U.S. Senator on Fukushima: Reactor No. 4 building particularly troubling, structurally unstable — Significant number of unanswered questions — It really just takes your breath away (VIDEO)

Host Questions Senator Wyden: Is there already a concern that too much radiation has already headed our way? — “I’m not going to speculate” (VIDEO)

NHK chairman named to Tepco board of directors

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Magazine Headline: “Radioactive black dust striking Tokyo Metropolitan area” — I’ve been told it’s everywhere in city, says reporter

Japan Physicians: 1 million will develop cancer and die from Fukushima radiation, using expert’s figures (VIDEO)

Cesium spike in Tokyo Bay is “no immediate threat to health” — Fukushima contamination increases up to 1,200% since August — Levels will continue rising for years

Michio Kaku: “The Chernobyl core is still melting into the earth” — May yet hit groundwater and create steam explosion (VIDEO)

Professor Shocked: “The core completely liquified — There’s nothing left — There’s no hook — There’s no remaining collapsed core” (VIDEO)

“We are living through the worst public health scandal in history” — 60 million developed cancer from nuclear weapons tests (VIDEO)

Physicist: Unit 2 completely liquified, 100% liquification of uranium core — “We’ve never seen this before in the history of nuclear power” (VIDEO)

Michio Kaku on Spent Fuel Pool No. 4: People don’t realize it’s on a knife’s edge — Near the tipping point (AUDIO)

Young girl covered in mud during decontamination effort in former Fukushima evacuation zone — Ban on entering area lifted only last month (PHOTO & VIDEO)

NHK: Radioactive rats with high levels of cesium found 70km from Fukushima plant — As sensitive to radiation as humans (VIDEO)

WSJ: Japan Prime Minister ‘hedges’ when asked about Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 — Fears revived after U.S. senator’s warning of huge danger that remains at Fukushima

Nuclear Expert: I believe entire No. 4 fuel pool had drained to point where boiling occurred — Footage shows top of fuel racks were exposed to air (VIDEO)

Footage of explosion at Unit No. 4 said to exist (VIDEO)

Finally, it appears the world community is listening to Japanese diplomat’s concerns about Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 (VIDEO)

Nuclear Expert: Fukushima releases are equal to or greater than Chernobyl — Radioactive noble gas clouds over US Northwest much worse than ever anticipated (VIDEO)

Guardian: Nuclear executive ‘kneecapped’ by Italian anarchist group — Threatens more shootings

Gundersen’s Kansai Presentation: Pellets of nuclear fuel were scattered around Fukushima site — Pieces, not atoms, but pieces — Hydrogen will not create explosion seen at Unit No. 3 (VIDEO)

Asahi: Japanese not allowed to get on bus in Germany because “people from Tokyo are contaminated”