WATCH: Radioactive plume map shows Fukushima contamination heading toward Hawaii (VIDEO)

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Radioactive rabbit found 100km from Fukushima — Contamination limit exceeded — Yamagata gov’t warns against eating

Fukushima Report: Fire created “8 square meter hole in the wall” at Unit No. 4 — Fuel pool only 15 degrees from boiling point by March 14, explosion next day

Kyodo: Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 visibility deteriorating — Major drop over past month — No where near what’s needed “to work at removing nuclear fuel”

More from PBS on Chernobyl: “The radiation killed pine trees in a 30-square kilometer” area (VIDEO)

*Shock* NPR: Getting your skin burned from high-level radiation exposure poses no health risk

Radio: “Something new in the history of medicine is happening at Fukushima” says physician — 30% of children tested had thyroid lumps — “Now that’s really early, that’s within the first year, that’s unheard of” (AUDIO)

Author, farmer expose manipulation of radiation data — “Employees wash monitoring post by high-pressure water and changed the whole soil”

Tepco Survey: 160 milliSv/h from water in Reactor No. 2 — Paint color “may have changed due to accident”


Kyodo: Criminal complaint to be filed against top gov’t and Tepco officials — Says failures left many exposed to radiation — Assemblyman: “Nonsense that nobody has been held criminally responsible for causing a major nuclear accident”

NHK: Radiation levels too high for humans to continue at Reactors No. 2 and 3 — Workers must repair damage to suppression chambers (VIDEO)

‘Developing Story’ at Los Alamos: “No timetable for any release of details concerning what the substance actually was” — Even newspaper got automated 911 call — Businesses on DP Road still waiting for all-clear — Advised to shelter in place

Los Alamos sends reverse-911 call warning residents — People told to stay indoors — Container released unknown gas — Caused “flash” on contact with air — Roads closed, Hazmat team dispatched to Material Disposal Area B

Japan Gov’t: “More shakes may follow over the next week or so” — Powerful quake in Chiba/Ibaraki an aftershock of M9.0 on 3/11

M5.0 hits Chiba/Tokyo region — 17 aftershocks above M3.0 in area over last 10 hours since intense quake

Nuclear Insider: Surprise at how much cesium is moving through environment — Crops with no direct contact to Fukushima fallout still highly contaminated (VIDEO)

Gov’t: Highest plutonium concentration found almost 20km away from Fukushima plant

More: 10 quakes in Chiba during last 90 minutes — Most recent is M4.5 intensity 3

Intense M6.1 in Chiba with multiple aftershocks — Fukushima hit with M4.6 — Began with M6.8 off northeast Japan four hours ago (MAPS)


Tsunami warning issued after M6.8 quake hits off northeast Japan (MAP)

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Watch: Alpha radiation detected 50km south of Fukushima in Iwaki City — Up to 1,000 times more dangerous than beta or gamma equivalent (VIDEO)

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Report: There are no sparrows, says birdwatcher in Nagoya — “Downtown area was void of any form of birds”