Legal Expert in Tokyo: Fukushima perpetrators are escaping responsibility

Top blogs feature Fukushima news reports to end 2012

New flyover of giant sinkhole shows large area of flooding to south (VIDEO)

Company Officials: Giant sinkhole has released debris to surface — Says new oil is being contained

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Fukushima graveyard with radiation dose of 380 microsieverts per hour (VIDEO)

“Lifetime of radiation poisoning” for U.S. rescue workers in Japan during 3/11 disaster

Tanks for holding radioactive Fukushima liquid are too fragile and flimsy — Breaking open much easier than expected

‘Impermeable wall’ between leaking Fukushima reactors and ocean yet to be built — Tepco still working on silt fence (PHOTO)

Yomiuri: Alarming trend in Fukushima children — Parent’s radiation fears and stress from disaster blamed for spike in obesity rates

Lawsuit: “Reactor itself” melted down, not only nuclear fuel rods — Japan gov’t “lying through their teeth about meltdowns”

Navy crew members sue Japan over Fukushima cover-up — “Irreparable harm to life expectancy” — Gov’t and Tepco conspired

Kyodo: Radiation fears keep Fukushima kids inside — Filmmaker: Adults break down in tears when seeing children forced to play at indoor ‘smile parks’… “Suddenly, I was overcome with emotion and began to sob”

Company Officials: Liquid oil is coming from bubbles in center of giant sinkhole — No cleanup crews working from Dec. 22 to 26

Large area of gas bubbling during flyover of giant sinkhole — Pollution seen escaping into environment (PHOTOS)

Report from Japan: Radioactive fallout around Fukushima incineration plant being hidden — “It’s very odd” (VIDEOS)

Gundersen: Beams holding up nuclear reactor likely to fail during accident at US plant — I was dumbfounded… how can they know about this and not do anything for decades? (AUDIO)

CNN: Experts call Japan cleanup effort meaningless — An endless task that’s simply spreading around radiation (VIDEO)

Expert: Concern about risk of gas pipeline rupture at NYC-area nuclear plant — Could lead to multiple meltdowns — “Possible severe damage to fuel in spent fuel pools” — Sissonville, San Bruno cited as examples

Resident to Mayor on NHK: Fukushima plant spewed across Japan, don’t you dare make promises about safety — I don’t want to listen anymore, you’re wasting my time (VIDEO)

Tepco finds bent, damaged spent fuel assemblies in multiple fuel pools at Japan nuclear plant — Concern about prompt moderated criticality

Report: Freaky mutant bugs found — Likely a first, says expert — Prefecture bordering Fukushima (PHOTOS)