Unit 1? — 500 ton device fell on water lines, electrical equipment — Reactors still using emergency generators

Alert level raised at giant sinkhole — Liquid moving on surface — Elevated seismic activity

Major oil spill in U.S. after pipeline bursts — 40 miles from Arkansas nuclear plant at ‘emergency Level 4’ — “Like a river” of crude — Nearly 500,000 gallons spilled (VIDEO)

“Air detection teams deployed” after U.S. nuclear plant accident — “Evacuation signs were posted throughout community” — Concerns over building stability? — Worker: Worst thing to happen in 30+ years (VIDEOS)

Emergency at U.S. Nuclear Plant: Steam dumps to atmosphere — No known primary to secondary leakage — Full extent of damage unknown — Additional staff brought to site (VIDEO)

U.S. nuclear plant suffers “significant industrial accident” — 8 injured, 1 dead — No ‘immediate’ threat to the public

Map: Species of sea snail now entirely extinct in large area around Fukushima nuclear plant

Japan PM discusses restarting Fukushima Daiichi reactors — Safety to be confirmed?

CBS Los Angeles: “Dead sea lions everywhere” — Rescuer: I’ve never seen anything like this… we never would have imagined the numbers — Expert: No oceanographic explanation for what we’re seeing (VIDEO)

NHK: “Many people have reported medical problems since the Fukushima nuclear disaster began” (VIDEO)

Radio: ‘Energy pendants’ very popular on internet — Radioactive dose of 200 milliSv/yr detected, much higher than nuclear worker limit — To be worn around neck (AUDIO)

The Daily Show gets nuclear “exclusive” — A “phenomenal story” about processing uranium in U.S. — 12-minute extended interview (VIDEO)

Worker: Rat at Fukushima Daiichi measured 15 microsieverts per hour — “It’s a moving radioactive material”

TV: Dead dolphin spike in Louisiana, Mississippi — “We have been advised not to discuss our findings” — Mostly babies washing up (VIDEO)