Physician: Public health crisis in the Gulf after BP Deepwater Horizon disaster — Thousands suffering chronic problems

State Experts: We don’t know where the oil and gas is coming from below giant sinkhole — “That’s really something that we really need to understand” — Sample didn’t match Big Hum crude (VIDEO)

Geologist: 50 to 100 million cubic feet of gas in aquifer near giant sinkhole (VIDEO)

Japan Experts: Active fault runs underneath MOX fuel plant — Warnings of massive quake

Sinkhole Experts: “We’ve got to look at all caverns in the area folks” — “We don’t know what effect collapse had on caverns close to it” — “We know there’s concern, it’s been on the blogs…” (VIDEO)

Texas Brine: “Total area of sinkhole including surrounding subsidence band is about 14 to 15 acres” (VIDEO)

Kyodo: Level 1 incident at Japan nuclear plant — Deformed fuel rods stuck together in pool

Professor: Japan’s radioactive crops being shipped to cleaner areas and mixed into food supply? (VIDEO)

Japan Officials: Ground subsidence spreading after quake — Concern about sinking buildings being damaged — Only an inch can jeopardize stability (VIDEO)

Report: Black substance with over 40,000,000 Bq/kg of cesium in Fukushima

Gov’t Experts: No knowledge of what state melted fuel is in at Fukushima plant — Don’t know where it’s located — Persistent danger surrounds reactors — Collapses of facilities a threat

Report: Photographs “doctored” at multiple US nuclear power plants (VIDEO)

Gundersen: Top of containment believed to have opened up after Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 exploded

New Fairewinds Video: Tepco reveals “detonation shock wave” during massive explosion at Fukushima Unit 3 (PHOTO & VIDEO)

WSJ: Use of the Internet was forbidden during Japan’s election campaign — No tweeting, Facebook, website updates by candidates

“Shocking”: Officials make it mandatory to use Fukushima rice in school lunches

Kaku: Fukushima reactors “a ticking time bomb” — “Catastrophe beyond comprehension” if major pipe break or quake (VIDEO)

TV: Massive oil sheen around BP Deepwater Horizon site in Gulf of Mexico (VIDEO)

Engineer: “Much more problem” — Destroyed Fukushima Unit 3 to never be reinforced over next 40 years (VIDEO)

NHK Fukushima Documentary: “It’s like being in jail” — “It’s like we did something wrong and got locked up” (VIDEO)

Gundersen on New Video Exposé: We now have the evidence that Fairewinds was right — “Containments can blow-up” (AUDIO)

New highway may be constructed around giant sinkhole — Official: Could be built if La. 70 is “compromised”