Kyodo: Water at Fukushima Unit 1 is more radioactive OUTSIDE containment vessel than inside

TV: Giant sinkhole now significantly larger — Crews trying to better understand what’s causing it to get bigger (VIDEO)

Local media theorizes oil dispersed with Corexit is surfacing in Gulf near BP’s wellhead

Japan Official: We said Unit 4 must be flooded with concrete to reinforce building — “Plug every available space on the lower floors” — Gov’t gave up on plan

Tepco 3/11 Tapes: Army could use firearms on Unit No. 3 to release gas — “It will blow up anyway” (VIDEO)

Watch: Pilot films “substantial amounts of fresh-looking oil” in Gulf around BP’s Macondo reservoir (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Latest flyover shows new area over pipeline breaking up into giant sinkhole (PHOTO & VIDEO)

Newspaper: Concern that BP’s fresh oil is coming from fractures in floor of Gulf

Asahi: “Radioactive material may be flowing differently” at Fukushima Unit 1 — Survey results opposite of what Tepco expected

Gas pipeline found floating in giant sinkhole (PHOTO)

*Confirmed* Gov’t: Oil reported in Gulf matches BP’s Macondo Well

Photo: Over 100 cattle have died at farm since 3/11 — Farmer says it’s from Fukushima Syndrome

Japan Times: Many experts remain alarmed about risk of Unit 4 collapse — Structure not as strong as it was, work must be sped up — 10 years to remove all fuel from all pools?

Fukushima Boss in 3/11 Footage: “Spent fuel pool at Unit 1 is exposed now” (VIDEO)

Asahi TV: “There are much more shocking parts yet to be seen” in secret Fukushima footage (VIDEO)

Sinkhole Meeting: We don’t know how we’re going to stop crude oil from coming to surface — Turning to international experts for help (VIDEO)

State Scientists: Crude oil may be penetrating aquifer around giant sinkhole — Contamination of aquifer is certainly being looked at… that’s all I can say (VIDEO)

Fukushima Tapes: “This is a suicide corps… We can’t vent Unit 2… this is like the end” — Released recording ends soon after (VIDEO)

Golden material seen coating pipes and surfaces inside Fukushima Unit 1 containment vessel (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Oil ‘covering’ sinkhole area? (PHOTO)

New footage inside Fukushima Unit 1 containment vessel — Thick steam, blackened piping (PHOTOS & VIDEO )

Mystery Continues: ‘Difficult to determine’ location of melted fuel during Unit 1 investigation, says Tepco — Radiation dose highest at top of containment vessel