Tepco: We are planning to dump water from Fukushima plant into Pacific Ocean

TV: Radiation levels nearly doubled in Fukushima soil sample over 5-month period (VIDEO)

Asahi: New 3/11 footage shows “disaster loomed” at Fukushima Reactor No. 5

Advice Columnist: Mother terrified to return to Tokyo with 3 kids due to Fukushima contamination — Tells her “What you are experiencing is treatable” and to contact PTSD center

Yomiuri: ‘Nuclear reaction’ can be triggered when removing melted fuel from Fukushima plant

Report: News that reactor vessel fell off train kept secret for nearly a month — Now sits outside under a tarp in Georgia and seems to be partially open to the elements (PHOTO)

Fukushima Daiichi Worker: Contamination is still spreading around from plant — Significantly high levels may be spread during decommissioning work

Washington Post: Nuclear plant produces snow in Pennsylvania — “I’ve never seen this particular phenomenon observed before” (PHOTO)

TV: New roadway being built to access giant sinkhole — ‘Containment berm’ around hole?

Wife of Fukushima Daiichi Worker: He said to evacuate on day of 3/11 and that the nuclear plant would melt down (VIDEO)

Fukushima 7th Grader: “The people in the government know we are suffering and they don’t do anything” (VIDEO)

Updates: Leak in France continues — “May take days to clear up” — Top official headed to plant — Regional authorities put together crisis team — Police in Hastings, England suggest “Vicks on a tissue” (VIDEO)

Telegraph: “Teacher forced pupils at Japanese school to drink diluted acid”

11 new bubble sites found in a row outside giant sinkhole — “Discovery has led to speculation it marks edge of suspected subsidence zone” (PHOTOS)

Japanese Journalist: “We must know that we are responsible for committing such a huge crime to contaminate the world” (VIDEO)

Officials: Footage released of “very significant” bubbling site near giant sinkhole (VIDEO)

Reports: Gas nauseates northern France — Smell hits England, South Kent residents warned to keep windows closed — Leak not yet stopped — Football match postponed

NYTimes: ‘Prophetic’ warning of Fukushima-type nuclear disaster

Report: Radioactivity levels rising at Fukushima Unit No. 2 sub-drain since November (PHOTO)

Top Japan Official: Let elderly people “hurry up and die” -Guardian

Reuters: Gas causing strong odor over Paris and large areas in western France — Migraines, irritations, nausea near plant — Some in Paris report “very strong odor of diesel fuel”

Radio: Official says giant sinkhole “is showing signs it may not be finished growing and it may grow an additional amount”