OPCOM emergency survey of more black dust finds alpha radiation of 45 microSv/h — Measured at public housing project in Minami Soma

Bill Maher comes out for nuclear power? Former NY Gov. responds: I used to be for it but numbers don’t add up anymore (VIDEO)

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Prime Minister Kan considered possibility of all six reactors melting down — “Up until around Mar. 15, we were losing ground to the invisible enemy”-Japan Times

Former nuclear worker sues Japan gov’t over heart attack — Had been suffering nose bleeds and fatigue

NOAA: No radiation levels that would “directly” cause seal deaths, Fukushima not a “primary factor” — AP misreports this as “scientists find no radiation” — Cesium levels not released

Worker who fell into reactor pool offered counseling — First time such an incident recorded in US

Gundersen featured on CNN — NRC refuses to speak to network despite weeks of requests and showing up in person (VIDEO)

Lawmakers seek free medical care for radiation-exposed children outside Fukushima

UPDATE: Original mystery black substance was never tested — Much more radioactive than official’s black dust — Detector shows 95,880 cpm — Up to 60,000 cpm in beta — New alpha info

Reuters obtains secret Tokyo evacuation scenario: Fukushima reactors fail as spent fuel rods melt, mix with concrete, and fall into buildings

Radiation attached to face of Fukushima worker around Reactor No. 3 who was collecting debris

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3 quakes in Fukushima over 4 hours — Latest occured 30 minutes ago centered 15km from plant at depth of 10km

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New docs show iodine-131 contamination was 350% of highest amount reported: 54,100 Bq/kg in spinach 100 km from Fukushima (FOIA)

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ESPN: Pro surfers fight nuke plant near world’s best point break (SHORT FILM)

Temperature drops to 2°C from 220°C at Reactor No. 2 — Only since decrease is gauge failure indicated on Tepco data

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Areas with 10,000 Bq/m² of radioactivity considered “highly contaminated” by study — Over 30,000 square kilometers in Japan exceed level, 8% of nation

Mystery black substance has 1,000,000+ Bq/kg of cesium — Seen all over Minami Soma — Officials meeting to discuss findings

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Tepco no longer monitoring thermometer — Temperature remains steady around 220°C — Will stop added water injections if gov’t says it’s reasonable

Top Japan Nuclear Official: I hardly remember what kind of advice I gave to gov’t since I barely slept after quake — Parliament investigation says he acted “inadequately”

Radiation monitors spike at several locations in western Japan — Highest level recorded in 100 days (CHARTS)

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Senior Scientist: Irreversible heart damage for children with 50 Bq/kg of Cs-137

Jiji: Experts warned today there’s high possibility of strong inland quake hitting Fukushima plant — Water 150km deep may seep into fault triggering massive tremor