Officials admit crude oil and methane are coming from massive underground formation below sinkhole

Video: Japanese receiving biased information — Hundreds of thousands or more may die of cancer from Fukushima disaster — It’s all hidden from view

Company now taking weekend off at giant sinkhole — Will collect oil Monday

State Expert: Over 50,000 gallons of crude oil from giant sinkhole already collected? (VIDEO)

Fukushima 3/11 Tapes: It’s time to make a “geezers’ suicide squad” — “We’ve exhausted our options” when discussing evacuation

New official map has largest dimension of sinkhole same color as background — Unable to be seen without manipulating image (PHOTO)

New official map of giant sinkhole dimensions shows significant growth (PHOTO)

Photographer: You can’t fix what’s happening in Fukushima — Silence was something that I’ve only ever heard at Chernobyl (VIDEO)

Fukushima Boss after 3/11: “It’s awful, awful… No. 3 reactor just blew, probably a steam explosion” — Steam explosion, not hydrogen? Reactor blew up, not reactor building? (VIDEO)

Flyover: Crude oil now covers much of giant sinkhole — Flowing into surrounding area (PHOTO)

After Sinkhole Flyover: Strongest odor I have ever experienced in all my time in Louisiana — Intense petroleum fumes hovering directly over community

Gov’t study estimates 225,000 cases of cancer from Fukushima disaster -Physician (VIDEO)

TV: New Tepco admission “contradicts everything the company has maintained so far” (VIDEOS)

Nuclear industry publishes coffee table book featuring images of butterflies at nuke plants (PHOTO)

Unit 3 Deteriorating Further? Asahi: Warped steel frames “now visibly rusty” during Friday tour of Fukushima plant

Chemist: Residents in area of giant sinkhole experiencing health symptoms

Washington Post: Persistent rumors on ‘blogs’ that BP’s oil continues to spew into Gulf — FSU Expert: May be freshly released from Macondo reservoir

WSJ: Tepco in stunning reversal — Admits knowing of problems before 3/11 and doing nothing… then blames actions on anti-nuclear movement

“Emergency response mechanism” for butane cavern nearest giant sinkhole — 40-foot high flames seen during flaring — Officials don’t know what happened

Kyodo: Water at Fukushima Unit 1 is more radioactive OUTSIDE containment vessel than inside

TV: Giant sinkhole now significantly larger — Crews trying to better understand what’s causing it to get bigger (VIDEO)

Local media theorizes oil dispersed with Corexit is surfacing in Gulf near BP’s wellhead